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Action Comics

1. NM/M 1976. 16 page DC Superman reprint giveaway comic of Superman #1 - the first four chapters from Action #1-4. Sleeping Bag Giveaway. SUPER copy.


or BO

1. NM/M 1983. As above, Superman Peanut Butter 45th anniversary giveaway. SOLD
1. NM/M 1987. As above, Nestle Quick giveway issue. SOLD
1. NM/M 1988. As above, DC 50th anniversary reprint issue. It sold for 50 cents. Super copy. $15.00

231. VG

CGC 4.0

A recent CGC graded book that's right on. Tough time period for this title. Great Wayne Boring cover and inside art. SOLD
260. G/VG Supergirl "teams up" with Superman. Plus a sole Supergirl story of when she was a baby. Congorilla back-up. Classic stuff! SOLD
274. F/F+ Lois Lane gets super-powers and becomes "Superwoman". Plus a Supergirl back-up story.  SOLD
277. VG/F .Solid copy, nice color. Classic Krypto vs Streaky in "battle of the Super-Pets!" Supergirl cover.  $60.00
295. F/F+ Nice Curt Swan cover and story, plus Supergirl. SOLD
300. VG Good story - "Captive of the Red Sun". Also, 2nd app of Super-Horse in the Supergirl back-up. SOLD
308. F+/VF Slight sun shadow on cover. Nice pages. Red Kryptonite Superman story. Supergirl story. SOLD
310. F- 1st appearance Jewel Kryptonite. Good Supergirl story w/ return of her original parents. SOLD
312. VG/F Excellent Curt Swan Superman/Metallo story, and a Jim Mooney Supergirl/Superhorse tale. SOLD
315. VG "The Juvenile Delinquents from Alpha Centauri" make trouble for Superman. Plus Supergirl. SOLD
316. F Superman/Supergirl team-up cover/story. SOLD
318. VG/F Curt Swan's "The Death of Luthor". SOLD
319. VG/F Luthor returns from the dead (what a surprise there!). Plus Supergirl story. SOLD
321. VG/F Curt Swan Superman. Supergirl / Superhorse story. Great classic art and stories! SOLD
322. VG/F Aliens, spaceships, time travel, and magic. This ones got ot all! SOLD
323. F/F+ Superman guest stars in the Supergirl back-up story, along with the Super-Pets team. SOLD
325. F+ Red Kryptonite Superman story, plus Supergirl solo story.  SOLD
329. VG/F Superman, plus an imaginary Supergirl story. SOLD
330. F 1st appearance of Dr. Supernatural. Nice Curt Swan and Jim Mooney artwork. SOLD
332. F- Great issue! Overstreet needs to break some of these issues out. Read "How Superwoman Trained Superboy!" Also a Lex Luthor/Legion of Super Villains story. SOLD
333. F 1st Checkerboard cover issue. Classic imaginary story - Supergirl turns into Superwoman and battles Superboy. SOLD
334. F- 80 page giant. 1st all Supergirl issue. Classic stories - strong solid copy. SOLD
336. F/VF Cool cover. Origin of Flamebird (Ak-Var). Bizarro story. SOLD
339. F- "Superman of 2966" story, plus great Brainiac vs. Supergirl back-up story. SOLD
342. VF- Great Wayne Boring artwork on Superman; Supergirl back-up.

343. VG/F Classic Wayne Boring artwork! Supergirl meets Jimmy Olsen. SOLD
344. VG/F Wayne Boring art with Batman guest-starring; Supergirl back-up story. SOLD
346. VG Nice Curt Swan cover, outstanding Wayne Boring art. Superman/Supergirl team-up story. SOLD
348. F- Again - and I repeat - EXCELLENT Wayne Boring art on Superman. Swan cover. Mooney Supergirl story with Atomic Bomb panels. SOLD
349. F+ Classic cover and Wayne Boring story! Supergirl back-up.  SOLD
351. VG+ Jimmy Olsen marries Supergirl! Plus classic Superman battle story by Boring. SOLD
352. F+/VF Part two of both above stories.  SOLD
354. VG/F As below. Solid mid-grade copy. SOLD
354. VF/NM High grade copy. Nice Curt Swan cover. Luthor story. Jim Mooney Supergirl back-up story. Nice off-white to white pages.  SOLD
356. F+/VF Nice Neal Adams cover. Great new Wayne Boring Superman story. SOLD
357. F+/VF Part two of above Wayne boring story. Plus, Supergirl gets married. SOLD
360. NM- (G45) One of the tougher 80 page giants to get. This one is a cherry copy with a perfect square binding and white pages. All Supergirl issue with tons of guest stars. Great copy! SOLD
361. F+ 2nd. appearance of Parasite. Neal Adams cover. Supergirl back-up story.  SOLD
362. VF Great Neal Adams cover, "Robin" teams up with Supergirl vs. Mr. Mxyzptlk! 1st appearance Ventor Caine.  $30.00
366. F+ Neal adams cover, JLA and Supergirl guest star with Superman.  SOLD
367. F+ 6.5 Great Superman / Supergirl cover by Neal Adams. Two solo stories - Sups guests in the Supergirl story.  SOLD
368. F/VF 7.0 Superman goes on unemployment. Nice art on Supergirl story.  SOLD
369. VG/F "Superman's Greatest Blunder", plus Supergirl reprint. White pages! SOLD
369. F/VF 7.0 Nicer copy of above.  SOLD
370. F/F+ Important new facts about Superman's origin; Supergirl back-up story.  SOLD
371. F Neal Adams cover. Superman is President of the DC "United States" universe. JLA cameo in the Supergirl story. SOLD
372. F Neal Adams cover. Superman becomes "The Masked Superman" and joins the WWF as a wrestler. Plus Supergirl makes a movie. SOLD
373. VF/NM (G 57) 80 page giant in nice, high grade. Another all Supergirl issue. Classic stories, great copy.

374. F Nice Adams cover. Superman and Supergirl tales. SOLD
377. F- 1st Legion of Super-Heroes back-up in title, as Supergirl goes over to Adventure Comics. An even swap! SOLD
378. F- Superman and the Devil. 2nd Legion back-up. SOLD
380. F- Superman/Supergirl team-up story, plus a new Legion back-up story. White pages! SOLD
Set #380-461. NM This is an increadible run of Action Comics from a tough time period to collect. This is my personal run that took me over 20 years to put together, only settling for the BEST copies I could find. Most of these are cherry NM/M, but I'll grade them all on average NM. Sold only as a set - if you collect Action Comics from this time and want the BEST there is out there in a one shot group - than you can't do better than this! Many semi-key issues in this set. A total of 82 comics, all undervalued. GONE!
382. F- Curt Swan cover. Superman becomes "The Dictator of Earth" - just a few issues ago, he was President...what gives?? SOLD
383. F/VF Superman story plus a Legion back-up tale. SOLD
384. F+ Curt Swan conclusion to above. Legion back-up staring Superboy and Mon-el. SOLD
385. VG/F Swan cover and story - "The Immortal Superman". Legion back-up. SOLD
386. NM Superman in an adult home. Legion back-up. SOLD
388. F+ Classic issue with loads of guest stars. Check out the cover. White pages! Bizarro World type story. $12.50
389. F+ Curt Swan cover and story. 2 page Superman's Rogues Gallery feature. SOLD
390. F/VF Swan cover. "The Self-Destruct Superman!" Legion back-up. SOLD
391. VG/F The "Sons" of Superman and Batman story. Swan cover. Legion of Super-Heroes back-up story. SOLD
392. F/VF The "Sons" of Superman and Batman story. Swan cover. Last Legion of Super-Heroes back-up stories. SOLD
393. F- Nice Curt Swan / Murphy Anderson story. Plus back-up "The Day Superboy Became Superman" SOLD
394. F- As below. Still sharp copy. SOLD
394. F+/VF Two Curt Swan / Murphy Anderson stories. A one-page biography on each of the above creators. SOLD
395. VF/NM Real nice Swan/Anderson art. Supergirl guest stars one story. Brief origin of The Fortress of Solitude. 1st app Althera. $30.00
396. VF/VF+ Superman in a wheelchair. Nice Infantino / Anderson cover. SOLD
397. F/VF Superman of the future - is he a has-been? Nice art. SOLD
398. F/F+ A very nice Neal Adams cover plus two Curt Swan with Murphy Anderson Superman classics round out this issue. Supergirl cameo. SOLD
398. VF Nice copy of above.  $17.50
399. VF/NM Excellent Adams cover. Superbaby and Superman stories. Still Swan/Anderson art - "classic" in it's own right! SOLD
400. VF Sharp copy of a undervalued, key issue. Wonderful Neal Adams cover and nice Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson artwork. SOLD
401. VF+ Classic American Navarro Indian story. Great Swan/Anderson both stories art.  $20.00
402. VF- Neal Adams cover. Superman vs Supergirl story. American Indian story conclusion. Last 15 cent issue. SOLD
403. VF+ 1st 25 cent "giant" issue (#403-#413). Neal Adams cover. Two brand new Superman stories plus classic Vigilante and Superboy tales. SOLD
404. VF+ Another great Adams cover. 2nd 25 cent giant issue. The "death" of Clark Kent by Swan/Anderson. SA classic Atom and Aquaman stories. $25.00
405. F Great Adams cover. Two Superman stories, plus SA and GA Aquaman and Vigilante stories. SOLD
406. VG/F Two more new Swan/Anderson Superman tales, plus Alex Toth Atom/Flash SA classic story. SOLD
407. F 25 cent giant. Two new Superman stories. Alex Toth Flash/Atom team-up reprint conclusion. SOLD
408. NM- 25 cent giant. Two new Superman stories. Gil Kane Atom reprint. SOLD
409. VF- Still 25 cent "giant" issues. Two Superman stories, plus a SA Teen Titans story. SOLD
410. F 6.0 As below, good copy.  SOLD
410. VF/VF+ Two Swan/Anderson Superman stories. Teen Titans story.. $25.00
411. VF/NM 25 cent giant. Two new Superman stories. Lee Elias Eclipso origin reprint. SOLD
412. VF/NM 25 cent giant. Two new Supermans w/ art by Swan/Anderson, plus an Eclipso story. SOLD
413. VF Last 25 cent giant. New Superman with Brainiac and Luthor. Alex Toth's Eclipso plus Metamorpho.  $17.50
414. VF/NM 1st 20 cent issue. Superman and 1st Metamorpho back-up stories. $15.00
417. VF/NM 9.0 GREAT Batman, Lois, and Jimmy bondage cover. Brainiac, Luthor, and The Crime-Lords. New Metamorpho back-up story.  $20.00
418. VF-/VF Nice "Superman" cover. Crime-Lords continues. New Metamorpho.  SOLD
419. VF/VF+ The definitive classic Neal Adams Superman cover! 1st Human Target back-up story.  SOLD
420. F/VF 2nd Human Target feature, plus Superman  SOLD
425. NM/NM+ Great colors, white pages, nice cover. Neal Adams art on The Human Target. Atom back-ups begin.  SOLD
428. VF Great Green Arrow and Black Canery back-up story.  SOLD
430. VF/NM Superman and new Atom srories SOLD
431. F/VF Green Arrow back-up story and Curt Swan art on Superman.  SOLD
432. NM/NM+ 1st Silver-Age appearance Toyman. Human Target story back-up. SOLD
433. VF/NM Great Atom back-up story, plus Superman  SOLD
434. VF/NM One of my favorite Superman covers! This "villian" makes Superman fearful! Green Arrow back-up guest staring Zatanna. SOLD
437. VF+ Scarcer 100-pp giant. New Superman story, guest starring Green Arrow, Green Lantern, and the Flash. Golden-Age and Silver-Age classic reprints.  SOLD
438. VF- Classic Curt Swan Superman. Nice Dick Dillin art on Atom back-up story - Jean Loring bondage panels. SOLD
440. F+/VF 1st Mike Grell art on Green Arrow back-up series. SOLD
443. VF/VF+ Very scarce 100-pp giant. Brand new Superman story starring the JLA. Great Golden- and Silver-Age reprints.  SOLD
444. F/VF Superman vs Green Lantern and Sinestro. Mike Grell GA back-up "Death of The Black Canery!" SOLD
446. F/VF Superman story, plus Mike Grell's Green Arrow/Black Canary back-up. SOLD
448. VF- Atom back-up plus Superman vs Aliens. SOLD
449. VF-/VF As below, not as nice, but still a keeper. SOLD
449. VF+/NM Scarce in higher gradee 68 page giant issue. New Superman, plus a Jack Kirby GA story and a Gil Kane Atom story.  $20.00
450. VF/NM Superman plus beautiful Grell art on the GA/BC back-up. SOLD
455. F+ All new Superman, Atom, and Green Arrow team-up story. SOLD
456. F/VF Grell "Jaws" Superman cover and a GA/BC back-up story. SOLD
484. NM/M 40th anniversary issue. Earth II Superman and Lois wed.

500. NM/M Another under-rated key-issue. Infinity cover. A brand new 64-pp story of Superman's life.  SOLD
514. VF Air Wave / Atom back-up story. Brainiac returns in the Superman story. Hawkman guest stars. Autographed on the splash page by writer Bob Rozakis.  $10.00
600. NM/M 50th anniversary issue. 80 page giant. Great stories and art - a real sleeper! SOLD


261. F- 1st meeting of Superboy and Lois Lane. Good Green Arrow with Speedy and Aquaman back-ups. SOLD
263. VG/VG+ Superboy, Aquaman, and a spotlight on Speedy-Green Arrow story. SOLD
264. VG Superboy meets Space-boy. Green Arrow time travels and teams up with Robin Hood. SOLD
278. VG+ Semi-key issue with Supergirl time traveling to meet Superboy and his parents for the 1st time as Linda Lee. SOLD
279. VG+/F The introduction of White Kryptonite in the Superboy story. Aquaman and Congorilla back-up stories.  SOLD
294. VG 1st Bizarro President Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mantle, and Jerry lewis. What a combination!. Also Bizarro Krypto, Lex Luthor, and Mr. Mxyzptlk. What more do you want in a comic??  SOLD
296. F Did you ever wonder what would happen if Superboy met Ben Franklin? Well wonder no more! Buy this isssue and find out. Also, a Tales of the Bizarro World story. Very slight waterstain, but still nice. SOLD
298. G/VG Classic Lana "Fat Butt" cover. Great Bizarro world story. SOLD
300. F A nice solid copy. Key issue with the 1st regular ongoing Legion of Super-Heroes feature. Some very slight water-stains keep this one from grading higher. Bargain priced at... SOLD
309. VG "The Legion of Super-Monsters". Clean nice copy with some back cover problems.  SOLD
323. VG John Forte Legion classic starring Proty II. Also a classic Krypto back-up.  SOLD
325. VG/F Lex Luthor meets Superboy, Supergirl, and The Legion of Super- Heros.  SOLD
326. F+ Girl Legionnaires revolt against the Boy Legionnaires. SOLD
328. F/F+ As below. Nice Curt Swan cover, Superboy takes on Ultra Boy and Mon-El.  SOLD
329. F/VF 1st APPEARANCE / INTRODUCTION of both The Bizarro Legionnaires, and the Legion flight rings. SEMI-key issue.  $37.50
330. VG/F The Legionnaires powers get switched. Plus a early Krypto story (2nd app?)  SOLD
331. VG The adult Legion of Super-Villains finnaly win!  SOLD
335. F+ 1st appearance Starfinger. Cool cover, nice John Forte art.  SOLD
336. F- The true idenity of the villain Starfinger revealed. And he is....... SOLD
339. F An off-beat Legion story "The Menace of Beast Boy!"  SOLD
340. F/VF INTRODUCTION and 1st APPEARANCE of Computo the Conqueror in Legion. Curt Swan cover.  $35.00
341. F/VF Triplicate Girl becomes Duo Damsel. Colossal Boy spotlight.  SOLD
342. VG Star Boy kills in self-defense and gets expelled.  SOLD
344. VG The Legionnaires trapped in a space prison in "The Super-Stalog of Space!"  SOLD
346. F- 1st appearance of Karate Kid, Princess Projectra, Ferro Lad, and Nemesis Kid.  SOLD
348. F+ Legion of Super-Heroes. Origin of Sunboy; introduction of Dr. Regulus.  SOLD
352. F+/VF The 1st appearance of The Fatal Five.  SOLD
353. F+ The death of Ferro Lad.  SOLD
354. F+/VF Superman and the adult Legionnaires.  SOLD
355. VG Insect Queen joins the group. Plus the return of the Legion of Super-Villians.  SOLD
362. VG 1st Dr. Mantis Morlo - The Chemical Conqueror and his fantastic Chemoids! Sounds like a Metel Men foe!  SOLD
363. VF- Curt Swan cover, Kurt Schaffenburger art - nice stuff! Part II of the Dr. Morlo story.  SOLD
364. F+/VF Great story with "The Legion of Super-Pets!"  SOLD
367. VG Adams cover. New Legion headquarters revealed. SOLD
370. VF- Full-length Legion story in which the group is put on trial for crimes.

372. VF Neal Adams cover. Timber Wolf and Chemical King join the group.  $40.00
373. F/VF Neal Adams cover. 1st appearance and introduction of The Tornado Twins - which turn out to be descendants of The Flash. SOLD
374. VG/VG+ As below. Article on Comics Fandom from a 1968 point of view.  SOLD
374. VF Some of the Legion members turn traitors. SOLD
376. VF/VF+ Neal Adams cover. Spotlight on Chameleon Boy. SOLD
377. F/VF Nice Adams cover. Legion hire themselves out for cash.  SOLD
378. F-/F Adams cover. Will a member die this issue?  SOLD
379. F Adams cover. Death of Superboy?  SOLD
380. F Last Legion story in this title. Also the last 12 cent issue. The end of an era for Legion fans!  SOLD
382. F-/F As below. Nice Schaffenburger art.  SOLD
382. F+/VF 2nd full-length SUPERGIRL story. Undervalued. Neal Adams cover.  $22.50
383. F As below. Batman and Robin cameos.  SOLD
383. NM- Adams cover. Supergirl's funeral with cameo's of Batman, Streaky, and Comet. VERY nice copy! $60.00
384. VG Nice cover, 2 Supergirl stories. Schaffenburger art.  SOLD
385. F/VF As below - nice copy.  SOLD
385. VF Supergirl cover and two-full length stories, as Supergirl gets married again.  $30.00
386. VF- Two stories including "The Beast that Loved Supergirl!" Nice cover.  SOLD
387. F+/VF Lex Luthor has a super-powered nephew, plus Supergirl turns into a wolfwoman!  SOLD
388. F/F+ Supergirl cover, plus two Supergirl stories. As below.  SOLD
388. F+/VF Nice Jim Mooney cover. Brainaic story.  SOLD
389. F/F+ Brainiac vs. Supergirl.  SOLD
390. VG/F One of the scarcer 25-cent giants. The all-romance Supergirl issue. 1st Supergirl giant. Strong mid-grade copy.  SOLD
391. VG/F Two Supgirl stories. Linda Danvers becomes a movie star. SOLD
392. VG/F Two more Supgirl stories. She loses her costume! Schaffenburger art.  SOLD
393. VG/F Two more, plus "The First Superman Story".  SOLD
394. F+ Nice Curt Swan cover and a Kurt Schaffenburger story.  SOLD
395. F/VF Two Supergirl stories. 1st appearance of Kryptonian Thought-Beast.  SOLD
396. VF- Nice cover. Over the years, I've found this issue a tough one to find. General Zod. Superman and Krypto guest.  $20.00
397. VF/NM 1st appearance of the all new Supergirl SOLD
398. F+/VF "Supergirl" logo takes over the book. Comet, Streaky, and Krypto guest.  $15.00
399. F+ New Supergirl plus a never before published GA Black Canery story.  SOLD
400. F/VF 35th Anniversary Issue. Supergirl gets a new costume. The return of The Black Flame.  SOLD
401. F+ Luthor vs. the new Supergirl w/ Nasthalita. 1st Tracey Thompson.  SOLD
402. F Supergirl and Tracey Thompson stories.  SOLD
403. VF- G-81. Giant issue. All Legion classic reprints, including my favorite ever, "The Super Sacrifice of the Legionaires!" from Adventure Comics #312.  SOLD
404. VF/VF+ Full length Supergirl story vs Starfire. Very nice cover.  $20.00
405. VF-/VF Conclusion to the big Starfire storyline on above issues.  SOLD
406. F-/F Supergirl cover and full length story  SOLD
407. VF Is Linda's secret revealed?? I'm not telling! Nasthalthia Luthor guests.  $17.50
408. VF Two more Supergirl stories. Haunted House story. Nasthalthia Luthor.  $17.50
408. VF 8.0 Maybe slightly sharper copy of above? You pick.  $17.50
409. VF/NM 1st 25 cent giant (#'s 409 - #420). Nice cover. New costume (again) for Supergirl. Legion reprints.  SOLD
410. F/VF 25 cent giant issue. Two brand new Supergirl stories plus a Legion silver-age classic. And yet another new costume for Supergirl!  SOLD
411. VF- Another 25 cent giant. Brand new Supergirl cover / story. Legion reprint plus early Infantino western story.  SOLD
412. VF+ 25-cent giant. Supergirl and her new costume. Reprints the origin and 1st appearance of Animal Man. SOLD
413. VF+ 25-cent giant with Supergirl. Joe Kubert's Hawkman. New Gray Morrow Zatanna story. Golden-Age Robot Man story.  SOLD
414. VF-/VF 25- cent giant issue. Two brand new Supergirl stories plus bondage cover. Second Animal Man story by Gil Kane - some of his BEST art. New Zatanna story by Gray Morrow.  SOLD
415. VF- 25- cent giant issue. New Supergirls plus 3rd Animal Man. New Zatanna by Morrow.  SOLD
416. VF+ Supergirl 100-page giant issue. Golden-Age reprints including 1st appearance of Black Canary from Flash Comics #86. An all DC female issue!  SOLD
417. VF Nice higher-grade 25-cent giant issue. Supergirl cover/lead story. Frank Fazetta "Shining Knight" reprint story. A new Gray Morrow Vigilante story. Origin of the Enchantress. $20.00
417. VF+ 8.5 High grade of above.  $25.00
418. VF- Another 25 center - new Supergirl cover/story. Black Canary by Alex Toth, and a brand new Dr. Mid-Nite Golden-Age story never before published by Sal Amendola.  SOLD
419. VF/NM Another great 25 - cent giant with new Supergirl cover/story. Enchantress story. Phantom Stranger story. Black Canary by Alex Toth with a Green Arrow cameo, and a great Gray Morrow Zatanna story.  SOLD
420. VF Last 25 cent giant. Nice Tony DeZuniga art on Supgirl. Animal Man reprint.  SOLD
421. F+ 1st 20 cent issue. Supergirl cover story plus back up Zatanna the Magician story.  SOLD
422. NM-/NM Supergirl cover/story, plus brand-new Vigilante story by Gray Morrow.  SOLD
423. VF/NM Superman guest stars with the JLA cameos. SOLD
425. VF All new look to title. Contents change from Superhero to Adventure stories (only for 3 issues!). Mike Kaluta cover, Alex Toth story. Also Gil Kane and Alex Nino stories. Underated! SOLD
426. VF- 1st Adventures Club story. The Vigilante drug pusher story. Captain Fear by Nino. SOLD
427. F Small piece off back cover. More of above stories. $4.00
428. F+/VF 1st appearance of Black Orchid. Brand new Dr. 13 Ghost Breaker story.  SOLD
429. F/VF 2nd Black Orchid by Tony DeZuniga. Plus Captain Fear by Nino. SOLD
430. VF-/VF 3rd (and final) Black Orchid. The Adventures Club. SOLD
431. NM/M 1st of the new Jim Aparo fantastic Spectre stories! New Alex Toth back-up story. Key-issue - great copy.  SOLD
432. VF.NM Adventure comics #431 - 440 all contain Spectre stories by Jim Aparo, and are the BEST version of the character done to date, in my opinion. SOLD
433. VF/NM Spectre turns a man into glass, than pushes him over to shatter! SOLD
434. VF/NM Another great Spectre cover and story. SOLD
435. VF+/NM 1st new Aquaman back-up feature by Mike Grell. Spectre turns a guy to wood and then puts him through a buzz-saw! Does it get any better than this?? SOLD
436. VF More Spectre, plus 2nd Aquaman by Grell. $22.50
437. VF+ Spectre and Aquaman stories. $25.00
438. VF- Spectre story plus brand new Seven Soldiers of Victory story w/ beautiful Frazetta-like art by Howard Chaykin. SOLD
439. VF/NM Spectre and continuation of above Seven Soldies story. SOLD
440. VF/NM Last Spectre with a new origin told. Conclusion to above Seven Soldiers story. $40.00
446. VF/NM High grade copy. GREAT American Flag cover. Jim Aparo's Aquaman with the return of Aqualad. Also Creeper story. WHITE pages.  $15.00
459. F/VF 1st 68pg giant no ads all new stories issue. Flash, GL, WW, etc. Big New Gods story with Darkseid.  $20.00
460. NM-/NM 68 page giant all new. GA Flash teams up w/ SA Flash. Also Deadman, GL, Aquaman, New Gods, and Wonder Woman stories!! Undervalued! $35.00
461. VF+/NM Five brand-new stories - 68-pp cover to cover. If you are a JSA fan, you need this scarce key issue!   SOLD
462. VF/VF+ All brand-new 68-pp giant key scarce issue with the death of Batman from the JSA.   SOLD
463. NM/NM+ Another all new 68 page giant. "Still your best buy!", as the cover says. JSA story, also Deadman, WW, Flash, and Aquaman. SOLD
464. VF+ Another 68 pager. As above stories. SOLD
465. VF/VF+ Another giant. Great JSA, plus other above characters. SOLD
466. VF/NM Last of the dollar giants. JSA, Flash, Deadman, and Aquaman. SOLD
467. VF/NM 1st new Starman by Steve Ditko and 1st new Plastic Man by Joe Staton. $12.50

Adventures of Jerry Lewis


103. F/VF 7.0 Neal Adams cover and full 23 pages art. Ganghis Khan wakes up after a 1,000 year sleep and tries to take over the Lewis universe. SOLD
105. F/VF 7.0 The classic Superman crossover issue. Bob Oksner cover and art. Wayne Boring Superman cover art. Neal Adams pin-up page. Guest stars Luthor, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White. One of the nicest raw copies I've seen in a while. SOLD
107. VF- 7.5 Wacky "Wack-A-Buy" Camp cover and story. Bob Oksner art. Jerry and his friends go on a cross-country trip. SOLD
114. VG/F Near the end of this 124 issue run!  SOLD

All American Comics

65. VG Green Lantern by Paul Reinman. Also Dr. Mid-Nite feature.  SOLD

All American Men of War

107. VF- Full length story of Johnny Cloud, the Navajo Indian flying ace. Tough DC's run to find in grade.  SOLD

All-Star Comics

1. NM/NM+ As below. This is Flashback #22. Classic issue. Buy if for about $20.000 less than the real one! SOLD
2. VF/NM See below for details. Exact b&w reprint of this rare issue, this is Flashback #13. SOLD
4. VF/VF+ This is one of several Golden-Age reprints that Alan Light did in the early 1970s. This is Flashback #6. These, in themselves, are getting quite collectible. This is an EXACT reprint of the 1st superhero team-up adventure ever! The only difference between this copy and the original is that this one is in black-and-white and costs about $5,000 less. SOLD
All-Star Comics #58-74 (1976-1978) are among some of the most undervalued Bronze-Age comics published. Great stories, great art, and some key 1st appearances. I have a high-grade run with the following issues left:
58. NM 1st all-new JSA since the Golden-Age. Introduction of Power Girl. Wally Wood art.  SOLD
59. VF/VF+ Brainwave defeats the JSA. 2nd appearance Power Girl. Wally Wood art.

60. VF/NM 1st appearance and origin Vulcan: Son of Fire! 1st team-up of artists Keith Giffin and Wally Wood.

61. NM Conclusion to the Vulcan story: Dr. Fate on his death bed. Giffin and Wood art. Great high-grade copy! SOLD
62. VF+ 1st appearance and origin of Zanadu. The return of the Golden-Age Superman. Giffin/Wood art really coming into their own. $25.00
63. NM- Solomon Grundy and The Injustice Gang. The death of Dr. Fate. Zanadu. Great Giffin/Wood art. $35.00
64. VF/VF+ 1st appearance of the Golden-Age Shining Knight in the modern age (?). Wally Wood 100% artwork, as the team goes back to Camelot times. King Arthur revealed as Vandal Savage. $25.00
65. VF/VF+ Vandal Savage out to kill Superman and Power Girl. 100% pure prime Wally Wood art. $25.00
67. VF Spotlight on Power Girl, Wildcat and Star-Spangled Kid. Commissionar Bruce Wayne guests. $20.00
68. VF- The return of Psycho Pirate. The JSA'ers battle each other. SOLD
70. NM- 2nd appearance of The Huntress. 1st appearance of The Strike Force. SOLD
71. VF+ Strike Force conclusion. Star-Spangled Kid quits. Origin of The Huntress. $25.00
74. VF- Double-sized final issue. Every JSA'er makes an appearance in this one. Nice cover and story. SOLD

All Star Squadron

47. VF/NM Toughest issue to find in this great run of DC Golden-Age story issues. "The Secret Origin of Dr. Fate" by Todd McFarlane. SOLD

All-Star Western

3. VF-/VF Beautiful Neal Adams cover. Origin of El Diablo story bt Gray Morrow. Gil Kane story. Wow! SOLD
4. F+ Another outstanding Adams cover. Stories by Kane, Morrow, and a shortie by Joe Kubert. SOLD
5. F-/F Nice Gray Morrow wash cover. Al Weiss and Jim Aparo stories. SOLD
7. VF Great run of comics! This one's a 25-cent giant with art by Joe Kubert, Al Weiss and Tony DeZuniga. SOLD
8. F/F+ Another 25-cent giant with art by Gil Kane, Joe Kubert and Tony DeZuniga. SOLD
9. F/VF 25 cent giant. Frazetta and Kubert reprints. Bat Lash story. SOLD
11. VF+ 8.5 A high grade copy of one of the Bronze-Age keys that is still affordable. 2nd appearance of Jonah Hex. and the 1st time he is on a cover. SOLD

Angel and The Ape

1. F+ 1st issue in the short series.  SOLD


1. VG 1st issue in the short series by Howie Post.  SOLD
3. F+/VF Howie Post art. SOLD
3. VF-/VF Sharper copy of above.  SOLD
4. F+ Howie Post - The invention of the wheel!  SOLD


1. F Very solid, tight and clean copy. 1st regular series for Aquaman. 1st appearance Quisp.  SOLD
2. VG Clean with nice pages. Aqualad goes bad, mad, and big. SOLD
3. F- Aquaman goes back in time to ancient Atlantis. SOLD
4. VG- 1st Quisp cover, for all you Quisp fans out there. Aliens attack Atlantis. SOLD
5. VG/VG+ A nice, no-problems copy. An evil sorceror turns Aquaman's water allies against him. SOLD
12. F/F+ Aquaman and Aqualad battle "The Cosmic Gladiators" on an underwater alien world. SOLD
15. F/VF Very nice cover and good full-length story. $50.00
17. F+ Mera kidnapped on the eve of her marriage to Aquaman. SOLD
19. F/VF Very good cover/story. Aquaman almost dies. $50.00
26. F+/VF 1st appearances of the evil group O.R.G.E. and the Huntress. SOLD
28. F+ Aquababy becomes king for a day. SOLD
30. F/VF Nice cover/story with the "Death" of Aquaman and a JLA cover/story cameo. SOLD
31. F+/VF O.R.G.E. strikes back. SOLD
32. F+/VF Triton the Terrible keeps Aquaman out of the water for 59 minutes. Close call! SOLD
33. F+ The 1st appearance and story of Aqua-girl.  SOLD
35. F/VF Both the Ocean Master and Black Manta attack Aquaman. This is the 1st appearance of Black Manta. GONE!
37. VF+/NM- 1st appearance of the Scavenger. Classic cover. SOLD
38. F/VF 1st appearance of the Liquidator. Cool cover. SOLD
43. VF- The 4th Jim Aparo art issue. Full-length Aqualad solo story. SOLD
44. F+/VF Aquaman in the big city. Jim Aparo art. SOLD
45. VF/NM Great cover. Nice interior art by Jim Aparo. Snow white pages. SOLD
49. F/VF Great Jim Aparo art. Ocean Master. Classic Nick Cardy cover. SOLD
50. VF-/VF The 1st Neal Adams "Deadman" back-up in Aquaman. Jim Aparo Aquaman art.  SOLD
51. F/F+ Excellent Neal Adams' Deadman and Jim Aparo Aquaman.  SOLD
52. F/VF 7.0 Great Deadman by Adams, Nick Cardy cover and Jim Aparo art. SOLD
53. F/VF 7.0 Jim Aparo great art. Tough book to get in this nice shape because of the black cover. SOLD
56. F/VF 7.0 .Last 15 cent issue. 1st appearance Crusader. Nice Jim Aparo art. SOLD


7. VG+ Key issue - 1st Hawkman appearance since The Brave and The Bold try-outs; 1st Atom / Hawkman team-up. Great story!  SOLD
17. VF- Classic Jules Verne "Time Pool" Atom story.  SOLD
18. F- The usual nice Gil Kane art and story.  SOLD
20. VG You gotta see the size of these computers the criminals use in this story! (1965)  SOLD
24. F/F+ Full length story with the return of the Plant Master.  SOLD
29. F-F A very nice solid copy of one of the keys in the run - 1st team-up of the Golden-Age and Silver-Age Atoms! Gil Kane art - classic! SOLD
32. F+/VF Atom becomes "Giant-Man".  SOLD
38. F+ The final issue of the title.  SOLD

Atom and Hawkman

40. F- Very nice Joe Kubert cover, good team-up story. Nice white pages!  SOLD