Click comic number for picture of comic.







111. VG/VG+ Nice Bob Kane stories. Vicki Vale. Ice Cream coupon still intact, nice sound copy!  SOLD
112. VG/VG+ 1st appearance Signalman. Nice Bob Kane and Dick Sprang stories. "Am I Really Batman?" Nice, sound copy!  SOLD
113. VG- One restaple. 1st appearance Fatman. Outstanding Dick Sprang story where Batman meets his Planet X counterpart. 2nd appearance False Face.  SOLD
121 VG+/F 1st appearance and origin of Mr. Freeze (Mr. Zero). Curt Swan cover, nice Bob Kane stories.  SOLD
157. VG/F Vicki Vale & Batwoman guest star. Mirror Man and The Jackal villians return.  SOLD
166. VG+ 3rd "New Look" for Batman issue; Carmine Infantino cover.  SOLD
179. F/F+ 2nd appearance of the Silver-Age Riddler story and cover.  SOLD
183. VG/F Semi-key issue with the 2nd appearance of Poison Ivy; Batman vs. Batman story.  SOLD
189 VG/F 1st Silver-Age appearance of Scarecrow with origin retold. The smart collector should snatch this up as Scarecrow is one of the villains in next years Batman movie.  SOLD
192. F+ Robin solo story.  SOLD
197. VG 4th SA Catwoman appearance, and 1st new Batgirl appearance in Batman title (her 5th overall app.) Excellent cover.  SOLD
200. VG/F Nice semi-key issue. Origin retold. Scarecrow, Joker, Penquin. 1st Neal Adams work on this title. (cover only). SOLD
201. VG Penquin story with Catwoman and Joker cameos.  SOLD
202. VF The "Deaths" of Batman and Robin! SOLD
204. F Batman and Robin attacked by a band of blind men! Holy darkness Batman!! SOLD
205. VF- The blind men story concludes. Neat cover.  SOLD
206. F/VF Nice cover - Batman walks "The Last Mile".  SOLD
208. F/F+ 80 pg giant. New origin of Batman done by Gil Kane. 3 classic GA reprints w/ "The Most Important Woman in Batman's Life." Good issue.  SOLD
210. F/F+ Neal Adams Catwoman cover. Irv Novick w/ Joe Giella full length Catwoman story. Good issue.  SOLD
211. VG/F Does Batman reveal his secret idenity?? Don't bet on it!  SOLD
214. F- The women of Gotham City declare Batman is unfair to the fairer sex. Is this the 1st Woman's Lib issue ever?? Batgirl cover.  SOLD
216. VG Alfred last name mentioned for 1st time in the SA. Meet Alfred's niece, Daphne. 1st appearance.  SOLD
217. F+ Adams cover. Spotlight story mostly on Bruce Wayne.  SOLD
218. F (G-67) "The Strangest Cases from Batman's Crime-File"! More classic stories.  SOLD
219. F/VF Great Adams cover and a 8 pg Christmas story.  SOLD
220. VG Neal Adams cover. Irv Novick w/ Dick Giordano full length Batman solo murder story.  SOLD
222. F+ Nice Neal Adams cover. "Beatles" cover and story.  SOLD
223. F/VF 80 pg giant (G73). Classic stories of Batman from around the world.  SOLD
224. VG/F Nice Neal Adams cover. Denny O'Neil semi-regular regular writer.  SOLD
225. F-/F Another Adams cover. Two new Bat stories.  SOLD
226. F+ Batman goes blind as a bat in "The Man with Ten Eyes". Nice Neal Adams cover.  SOLD
227. F Neal Adams Detective #31 tribute cover. Good Batman story "The Demon of Gothos Mansion!"  SOLD
228. VF- Giant issue - (G-79) More classic "Batman's Deadly Traps" stories.  SOLD
229. F Another nice Adams cover. Batman against "Tyhe Asylum of Madmen!" Robin back-up.  SOLD
230. F+ Nice Neal Adams cover. Guardian Angels story. Solo Robin story with Superman cameo.  SOLD
231. VG+ The Man with Ten Eyes returns. Robin back-up.  SOLD
232. F- Intro and 1st appearance of Ra's al Ghul, origin of Batman & Robin retold, and all with super art by Neal Adams. Key book - last 15 cent issue. This is a higher grade issue with water damage (wrinkling) to the front cover only. Thus the 5.5 grade. SOLD
233. VF/VF+ One of the giants - G-85. All classic reprints. Neal Adams cover art in the middle circle. Tough to find in high grade.  SOLD
234. VF 8.0 CGC slabbed. Key issue, as above. The first of the 52-pp giants. SOLD
235. F+/VF 2nd 52 page 25 cent issue (these are getting harder to find and are in demand). 2nd appearance of Ras Al Ghul and Taila. Neal Adams cover.  SOLD
236. F 3rd 52 page 25 cent "giant" issue; classic Golden-Age Batman reprint. Neal Adams cover.  SOLD
237. F Adams cover and story. A classic, and one of my favorites..."Night of the Reaper!"  SOLD
238. (DC-8) VF- 7.5 CGC-slabbed. 100-pp giant. Nice Neal Adams wrap-around cover. Great Golden-Age and Silver-Age reprints. Origin of the Doom Patrol. SOLD
239. VF- Adams Christmas cover. 25 cent giant issue. Two X-Mas stories.  SOLD
240. NM- 9.2 Very high grade - could be a 9.4. Another giant, and tough to find in this grade.  SOLD
241. NM- 9.2 Another very high grade giant. Classic, Neal Adams cover. Say no more!!!  SOLD
242. VF-/VF Last 25 cent giant issue. Great Adams cover. Great Dick sprang GA reprint story from Bat #7! Robin back-up. Ra's al Ghul in main story.  SOLD
243. F+ The famous Denny O'Neil / Neal Adams classic "The Lazarus Pit"! With Ras Al Ghoul and Talia. Part One.  SOLD
244. F/VF One of the best Neal Adams cover and story from the entire Batman run. Ras Al Ghoul returns, Robin solo story.  SOLD
245. F+ Another O'Neil/Adams classic with Bruce Wayne murdered. Another solo Robin story.  SOLD
246. VF Neal Adams cover. The death of Robin (almost!).  SOLD
248. F+/VF Nice Mike Kaluta cover. Robin solo story.  SOLD
249. VF/VF+ Neal Adams cover. Solo Robin story in which his secret identity might be blown because of his acne! A first in comics!  SOLD
250. F/VF Off-beat story with cameos by George Washington, Napoleon and Marie Antoinette. Robin back-up solo story.  SOLD
251. VF/VF+ Denny O'Neil / Neal Adams - The Return of The Joker classic. A Bronze-Age gem!  SOLD
253. F+/VF Mike Kaluta Shadow cover. Full length story guest starring The Shadow.  SOLD
254. F/VF 1st of the 100-pp Super Spectacular issues (ends with 261). All have new lead stories with classic reprints. Man-Bat.  SOLD
255. F/F+ A nice grade copy of a great Batman Family themed issue. Neal Adams cover and story.  SOLD
256. VF/NM New Catwoman story, plus classic tales of Batman's trophies. SOLD
257. VF/NM Great full-length Penguin story plus a classic Joker tale.  SOLD
258. NM- A new classic Two-Face story, plus Golden-Age reprints.  SOLD
258. F+ A new classic Two-Face story, plus Golden-Age reprints.  SOLD
259. NM- Batman teams up with the Shadow. Plus the classic "The Strange Costumes of Batman" story.  SOLD
260. VF/NM 9.0 CGC-slabbed. Joker cover/story, as above.  SOLD
261. NM/NM+ Last of the 100pp giants. 2pp feature, "The Women in Batman's Life".  SOLD
273. F+/VF American Bicentenial and Olympics issue from 1976. SOLD
286. VF/VF+ Great Joker cover/story.  SOLD
287. VF/VF+ Excellent Penguin cover/story by Mike Grell.  SOLD
289. F/VF Great Mike Grell cover and full length Batman story.  SOLD
291. F+/VF The Death of Batman! Joker, Catwoman, Riddler, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Two-Face, and Lex Luthor show up for his funeral.  SOLD
293. VF- Superman guests cover and story. Lex Luthor in Gotham. Two-Face.  SOLD
300. NM- A Walt Simonson classic in which Batman retires. Robin takes over the mantle. Check out his great new costume.  SOLD
311. F/VF Batgirl guest stars cover/story. Dr. Phosphorus returns.  SOLD
323. VF The return of Catwoman. Good cover/story. Part I of II. Cat-man cameo (1st appearance in Batman title).  SOLD
324. VF-/VF Conclusion to the excellent Catwoman story.1st full Cat-man in title. Classic cover.  SOLD
329. VF Two-Face cover and story. Robin backup story.  SOLD
332. F/VF 1st solo story for Catwoman. Talia guest stars.  SOLD
339. F+/VF The return of Poison Ivy cover/story, plus a Robin solo story. SOLD
342. VF- The return of Man-bat. Nice cover. Dr. Thirteen guests. Robin solo story.  SOLD
345. F/VF 1st appearance of the new Dr. Death. 1st Catwoman back-up series starts, with nice art by Trevor Von Eeden.  SOLD
346. VF+ Nice Two-Face cover/story. Catwoman back-up solo story.  SOLD
353. F+/VF Joker cover/story, plus a Robin back-up.  SOLD
355. VF/VF+ Very nice Catwoman cover/story.  SOLD
359. VF/VF+ Conclusion Killer-Croc story. Nice cover with Joker, Penguin, Riddler, and Scarecrow.  SOLD
361. VF/NM 1st appearance of Harvey Bullock. Man-bat back. Vertigo cover. SOLD
362. VF/NM Nice Riddler cover and full-length story. 2nd Bullock.  SOLD
382. VF/NM Gil Kane cover. In search of Catwoman story.  SOLD
386. VF+ 1st appearance of Black Mask. Very good story.  SOLD
387. VF/NM 2nd part of Black Mask's 1st appearance. 1st Mask comics preview. SOLD
397. VF+ Two-Face cover/story. Catwoman guests.  SOLD
398. VF/NM Conclusion to the very good Two-Face/Catwoman story above.  SOLD
400. VF+ Great anniversary issue. Great art and story. Check out the cover for a list of creators including Stephen King.  $25.00
set 404-407. NM/M Batman Year One storyline by Frank Miller. A modern-age classic! These were put into mylites the day they came out.  SOLD
404. VF/VF+ Part one above... SOLD
405. VF/VF+ Part two above... SOLD
406. NM- Part three above... SOLD
407. VF/NM Part four above.... SOLD
408. NM New origin of Jason Todd (Robin). Last appearance of Dick Grayson as Robin. SOLD
409. NM- Continues above w/ Jason Todd. Ma Gunn. SOLD
410. NM- Conclusion new Robin story - 1st time Jason Todd in Robin costume. Two-Face cover / story. SOLD
419. VF/NM One of the classic "Ten Nights of The Beast" issues - Mike Zeck cover and Jim Aparo art.  SOLD
426. NM Death in the Family storyline starts. Sharp, like new copy. SOLD
427. NM- Part two of above. Sharp, like new copy. SOLD

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

1-4 set. M The best Batman story EVER done, a true classic by Frank Miller. These are 1st edition, news-stand mint copies that I put into Mylars the day they came out. Never opened, and still have that new smell to them! Buy the paperback and READ it - buy these to put away. 5 sets.  ALL SOLD!

Batman Family

1. VF The tough-to-find 1st issue. The origin of the Batgirl-Robin team with beautiful art by Mike Grell, plus the 1st appearance of Man-Bat by Neal Adams.  SOLD
2. F/F+ All reprints. 1st Batgirl / Robin team-up story, plus others. One page of The Batman Family by Bob Kane, and one page "new" origins text feature on The Batman Family.  SOLD
5. F/VF Part of the DC 50-cent giants. Brand new Batgirl/Robin cover and story. Classic Silver-Age reprints including the first appearance of Bat-Hound.  SOLD
6. F+/VF Brand new Robin story with the KEY 1st appearance of the Joker's daughter. Also a new Batgirl story plus a classic reprint.  SOLD
7. F+/VF New Batgirl/Robin cover and story. The Huntress and Sportsmaster. Two Silver-Age classic reprints.  SOLD
8. F/VF Great Catwoman/Robin cover. Batgirl solo story. The Joker's daughter plus a Silver-Age Batwoman story.  SOLD
9. VF- Great "catfight" cover between Batgirl and the Joker's daughter. Plus, first appearances of the Scarecrow's daughter, the Riddler's daughter, and the Penguin's daughter! A Bronze-Age key classic in high grade condition.  SOLD
10. VF- First modern appearance of Batwoman in a new story, teaming her up with Batgirl. Another Bronze-Age undervalued key classic!  SOLD
11. VF- The marriage of Batgirl and Robin - great cover! First solo Manbat story by Marshall Rogers. 100% new material.  SOLD
20. F/F+ Jim Starling wrap-around cover. Last issue - 68-page giant, cover to cover with new stories. Micheal Golden art. Batman, Robin, Ragman, Batgirl, Manbat, Huntress, Red Tornado and more.  SOLD

Batman the Killing Joke

no#. NM/NM+ A just about perfect copy of this key, classic Batman/Joker/Batgirl story by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. 1st printing.  SOLD

Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest

10. VG/F "Secret Origins of Super-Villains" 1st ever origin of The Penguin - brand new story, plus classic reprints.  SOLD
14. VG "Batman's Villains" Five classic tales of The Joker, Catwoman, Two-Face, Penguin, and Riddler: plus brand new origins for each.  SOLD
29. F "Sugar and Spike" The 1st of four Sugar & Spike issues by Sheldon Mayer - all scarce. Five brand new stories including one "Stanley and his Monster."  SOLD
36. VG/F "Superman vs Kryptonite" The all Kryptonite issue with stories of green, red, blue, white, gold, and jewel.  SOLD
41. F "Sugar and Spike" All new - 100 pages of S&S by Mayer! Scarce book in nice, collectible shape. SOLD
60. F "Plop" Wally Wood cover and classic outrageous stories and art by Wrightson, Wolverton, Wood, and Aragones.  SOLD
65. F+ "Sugar and Spike" All reprints issue, including the 1st Bernie the Brain classic story.  SOLD

Beware the Creeper

3. VG Classic Steve Ditko cover and art. Palisades coupon cut out that affects art on page 22. With any other $25 purchase of comics, this one will cost you only $1.00.  SOLD

Binky's Buddies

1. VG- From 1969. DC's attempt to do some "hip" comics for the new generation.  SOLD


73. F Great Henry Scarpelli "Archie" type art. Fun stories.  SOLD
77. VF- Scarce, scarce, scarce!! 1st 64 page issue. One page article and photo on Bobby Sherman.  SOLD
78. VF-/VF This copy has a double cover. Brady Bunch's Barry Williams one page article and photo. 2nd 64pg giant issue and scarce!  SOLD


203. VF+ Key issue - the origin and joining of Chop-Chop.  SOLD
207. VF Great mechanical robot story.  SOLD
209. F/VF Nice cover - King Condor returns. SOLD
213. F+ The classic "Nazi Robots" return along with the Steel Skull.  SOLD
216. F+/VF Lady Blackhawk returns in her evil "Queen Killer Shark" identity.  SOLD
227. VF 1st appearance of The Positive-Negative Man.  SOLD
238. VF Great full-length Silver-Age Blackhawk's story at their best.  SOLD
239. VF This is a classic "giant swastika" wild cover / story issue. The Iron Hammer returns.  SOLD
244. VF+ 1st "new" Blackhawk issue. Joe Kubert cover. New direction and new costumes for the group. George Evans art.  SOLD

Black Lighting

1 - 11 set VF+ avg Ever want a complete set of DC's Boldest New Super-Hero?? Here's your chance! 1st appearance and origin, Superman guests, Jimmy Olsen, 1st Cyclotronic Man, The Ray solo story, and more! Bargin priced at only..........all 11 issues.........  GONE!

Black Magic

1. F/F+ Classic Simon / Kirby stories / art  SOLD

Bob Hope

92. F/F+ Bob Hope turns into "Dr. Jerk-ll and Mr. Hyde". Superman cameo in one panel.  SOLD
95. F+/VF 1st appearance of Super-Hip and the 1st regular "Monster" issue with Frankenstein and Dracula.  SOLD
98. F+/VF "Monster" issue with the Mummy and that swingin' teen, "Super-Hip"!  SOLD
99. F+/VF Frankenstein, Dracula, and Wolfman, along with Super-Hip.  SOLD

Bomba, The Jungle Boy

4. VG/F Nice Jack Sparling cover and story art. Tarzan he ain't! SOLD

Boy Commandos

34. VG 1st appearance / introduction Wolf, the team's mascot dog. OW pages. SOLD

Brave and the Bold

29. G- 2nd JLA try-out appearance. This copy was coverless, in about G+ condition for the guts. A color xerox of the front and back cover is attached on with the original staples. A nice space filler, better than a ragged copy, that will not cost an arm and a leg, and will look good in any collection! SOLD
34. G- 1st Silver-Age appearances of Hawkman and Hawkgirl with origins. This copy was coverless, in about G condition for the guts. A color xerox of the front and back cover is attached on with the original staples. A nice space filler, better than a ragged copy, that will not cost an arm and a leg, and will look good in any collection! SOLD
34. F- Origins and 1st appearances of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. A very nice, affordable copy that will fit in with most collections. You will be pleased. SOLD
35. VG/F A very nicy copy with a small piece of the back cover replaced. 2nd Hawkman try-out issue by Joe Kubert. 1st Matter Master. Classic issue. SOLD
49. F- Strange Sports Stories by Carmine Infantino. Baseball with gorillas!  SOLD
56. F- This was always one of my favorite comics growing up. Flash teams-up with The Martain Manhunter. SOLD
57. VG 1st appearance and origin Metamorpho. Very nice, sound copy - better than grade, but the smallest piece of tape on cover top staple.  SOLD
59. F+ Semi-key issue with Batman starring in this title and the 1st Batman team-up story.  SOLD
62. F/VF Origin of Golden-Age Starman and Black Canary. 1st Silver-Age appearance of Wildcat and Huntress. Great story. Beautiful Murphy Anderson art. You need this issue! SOLD
70. VF- 1st Batman / Hawkman team-up as each exposes the others secret identity.  SOLD
72. F+ Great Flash and Spectre team-up story by Infantino. This was only the 4th Silver-Age Spectre appearance, and this issue pre-dates Spectre #1.  SOLD
80. VG/VG+ Neal Adams cover / story with Batman and The Creeper.  SOLD
84. VG Neal Adams cover and Sgt. Rock story. 1st Silver-Age appearance of the Golden-Age Batman.  SOLD
86. VG/F Deadman Neal Adams cover and story.  SOLD
88. VG+ Batman teams up against Wildcat. Neal Adams cover.  SOLD
89. F+ Batman and the Phantom Stranger. Neal Adams cover.  SOLD
90. F+ Batman with Adam Strange team-up w/ a great Neal Adams cover.  SOLD
91. F/VF Great cover with Batman and Black Canary.  SOLD
92. F/VF Batman and the 1st appearance of the Bat-Squad.  SOLD
93. F/VF 100% cover to cover Neal Adams beautiful artwork. House of Mystery issue.  SOLD
94. F+ The original Teen Titans with Robin on the Titans side.  SOLD
95. VF/VF+ Batman and...? See if you can guess from the cover.  SOLD
96. F/VF Batman and Sgt. Rock. Last 15 cent issue.  SOLD
97. F+ Batman and Wildcat, plus the origin of Deadman. 1st 25-cent giant issue.  SOLD
98. VF-/VF Batman and the Phantom Stranger. 1st Jim Aparo artwork on Batman?? SOLD
99. F Batman and Flash. Joe Kubert's Viking Prince classic reprint.  SOLD
100. F/F+ Batman and Green's Arrow and Lantern, Robin and Black Canary. Also Neal Adams' Deadman.  SOLD
101. F/F+ Batman and Metamorpho. Kubert's Viking Prince classic reprint.  SOLD
101. VF/NM High grade copy of above. Nice copy. SOLD
102. NM- Last 25-cent giant issue. Batman and the Teen Titans. Neal Adams/Jim Aparo art. High grade copy.  SOLD
103. VF+ 8.5 As below - very nice copy  SOLD
103. VF/NM Batman and Metal Men by Bob Brown. SOLD
104. VF Batman and Deadman with very Adamsish art by Jim Aparo. SOLD
105. NM- Batman and Wonder Woman by Jim Aparo. SOLD
106. VF/NM Batman and Green Arrow with fine art by Aparo. Two-Face villian. SOLD
107. NM- Batman and Black Canery by Aparo. SOLD
108. VF+ Batman and Sgt. Rock. This one is hard to find. SOLD
109. VF Batman and The Demon. Aparo. SOLD
110. VF/VF+ Batman and Wildcat. Aparo. SOLD
112. F 1st 100-pg giant in the the run. New Batman/Mr. Miracle story, plus Silver-Age reprints.  SOLD
114. F/F+ 100-pg giant. New Batman/Aquaman story, plus the usual older reprints.  SOLD
117. F Last of the 100-pg specials. Batman and Sgt. Rock new story plus reprints.  SOLD
118. F+ Joker cover/story with Batman and Wildcat.  SOLD
119. F/VF Full-length Batman/Man-Bat story.  SOLD
121. VF+ Batman and Metal Men. Aparo. SOLD
124. VF/NM All new Aparo Batman and Sgt. Rock. SOLD
129. F Joker/Two-Face cover/story with Batman, Atom, and Green Arrow. Part one of two.  SOLD
130. F/F+ Part two of the Joker/Two-Face story.  SOLD
131. VF/NM Batman with Wonder Woman vs Catwoman. SOLD
133. VF/NM Batman and Deadman. SOLD
134. VF- Nice cover and good full length story with Batman and Green Arrow.  SOLD
141. NM- This is a scarce one - Batman, Black Canary, and The Joker! SOLD
143. NM/M The 1st of the 50 cent "giants" - The Creeper, plus a new Human target back-up story with his origin told. SOLD
144. NM Batman with Green Arrow. 2nd 50 cent issue. Human Target back-up. SOLD
147. NM/M 1st team-up with Batman and Supergirl. SOLD
150. NM High Grade. Anniversary issue. Batman and Superman team-up. SOLD
182. F/VF Golden-Age Robin and Starman appearances with Batman and Batwoman (2nd modern appearance?)  SOLD
191. F+ Batman/Joker/Penguin cover and story.  SOLD
197. F/VF The Golden-Age Batman and Catwoman of Earth II marry. Very good story.  SOLD
200. NM/M Golden-Age and Silver-Age Batmans in seperate stories. The 1st Batman and the Outsiders appearance.  SOLD