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Famous First Editions / Treasury Editions

C-23. VF+/NM House of Mystery. Great art issue with the likes of Bernie Wrightson, Neal Adams, Joe Orlando, Gil Kane, Alex Toth, Wally Wood, Sergio Aragones, and Jack Sparling.  SOLD
C-61. NM Superman #1 . An oversized exact reprint of Superman one. Great!!  SOLD
F-5. VF/VF+ Batman #1. Exact reprint, cover to cover! I love these over-sized books, holding these big comics makes me feel like a little kid again!  SOLD
F-7. VF/VF+ All Star Comics #3. Exact reprint. The 1st team-up of the JSA. The large-sized centerfold of all the Golden-Age DC comics on sale at that time is well worth twice this price alone.  SOLD


1. VF KEY 1st appearance and origin of this hot-headed , teen-aged super-hero! SOLD
2. F/VF 1st appearance Multiplex. Superman guest stars. SOLD
3. VF- 1st appearance and origin of Killer Frost. SOLD

First Issue Special

2. VF The Green Team by Jioe Simon and Jerry Grandenetti. Boy Millionaires. SOLD
3. F/VF Metamorpho returns by the original artist Ramona Fradon. SOLD
4. VF-/VF Lady Cop - 1st appearance. (Her only one?) SOLD
5. VF/NM Manhunter - origin of the Mark Shaw version by Jack Kirby. SOLD
6. VF Dingbats - 1st appearance by Jack Kirby. Not one of his better ideas!! SOLD
7. F/VF The Creeper by Steve Ditko. Now this is good! SOLD
7. F/VF Another copy, same shape - your choice.   SOLD
8. VF+ Origin and first appearance of Warlord and his Universe by Mike Grell. Nice copy.  SOLD
9. VF/NM Dr. Fate by Walt Simonson. Real nice! Joe Kubert cover. SOLD
11. VF+ Code Name Assassin. Kind of like a Punisher character. Mike Grell cover. SOLD
12. VF/VF+ Starman - 1st appearance and origin of the 'blue" version. SOLD


15. NM This is one of several Golden-Age reprints that Alan Light did in the early 1970s. This is Flashback #36. These, in themselves, are getting quite collectible. This is an EXACT reprint of the 1st superhero team-up adventure ever! The only difference between this copy and the original is that this one is in black-and-white and costs about $2500 less. Great Sheldon Moldoff cover. SOLD
117. VG+ 1st appearance and origin of Captain Boomerang. And for whats it worth - 1st and only Silver-Age appearances of Winky Binky & Noddy. These 10 cent Flash comics are tough to get. SOLD
119. VG/F 3rd Elongated Man, as he marries Sue Dearborn. 3rd Mirror Master story. SOLD
129. F- 5.5 The 2nd key issue in the run with the JSA cameos in a flashback sequence. 2nd team-up of both Flashes. 1st Silver-Age appearances of Golden-Age GL, Hawkman, Atom, Black Canery, and Dr. Mid-Nite. GA Wonder Woman appearance (her 1st in SA?) This is a nice mid-grade copy..  SOLD
137. F- 5.5 The 3rd key issue in the run. GA Flash guests. JSA 1st Silver-Age appearance (#129 was a flashback). 1st Silver-Age appearance Vandal Savage and Johnny Thunder. JSA deciede to re-form as a team. White pages! This is a nicer mid-grade copy  SOLD
144. VF+/NM- 1st appearance of The Man-Missile. Kid Flash back-up story. SOLD
149. VF+/NM- Flash and Kid Flash team-up. Plus Abra Kadabra story. SOLD
150. F-/F Great Captain Cold cover and story. SOLD
152. VF/VF+ The Trickster on his tricycle traps Flash. Too bad! SOLD
154. NM- The Flash runs so fast that he loses control of his powers. Nice whoooosh cover! SOLD
156. VF/VF+ Full-length Flash/Kid Flash story. Flash betrays the world. SOLD
157. VF/VF+ Rogues' Gallery story featuring The Top, as Flash turns into an old man. SOLD
159. VG/F Flash quits. SOLD
162. VF+ Full-length Spook story. SOLD
163. NM- It's up to us "the reader" to save Flash's life! Plus Abra Kadabra. SOLD
164. VF- Kid Flash solo story, plus Flash against the Pied Piper. SOLD
166. NM- Good Heat Wave and Captain Cold cover and story. SOLD
168. F/VF Full-length Green Lantern and Flash team-up story.  SOLD
170. VF+/NM- Great issue with JSA'ers Dr. Midnite, Dr. Fate, and Golden-Age Flash guest starring. Abra Kadabra the bad guy again. SOLD
171. VF+/NM- Dr. Light. JLA cameo in flashback. Good full-length story. SOLD
172. VF/VF+ Gorilla Grodd puts the squeeze on Flash. SOLD
173. F-/F Semi-key issue with a full lenght story team-up of GA Flash, Flash, and Kid Flash.  SOLD
175. VG/VG+ Classic Flash vs. Superman race. JLA guest stars. SOLD
177. VF+ The Trickster back. Classic big-headed Flash cover. Very nice copy. SOLD
181. F/VF "Attack of The Samuroids!" Neat cover. SOLD
182. VF-/VF Flash calls it quits, throws out his costume in a garbage can. Somebody should get it and sell it on Ebay! SOLD
188. F It's a green Central City. SOLD
190. VG/F Flash breaks his leg. Joe Kubert cover. SOLD
191. VG/F Sub-crease. GL / Flash team-up issue. These are always a treat. Nice mid-grade copy with off-white pages.  SOLD
192. F Nice Murphy Anderson cover. SOLD
193. VF Heat Wave and Captain Cold team-up. SOLD
195. F Nice Neal Adams cover and two Gil Kane Flash stories. Jerry Lewis Telethon splash page. SOLD
198. F+ Gil Kane cover and story art. Zatanna story. SOLD
200. F+ 200th Anniversary issue. Nice Murphy Anderson inks on Carmine Infantino pencils. SOLD
201. VF Underated semi-key issue with a brand new Golden-Age Flash solo story by Murphy Anderson - The Fiddler villain. SOLD
202. F/VF Kid Flash solo back-up story. Neal Adams cover. Nice Irv Novick and Murphy Anderson art. SOLD
203. VF-/VF Neal Adams cover w/ Joe Kubert photo in background. Flash in the 30th century. SOLD
204. VF- The JLA guest star, plus a solo Kid Flash story. SOLD
205. NM G-82. One of the last 80 page giants. Classic reprints, plus a "lost" GA Flash story printed for the 1st time. Great copy. SOLD
206. VF- Neal Adams cover. Elongated Man by Dick Giordano. Also a Flash story, natch! SOLD
207. VF-/VF Neal Adams cover. Sargon the Sorceror guest stars. Solo Kid Flash story. SOLD
208. VF-/VF 1st 25 cent giant - Neal Adams cover. New Elongated Man back-up story. Kid Flash/Flash classic story. SOLD
209. F/F+ One of the 25-cent giants. Brand new Kid Flash solo story. The Trickster and Captain Boomerang team-up to kill Flash. SOLD
210. F As below - good copy! SOLD
210. F+/VF Classic Abraham Lincoln cover/story! 25-cent giant issue. Adam Strange cameo. New Elongated Man story.  SOLD
211. VF-/VF GA Flash origin reprinted. New Kid Flash story. SOLD
212. NM+ Abra Kadabra's back to bug Flash. A more uncommon issue in the run. SOLD
213. NM/M A beautiful Neal Adams cover. Reprints the classic Flash #137 - which contains the 1st JSA appearance since the 1950's. SOLD
214. VF/NM 9.0 CGC-slabbed. (DC-11). A beautiful high-grade of a key 100 page giant issue. A never before published Golden-age Flash story, printed for the first time. Plus the origin of the Metal Men.  SOLD
215. VF/NM A brand new GA / SA Flash story team-up. Vandal Savage villain. Neal Adams cover. SOLD
216. F/F+ Last of the 25-cent issues. Mr. Element returns. A brand new Kid Flash story, and a GA Flash reprint story. SOLD
217. F/VF First Neal Adams GL / GA back-up story in Flash. Adams at his best! SOLD
218. F+ 2nd Adams GL /GA back-up. Black Canery guests. SOLD
219. F+ 3rd and final Adams back-up. Mirror Master in the Flash story SOLD
220. NM- Flash #'s 220 - 230 are hard to find. This is a cherry! Kid Flash teams up with Flash. Plus the 1st solo GL back-up story in Flash. SOLD
221. VF Green Lantern solo back-up story. Nice cover. SOLD
221. NM/M A sure CGC 10! Beautiful copy! Same as above. SOLD
222. VF Great full length Flash / GL team-up story with The Guardians, Weather Wizard, and Sinestro! SOLD
223. VF- Solo Flash and GL stories. Dr. Light SOLD
224. NM Solo's for Flash and Green Lantern. SOLD
225. NM- Full length Flash / GL team-up story vs The Reverse Flash. SOLD
226. VF- Captain Cold and Heat Wave villians. Neal Adams solo GL story. SOLD
227. VF- Solo Flash and GL stories. Captain Boomerang. GL back-up.  SOLD
227. VF-/VF High grade copy of above. SOLD
228. VF- Some sort of key issue - see Overstreet's for description. GL story.  SOLD
229. VF+ 100-page giant. Brand new Golden-Age Flash team-up story plus great Golden-age and Silver-age classics.  SOLD
232. VF+ 100 page giant with a brand new Flash / Kid Flash story plus Golden and Silver-age classics.  SOLD
233. VF/VF+ Reverse Flash takes over Barry's idenity and tries to put the moves on Barry's wife!  SOLD
234. VF+ Flash's Rogues Gallery. Which one killed Flash? GL back-up.  SOLD
235. VF Great brand new story guest starring Golden-age Flash and Silver-age Hal Jorden Green Lantern vs Vandal Savage.  SOLD
236. F/VF Golden-age Flash and Dr. Fate guest star. The Cosmic Treadmill in use looking for Flash's wife. GL story.  SOLD
237. VF- Dr. Fate, Reverse Flash, and Jay Garrick. Conclusion to above. GL also.  SOLD
238. VF- Flash story, plus Mike Grell on GL back-up.  SOLD
239. VF+ Kid Flash guests as Flash goes after the Rogues' Gallery. SOLD
240. VF/VF+ Flash story, plus Mike Grell on GL back-up.  SOLD
240. VF/NM A few hairs sharper copy than above. Nice copy. SOLD
241. VF+ Mirror Master and Heat Wave team-up against Flash. Grell's GL also.  SOLD
242. F/VF Electric Gang Flash story, plus Grell's GL.  SOLD
243. VF/VF+ Death of The Top. Did Flash kill him? Plus Grell's GL back-up.  SOLD
244. VF+ Nice cover. Full length story with The Rogue Gallery.  SOLD
245. VF- Flash story, plus GL back-up with the 1st appearance and origin of The Floronic Man.  SOLD
246. VF/VF+ Great Neal Adams cover. Abra Kadabra story. Floronic Man conclusion to above GL story. SOLD
247. VF Abra Kadabra conclusion as Golden-age Flash guest stars. Full length story. SOLD
268. VF- A story set at a comic convention dealing with Golden-age Flash Comic Books guest starring Golden-age Flash, GL, and Wildcat. Check out the cover!  SOLD
268. VF/NM Higher grade copy of above.  SOLD
269. VF/NM Flash / Kid Flash team-up story.  SOLD
275. VF- Barry and Iris at a costume party - dozens of DC Super-Heroes and villian "cameos". DEATH of Iris, part I.  SOLD
276.VF- Conclusion to the DEATH of Iris storyline. Flash flips out on Angel Dust and the real JLA try to stop him.  SOLD
305. F/VF Full length classic Golden-age team up story.  SOLD

Flash Annual

1. VF- 7.5 CGC-slabbed. One of the cooler 80pp giants. Origin of Elongated Man and Kid Flash both retold. Origin of Gorilla Grod. Plus a Golden-age Flash story. Hard to find in higher grade. This is a nice copy. SOLD

Fordidden Tales of Dark Mansion

6. F/VF Brand new Jack Kirby story. SOLD
6. F/VF Amother copy as above. Nice Al Weiss cover. SOLD

Forever People

1. VF- 1st appearance, 1st FULL appearance Darkseid, key, important issue! SOLD
2. F+ Darkseid storyline continues. SOLD
3. VF/VF+ Darkseid, Glorious Godfrey, The Justifies, Anti-Life, and Jack Kirby! SOLD
4. F+ An all Jack Kirby issue with new story, pin-ups, and a Golden-Age classic. SOLD
5. F+ 100% pure classic Jack Kirby. SOLD
6. F+/VF New and Golden-Age stories. Kirby. SOLD
8. VF Darkseid plus the Golden-Age Sandman by Kirby. SOLD

Forever People Complete Set

A high-grade complete set of Jack Kirby's "The Forever People". Comics all grade in the VF/VF+ range. This key run includes the groups 1st appearance, the 1st real appearance of Darkseid, the Anti-Life Equation and Desaad. Great run and undervalued in the DC universe.

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Fox and the Crow

100. VG/F AND Stanley and his Monster! I always like 100th issues. SOLD
108. VG/F Last issue. Stanley and his Monster cover/story. How can you go wrong for eight bucks??? SOLD

Freedom Fighters

1-15. set VF/NM avg. A complete set of this very underated series from 1976. First DC series for the Quality heroes. Lots of origins, 1st appearances, and guest stars. Bargin priced at.........  SOLD

From Beyond The Unknown

1. F Joe Kubert dinosaur cover. 1950s S/F reprints. SOLD
2. F As below. Solid copy.  SOLD
2. F+/VF Classic 1950's S/F tales. Alex Toth art. SOLD
3. F+/VF New Neal Adams cover. Classic stories by Infantino, Kane, and Anderson. SOLD
4. F/VF Outstanding classic Gardner Fox / Murphy Anderson story. SOLD
7. F/VF 1st 25 cent giant issue. New Joe Kubert cover and brand new Murphy Anderson S/F story.  SOLD
8. F+/VF 25 cent giant. Statue of Liberty cover, new Anderson story, and more classic S/F stuff. SOLD
10. F/VF 64 pg giant. All 1950's S/F classic reprints.  SOLD
11. F-/F 64 pages of classic DC 50's/60's S/F stories. Anderson, Infantino,Kane, Greene, and Grandenetti. SOLD
13. VF-/VF 25 cent giant. Great Joe Kubert cover. Excellent SA classic 1950's reprints. Art includes Gil Kane, Wally Wood, Sid Greene, and Murphy Anderson.  SOLD
15. VF+ 25 cent giant. New cover. All classic reprints.. "Julian Sloan" editor story.  SOLD
17. VF Famous classic President Nixon cover - worth the price alone! SOLD

Fury of Firestorm

61. NM/M The rare Superman Logo varient cover edition. Super copy with snow white cover and pages. SOLD