The following is a list of projectile points currently for sale. All points are positively guaranteed authentic prehistoric relics with a full 14 day return policy. I am a member of AACA, GIRS and CSAS, and Arrowpack, so order with confidence. Most points have a good history with location and ex owners known and all data will come with each point. I feel it's just as important to know as much history about a $5 point as it is for a $500 point. If we don't save the information NOW, it will be lost forever for the future owners of our collections.

A word about Grading. Rather than listing a number grade on the following points, I'll have a description for each along with the preverbal "picture that is worth a thousand words". When I first started to buy points, I wanted nothing but G8's, G9's and G10's. I would not even look at the point, just the numeral grade. I missed acquiring many great relics just because the number wasn't right. I also found out that there are very few such things as a "perfect" grade 10 point anyway. Now I realize that these things were tools, and as such were utililized until they were discarded (or lost).

If you have any questions on any of the following relics, just send an email. Please note that the ruler used in all the pictures is in centimeters, not inches.

When a point says "authenticated" and/or "typed by", this means that the point was checked by that authenticator. When a points says "papers", this means that the point has a COA (papers) by that authenticator.

Please add $5.00 shipping on orders under $100 and $6.00 shipping on orders over $100. All shipping charges include insurance.

Check out our "point baggies" for sale just below the map.



Artifacts Supplies

Point Bags

Packs of 100 2"x3" Ziploc projectile point bags.

Great for mailing or storing points.

Bolens not included!

$5.00 per pack.