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Captain Action

1. VG Origin and 1st appearance in comics of Captain Action by Jim Shooter and Wally Wood. Superman cover appearance.  SOLD
4. VF-/VF 100% great Gil Kane cover and art.  SOLD

Capt. Storm

4. VG+/F One of DC's lesser known war heroes.  SOLD
4. VF .Very sharp and clean copy of above. Gene Colan art.  SOLD
7. VG P.T. Boat Skipper!  SOLD
13. VF .Very shary and very clean copy. Classic "fist" cover. Joe Kubert art.  SOLD
16. VF/NM .High Grade! Great off-white to white pages. Tough to find these war comics in nice shape!  $75.00
17. VG Two more war tales.  $ SOLD

Challengers Of The Unknown

9. VG-/VG Solid, strong copy w/ excellent OW pages.  SOLD
9. F- A Fine copy with a small piece of tape upper cover spine. Full length story "The Plot to Destroy Earth". A real solid, tight copy guaranteed to please!  SOLD
10. F- Two short stories - "The Four Faces of Doom!", plus my favorite "The Cave-Man Beast!" As above, a real tight, solid copy guaranteed to please.  SOLD
14. VG/F Semi-key issue for this title with the 1st appearance and origin of Multi-Man - the first Challengers recurring villian.  SOLD
16. F- Two complete stories including cover featured "The Incredible Metal Creature!" Very solid copy.  SOLD
20. VG/F Multi-Man strikes again - his 2nd appearance? Nice solid book.  SOLD
34. F/VF 1st appearance Multi-Woman, Queen of Disaster! Also the return of Multi-Man. Nice copy.  SOLD
36. F+ Rocky turns into a menacing 50-foot giant. SOLD
39. VG/VG+ Rocky's head gets big with a brain!  SOLD
53. F/F+ 1st appearances of two major villains, who team up against the Challengers - The Nazi Iron Dictator and Dimension Man. SOLD
57. F/F+ The return of Tino, the Terrible Teen (damn teenagers!) SOLD
60. VG/VG+ Red Ryan returns from the dead in a new story, plus one classic reprint.   SOLD
69. VG 1st appearance of Corinna Stark - the new Challenger.   SOLD
74. F/VF Neal Adams cover, plus art with George Tuska, guest starring Deadman. Plus an early one-pager by Bernie Wrightson.  SOLD
77. VF-/VF High grade copy, black cover, last 15 cent issue. Jack Kirby classic reprints.  SOLD

Comic Calvacade

41. F-/F Scarce time period for DC comics. Fox and the Crow, Blabber Mouse, Nutsy Squirrel. Last 72 page square bound giant. Sheldon Mayer art. Solid, sound copy.  SOLD

Crisis on Infinite Earths
1-12 set. NM+ The best superhero comic story ever done! This is a cherry, hand-picked set that was put in Mylar Snugs the day each issue came out. Never opened or read. My personal file set. You will never find a better one offered.  SOLD
7. VF/NM The Death of Supergirl issue - very powerful, great story! SOLD