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Captain Action

1. VG Origin and 1st appearance in comics of Captain Action by Jim Shooter and Wally Wood. Superman cover appearance.  $20.00
4. VF-/VF 100% great Gil Kane cover and art.  $35.00

Capt. Storm

4. VG+/F One of DC's lesser known war heroes.  $12.00
4. VF- .Very sharp and clean copy of above. Gene Colan art.  $30.00
7. VG P.T. Boat Skipper!  $10.00
13. F/VF .Very shary and very clean copy. Classic "fist" cover. Joe Kubert art.  $25.00
16. VF/VF+ .High Grade! Nice off-white pages. 1966  $40.00
17. VG Two more war tales.  $10.00

Challengers Of The Unknown

9. VG-/VG Solid, strong copy w/ excellent OW pages. $60.00
9. F- A Fine copy with a small piece of tape upper cover spine. Full length story "The Plot to Destroy Earth". A real solid, tight copy guaranteed to please!  $60.00
10. F- Two short stories - "The Four Faces of Doom!", plus my favorite "The Cave-Man Beast!" As above, a real tight, solid copy guaranteed to please.  $70.00
14. VG/F Semi-key issue for this title with the 1st appearance and origin of Multi-Man - the first Challengers recurring villian.  $45.00
16. F- Two complete stories including cover featured "The Incredible Metal Creature!" Very solid copy.  $35.00
20. VG/F Multi-Man strikes again - his 2nd appearance? Nice solid book.  $30.00
34. F+ Multi-Woman, Queen of Disaster! Also the return of Multi-Man. Nice copy.  $25.00
36. F+ Rocky turns into a menacing 50-foot giant. $12.50
39. VG/VG+ Rocky's head gets big with a brain!  $8.50
53. F/F+ 1st appearances of two major villains, who team up against the Challengers - The Nazi Iron Dictator and Dimension Man. $12.00
57. F/F+ The return of Tino, the Terrible Teen (damn teenagers!) $12.00
60. VG/VG+ Red Ryan returns from the dead in a new story, plus one classic reprint.  $6.00
69. VG 1st appearance of Corinna Stark - the new Challenger.  $4.00
74. F/VF Neal Adams cover, plus art with George Tuska, guest starring Deadman. Plus an early one-pager by Bernie Wrightson.  SOLD
77. VF-/VF High grade copy, black cover, last 15 cent issue. Jack Kirby classic reprints.  $12.50

Comic Calvacade

41. F Scarce time period for DC comics. Fox and the Crow, Blabber Mouse, Nutsy Squirrel. 72 page square bound giant.  $50.00

Crisis on Infinite Earths
1-12 set. NM+ The best superhero comic story ever done! This is a cherry, hand-picked set that was put in Mylar Snugs the day each issue came out. Never opened or read. My personal file set. You will never find a better one offered.  SOLD
7. VF/NM The Death of Supergirl issue - very powerful, great story! $17.50