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Jimmy Olsen

69. VG A super overall VF copy, but cover pulled off of top staple, thus the VG grade. Nice Curt Swan Nightwing and Flamebird two-part story. SOLD
82. F-/F Three Jimmy tales, as usual. SOLD
89. F/VF Jimmy "Man from Uncle" spin-off story. Beautiful art Kurt Schaffenberger story with a J.F.Kennedy story. Jimmy smokes a pipi and gets high! $20.00
90. F+ Neat Jimmy/Mr.Mxyzptlk story (pronounced Mix-yez-pitek-ick in case you didn't know!) SOLD
91. VF-/VF Jimmy joins a bikers gang. Batman/Robin cameos. SOLD
92. VG Batman and Supergirl guest star. $8.00
96. VG Full length wild, wacky Jimmy story. SOLD
99. VG Full length story - "The One-Man Legion" - where Jimmy becomes Sun Boy, Element Lad, and Lighting Lad. SOLD
102. VF+ Linda Lee Danvers guest stars. $22.50
107. VF Two "great" stories typical of this time period. "The Captive of the Spidermen!" $20.00
108. F/VF Jimmy turns into Uncle Scrooge. $15.00
109. VG+ Neal Adams cover - "Luthor's Pal, Jimmy Olsen!" SOLD
110. VF Neal Adams infinity cover. Curt Swan story. SOLD
114. VF- Jimmy meets Superboy. Plus a Mr. Mxyzptlk story. SOLD
115. F/VF Aquaman guest stars. Nice Neal Adams cover. $15.00
116. VF Great gorilla cover! Brainiac with kryptonite story. $21.00
117. VF-/VF Neal Adams cover? Why does everyone wear a cape?...read "Planet of the Capes!" SOLD
119. F Two stories - one old, one new. Joker cameo. SOLD
120. F Jimmy becomes super strong. Neal Adams cover. SOLD
121. VG/F Neal Adams Jimmy death cover! Cool cover blurbs. SOLD
122. VF/VF+ G-62 A 80 pg giant with a Neal Adams cover and some classic story reprints. Check out the "308 pound Crush" panel on the cover! Heavy stuff! $40.00
123. VF Three Jimmy stories! $17.00
125. F/VF Nice Curt Swan/Murphy Anderson cover. Batman and Joker guest star. SOLD
126. F/VF Flying saucers, George Washington, and the riddle of Kryptonite Plus! $12.50
130. F/VF Nice Murphy Anderson artwork. Jimmy teams-up with Robin $12.50
131. NM- G-74 Jimmy's greatest curios and strangest trophies stories. SOLD
132. F/F+ Jimmy betrays Superman for cash. $10.00
133. VG/F 1st Jack Kirby issue. 1st Newsboy Legion since the Golden-Age. 1st appearance of Morgan Edge. Superman guests. A wild adventure starts. SOLD
133. F As above, nicer copy. $21.00
134. F 1st appearance of Darkseid in one panel. Neal Adams cover, 2nd Kirby issue. SOLD
136. F+ Nice Neal Adams cover. 1st new Guardian w/ origin/appearance. Kirby, and Jimmy the D.N.Alien!" SOLD
137. VF/VF+ Jack Kirby, Superman, 2nd new Guardian, New Newsboy Legion, what more do you want?? $27.50
139. VF/VF+ Jack Kirby Don Rickles photo/art cover. Last 15 cent issue. $27.50
140. VF+ 8.5 Giant issue G-86. Classic out of this world Jimmy classics. Sharp copy! $45.00
141. VF The 2nd Don Rickles photo cover. 1st 25 cent "giant" issue. Kirby says: "Don't Ask! JUST BUY IT!" Tiny chip off botton cover corner. $25.00
143. F/VF One of the 100% Jack Kirby 25-cent giant issues. $18.00
144. F/VF Another 25-cent Kirby giant GA Newsboy Legion reprint. SOLD
145. F/VF Superman, Kirby, The Newsboy Legion, Dubbilex, and more! SOLD
146. F More of the above, only wilder! SOLD
147. VF Nice Neal Adams cover. Good Kirby story "A Superman in Supertown". SOLD
147. VF+ Another of above, sharp. $27.50
148. VF- Another Kirby giant 25 cent issue. Neal Adams cover. $20.00
149. F 1st non Kirby issue. Still a 25-cent issue giant - GA Plastic Man back-up by Jack Cole. Neal Adams cover. SOLD
149. VF+ Sharper copy of above. Not common! $30.00
150. VF/NM 9.0 Last 25 cent giant. Plastic Man reprint. New Newsboy Legion. Sharp copy, uncommon issue. $35.00
151. VF/VF+ Cool bug cover. The end of this JO run are tough to find in condition. $18.00
158. VF+ Superman bondage cover. Ultra-Olsen to the rescue. $20.00

Johnny Thunder

3. VF 8.0 Short lived DC reprint series. Westerns were almost obsolete at this point in comics history - so this only ran the three issues. But what a good one this is! Alex Toth Zorro-like cover, Sy Barry, Mort Drucker, Gil Kane, and Bernard Sachs art. $7.50


1. NM/NM+ Everyone's favorite villian in his own series. Two-Face guest stars.


Jonah Hex

1. F/F+ 1st issue in his own series. The early Jonah Hex comics were very good. SOLD
2. F+/VF Someone's out the shoot Jonah. SOLD

Justice League America

15. VG-/VG "Challenge of the Untouchable Aliens" full length story. SOLD
20. VG/F Typical great story and cover! SOLD
22. VG/F One of the early keys - "Crisis on Earth Two" JSA crossover. SOLD
23. VG/F 1st appearance of Queen Bee. SOLD
27. F-/F Robin guest stars as the team tackles Amazo.   SOLD
33. VG Good story - "Enemy ftom the Timeless World".   $17.50
35. VG/VG+ Another full length story - "Battle against the Bodiless Uniforms".   SOLD
36. VG/VG+ The Coneheads attack - and who is that monster on the cover really?? Find out!   SOLD
43. NM- 1st appearance of the Royal Flush Gang. Nice cover and story. SOLD
45. VG- The Shaggy Man. $12.00
52. F+/VF Five JLA'ers are missing in action. $27.50
58. VG Eighty page giant G-41. Reprints JLA #1!  SOLD
61. VF- Villians galore w/ Lex Luthor, Penguin, Capt. Boomerang, Dr. Light, and Doctor Destiny. SOLD
69. F Wonder Woman quits plus GA Green Lantern fact file.

71. F Some micro black touch-ups on spine. Martian Manhunter's turn to quit.  SOLD
77. F/F+ New cover format starts, nice cover and story. The Joker returns. SOLD
81. F+/VF Nice Neal Adams cover, good Denny O'Neil cover. SOLD
82. VF-/VF Good JSA crossover story, nice Neal Adams cover. 1st SA appearance of the GA Batman cameo! SOLD
84. F+ Into the jungle. Adams cover. Batman and Canary in a moment of passion! SOLD
85. VF 80 pg giant G-77. Classic reprints plus a vintage Knights of the Galaxy story. SOLD
86. F/F+ The world is starving - can the JLA help? Adams cover. SOLD
87. F+ Great Neal Adams cover - Batman, King of the World! SOLD
89. VF- Adams cover. "The Most Dangerous Dreams of All" unusual story. SOLD
90. VF 2nd appearance of The Pale People. Pollution of the seas story. Great Infantino/Anderson cover. SOLD
91. F/VF 1st 25-cent giant. The "death" of Flash. JSA crossover. Solomon Grundy. Neal Adams cover. 1st meeting of the GA and SA Robin! SOLD
93. F/VF 64 pg giant - G89. Two classic tales of the JLA. SOLD
94. F/F+ 25-cent giant. Key issue of GA reprints with 1st appearances and origins of Sandman and Starman. Neal Adams cover and art.  SOLD
95. F/VF Adams cover. GA origin stories of Dr. Fate and Dr. Mid-Nite. SOLD
96. VF+ Neal Adams cover. Adam Strange cameo. Bernie Krigstien art on Golden-Age Wildcat reprint story.  SOLD
97. F/VF 25 cent giant. Brand new 37 pg. story issue retelling the origin of the group. Adams cover  SOLD
98. VF- Another outstanding Neal Adams cover. Golden-Age Starman and Sargon the Sorceror stories.

99. VF- Last 25-cent giant issue. Golden-Age reprint stories of Sandman and The Atom.  SOLD
100. F+/VF 33 Golden-Age and Silver-Age heroes star in this 100th issue including the 1st meeting of the old and new Wonder Womans. SOLD
101. VF/VF+ Continues above Golden-Age JSA storyline. SOLD
102. F/VF JSA crossover. The Red Tornado dies. Good story. SOLD
103. F/VF Phantom Stranger joins the League.

104. VF- The Shaggy Man returns bigger and badder than ever. SOLD
105. F+ 6.5 Elongated Man joins the team.  $12.50
107. F+/VF 1st appearances in the Silver-Age of the Golden-Age Quality heroes in "Crisis on Earth X". SOLD
109. F+ The team battles Eclipso. Hawkman gets fed up and quits the group. SOLD
110. VF/NM 1st 100pg giant in the JLA run (110-116). New and old stories. SOLD
111. VF/NM Great classic stories from the Gold and Silver era. Neal Adams splash page. SOLD
112. VF/NM New JLA plus GA Starman and Seven Soldiers of Victory stories. SOLD
113. F/VF 100-page giant - always in demand and getting harder to find. Great issue. SOLD
114. VF/NM New JLA plus classic JLA/JSA reprint. SOLD
115. VF/NM More classic Golden-Age JSA stories plus new JLA. SOLD
116. NM- Last of the 100 pg giants. New and old stories. SOLD
117. VF-/VF Mike Grell cover. Hawkman rejoins the group. $10.00
118. VF Earth is being invaded - Where is the JLA? Hawkman and Red Tornando spotlight. $10.00
119. VF-/VF Conclusion to above. Good battle issue. $9.00
120. VF-/VF Adam Strange guest stars. Death of Alanna. The JLA on Rann. $9.00
121. VF Adam Strange/Alanna wedding issue. ( Guess she wasn't that dead after all!) $10.00
122. VF The death of Aquaman Dr. Light villian. $10.00
123. VF+ The JSA guest star. DC writers and artists draw themselves into the story. 1st named mention of Earth Prime. Neat story!

125. VF/NM Two-Face cover and story. SOLD
126. VF/NM Above story w/ Two-Face concludes. Joker cameo.

127. VF/NM 1st appearance of The Anarachy. SOLD
128. VF/NM Wonder Woman rejoins the Group. $12.50
129. VF/VF+ The death of the new Red Tornado. $11.00
130. VF/VF+ An alien villian almost wipes out the league in outer space. $11.00
131. VF/NM Aquaman spotlight as the team is beaten by a group of animals. $12.50
132. VF/NM Supergirl and Black Canery guest star in above story conclusion. $12.50
137. F/VF The classic Superman battles Captain Marvel issue. Fawcett Golden-age hereos issue.  SOLD
139. VF "Giant" format starts. 34 pages all new stories. Neal Adams cover. Adam Strange and Phantom Stranger guests. $12.00
140. VF+ 1st appearance of The Manhunter. SOLD
141. VF+ Origin of the Manhunters, told by the Guardians. This issue, and above #140 are very undervalues in guide. SOLD
142. VF/NM Another great issue. Spotlight on Atom. Elongated Man and Aquaman. $12.50
143. VF/NM Great cover and story - giant sized issue with Superman battling Wonder Woman ! SOLD
144. VF/NM This ones got more heroes than you can shake a stick at! Blackhawks, Plastic Man, origin of The Martain Manhunter, plus lots more. $12.50
145. VF- Phantom Stranger guests. The return of The Red Tornado! $9.00
146. NM- Great cover. Red Tornado spotlight issue. $15.00
147. VF+ The annual JLA/JSA team-up issue - this one stars The Legion of Super-Heroes also!

148. VF/NM Great cover. Conclusion to above issue.

149. VF Dr. Light returns to defeat the JLA. $10.00
150. VF/NM The Key returns. Check out President Jimmy Carter's role in this issue! $12.50
151. VF/NM Wonder Woman bondage cover. The team fights Prof. Fortune. $12.50
152. NM- Special Christmas issue. $15.00
153. NM- 1st appearance of Ultraa. The JLA visit the DC offices on Earth Prime and meet editor Julie Schwartz!! $15.00
154. NM- Great Mike Kaluta cover starts a good story with Doctor Destiny. $15.00
155. VF+/NM Full length giant issue with Red Tornado guest starring.  $12.00
156. VF/NM Another giant full length issue - "The Fiend with Five Faces". $12.50
157. VF/NM The Atom gets married. Last 34 page giant issue. Phantom Stranger and Supergirl guest star. SOLD
158. NM- Format now shifts to a 25 page story. Still considered "double" sized compared to regular issues. The Injustice Gang. $10.00
159. NM- Annual JLA / JSA meeting along with some surprise guest stars - part one of one of the teams most off-beat issues. SOLD
160. NM- JLA / JSA story - part two conclusion to above. Last of the 25 cent giants. SOLD
161. NM- Back to the regular 22 page format. Zatanna joins the team with her new costume. (Bring back the old one!) $7.50
162. NM The team fights The Creatures of Tomorrow today. $8.50
163. NM Anton Allegro villian. Zatanna guest stars. $8.50
164. NM- Zatara and Zatanna find Zatanna's mother. A magicial issue! $7.00
165. NM- The death of Zatanna's mother - conclusion to above storylines. $7.00
200. VF/VF+ 76 pg Anniversary issue with the JLA's origin retold. Nice art, good issue, SOLD