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1. F Some top right edge bending keeps this copy out of the VF range. Glossy, clean, tight, sharp!  SOLD
4. VF 8.0 52 page giant with brand new stories and two SA reprints. Nice copy.  SOLD
5. F/VF 7.0 Another 52 page giant with brand new stories and 2 1950's reprints.  SOLD

G.I. Combat


83. VG+ 4.5 The BEST Grey tone wash cover in the run! Cover art by Jerry Grandenetti and Jack Adler. Key book with the 1st appearances of Big Al, Little Al, and Charlie Cigar - regular characters who later became know as The TNT Trio. Art by Andru / Esposito on this one. Other stories by Grandenetti and Jack Abel.  SOLD
110. VG/F Nice cover, Joe Kubert Haunted Tank story. SOLD
116. VG/F Kubert cover. Jeb Stuart / Johnny Cloud team-up story. SOLD
123. VG/F Nice Russ Heath cover and story. Jeb Stuart / Mlle. Marie team-up story. SOLD
127. F- Kubert cover. Jeb Stuart / Mlle. Marie team-up story. SOLD
128. NM- The first "All Tank" issue. Nice Russ Heath art. SOLD
130. VF- 7.5 Russ Heath cover and story. The Ghost of Attila The Hun fights the Ghost of General Stuart! Nice back-up story by Ross Andru w/ Mike Esposito.  SOLD
132. VG Nice Joe Kubert cover. SOLD
132. PGX 8.0 Classic Joe Kubert "infamous" Swastika cover. Higher grade copy. Label  SOLD
134. PGX 6.5 Classic Joe Kubert Haunted Tank cover and Russ Heath art. Label SOLD
135. PGX 7.5 Joe Kubert Haunted Tank cover and George Evans art. Label SOLD
136. PGX 8.5 Joe Kubert Haunted Tank cover and Fred Ray art. Label SOLD
147. F/VF 68 page giant. Great Kubert and Heath art. Vintage and new stories.  SOLD
148. F+/VF A 68-page giant issue. Joe Kubert, Russ Heath and Mort Drucker.  SOLD
151. VG/F Nice 25 cent giant. Excellent Joe Kubert cover. Russ Heath art. Captain Storm story. SOLD
154. F/VF A 25-cent giant with Joe Kubert, John Severin and Russ Heath artwork.  SOLD
157. VF-/VF Joe Kubert cover. The new Haunted Tank story. SOLD
179. VF/VF+ Nice Joe Kubert cover. SOLD
180. VF/NM Kubert cover. Haunted Tank cover. SOLD
187. F-/F Nice American flag Joe Kubert cover, Nazi flag in the background. SOLD
190. VF/VF+ Nice battle cover. Haunted Tank story. SOLD
191. VF More Haunted Tank and crew. SOLD
201. F/F+ The 1st 80-page giant issue. Fantastic Neal Adams/Russ Heath cover.  SOLD
202. F/F+ 2nd 80-page giant issue. Another great Adams/Heath cover.  SOLD
232. NM- "Giant" size. Kubert cover. All new stories and art. !st app / origin Kana the Ninja.  SOLD
246. F/F+ Giant 72-page 30th anniversary of the title. Everyone stars in a full-length story.  SOLD
267. NM/NM "Giant" size. Kubert cover. All new stories and art. Keith Giffen.  SOLD
274. NM- High grade. 1ST FULL physical appearance The Monitor. Pre-Crisis. Kubert cover.  $15.00
281. NM/M 1st app Soldiers of Fortune / The Mercenaries.  SOLD
282. NM 1st full Mercenaries mission. Great flag cover. SOLD
283. NM-/NM Nice Mercenaries / Flag cover.  $10.00

Girls' Love Stories

27. F- A Fine copy w/ a cover printers crease. Nice DC pre-code romance book.  SOLD
90. F- Very nice solid copy with some small back cover water stains. Nice DC "staff" art. Cover by John Romita / feature - "Three For Love" - count me in!!  SOLD

Girl's Romances

89. F-/F Usual good DC staff art and interesting stories.  SOLD

Green Lantern

19. F+/VF Two Gil Kane classics including 2nd appearance Sonar.  SOLD
21. VG Origin and 1st appearance of Dr. Polaris.  SOLD
22. G/VG The return of Hector Hammond and the Jordon Brothers. SOLD
23. VG 1st appearance Tattooed Man. Clean copy with nice off-white pages.  SOLD
26. F As below, a solid copy.  SOLD
26. F/VF Star Sapphire unmasks GL. Nice Issue! Gil Kane, of course!  SOLD
27. VG/VG+ Two nice Gil Kane stories.  SOLD
30. F/VF 1st appearance of Katma Tui, plus another Kane classic.  SOLD
37. G+/VG 1st appearance Evil Star. SOLD
38. VG Hal teams up with Tomar-Re. Classic Gil Kane art.  SOLD
40. F A nice copy of the key issue in the whole GL run. The 1st mention of Crisis, the origin of The Guardians, and the 2nd solo appearance of the GA GL. A classic!  SOLD
41. VG- Sub crease. Big battle issue with Star Sapphire. SOLD
42. F- Zatanna and her famous fish stockings guests, w/ GL, as they look for her dad.   SOLD
44. VG The return of Evil Star. SOLD
45. G/VG Sub crease. Full length Golden-Age GL team-up story. SOLD
46. VG- GL "dies". The GL Corps guest star. Gil Kane 2-page pin-up. SOLD
47. VG GL back from the dead. Dr. Polaris. SOLD
48. VG 1st appearance Goldface. SOLD
49. VG/F 1st appearance Dazzler. (Not the lame Marvel Hero, this is the lame DC Villian!) SOLD
50. F Great 100% Gil Kane artwork! Love this title - "Thraxon the Powerful vs Green Lantern the Powerless!" Most of taken awhile to think that one up!  SOLD
51. VG/F Full length Gil Kane story in which he fights his alter ego. Nice mid-grade copy.  SOLD
52. VG Sub crease. Classic team-up with Golden-Age GL against Sinestro. SOLD
53. VG GL helplessly trapped inside the eye of an Alien Giant. What a bummer! SOLD
54. VG The Menace In The Iron Lung. Nice Gil Kane cover. SOLD
55. G/VG Sub crease. GL - Cosmic Enemy Number One! SOLD
56. F+/VF Full length Gil Kane late Silver-Age classic. Guest stars Tomar-Re.  SOLD
57. VG Sub crease. Nice cover. Major disaster! SOLD
58. VG Sub crease. GL loses his powers. SOLD
58. F/F+ GL loses his powers. The Guardians guest star. Nicer copy of above. SOLD
59. F/VF Key issue with the introduction and 1st appearance of Guy Gardner. Full length Gil Kane classic. SOLD
60. F+ "Spotlight On The Lamplighter!" And as always, great Gil Kane art. SOLD
61. F Great cover and story with the Golden-Age GL guest starring. SOLD
62. VG Sub crease. GL must choose between his life or his ring. SOLD
62. VG/VG+ Slightly better copy of above, no sub crease. An all Jack Sparling artwork issue (w/ Sid Greene).  SOLD
63. G/VG Sub crease. GL gets sucked into another dimension. SOLD
63. VF-/VF Nice copy of above. Great Sid Green inks on Jack Sparling. Neal Adams cover. SOLD
64. VG/F Sub crease. Death to the GL! Nice cover. SOLD
64. VG/F As above, no sub crease. SOLD
65. F+/VF Doctor Polaris makes things tough for GL. SOLD
66. F Slight sub crease. Time travel to the year 5708 AD! SOLD
66. VG/F As above, but no sub crease. SOLD
67. F- 5.5 Tales of the Power Ring story with the first GL.   SOLD
69. VG- Cover loose at one staple. Nice Wally Wood art. SOLD
69. F-/F As above, better copy. Last 12 cent issue, and with it - the end of the Silver-Age!. Excellent Kane / Wood art. SOLD
70. VG/F Full length Gil Kane story with a laughing Alien. Great white pages!  SOLD
71. VG GL powerless! SOLD
72. VG/F "Phantom of the Space-Opera!" SOLD
77. VF- .Very sharp and very clean. 2nd GL/GA Neal Adams. You will be pleased..........  SOLD
79. VF- Wonderful Neal Adams art and a excellent Denny O'Neil American Indian story. Very sharp copy.  SOLD
80. VG/F The classic Neal Adams "Even An Immortal Can Die!".  SOLD
81. F/F+ Neal Adams and Denny O'Neil classic with the Guardians and Black Canary.  SOLD
82. F/F+ Another fantastic issue by O'Neil and Adams  SOLD
83. VF- Very sharp and clean. This issue GL reveals his ID to Carol Ferris.  SOLD
84. VF-/VF .Bernie Wrightson inks Neal Adams pencils - beautiful art! Dick Giordano photo cover!  SOLD
85. F+ The Neal Adams classic anti-drug story. Speedy is a junkie SOLD
86. F Part II of the Adams anti-drug classic.  SOLD
88. VF-/VF One of the tougher 25 cent giants to find. Unpublished GA GL story plus a SA classic. Neal Adams cover.  SOLD
89. VF-/VF Last Neal Adams classic plus a Golden-Age GL story w/ 1st appearance Mr.Paradox. Classic "Jesus" cover.  SOLD
90. VF/NM NEW 1st new issue after a four year layoff. Great Mike Grell artwork - who does most issues through #111. High grade.  SOLD
91. VF- Sinestro returns - only to be defeated by Green Arrow. SOLD
94. VF- Green Arrow shaves! Black Canery bondage cover. GL on his death bed, and the 2nd appearance of John Stewart. This one's got it all!  SOLD
95. VF/NM Mike Grell cover and story. The famous "Green Arrow shaves his beard" issue. SOLD
96. VF- GL Corps guest star. The death of a Guardian. Great Mike Grell art.  SOLD
97. VF- The mystery of The Mocker. Classic Grell art and O'Neil story.  SOLD
98. VF- Scarcer issue. GL and GA duke it out in outer space. Canery finds her husband. Spotlight on Katma.  SOLD
99. VF+/NM Mike Grell cover and story. Katma Tui and Black Canary guest. SOLD
100. NM- A tough issue to find. Mike Grell cover and story and GA and Canery story. 1st appearance of the modern Air Wave. A checklist of all 100 issues of GA! SOLD
101. NM Great cover with Mike Grell layouts. Black Canary guests. Hector Hammond villian. SOLD
102. VF/NM Mike Grell cover. The team on seperate missions. SOLD
103. VF/NM GL, GA, and BC try to stop a space alien taking over the Earth. SOLD
104. NM- Grell cover. Airwave II guest stars. SOLD
105. F/VF Grell cover. Sonar returns. GA and BC. SOLD
106. VF+ Mike Grell cover and story. Very nice art. Airwave II and Black Canary. SOLD
107. VF GL, GA, BC, and Air Wave II. 1st "Tales of the Green Lantern Corps" feature. SOLD
108. VF+/NM 1st solo GA Green Lantern story in modern age? Plus beautiful Mike Grell art on the GL/GA/BC story. Undervalued issue. SOLD
109. VF+/NM Great cover and classic Denny O'Neill / Mike Grell story with Green Arrow and Black Canary. Plus a brand new Green Lantern Golden-Age story. Check out the artist's name written on the cover on a street post sign! SOLD
110. VF-/VF Great Grell cover and GL/GA story, plus a Golden-Age GL back-up story. SOLD
111. NM Full-length brand-new team-up story with the Golden-Age Green Lantern, Hal, and Green Arrow. A high grade, undervalued classic. SOLD
112. F+/VF Golden-Age GL teams up w/ GL and GL. His origin told. SOLD
114.VF/NM Lantern, Arrow, and Canary against the 1st appearance of The Crumbler. I kid you not! SOLD
115. NM The team against "The Vengeance of The Crumbler!" SOLD
116. NM- 1st appearance of Guy Gardner as a Green Lantern. Actually, a key issue. SOLD
117. NM- Crumbler teams up with Professor Ojo. Joker and Two-Face cameos at Arkham. SOLD
118. NM Crumbler teams up with Ojo again. God, what a lame villian!! SOLD
119. NM Hal on a mission in Saturn, while the Arrow on earth with gravity problems. SOLD
121. NM The trio with Carol Farris. Good cover.  SOLD
123. NM- Key issue! GL gets his book back by himself. 2nd appearance ever of Guy Gardner as Green Lantern. Cameo's by Superman and Green Arrow. GL in the Phantom Zone. And Sinestro is the villian. Whew! SOLD
124. NM+ "The Secret of Sinestro". Great battle issue. Katma Tui guests. SOLD
125. NM/M Great Dick Giordano cover. Sinestro storyline conclusion. SOLD
132. VF/NM George Perez cover. 1st new Adam Strange starts as back-ups. SOLD
150. NM/NM+ Double sized, undervalued anniversary issue. The GL Corps break up. SOLD
165.VF/NM Beautiful Gil Kane cover. 2nd appearance of John Stewart as GL, who teams up with guest star GA.  SOLD
165. NM- Sharper copy of above. Semi-key book.  SOLD
182. VF/VF+ John Stewart takes over as the new Green Lantern.  SOLD
182.NM- Higher grade of above. Origin recap of Hal Jordon GL.  SOLD
183. VF 2nd John Stewart as the new GL.  SOLD
184. NM/M The story and origin of Guy Gardner retold with new Kane cover and art. High grade.  SOLD
185. NM- Origin of the new GL (John Stewart). Nice book.  SOLD
185. NM-/NM Higher grade of above.  SOLD
186. NM-/NM GL vs Eclipso full-length story with art by Dave Gibbons.  SOLD
187. NM/M Early Bill Willingham art 1st story. Marshall Rogers art on back-up story.  SOLD
188. NM- GL reveals his ID to the world. Alan Moore back-up story. 1st appearance Mogo.  SOLD
189. NM- Sonar and Predator vs GL.  SOLD
190. NM- Predator battle with John Stewart.  SOLD
194. VF/NM Crisis crossover. Big Green Lantern / Guy Gardner battle issue.  SOLD
195. NM Crisis crossover. Guy Gardner becomes the new Green Lantern. Good issue.  SOLD
198. VF/NM Crisis x-over issue. Hal becomes GL again. SOLD
199. NM Hal returns as a member of the GL Corps, which now gives us 3 GL's in our sector!  SOLD
200. NM Large double-sized, important issue. GL Corps returns to its full power. Last appearance of Barry Allen Flash and last appearance of Tomar-Re.  SOLD
212. NM The wedding of John Stewart and Katma Tui. Star Sapphire strips nude in front of a helpless Hector Hammond, and teases him with very racey diologue. I'm very surprised these two pages were code approved!!  SOLD
224. NM Double sized 38 page Gil Kane final issue. The one, lone Master Power Battery survives. SOLD