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Jimmy Olsen

69. VG A super overall VF copy, but cover pulled off of top staple, thus the VG grade. Nice Curt Swan Nightwing and Flamebird two-part story. SOLD
82. F-/F Three Jimmy tales, as usual. SOLD
89. F/VF Jimmy "Man from Uncle" spin-off story. Beautiful art Kurt Schaffenberger story with a J.F.Kennedy story. Jimmy smokes a pipi and gets high! SOLD
90. F+ Neat Jimmy/Mr.Mxyzptlk story (pronounced Mix-yez-pitek-ick in case you didn't know!) SOLD
91. VF-/VF Jimmy joins a bikers gang. Batman/Robin cameos. SOLD
92. VG Batman and Supergirl guest star. SOLD
96. VG Full length wild, wacky Jimmy story. SOLD
99. VG Full length story - "The One-Man Legion" - where Jimmy becomes Sun Boy, Element Lad, and Lighting Lad. SOLD
102. VF+ Linda Lee Danvers guest stars. Pete Costanza's Supergirl art. SOLD
107. VF Two "great" stories typical of this time period. "The Captive of the Spidermen!" SOLD
108. F/VF Jimmy turns into Uncle Scrooge. SOLD
109. VG+ Neal Adams cover - "Luthor's Pal, Jimmy Olsen!" SOLD
110. VF Neal Adams infinity cover. Curt Swan story. SOLD
114. VF- Jimmy meets Superboy. Plus a Mr. Mxyzptlk story. SOLD
115. F/VF Aquaman guest stars. Nice Neal Adams cover. SOLD
116. VF Great gorilla cover! Brainiac with kryptonite story. SOLD
117. VF-/VF Neal Adams cover? Why does everyone wear a cape?...read "Planet of the Capes!" SOLD
119. F Two stories - one old, one new. Joker cameo. SOLD
120. F Jimmy becomes super strong. Neal Adams cover. SOLD
121. VG/F Neal Adams Jimmy death cover! Cool cover blurbs. SOLD
122. VF/VF+ G-62 A 80 pg giant with a Neal Adams cover and some classic story reprints. Check out the "308 pound Crush" panel on the cover! Heavy stuff! SOLD
123. VF Three Jimmy stories all new. Swanderson cover. Swan and Costanza art. SOLD
125. F/VF Nice Curt Swan/Murphy Anderson cover. Batman and Joker guest star. SOLD
126. F/VF Flying saucers, George Washington, and the riddle of Kryptonite Plus! SOLD
130. F/VF Nice Murphy Anderson artwork. Jimmy teams-up with Robin SOLD
131. NM- G-74 Jimmy's greatest curios and strangest trophies stories. SOLD
132. F/F+ Jimmy betrays Superman for cash. SOLD
133. VG/F 1st Jack Kirby issue. 1st Newsboy Legion since the Golden-Age. 1st appearance of Morgan Edge. Superman guests. A wild adventure starts. SOLD
133. F As above, nicer copy. SOLD
134. F 1st appearance of Darkseid in one panel. Neal Adams cover, 2nd Kirby issue. SOLD
136. F+ Nice Neal Adams cover. 1st new Guardian w/ origin/appearance. Kirby, and Jimmy the D.N.Alien!" SOLD
137. VF Jack Kirby, Superman, 2nd new Guardian, New Newsboy Legion, what more do you want?? Adams inks on Kirby cover. SOLD
139. VF/VF+ Jack Kirby Don Rickles photo/art cover. Last 15 cent issue. Morgan Edge. SOLD
140. VF/NM Giant issue G-86. Classic out of this world Jimmy classics. 1st Dynamic Duo of Kandor story. Sharp copy! SOLD
141. VF The 2nd Don Rickles photo cover. 1st 25 cent "giant" issue. Kirby says: "Don't Ask! JUST BUY IT!" Tiny chip off botton cover corner. SOLD
143. F/VF One of the 100% Jack Kirby 25-cent giant issues. SOLD
144. F/VF Another 25-cent Kirby giant GA Newsboy Legion reprint. SOLD
145. F/VF Superman, Kirby, The Newsboy Legion, Dubbilex, and more! SOLD
146. F More of the above, only wilder! SOLD
147. VF Nice Neal Adams cover. Good Kirby story "A Superman in Supertown". SOLD
147. VF+ Another of above, sharp. 1st appearance Magnar. SOLD
148. VF- Another Kirby giant 25 cent issue. Neal Adams cover. SOLD
149. F 1st non Kirby issue. Still a 25-cent issue giant - GA Plastic Man back-up by Jack Cole. Neal Adams cover. SOLD
149. VF+ Sharper copy of above. Not common! SOLD
150. VF+ Last 25 cent giant. Plastic Man reprint. New Newsboy Legion. Sharp copy, uncommon issue. SOLD
151. VF/VF+ Cool bug cover. The end of this JO run are tough to find in condition. Green Lantern guests. SOLD
158. VF/NM Nick Cardy Superman bondage cover. Ultra-Olsen to the rescue. Schaffenberger art. SOLD

Johnny Thunder

3. VF 8.0 Short lived DC reprint series. Westerns were almost obsolete at this point in comics history - so this only ran the three issues. But what a good one this is! Alex Toth Zorro-like cover, Sy Barry, Mort Drucker, Gil Kane, and Bernard Sachs art. SOLD


1. NM/NM+ Everyone's favorite villian in his own series. Two-Face guest stars.


Jonah Hex

1. F/F+ 1st issue in his own series. The early Jonah Hex comics were very good. SOLD
2. F+/VF Someone's out the shoot Jonah. SOLD

Justice League America

15. VG-/VG "Challenge of the Untouchable Aliens" full length story. SOLD
20. VG/F Typical great story and cover! SOLD
22. VG/F One of the early keys - "Crisis on Earth Two" JSA crossover. SOLD
23. VG/F 1st appearance of Queen Bee. SOLD
27. F-/F Robin guest stars as the team tackles Amazo.   SOLD
33. VG Good story - "Enemy ftom the Timeless World".  SOLD
35. VG/VG+ Another full length story - "Battle against the Bodiless Uniforms".   SOLD
36. VG/VG+ The Coneheads attack - and who is that monster on the cover really?? Find out!   SOLD
43. NM- 1st appearance of the Royal Flush Gang. Nice cover and story. SOLD
45. VG- The Shaggy Man. SOLD
52. F+/VF Five JLA'ers are missing in action. SOLD
58. VG Eighty page giant G-41. Reprints JLA #1!  SOLD
61. VF- Villians galore w/ Lex Luthor, Penguin, Capt. Boomerang, Dr. Light, and Doctor Destiny. SOLD
69. F Wonder Woman quits plus GA Green Lantern fact file.

71. F Some micro black touch-ups on spine. Martian Manhunter's turn to quit.  SOLD
77. F/F+ New cover format starts, nice cover and story. The Joker returns. SOLD
81. F+/VF Nice Neal Adams cover, good Denny O'Neil cover. SOLD
82. VF-/VF Good JSA crossover story, nice Neal Adams cover. 1st SA appearance of the GA Batman cameo! SOLD
84. F+ Into the jungle. Adams cover. Batman and Canary in a moment of passion! SOLD
85. VF 80 pg giant G-77. Classic reprints plus a vintage Knights of the Galaxy story. SOLD
86. F/F+ The world is starving - can the JLA help? Adams cover. SOLD
87. F+ Great Neal Adams cover - Batman, King of the World! SOLD
89. VF- Adams cover. "The Most Dangerous Dreams of All" unusual story. SOLD
90. VF 2nd appearance of The Pale People. Pollution of the seas story. Great Infantino/Anderson cover. SOLD
91. F/VF 1st 25-cent giant. The "death" of Flash. JSA crossover. Solomon Grundy. Neal Adams cover. 1st meeting of the GA and SA Robin! SOLD
93. F/VF 64 pg giant - G89. Two classic tales of the JLA. SOLD
94. F/F+ 25-cent giant. Key issue of GA reprints with 1st appearances and origins of Sandman and Starman. Neal Adams cover and art.  SOLD
95. F/VF Adams cover. GA origin stories of Dr. Fate and Dr. Mid-Nite. SOLD
96. VF+ Neal Adams cover. Adam Strange cameo. Bernie Krigstien art on Golden-Age Wildcat reprint story.  SOLD
97. F/VF 25 cent giant. Brand new 37 pg. story issue retelling the origin of the group. Adams cover  SOLD
98. VF- Another outstanding Neal Adams cover. Golden-Age Starman and Sargon the Sorceror stories.

99. VF- Last 25-cent giant issue. Golden-Age reprint stories of Sandman and The Atom.  SOLD
100. F+/VF 33 Golden-Age and Silver-Age heroes star in this 100th issue including the 1st meeting of the old and new Wonder Womans. SOLD
101. VF/VF+ Continues above Golden-Age JSA storyline. SOLD
102. F/VF JSA crossover. The Red Tornado dies. Good story. SOLD
103. F/VF Phantom Stranger joins the League.

104. VF- The Shaggy Man returns bigger and badder than ever. SOLD
105. F+ 6.5 Elongated Man joins the team.  SOLD
107. F+/VF 1st appearances in the Silver-Age of the Golden-Age Quality heroes in "Crisis on Earth X". SOLD
109. F+ The team battles Eclipso. Hawkman gets fed up and quits the group. SOLD
110. VF/NM 1st 100pg giant in the JLA run (110-116). New and old stories. SOLD
111. VF/NM Great classic stories from the Gold and Silver era. Neal Adams splash page. SOLD
112. VF/NM New JLA plus GA Starman and Seven Soldiers of Victory stories. SOLD
113. F/VF 100-page giant - always in demand and getting harder to find. Great issue. SOLD
114. VF/NM New JLA plus classic JLA/JSA reprint. SOLD
115. VF/NM More classic Golden-Age JSA stories plus new JLA. SOLD
116. NM- Last of the 100 pg giants. New and old stories. SOLD
117. VF Mike Grell cover. Hawkman REJOINS the group. Good story. SOLD
118. VF Earth is being invaded - Where is the JLA? Hawkman and Red Tornando spotlight. SOLD
119. VF-/VF Conclusion to above. Good battle issue. SOLD
120. VF-/VF Adam Strange guest stars. Death of Alanna. The JLA on Rann. SOLD
121. VF/VF+ Adam Strange/Alanna WEDDING issue. ( Guess she wasn't that dead after all!) SOLD
122. VF The death of Aquaman Dr. Light villian. SOLD
123. VF+ The JSA guest star. DC writers and artists draw themselves into the story. 1st named mention of Earth Prime. Neat story!

125. VF/NM Two-Face cover and story. SOLD
126. VF/NM Above story w/ Two-Face concludes. Joker cameo.

127. VF/NM 1st appearance of The Anarachy. SOLD
128. VF/NM Wonder Woman REJOINS the team. Nice cover. SOLD
129. VF/NM The DEATH of the new Red Tornado. SOLD
130. VF/VF+ An alien villian almost wipes out the league in outer space. SOLD
131. VF/NM AQUAMAN spotlight as the team is beaten by a group of plague-struct animals. SOLD
132. VF/NM SUPERGIRLl and Black Canery guest star in above story conclusion. SOLD
137. F/VF The classic Superman battles Captain Marvel issue. Fawcett Golden-age hereos issue.  SOLD
139. VF/NM 1st "Giant" format starts. 34 pages all new stories. Neal Adams cover. Adam Strange and Phantom Stranger guests. SOLD
140. VF+ 1st appearance of The Manhunter. SOLD
141. VF+ Origin of the Manhunters, told by the Guardians. This issue, and above #140 are very undervalues in guide. SOLD
142. VF/NM Another GREAT issue. Spotlight on Atom. Elongated Man and Aquaman. SOLD
143. VF/NM Great cover and story - giant sized issue with Superman battling Wonder Woman ! SOLD
144. VF/NM This ones got more heroes than you can shake a stick at! Blackhawks, Plastic Man, ORIGIN of The Martain Manhunter, plus lots more. SOLD
145. VF Phantom Stranger guests. The RETURN of The Red Tornado! SOLD
146. NM- Great cover. Red Tornado spotlight issue. NICE copy. SOLD
147. VF+ The annual JLA/JSA team-up issue - this one stars The Legion of Super-Heroes also!

148. VF/NM Great cover. Conclusion to above issue.

149. VF Dr. Light returns to defeat the JLA. Good story. SOLD
150. VF/NM The Key returns. Check out President Jimmy Carter's role in this issue! Snapper Carr goes bad. SOLD
151. VF/NM Wonder Woman BONDAGE cover. The team fights Prof. Fortune. SOLD
152. NM- Special, NEAT offbeat Christmas issue. SOLD
153. NM- 1st appearance of Ultraa. The JLA visit the DC offices on EARTH PRIME and meet editor Julie Schwartz!! SOLD
154. NM- Great Mike Kaluta cover. Good story with the return of Doctor Destiny. SOLD
155. VF/NM Full length giant issue with Red Tornado guest starring.  SOLD
156. VF/NM Another giant full length issue - "The Fiend with Five Faces". Phantom Stranger and Atom. SOLD
157. VF/NM The Atom gets married. Last 34 page giant issue. Phantom Stranger and Supergirl guest star. SOLD
158. NM- Format now shifts to a 25 page story. Still considered "double" sized compared to regular issues. The Injustice Gang attacks with Poison Ivy. SOLD
159. NM- Annual JLA / JSA meeting along with some surprise guest stars - part one of one of the teams most off-beat issues. SOLD
160. NM- JLA / JSA story - part two conclusion to above. Last of the 25 cent giants. SOLD
161. NM- Back to the regular 22 page format. ZATANNA joins the team with her new costume. (Bring back the old one!) $25.00
162. NM The team fights The Creatures of Tomorrow today. Zatanna stars. SOLD
163. NM-/NM 1st appearance Anton Allegro villian. Zatanna guest stars. SOLD
164. NM- Zatara and Zatanna find Zatanna's mother. A magicial issue! SOLD
165. NM- The death of Zatanna's mother - conclusion to above GOOD storylines. SOLD
200. VF/VF+ 76 pg Anniversary issue with the JLA's origin retold. Nice art, good issue, SOLD