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Hawk and Dove

1. F+ 100% Steve Ditko cover and story. Classic stuff. SOLD
2. F-/F Excellent Ditko cover and story.  SOLD


15. F Great Murphy Anderson art. SOLD
20. F/F+ 1st appearance Lion-Mane. SOLD
24. VF/VF+ As usual - outstanding Murphy Anderson art. Robots and Dinosaurs.   SOLD
25. F/F+ Beautiful Sheldon Moldoff GA back-up story.  SOLD
26. F+/VF Classic cover. SOLD
27. F+ Outstanding Joe Kubert cover. Last issue.  SOLD

Heart Throbs

54. F Tough time period (1958) of DC comics. Four throbbing stories w/ nice art!  SOLD

History of the DC Universe

Set #1-2. NM A great 96 page timeline of the DC universe, as told by Marv Wolfman and George Perez. Complete set of two unread, cherry copies in mylar snugs. SOLD

House Of Mystery

98. F/F+ Giant apes, alien creatures, and other dimension monsters. 10 cent issue. Bernard Baily and Bill Ely art. Sharp copy. SOLD
99. F Jungle gods, alien creatures and more alien creatures 10 cent issue. SOLD
106. F Slight water stain. More alien creatures and monsters? Do you see a pattern emerging here? Nice cover. Another 10 cent issue. SOLD

143. VG/F

CGC 5.0

The 1st J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter in his own book. Great cover. A recent CGC graded book, and undergraded. Best VG/F you will ever buy! SOLD
145. VF- 3rd J'onn J'onzz. "The Secret of the Purple People". SOLD
147. F+/VF 5th J'onn J'onzz with Zook in "The Orchestra of Doom!" SOLD
148. VF- A real nice copy that has a couple of small color touch-ups along the spine. Martian Manhunter cover and story. Bargain priced at... SOLD
153. VG Martian Manhunter fights giants with big heads. SOLD
155. VG/F Nice black cover. Martain Manhunter story.  SOLD
156. F/F+ 1st appearance and origin "Dial H For Hero" with Robby Reed. Cool undervalued comic, nice solid copy. SOLD
157. F+ 2nd Robby Reed. Nice cover and story. J'onn J'onzz story.  SOLD
158. VG/VG+ 3rd "Dial H". Another Martain Manhunter story also.  SOLD
172. F+/VF Dial H for Hero cover/back-up story. Martian Manhunter lead story. SOLD
173. F+/VF Dial H for Hero cover/lead story. Last J'onn J'onzz story. SOLD
174. F- New mystery format begins this issue. Wayne Howard and Mort Meskin stories. SOLD
175. VG/VG+ 1st appearance Cain, 1st Neal Adams cover on this title. Joe Orlando splash page. SOLD
176. F/VF Great Neal Adams cover. Nice copy! SOLD
178. F/VF Another great Adams cover, new mystery format starting to click. SOLD
187. VF Alex Toth, Wayne Howard, Neal Adams, glossy and clean copy.  SOLD
193. VF-/VF Wrightson cover - it's a good one! Slight sun shadow right edge.  SOLD
194. F+/VF Superb Bernie Wrightson cover. Alex Toth art. 1st 25-cent giant issue.  SOLD
199. VG/F Great Wally Wood art, vintage Jack Kirby story, and a nice Neal Adams cover. SOLD
200. VF- A large cover crease that doesn't break color otherwise a 9.2 copy. Mike Kaluta cool cover.  SOLD
201. VF- 52 page giant. Great Mike Kaluta cover, Wrightson splash page, Jim Aparo story, nice 1950's reprints.  SOLD
204. VF-/VF Bernie Wrightson cover and classic 9 page story. SOLD
222. F/VF Two stories, nice cover - good copy!   SOLD
225. F 2nd of the 100 page giants, and usually tough to find. Brand new Spectre story.   SOLD

House of Secrets

31. VG Dick Dillin w/ Shelly Moldoff cover. Mark Merlin cover and story by Mort Meskin w/ George Roussos.  Other stories by Howard Purcell, and Russ Heath!  SOLD
72. F/VF Cool cover. Eclipso and Mark Merlin solo stories. SOLD
73. F+/VF Death of Mark Merlin, and the 1st Prince Ra-Man. Eclipso back-up story. SOLD
78. VF Eclipso cover and story. Prince Ra-Man battles Lord Leopard. SOLD
79. F/VF Great cover. Full length Eclipso/Prince Ra-Man team-up story. Semi-key issue. SOLD
82. VG Nice art throughout - Neal Adams cover. 2nd new "Mystery" format issue. SOLD
83. F Great Alex Toth story. Adams cover. Nice white pages! SOLD
85. VG Excellent Neal Adams cover and a Gil Kane/Neal Adams story. SOLD
87. F Outstanding Neal Adams cover, and a fantastic 6 page Mike Kaluta story. White pages!  SOLD
88. VF- Fantastic Neal Adams cover worth twice this price alone!  SOLD
90. VF/NM Slight spine roll on this high grader. Great Adans art and beautiful early Rich Buckler art.  SOLD
98. VF Nice, creepy Kaluta cover. Good 25 cent "giant".  SOLD
121. VF- Three tales from which there is no escape....so says the editor.   SOLD