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Action Comics

1. NM/M 1976. 16 page DC Superman reprint giveaway comic of Superman #1 - the first four chapters from Action #1-4. Sleeping Bag Giveaway. SUPER copy.


or BO

1. NM/M 1983. As above, Superman Peanut Butter 45th anniversary giveaway. SOLD
1. NM/M 1987. As above, Nestle Quick giveway issue. SOLD
1. NM/M 1988. As above, DC 50th anniversary reprint issue. It sold for 50 cents. Super copy. SOLD

231. VG

CGC 4.0

A recent CGC graded book that's right on. Tough time period for this title. Great Wayne Boring cover and inside art. SOLD
260. G/VG Supergirl "teams up" with Superman. Plus a sole Supergirl story of when she was a baby. Congorilla back-up. Classic stuff! SOLD
274. F/F+ Lois Lane gets super-powers and becomes "Superwoman". Plus a Supergirl back-up story.  SOLD
277. VG/F .Solid copy, nice color. Classic Krypto vs Streaky in "battle of the Super-Pets!" Supergirl cover.  SOLD
295. F/F+ Nice Curt Swan cover and story, plus Supergirl. SOLD
300. VG Good story - "Captive of the Red Sun". Also, 2nd app of Super-Horse in the Supergirl back-up. SOLD
308. F+/VF Slight sun shadow on cover. Nice pages. Red Kryptonite Superman story. Supergirl story. SOLD
310. F- 1st appearance Jewel Kryptonite. Good Supergirl story w/ return of her original parents. SOLD
312. VG/F Excellent Curt Swan Superman/Metallo story, and a Jim Mooney Supergirl/Superhorse tale. SOLD
315. VG "The Juvenile Delinquents from Alpha Centauri" make trouble for Superman. Plus Supergirl. SOLD
316. F Superman/Supergirl team-up cover/story. SOLD
318. VG/F Curt Swan's "The Death of Luthor". SOLD
319. VG/F Luthor returns from the dead (what a surprise there!). Plus Supergirl story. SOLD
321. VG/F Curt Swan Superman. Supergirl / Superhorse story. Great classic art and stories! SOLD
322. VG/F Aliens, spaceships, time travel, and magic. This ones got ot all! SOLD
323. F/F+ Superman guest stars in the Supergirl back-up story, along with the Super-Pets team. SOLD
325. F+ Red Kryptonite Superman story, plus Supergirl solo story.  SOLD
329. VG/F Superman, plus an imaginary Supergirl story. SOLD
330. F 1st appearance of Dr. Supernatural. Nice Curt Swan and Jim Mooney artwork. SOLD
332. F- Great issue! Overstreet needs to break some of these issues out. Read "How Superwoman Trained Superboy!" Also a Lex Luthor/Legion of Super Villains story. SOLD
333. F 1st Checkerboard cover issue. Classic imaginary story - Supergirl turns into Superwoman and battles Superboy. SOLD
334. F- 80 page giant. 1st all Supergirl issue. Classic stories - strong solid copy. SOLD
336. F/VF Cool cover. Origin of Flamebird (Ak-Var). Bizarro story. SOLD
339. F- "Superman of 2966" story, plus great Brainiac vs. Supergirl back-up story. SOLD
342. VF- Great Wayne Boring artwork on Superman; Supergirl back-up.

343. VG/F Classic Wayne Boring artwork! Supergirl meets Jimmy Olsen. SOLD
344. VG/F Wayne Boring art with Batman guest-starring; Supergirl back-up story. SOLD
346. VG Nice Curt Swan cover, outstanding Wayne Boring art. Superman/Supergirl team-up story. SOLD
348. F- Again - and I repeat - EXCELLENT Wayne Boring art on Superman. Swan cover. Mooney Supergirl story with Atomic Bomb panels. SOLD
349. F+ Classic cover and Wayne Boring story! Supergirl back-up.  SOLD
351. VG+ Jimmy Olsen marries Supergirl! Plus classic Superman battle story by Boring. SOLD
352. F+/VF Part two of both above stories.  SOLD
354. VG/F As below. Solid mid-grade copy. SOLD
354. VF/NM High grade copy. Nice Curt Swan cover. Luthor story. Jim Mooney Supergirl back-up story. Nice off-white to white pages.  SOLD
356. F+/VF Nice Neal Adams cover. Great new Wayne Boring Superman story. SOLD
357. F+/VF Part two of above Wayne boring story. Plus, Supergirl gets married. SOLD
360. NM- (G45) One of the tougher 80 page giants to get. This one is a cherry copy with a perfect square binding and white pages. All Supergirl issue with tons of guest stars. Great copy! SOLD
361. F+ 2nd. appearance of Parasite. Neal Adams cover. Supergirl back-up story.  SOLD
362. VF Great Neal Adams cover, "Robin" teams up with Supergirl vs. Mr. Mxyzptlk! 1st appearance Ventor Caine.  SOLD
366. F+ Neal adams cover, JLA and Supergirl guest star with Superman.  SOLD
367. F+ 6.5 Great Superman / Supergirl cover by Neal Adams. Two solo stories - Sups guests in the Supergirl story.  SOLD
368. F/VF 7.0 Superman goes on unemployment. Nice art on Supergirl story.  SOLD
369. VG/F "Superman's Greatest Blunder", plus Supergirl reprint. White pages! SOLD
369. F/VF 7.0 Nicer copy of above.  SOLD
370. F/F+ Important new facts about Superman's origin; Supergirl back-up story.  SOLD
371. F Neal Adams cover. Superman is President of the DC "United States" universe. JLA cameo in the Supergirl story. SOLD
372. F Neal Adams cover. Superman becomes "The Masked Superman" and joins the WWF as a wrestler. Plus Supergirl makes a movie. SOLD
373. VF/NM (G 57) 80 page giant in nice, high grade. Another all Supergirl issue. Classic stories, great copy.

374. F Nice Adams cover. Superman and Supergirl tales. SOLD
377. F- 1st Legion of Super-Heroes back-up in title, as Supergirl goes over to Adventure Comics. An even swap! SOLD
378. F- Superman and the Devil. 2nd Legion back-up. SOLD
380. F- Superman/Supergirl team-up story, plus a new Legion back-up story. White pages! SOLD
Set #380-461. NM This is an increadible run of Action Comics from a tough time period to collect. This is my personal run that took me over 20 years to put together, only settling for the BEST copies I could find. Most of these are cherry NM/M, but I'll grade them all on average NM. Sold only as a set - if you collect Action Comics from this time and want the BEST there is out there in a one shot group - than you can't do better than this! Many semi-key issues in this set. A total of 82 comics, all undervalued. GONE!
382. F- Curt Swan cover. Superman becomes "The Dictator of Earth" - just a few issues ago, he was President...what gives?? SOLD
383. F/VF Superman story plus a Legion back-up tale. SOLD
384. F+ Curt Swan conclusion to above. Legion back-up staring Superboy and Mon-el. SOLD
385. VG/F Swan cover and story - "The Immortal Superman". Legion back-up. SOLD
386. NM Superman in an adult home. Legion back-up. SOLD
388. F+ Classic issue with loads of guest stars. Check out the cover. White pages! Bizarro World type story. SOLD
389. F+ Curt Swan cover and story. 2 page Superman's Rogues Gallery feature. SOLD
390. F/VF Swan cover. "The Self-Destruct Superman!" Legion back-up. SOLD
391. VG/F The "Sons" of Superman and Batman story. Swan cover. Legion of Super-Heroes back-up story. SOLD
392. F/VF The "Sons" of Superman and Batman story. Swan cover. Last Legion of Super-Heroes back-up stories. SOLD
393. F- Nice Curt Swan / Murphy Anderson story. Plus back-up "The Day Superboy Became Superman" SOLD
394. F- As below. Still sharp copy. SOLD
394. F+/VF Two Curt Swan / Murphy Anderson stories. A one-page biography on each of the above creators. SOLD
395. VF/NM Real nice Swan/Anderson art. Supergirl guest stars one story. Brief origin of The Fortress of Solitude. 1st app Althera. SOLD
396. VF/VF+ Superman in a wheelchair. Nice Infantino / Anderson cover. SOLD
397. F/VF Superman of the future - is he a has-been? Nice art. SOLD
398. F/F+ A very nice Neal Adams cover plus two Curt Swan with Murphy Anderson Superman classics round out this issue. Supergirl cameo. SOLD
398. VF Nice copy of above.  SOLD
399. VF/NM Excellent Adams cover. Superbaby and Superman stories. Still Swan/Anderson art - "classic" in it's own right! SOLD
400. VF Sharp copy of a undervalued, key issue. Wonderful Neal Adams cover and nice Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson artwork. SOLD
401. VF+ Classic American Navarro Indian story. Great Swan/Anderson both stories art.  SOLD
402. VF- Neal Adams cover. Superman vs Supergirl story. American Indian story conclusion. Last 15 cent issue. SOLD
403. VF+ 1st 25 cent "giant" issue (#403-#413). Neal Adams cover. Two brand new Superman stories plus classic Vigilante and Superboy tales. SOLD
404. VF+ Another great Adams cover. 2nd 25 cent giant issue. The "death" of Clark Kent by Swan/Anderson. SA classic Atom and Aquaman stories. SOLD
405. F Great Adams cover. Two Superman stories, plus SA and GA Aquaman and Vigilante stories. SOLD
406. VG/F Two more new Swan/Anderson Superman tales, plus Alex Toth Atom/Flash SA classic story. SOLD
407. F 25 cent giant. Two new Superman stories. Alex Toth Flash/Atom team-up reprint conclusion. SOLD
408. NM- 25 cent giant. Two new Superman stories. Gil Kane Atom reprint. SOLD
409. VF- Still 25 cent "giant" issues. Two Superman stories, plus a SA Teen Titans story. SOLD
410. F 6.0 As below, good copy.  SOLD
410. VF/VF+ Two Swan/Anderson Superman stories. Teen Titans story.. SOLD
411. VF/NM 25 cent giant. Two new Superman stories. Lee Elias Eclipso origin reprint. SOLD
412. VF/NM 25 cent giant. Two new Supermans w/ art by Swan/Anderson, plus an Eclipso story. SOLD
413. VF Last 25 cent giant. New Superman with Brainiac and Luthor. Alex Toth's Eclipso plus Metamorpho.  SOLD
414. VF/NM 1st 20 cent issue. Superman and 1st Metamorpho back-up stories. SOLD
417. VF/NM 9.0 GREAT Batman, Lois, and Jimmy bondage cover. Brainiac, Luthor, and The Crime-Lords. New Metamorpho back-up story.  SOLD
418. VF-/VF Nice "Superman" cover. Crime-Lords continues. New Metamorpho.  SOLD
419. VF/VF+ The definitive classic Neal Adams Superman cover! 1st Human Target back-up story.  SOLD
420. F/VF 2nd Human Target feature, plus Superman  SOLD
425. NM/NM+ Great colors, white pages, nice cover. Neal Adams art on The Human Target. Atom back-ups begin.  SOLD
428. VF Great Green Arrow and Black Canery back-up story.  SOLD
430. VF/NM Superman and new Atom srories SOLD
431. F/VF Green Arrow back-up story and Curt Swan art on Superman.  SOLD
432. NM/NM+ 1st Silver-Age appearance Toyman. Human Target story back-up. SOLD
433. VF/NM Great Atom back-up story, plus Superman  SOLD
434. VF/NM One of my favorite Superman covers! This "villian" makes Superman fearful! Green Arrow back-up guest staring Zatanna. SOLD
437. VF+ Scarcer 100-pp giant. New Superman story, guest starring Green Arrow, Green Lantern, and the Flash. Golden-Age and Silver-Age classic reprints.  SOLD
438. VF- Classic Curt Swan Superman. Nice Dick Dillin art on Atom back-up story - Jean Loring bondage panels. SOLD
440. F+/VF 1st Mike Grell art on Green Arrow back-up series. SOLD
443. VF/VF+ Very scarce 100-pp giant. Brand new Superman story starring the JLA. Great Golden- and Silver-Age reprints.  SOLD
444. F/VF Superman vs Green Lantern and Sinestro. Mike Grell GA back-up "Death of The Black Canery!" SOLD
446. F/VF Superman story, plus Mike Grell's Green Arrow/Black Canary back-up. SOLD
448. VF- Atom back-up plus Superman vs Aliens. SOLD
449. VF-/VF As below, not as nice, but still a keeper. SOLD
449. VF+/NM Scarce in higher gradee 68 page giant issue. New Superman, plus a Jack Kirby GA story and a Gil Kane Atom story.  SOLD
450. VF/NM Superman plus beautiful Grell art on the GA/BC back-up. SOLD
455. F+ All new Superman, Atom, and Green Arrow team-up story. SOLD
456. F/VF Grell "Jaws" Superman cover and a GA/BC back-up story. SOLD
484. NM/M 40th anniversary issue. Earth II Superman and Lois wed.

500. NM/M Another under-rated key-issue. Infinity cover. A brand new 64-pp story of Superman's life.  SOLD
514. VF Air Wave / Atom back-up story. Brainiac returns in the Superman story. Hawkman guest stars. Autographed on the splash page by writer Bob Rozakis.  SOLD
600. NM/M 50th anniversary issue. 80 page giant. Great stories and art - a real sleeper! SOLD


261. F- 1st meeting of Superboy and Lois Lane. Good Green Arrow with Speedy and Aquaman back-ups. SOLD
263. VG/VG+ Superboy, Aquaman, and a spotlight on Speedy-Green Arrow story. SOLD
264. VG Superboy meets Space-boy. Green Arrow time travels and teams up with Robin Hood. SOLD
278. VG+ Semi-key issue with Supergirl time traveling to meet Superboy and his parents for the 1st time as Linda Lee. SOLD
279. VG+/F The introduction of White Kryptonite in the Superboy story. Aquaman and Congorilla back-up stories.  SOLD
294. VG 1st Bizarro President Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mantle, and Jerry lewis. What a combination!. Also Bizarro Krypto, Lex Luthor, and Mr. Mxyzptlk. What more do you want in a comic??  SOLD
296. F Did you ever wonder what would happen if Superboy met Ben Franklin? Well wonder no more! Buy this isssue and find out. Also, a Tales of the Bizarro World story. Very slight waterstain, but still nice. SOLD
298. G/VG Classic Lana "Fat Butt" cover. Great Bizarro world story. SOLD
300. F A nice solid copy. Key issue with the 1st regular ongoing Legion of Super-Heroes feature. Some very slight water-stains keep this one from grading higher. Bargain priced at... SOLD
309. VG "The Legion of Super-Monsters". Clean nice copy with some back cover problems.  SOLD
323. VG John Forte Legion classic starring Proty II. Also a classic Krypto back-up.  SOLD
325. VG/F Lex Luthor meets Superboy, Supergirl, and The Legion of Super- Heros.  SOLD
326. F+ Girl Legionnaires revolt against the Boy Legionnaires. SOLD
328. F/F+ As below. Nice Curt Swan cover, Superboy takes on Ultra Boy and Mon-El.  SOLD
329. F/VF 1st APPEARANCE / INTRODUCTION of both The Bizarro Legionnaires, and the Legion flight rings. SEMI-key issue.  SOLD
330. VG/F The Legionnaires powers get switched. Plus a early Krypto story (2nd app?)  SOLD
331. VG The adult Legion of Super-Villains finnaly win!  SOLD
335. F+ 1st appearance Starfinger. Cool cover, nice John Forte art.  SOLD
336. F- The true idenity of the villain Starfinger revealed. And he is....... SOLD
339. F An off-beat Legion story "The Menace of Beast Boy!"  SOLD
340. F/VF INTRODUCTION and 1st APPEARANCE of Computo the Conqueror in Legion. Curt Swan cover.  SOLD
341. F/VF Triplicate Girl becomes Duo Damsel. Colossal Boy spotlight.  SOLD
342. VG Star Boy kills in self-defense and gets expelled.  SOLD
344. VG The Legionnaires trapped in a space prison in "The Super-Stalog of Space!"  SOLD
346. F- 1st appearance of Karate Kid, Princess Projectra, Ferro Lad, and Nemesis Kid.  SOLD
348. F+ Legion of Super-Heroes. Origin of Sunboy; introduction of Dr. Regulus.  SOLD
352. F+/VF The 1st appearance of The Fatal Five.  SOLD
353. F+ The death of Ferro Lad.  SOLD
354. F+/VF Superman and the adult Legionnaires.  SOLD
355. VG Insect Queen joins the group. Plus the return of the Legion of Super-Villians.  SOLD
362. VG 1st Dr. Mantis Morlo - The Chemical Conqueror and his fantastic Chemoids! Sounds like a Metel Men foe!  SOLD
363. VF- Curt Swan cover, Kurt Schaffenburger art - nice stuff! Part II of the Dr. Morlo story.  SOLD
364. F+/VF Great story with "The Legion of Super-Pets!"  SOLD
367. VG Adams cover. New Legion headquarters revealed. SOLD
370. VF- Full-length Legion story in which the group is put on trial for crimes.

372. VF Neal Adams cover. Timber Wolf and Chemical King join the group. SOLD
373. F/VF Neal Adams cover. 1st appearance and introduction of The Tornado Twins - which turn out to be descendants of The Flash. SOLD
374. VG/VG+ As below. Article on Comics Fandom from a 1968 point of view.  SOLD
374. VF Some of the Legion members turn traitors. SOLD
376. VF/VF+ Neal Adams cover. Spotlight on Chameleon Boy. SOLD
377. F/VF Nice Adams cover. Legion hire themselves out for cash.  SOLD
378. F-/F Adams cover. Will a member die this issue?  SOLD
379. F Adams cover. Death of Superboy?  SOLD
380. F Last Legion story in this title. Also the last 12 cent issue. The end of an era for Legion fans!  SOLD
382. F-/F As below. Nice Schaffenburger art.  SOLD
382. F+/VF 2nd full-length SUPERGIRL story. Undervalued. Neal Adams cover. SOLD
383. F As below. Batman and Robin cameos.  SOLD
383. NM- Adams cover. Supergirl's funeral with cameo's of Batman, Streaky, and Comet. VERY nice copy! SOLD
384. VG Nice cover, 2 Supergirl stories. Schaffenburger art.  SOLD
385. F/VF As below - nice copy.  SOLD
385. VF Supergirl cover and two-full length stories, as Supergirl gets married again.  SOLD
386. VF- Two stories including "The Beast that Loved Supergirl!" Nice cover.  SOLD
387. F+/VF Lex Luthor has a super-powered nephew, plus Supergirl turns into a wolfwoman!  SOLD
388. F/F+ Supergirl cover, plus two Supergirl stories. As below.  SOLD
388. F+/VF Nice Jim Mooney cover. Brainaic story.  SOLD
389. F/F+ Brainiac vs. Supergirl.  SOLD
390. VG/F One of the scarcer 25-cent giants. The all-romance Supergirl issue. 1st Supergirl giant. Strong mid-grade copy.  SOLD
391. VG/F Two Supgirl stories. Linda Danvers becomes a movie star. SOLD
392. VG/F Two more Supgirl stories. She loses her costume! Schaffenburger art.  SOLD
393. VG/F Two more, plus "The First Superman Story".  SOLD
394. F+ Nice Curt Swan cover and a Kurt Schaffenburger story.  SOLD
395. F/VF Two Supergirl stories. 1st appearance of Kryptonian Thought-Beast.  SOLD
396. VF- Nice cover. Over the years, I've found this issue a tough one to find. General Zod. Superman and Krypto guest. SOLD
397. VF/NM 1st appearance of the all new Supergirl SOLD
398. F+/VF "Supergirl" logo takes over the book. Comet, Streaky, and Krypto guest.  SOLD
399. F+ New Supergirl plus a never before published GA Black Canery story.  SOLD
400. F/VF 35th Anniversary Issue. Supergirl gets a new costume. The return of The Black Flame.  SOLD
401. F+ Luthor vs. the new Supergirl w/ Nasthalita. 1st Tracey Thompson.  SOLD
402. F Supergirl and Tracey Thompson stories.  SOLD
403. VF- G-81. Giant issue. All Legion classic reprints, including my favorite ever, "The Super Sacrifice of the Legionaires!" from Adventure Comics #312.  SOLD
404. VF/VF+ Full length Supergirl story vs Starfire. Very nice cover.  SOLD
405. VF-/VF Conclusion to the big Starfire storyline on above issues.  SOLD
406. F-/F Supergirl cover and full length story  SOLD
407. VF Is Linda's secret revealed?? I'm not telling! Nasthalthia Luthor guests.  SOLD
408. VF Two more Supergirl stories. Haunted House story. Nasthalthia Luthor.  SOLD
408. VF 8.0 Maybe slightly sharper copy of above? You pick.  SOLD
409. VF/NM 1st 25 cent giant (#'s 409 - #420). Nice cover. New costume (again) for Supergirl. Legion reprints.  SOLD
410. F/VF 25 cent giant issue. Two brand new Supergirl stories plus a Legion silver-age classic. And yet another new costume for Supergirl!  SOLD
411. VF- Another 25 cent giant. Brand new Supergirl cover / story. Legion reprint plus early Infantino western story.  SOLD
412. VF+ 25-cent giant. Supergirl and her new costume. Reprints the origin and 1st appearance of Animal Man. SOLD
413. VF+ 25-cent giant with Supergirl. Joe Kubert's Hawkman. New Gray Morrow Zatanna story. Golden-Age Robot Man story.  SOLD
414. VF-/VF 25- cent giant issue. Two brand new Supergirl stories plus bondage cover. Second Animal Man story by Gil Kane - some of his BEST art. New Zatanna story by Gray Morrow.  SOLD
415. VF- 25- cent giant issue. New Supergirls plus 3rd Animal Man. New Zatanna by Morrow.  SOLD
416. VF+ Supergirl 100-page giant issue. Golden-Age reprints including 1st appearance of Black Canary from Flash Comics #86. An all DC female issue!  SOLD
417. VF Nice higher-grade 25-cent giant issue. Supergirl cover/lead story. Frank Fazetta "Shining Knight" reprint story. A new Gray Morrow Vigilante story. Origin of the Enchantress. SOLD
417. VF+ 8.5 High grade of above.  SOLD
418. VF- Another 25 center - new Supergirl cover/story. Black Canary by Alex Toth, and a brand new Dr. Mid-Nite Golden-Age story never before published by Sal Amendola.  SOLD
419. VF/NM Another great 25 - cent giant with new Supergirl cover/story. Enchantress story. Phantom Stranger story. Black Canary by Alex Toth with a Green Arrow cameo, and a great Gray Morrow Zatanna story.  SOLD
420. VF Last 25 cent giant. Nice Tony DeZuniga art on Supgirl. Animal Man reprint.  SOLD
421. F+ 1st 20 cent issue. Supergirl cover story plus back up Zatanna the Magician story.  SOLD
422. NM-/NM Supergirl cover/story, plus brand-new Vigilante story by Gray Morrow.  SOLD
423. VF/NM Superman guest stars with the JLA cameos. SOLD
425. VF All new look to title. Contents change from Superhero to Adventure stories (only for 3 issues!). Mike Kaluta cover, Alex Toth story. Also Gil Kane and Alex Nino stories. Underated! SOLD
426. VF- 1st Adventures Club story. The Vigilante drug pusher story. Captain Fear by Nino. SOLD
427. F Small piece off back cover. More of above stories. SOLD
428. F+/VF 1st appearance of Black Orchid. Brand new Dr. 13 Ghost Breaker story.  SOLD
429. F/VF 2nd Black Orchid by Tony DeZuniga. Plus Captain Fear by Nino. SOLD
430. VF-/VF 3rd (and final) Black Orchid. The Adventures Club. SOLD
431. NM/M 1st of the new Jim Aparo fantastic Spectre stories! New Alex Toth back-up story. Key-issue - great copy.  SOLD
432. VF.NM Adventure comics #431 - 440 all contain Spectre stories by Jim Aparo, and are the BEST version of the character done to date, in my opinion. SOLD
433. VF/NM Spectre turns a man into glass, than pushes him over to shatter! SOLD
434. VF/NM Another great Spectre cover and story. SOLD
435. VF+/NM 1st new Aquaman back-up feature by Mike Grell. Spectre turns a guy to wood and then puts him through a buzz-saw! Does it get any better than this?? SOLD
436. VF More Spectre, plus 2nd Aquaman by Grell. SOLD
437. VF+ Spectre and Aquaman stories. SOLD
438. VF- Spectre story plus brand new Seven Soldiers of Victory story w/ beautiful Frazetta-like art by Howard Chaykin. SOLD
439. VF/NM Spectre and continuation of above Seven Soldies story. SOLD
440. NM Last Spectre with a new origin told. Conclusion to above Seven Soldiers story. SOLD
446. VF/NM High grade copy. GREAT American Flag cover. Jim Aparo's Aquaman with the return of Aqualad. Also Creeper story. WHITE pages.  SOLD
459. F/VF 1st 68pg giant no ads all new stories issue. Flash, GL, WW, etc. Big New Gods story with Darkseid.  SOLD
460. NM-/NM 68 page giant all new. GA Flash teams up w/ SA Flash. Also Deadman, GL, Aquaman, New Gods, and Wonder Woman stories!! Undervalued! SOLD
461. VF+/NM Five brand-new stories - 68-pp cover to cover. If you are a JSA fan, you need this scarce key issue!   SOLD
462. VF/VF+ All brand-new 68-pp giant key scarce issue with the death of Batman from the JSA.   SOLD
463. NM/NM+ Another all new 68 page giant. "Still your best buy!", as the cover says. JSA story, also Deadman, WW, Flash, and Aquaman. SOLD
464. VF+ Another 68 pager. As above stories. SOLD
465. VF/VF+ Another giant. Great JSA, plus other above characters. SOLD
466. VF/NM Last of the dollar giants. JSA, Flash, Deadman, and Aquaman. SOLD
467. VF/NM 1st new Starman by Steve Ditko and 1st new Plastic Man by Joe Staton. SOLD

Adventures of Jerry Lewis


103. F/VF 7.0 Neal Adams cover and full 23 pages art. Ganghis Khan wakes up after a 1,000 year sleep and tries to take over the Lewis universe. SOLD
105. F/VF 7.0 The classic Superman crossover issue. Bob Oksner cover and art. Wayne Boring Superman cover art. Neal Adams pin-up page. Guest stars Luthor, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White. One of the nicest raw copies I've seen in a while. SOLD
107. VF- 7.5 Wacky "Wack-A-Buy" Camp cover and story. Bob Oksner art. Jerry and his friends go on a cross-country trip. SOLD
114. VG/F Near the end of this 124 issue run!  SOLD

All American Comics

65. VG Green Lantern by Paul Reinman. Also Dr. Mid-Nite feature.  SOLD

All American Men of War

107. VF- Full length story of Johnny Cloud, the Navajo Indian flying ace. Tough DC's run to find in grade.  SOLD

All-Star Comics

1. NM/NM+ As below. This is Flashback #22. Classic issue. Buy if for about $20.000 less than the real one! SOLD
2. VF/NM See below for details. Exact b&w reprint of this rare issue, this is Flashback #13. SOLD
4. VF/VF+ This is one of several Golden-Age reprints that Alan Light did in the early 1970s. This is Flashback #6. These, in themselves, are getting quite collectible. This is an EXACT reprint of the 1st superhero team-up adventure ever! The only difference between this copy and the original is that this one is in black-and-white and costs about $5,000 less. SOLD
All-Star Comics #58-74 (1976-1978) are among some of the most undervalued Bronze-Age comics published. Great stories, great art, and some key 1st appearances. I have a high-grade run with the following issues left:
58. NM 1st all-new JSA since the Golden-Age. Introduction of Power Girl. Wally Wood art.  SOLD
59. VF/VF+ Brainwave defeats the JSA. 2nd appearance Power Girl. Wally Wood art.

60. VF/NM 1st appearance and origin Vulcan: Son of Fire! 1st team-up of artists Keith Giffin and Wally Wood.

61. NM Conclusion to the Vulcan story: Dr. Fate on his death bed. Giffin and Wood art. Great high-grade copy! SOLD
62. VF+ 1st appearance and origin of Zanadu. The return of the Golden-Age Superman. Giffin/Wood art really coming into their own. $25.00
63. NM- Solomon Grundy and The Injustice Gang. The death of Dr. Fate. Zanadu. Great Giffin/Wood art. $35.00
64. VF/VF+ 1st appearance of the Golden-Age Shining Knight in the modern age (?). Wally Wood 100% artwork, as the team goes back to Camelot times. King Arthur revealed as Vandal Savage. $25.00
65. VF/VF+ Vandal Savage out to kill Superman and Power Girl. 100% pure prime Wally Wood art. $25.00
67. VF Spotlight on Power Girl, Wildcat and Star-Spangled Kid. Commissionar Bruce Wayne guests. $20.00
68. VF- The return of Psycho Pirate. The JSA'ers battle each other. SOLD
70. NM- 2nd appearance of The Huntress. 1st appearance of The Strike Force. SOLD
71. VF+ Strike Force conclusion. Star-Spangled Kid quits. Origin of The Huntress. $25.00
74. VF- Double-sized final issue. Every JSA'er makes an appearance in this one. Nice cover and story. SOLD

All Star Squadron

47. VF/NM Toughest issue to find in this great run of DC Golden-Age story issues. "The Secret Origin of Dr. Fate" by Todd McFarlane. SOLD

All-Star Western

3. VF-/VF Beautiful Neal Adams cover. Origin of El Diablo story bt Gray Morrow. Gil Kane story. Wow! SOLD
4. F+ Another outstanding Adams cover. Stories by Kane, Morrow, and a shortie by Joe Kubert. SOLD
5. F-/F Nice Gray Morrow wash cover. Al Weiss and Jim Aparo stories. SOLD
7. VF Great run of comics! This one's a 25-cent giant with art by Joe Kubert, Al Weiss and Tony DeZuniga. SOLD
8. F/F+ Another 25-cent giant with art by Gil Kane, Joe Kubert and Tony DeZuniga. SOLD
9. F/VF 25 cent giant. Frazetta and Kubert reprints. Bat Lash story. SOLD
11. VF+ 8.5 A high grade copy of one of the Bronze-Age keys that is still affordable. 2nd appearance of Jonah Hex. and the 1st time he is on a cover. SOLD

Angel and The Ape

1. F+ 1st issue in the short series.  SOLD


1. VG 1st issue in the short series by Howie Post.  SOLD
3. F+/VF Howie Post art. SOLD
3. VF-/VF Sharper copy of above.  SOLD
4. F+ Howie Post - The invention of the wheel!  SOLD


1. F Very solid, tight and clean copy. 1st regular series for Aquaman. 1st appearance Quisp.  SOLD
2. VG Clean with nice pages. Aqualad goes bad, mad, and big. SOLD
3. F- Aquaman goes back in time to ancient Atlantis. SOLD
4. VG- 1st Quisp cover, for all you Quisp fans out there. Aliens attack Atlantis. SOLD
5. VG/VG+ A nice, no-problems copy. An evil sorceror turns Aquaman's water allies against him. SOLD
12. F/F+ Aquaman and Aqualad battle "The Cosmic Gladiators" on an underwater alien world. SOLD
15. F/VF Very nice cover and good full-length story. SOLD
17. F+ Mera kidnapped on the eve of her marriage to Aquaman. SOLD
19. F/VF Very good cover/story. Aquaman almost dies. SOLD
26. F+/VF 1st appearances of the evil group O.R.G.E. and the Huntress. SOLD
28. F+ Aquababy becomes king for a day. SOLD
30. F/VF Nice cover/story with the "Death" of Aquaman and a JLA cover/story cameo. SOLD
31. F+/VF O.R.G.E. strikes back. SOLD
32. F+/VF Triton the Terrible keeps Aquaman out of the water for 59 minutes. Close call! SOLD
33. F+ The 1st appearance and story of Aqua-girl.  SOLD
35. F/VF Both the Ocean Master and Black Manta attack Aquaman. This is the 1st appearance of Black Manta. GONE!
37. VF+/NM- 1st appearance of the Scavenger. Classic cover. SOLD
38. F/VF 1st appearance of the Liquidator. Cool cover. SOLD
43. VF- The 4th Jim Aparo art issue. Full-length Aqualad solo story. SOLD
44. F+/VF Aquaman in the big city. Jim Aparo art. SOLD
45. VF/NM Great cover. Nice interior art by Jim Aparo. Snow white pages. SOLD
49. F/VF Great Jim Aparo art. Ocean Master. Classic Nick Cardy cover. SOLD
50. VF-/VF The 1st Neal Adams "Deadman" back-up in Aquaman. Jim Aparo Aquaman art.  SOLD
51. F/F+ Excellent Neal Adams' Deadman and Jim Aparo Aquaman.  SOLD
52. F/VF 7.0 Great Deadman by Adams, Nick Cardy cover and Jim Aparo art. SOLD
53. F/VF 7.0 Jim Aparo great art. Tough book to get in this nice shape because of the black cover. SOLD
56. F/VF 7.0 .Last 15 cent issue. 1st appearance Crusader. Nice Jim Aparo art. SOLD


7. VG+ Key issue - 1st Hawkman appearance since The Brave and The Bold try-outs; 1st Atom / Hawkman team-up. Great story!  SOLD
17. VF- Classic Jules Verne "Time Pool" Atom story.  SOLD
18. F- The usual nice Gil Kane art and story.  SOLD
20. VG You gotta see the size of these computers the criminals use in this story! (1965)  SOLD
24. F/F+ Full length story with the return of the Plant Master.  SOLD
29. F-F A very nice solid copy of one of the keys in the run - 1st team-up of the Golden-Age and Silver-Age Atoms! Gil Kane art - classic! SOLD
32. F+/VF Atom becomes "Giant-Man".  SOLD
38. F+ The final issue of the title.  SOLD

Atom and Hawkman

40. F- Very nice Joe Kubert cover, good team-up story. Nice white pages!  SOLD