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Dark Mansion Of Forbidden Love

1. F/VF Nice high grade copy of a very scarce DC gothic horror romance issue. SOLD

Date with Judy, A

33. VG 1953 - how many of these copies do you think are still around?? Not common. Bob Oksner cover and interior art. SOLD

DC Comics Presents

2. VF- Superman / Flash team-up story. SOLD
3. VF Adam Strange guests w/ Sups. Good story and nice art.  SOLD
4. F/VF Metel Men vs Chemo with Sup's help. Tina asks Sups outon a date!  SOLD
26. NM KEY 1st appearance of the new Teen Titans. Introduction of Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg, by George Perez. Jim Starlin cover and pencils on the Superman / Green Lantern story.  $275.00
41. VF Superman / Joker cover / story. Plus an extra 16 page comic within the comic of the new Wonder Woman feature.  SOLD

DC 100-Page Super Spectacular

4. F- As below, raw copy. This is the 1st issue in this run of giants.  SOLD
4. F/VF 7.0 CGC-slabbed. First issue. "Weird Mystery Tales". A nice, higher-grade copy of a rare Bronze-Age DC comic. Bernie Wrightson cover and art. Phantom Stranger, Johnny Peril.  SOLD
6. VF- 7.5 CGC-slabbed. "World's Greatest Super-Heroes". Very nice high-grade copy. The corner-stone super-heroe 100pp giant! Neal Adams wrap-around cover of over 35 heroes. Golden-Age Wildcat story never before printed.   SOLD
7. F/F+ (Superman #245) - A scarce giant. Classics of Superman, Air Wave, Atom, Hawkman, Super Cheif, and Kid Eternity. Some black spine color touch-up spots.  SOLD
8. F/F+ (Batman #238) - Like the title says, 100pp of story and art cover to cover. Tough series to find in F or better because of the square binding. Neal Adams cover. Golden-Age and Silver-Age classics.  SOLD
9. F (Our Army at War #242) - As the cover says, "100 pages of story and art from cover to cover". Classic Joe Kubert. SOLD
10. VF/VF+ (Adventure #416) - Great classics of Supergirl, Phantom Lady, the 1st Black Canary story, Merry: Girl of 1000 Gimmicks, and Wonder Woman.  SOLD
12. F+/VF (Superboy #185) - Another scarce giant. Classic Superboy and the Legion, Kid Eternity, Teen Titans, The Star-Spangled Kid, and Little Boy Blue.  SOLD
13. VF (Superman #252) - Beautiful Neal Adams wrap-around cover. Classic Golden-Age stories with Superman, The Ray by Lou Fine, Starman, The Spectre, The Black Condor, Hawkman and Hawkwoman, and Dr. Fate. Fantastic issue!  $67.50
14. VF Batman. Some very early great Golden-Age reprints of Batman, Wonder Woman, Blackhawk, Doll Man, and Wildcat. Very undervalued.  SOLD
15. VF+ Superboy. Nice copy. Classics of Boy Commandos, Sandman, Aquaman, and Superboy. Undervalued in Overstreet.  SOLD
16. VF- Sgt. Rock. One of the scarcer issues of the run. New Joe Kubert cover. Classic reprints. Nice copy.  SOLD
17. VF JLA/JSA stories. Good issue. The biggest bargin in comics!  SOLD
18. VF Superman. Golden and Silver Age classics of Superman, Captain Triumph, Hour-Man, TNT with Dan the Dyna-Mite, and the Atom.  SOLD
20. VF- Batman. Golden-Age reprints of The Spectre, Dr. Mid-Nite, Blackhawk, Starman and The Black Canary.  SOLD
22. F/VF Flash. Golden-Age and Silver-Age Flash stories. Johnny Quick, Kid Flash, and Elongated Man.  SOLD

DC Special

6. VF- All western issue Nice Neal Adams cover and new Gil Kane art along with Silver reprints.  SOLD
8. F/VF Four classic SA reprints. Nice selection.  SOLD
12. VF+ Joe Kubert classic Viking Prince reprints from early Brave and Bold issues. Nice copy.  SOLD
13. F/VF "Strangest Sports Stories Ever Told". Classic stories and art. SOLD
16. F+/VF "Super-Heroes battle Super-Gorillas". Yep, I kid you not!  SOLD
18. F+/VF "Earth Shaking Stories" Three reprints with Superman, Shazam, and a Flash / GL team-up story.  SOLD
19. F++ "War Against The Giants" And giants they are!! Sup, GL, and WW stories.  SOLD
20. F++ Three complete GL Gil Kane Silver-Age stories.  SOLD
21. F+/VF "Super-Heroes War Against The Monsters" Sup, GL, and The Marvel Family stories.  SOLD
22. VF Brand new Denny O'Neil "The Three Musketeers" story plus two classic Robin Hood stories.  SOLD
23. F/VF Another brand new 3 Musketeers w/ 2 Robin Hood classics.  SOLD
24. F-/F .Brand new The Three Musketeers story along with Heath and Kubert reprint classics.  SOLD
25. VF New Musketeers, classic Robin Hood, and a Viking Prince story.  SOLD
26. VF Beautiful Joe Kubert Enemy Ace painted cover and outstanding brand new story.  SOLD
27. F/VF Great Captin Comet dinosaur cover and all new story. JLA cameo. Chronos villian.  SOLD
27. VF A real sharp copy of above. SOLD
28. F .Three brand new stories - Batman, Aquaman, and The Legion. A bargin!  SOLD
29. NM+ 9.6 CGC slabbed. Brand new untold origin of the Justice Society of America. A true, rare, Bronze-Age gem. I've owned three high-grade copies in my lifetime, and just sold one of them (an unslabbed VF) in the shop for $40.00. This one is probably the finest existing copy on the market. SOLD

DC Special Series

1. F/F+ 5 Star Super-hero Spectacular. All new 80pg giant. Scarce issue. Nice Neal Adams cover. Batman, Flash, Atom, GL, and Aquaman in solo stories. Beautiful Mike Nassar art on Batman. SOLD
2. F+ Swamp Thing. Brand new wraparound Bernie Wrightson cover. Reprints issues #1 + #2. Not a common issue.  SOLD
8. VF/NM Brave and the Bold issue with Batman, Deadman, Sgt. Rock, and Sherlock Holmes! All new by Jim aparo. SOLD
11. F- Flash Spectacular. Here's one you don't see everyday. An 84 page all new giant teaming-up Flash, Kid Flash, GA Flash, and Johnny Quick against Gorilla Grodd. Nice art, good story, decent copy. Undervalued!  SOLD
15. VF+ Batman Spectacular - Another undervalued 68pp giant with all new cover to cover art and stories. Marshall Rogers, Micheal Golden, and Mike Nasser. SOLD

DC Super Stars

1. VF The issue that brought back The Teen Titans. Two original reprints. File copy.  SOLD
7. VF- An all Aquaman family issue.  SOLD
10. F Great issue - "Strange Sports Stories" - a Super-Hero vs Super-Villain Baseball game. Play ball!! SOLD
17. F/F+ A still underated key issue - "Secret Origins of Super-Heroes". 1st new Huntress by Joe Staton and Bob Layton. Also Green Arrow origin by Mike Grell. SOLD

Debbi's Dates

8. F-/F As close a rip-off of Archie characters as can be!  SOLD


1-16. set VF+ avg. A complete set of high grade copies of Jack Kirby's neat series from 1972. 1st app, origin, and ALL issues 100% Kirby. BARGIN priced at only.......  GONE!

Detective Comics

27. VF 1984 Oreo cookies giveaway. Full 32 page comic w/ no ads. Reprints 1st Batman (Det 27), 1st Robin (Det 38), and 1st Joker (Bat 1). Small sticker stain top left cover. Neat book!  SOLD

229. VG/F

CGC 5.0

5th appearance Martain Manhunter. 1956 - a tough time period for this title, and all DC's in general. CGC graded. SOLD
261. VG- 1st appearance Dr. Double X. Martain Manhunter story with a tie-in to "Incredible Shrinking Man" S/F movie. SOLD
271. VG+ Bob Kane Batman w/ Curt Swan cover. J'onn J'onzz origin recapped.  SOLD
288. F- Another "Great Scott" monster cover/story. J'onn J'onzz and Roy Raymond stories.  SOLD
308. VG Classic Batman story and a Martian Manhunter back-up story. SOLD
315. VG/F Batman, Robin, plus Martian Manhunter and Zook. Full page ad for Metal Men #1. SOLD
317. VG/VG+ 2nd appearance of "The Flying Bat-Cave". Martian Manhunter battles alien robots! Great cover. SOLD
318. VG/F Batwoman cover/story; team-up with Cat-Man. SOLD
321. F/F+ The return of the Terrible Trio. Batwoman guests. SOLD
325. VG+/F 3rd Cat-Man cover/story and 2nd appearance of Batwoman as Cat-Woman. SOLD
330. F Two stories for the price of one - Batman with Robin and The Elongated Man. SOLD
331. VG/VG+ Full length team-up issue with Batman, Robin, and Elongated Man. SOLD
332. VG/F Classic Joker cover and story. Nice off-white pages.  SOLD
333. F Batman's new look plus Elongated Man. SOLD
336. F+ Flash cameo in Elongated Man back-up. Batman fights a witch. SOLD
337. VG/F Infantino cover and cave-man story. Elongated Man back-up.  SOLD
342. F+ Robin rebels against Batman. SOLD
343. F+ Full length team-up story with Batman, Robin and Elongated Man.  SOLD
344.VF- Good "Detective" story with a crook who outsmarts Batman... till the end. SOLD
346. F/F+ Batman gets trapped. SOLD
348. F+/VF Nice Joe Kubert cover.  SOLD
349. VF+ 2nd appearance of Blockbuster - big battle issue. Joe Kubert cover. Elongated Man goes fishing back-up story. SOLD
352. VF/NM Infantino/Anderson double page pin up of Batman and Robin. File copy.  SOLD
353. F+ Good story with the Weather Wizard. SOLD
354. VF/NM First appearance of Dr. Tzin-Tzin. Elongated Man back-up. File copy.  SOLD
355. F+ Batman vs. The Hooded Hangman. Zatanna guest stars with Elongated Man. SOLD
356. VF+ 1st Silver-Age appearance of Alfred. File copy.  SOLD
357. NM Better copy of above plus first appearance of Elongated Man in his new costume. File copy.  SOLD
358. F/VF 1st appearance of The Spellbinder. Bob Kane art. SOLD
360. F/VF Nice cover. Murphy Anderson art on Elongated Man story. SOLD
361. VF/VF+ Nice cover. Batman leaves Robin to fry. Holy steam bath! SOLD
363. VF- Batgirl cover and story - her 2nd appearance.  SOLD
365. VG Joker cover and Story.  SOLD
367. F/F+ Batman, Robin, Elongated Man.  SOLD
368. F+/VF Atom teams up with Elongated Man against Chronos. SOLD
369. F Adams art on Elongated Man story. 3rd app SA Catwoman and 4th app new Batgirl.  SOLD
370. VF 1st Neal Adams artwork for Batman (cover only) Gil Kane art on Elongated Man. SOLD
372. VF- Nice Neal Adams cover. Gil Kane art on Elongated Man. SOLD
374. F+/VF The "death" of Robin - Gil Kane Batman artwork. SOLD
376. F As below. Strong copy.  SOLD
376. F+/VF Batman, Robin and Elongated Man. SOLD
377. F/F+ Early Silver-Age Riddler cover and story. Murphy Anderson Elongated Man. SOLD
378. VF Great cover. Batman and Robin split up.  SOLD
379. F+/VF Zatara guest stars with Elongated Man. SOLD
380. F Batman, Robin and Elongated Man. SOLD
381. VF/NM Great Sid Greene Elongated Man artwork. Nice Batman/Robin cover. SOLD
383. F Batman and Robin read fortune cookies! SOLD
385. F Neal Adams Batgirl cover. Batgirl back-up story by Gil Kane.  SOLD
386. F/VF As far as 'Dets go from this time period, this number doesn't turn up as much as others. Robin back-up solo story.  SOLD
387. VF Key Issue. File copy - slight stress on bottom staple. SOLD
388. VF+ Classic Joker cover and story. Batgirl back up story by Kane and Anderson. File copy. SOLD
389. VF Neal Adams cover. Scarecrow story. Great Kane/Anderson Batgirl back-up story with JLA cameos. File copy. SOLD
392. VF/VF+ Neal Adams cover. First appearance Jason Bard. Another great Kane/Anderson Batgirl back-up story.  SOLD
394. VF- Neal Adams cover. Bat and Robin stories.  SOLD
395. F+ Beautiful Neal Adams cover and story. Kane/Anderson Robin back-up story.  SOLD
396. F/VF Neal Adams cover. Batgirl solo story by Gil Kane.  SOLD
397. F/F+ Classic Neal Adams cover and story. Gil Kane Batgirl back-up story. SOLD
400. VG 1st appearance and origin of Man-Bat by Neal Adams. 1st Batgirl / Robin team-up by Gil Kane. Key issue.  SOLD
401. F+ 2nd Batgirl and Robin team-up with Gil Kane artwork. Great Neal Adams cover. SOLD
402. F/F+ Neal Adams cover and story. Second Man-Bat appearance. Robin back-up story by Gil Kane. SOLD
403. F Adams cover. Gil Kane Robin solo story.  SOLD
404. F The Neal Adams Enemy Ace tribute issue. Also solo Batgirl story by Kane.  SOLD
405. VG Adams cover. 1st appearance League of Assassins. Kane's Batgirl solo story back-up.  SOLD
406. F/F+ Another Adams cover. Another Batman solo story. Another Batgirl solo story. Another....  SOLD
407. VF Neal Adams great Man-Bat cover/story. Batgirl by Gil Kane. SOLD
408. F/VF Neal Adams cover and story. Second appearance of Dr. Tzin-Tzin. JLA cameo. Batgirl back-up.  SOLD
409. VF- Adams cover, nice! Batgirl solo back-up story.  SOLD
410. F+ Neal Adams cover and story with Denny O'Neil. Batgirl back-up story. SOLD
410. VF Best copy of above.  SOLD
411. VF/VF+ Neal Adams cover and solo Batgirl back-up story.  SOLD
412. NM- A really nice Neal Adams cover, plus a Batgirl solo back-up story.  SOLD
413. F/VF Another great Adams cover. Batgirl solo story.  SOLD
414. VF/NM Outstanding Neal Adams cover, Great Alex Toth GA story. SOLD
415. VF 2nd 25 cent issue. Batman, plus two Silver-Age classic reprints.  SOLD
416. VF Nice Neal Adams cover. 25-cent giant issue with Man-Bat and solo Batgirl story. SOLD
417. F/VF Adams cover. 25 cent giant. Two GA reprints.  SOLD
418. F/VF Neal Adams Creeper cover. Creeper/Batman team-up story. Another 25 cent giant.  SOLD
420. F Another giant. Frank Robbins story and art. Batgirl, and 2 oldies.  SOLD
422. F Nice Batgirl cover and story - "The Unmasking of Batgirl"  SOLD
426. F/F+ Mike Kaluta cover. Frank Robbins art on Batman (not my favorite Batman artist by any means - but a great story makes this a good issue).  SOLD
427. F New Jason Bard back-up story.  SOLD
432. VF- New Atom story by Murphy Anderson. Nice Batman cover and story.  SOLD
436. F/VF Neat cover - Jim Starlin? Batman story w/ Elongated Man back-up story.  SOLD
437. F/VF 1st appearance of the all new Manhunter series by Walt Simonson. Great Jim Aparo cover.  SOLD
438. VF+ 8.5 CGC-slabbed. 1st 100-pp giant in the title run. Classic reprints including Joe Kubert's Hawkman. SOLD
440. F+/VF One of the 100-pp giants in the run. Great stuff - Walt Simonson's Manhunter, Golden-Age Green Lantern by Alex Toth, Dollman, Hawkman, Golden-Age Manhunter by Simon and Kirby, and - oh yeah - a new Batman story!  SOLD
442. F/VF 100-pager. Simonson's Manhunter. A fantastic new Batman story by Alex Toth. Golden-Age Dr. Fate, Black Canary, and Newsboy Legion story, plus more.  SOLD
442. VF-/VF Sharper copy of above.  SOLD
444. F/F+ Another 100-pp classic. Lots of Golden-Age and Silver-Age reprints. New Batman story with Talia.  SOLD
445. F+ Last 100-pp giant issue. Golden-Age Dr. Midnite story, plus lots of Silver-Age classics.  SOLD
446. F/VF 1st 25-cent issue. Hawkman back-up story. Jim Aparo cover and story.  SOLD
447. VF The Creeper guest stars. Solo Robin back-up story.  SOLD
452. F+/VF Batman cover story along with a Hawkman back-up.  SOLD
457. F/VF A Denny O'Neil / Dick Giordano classic. Nice cover. Back-up 1st appearance of Elongated Woman story.  SOLD
465. F/VF Cool Elongated Man story where is attacked by The Calculator at a comic book convention!  SOLD
466. F+/VF 1st Silver-Age appearance of The Signalman. Marshall Rodgers art on Elongated Man story with Green Arrow guest starring. SOLD
466. VF+ High grade copy of above. SOLD
467. VF+ Batman -vs- Batman. Hawkman back-up by Marshall Rogers -vs- The Calculator. SOLD
468. F+ Full-length Marshall Rodgers story guest starring the JLA, with Batman vs. The Calculator.  SOLD
468. VF- Nicer copy of above. SOLD
469. F- 1st appearance and origin of Dr. Phosphorous. Walt Simonson art.  SOLD
472. F+ Great Marshall Rodgers cover/story with the "death" of Batman.  SOLD
475. VF/NM Marshall Rogers cover and full length Joker story. Classic key art and story! HIGH grade! SOLD
476. VF/NM Conclusion to the above classic. Marshall Rogers may be my favorite Batman artist! HIGH grade! SOLD
477. F/VF Nice Neal Adams/Marshall Rodgers Batman classics.  SOLD
478. F+/VF 1st appearance of the Preston Payne Clayface. Marshall Rodgers cover and story art.  SOLD
479. F+ Rodgers' Clayface plus a Hawkman back-up story.  SOLD
481. F+

1st 68-pp cover-to-cover giant issue. Jim Starling wrap-around cover plus story with Craig Russell art. Marshall Rodgers. Solo Robin story. Solo Batgirl story.

These 68-pp giants (481-495) are greatly under valued.

482. F+/VF 68-pp giant. Starling, Russell, Golden art. Batgirl solo story.  SOLD
483. F+/VF The 40th anniversary issue. Origin retold. Steve Ditko's Demon. Don Newton's 1st art on Batman. Batgirl solo story.  SOLD
484. F/VF Great back cover of Batman's Rogue Gallery. Batgirl, Robin, Demon. What more do you need?  SOLD
485. F+/VF Great Batgirl/Robin back-cover. Steve Ditko art, Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Demon.  SOLD
486. F+ Another 68-pp giant with more of the above.  SOLD
487. F/VF Batman, Robin and Batgirl cover, and stories. All new. 1st appearance Steve Ditko's The Odd Man.  SOLD
488. F+/VF Stories with Batgirl, Batman, Robin, and Elongated Man.  SOLD
489. F/VF Great Batgirl/Robin cover and team-up story. Atom solo story plus Batman. All new.  SOLD
491. F/VF Solo stories for: Batman, Batgirl, Robin, and Black Lightning.  SOLD
492. F+/VF The "Death" of Batgirl? Plus, Robin with the Penguin, Manbat, and Batman.  SOLD
493. F/VF Riddler/Batman story. 1st solo Red Tornado story. Batgirl and more.  SOLD
495. F/F+ Last 68-pp giant $1 issue. Another solo Robin, Batgirl and Batman story.  SOLD
497. F+/VF "Batgirl - Murderer!" Nice cover, plus Batman solo story.  SOLD
499. VF+ Blockbuster storyline, plus the Batgirl back-up feature.  SOLD
500. VF/VF+ Sharp copy of below key.  SOLD
500. VF+ Nice anniversary double-sized issue with a wrap-around cover and all new stories of Batman, Hawkman, Slam Bradley, Elongated Man, Deadman, and Robin. SOLD
512. VF The real 45th anniversary issue of Batman in Detective Comics. Batgirl back-up story. 2nd app new Dr. Death.  SOLD
526. VF/VF+ Another double-sized anniversary issue, this one for Batman's 500th appearance in Detective Comics. Good issue - just about every major Batman villian appears.  SOLD
569. VF/NM Alan Davis Joker cover and story. SOLD
570. NM Catwoman/Joker cover/story by Alan Davis. A modern classic. SOLD
574. NM Origin Bats retold along with Jason Todd. Classic cover. SOLD
575. NM- Batman Year Two starts. 1st appearance The Reaper. See Batman defeated by Reaper - then see Batman use a gun for the 1st time! Nice Alan Davis art. SOLD
576. VF Second part of above., 1st McFarlane art issue. Batman/gun cover.  SOLD
577. NM The classic Batman Year Two story. Todd McFarlane art. Batman sets a trap for The Reaper. SOLD
578. VF/NM Very sharp copy. Death of The Reaper and death of Joe Chill. SOLD
583. NM 1st appearances Scarface and Ventriloquist. Undervalued KEY book! SOLD

Doom Patrol

87. F- Slight spine roll. The secret of Negative Man revealed.  SOLD
102. VF This is one of the earlier, hard-to-find issues. The Challengers of the Unknown guest star and team-up with The Doom Patrol against Mento. SOLD
115. F- What a weird story!! "The Mutant Master", but you gotta see those villians!   SOLD
116. VF Lots of monsters, creatures, and a flying saucer! Plus an Alfred E. Newman cameo!  SOLD
117. VF Nice cover and story - "The Black Vulture!" Time travel story. SOLD
119. VF- Tripy cover and story. Robotman spotlight.  SOLD
121. VF- The DEATH of Doom Patrol. Nice Joe Orlando cover, good story. Semi-key book.  SOLD

Dynamic Classics

1. VF- A one shot from 1978 w/ new Dick giordano Batman cover reprints of a Batman (by Adams) and a Manhunter (by Simonson) story. SOLD