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1. VF- The origin and first appearance of Kamandi by Jack Kirby. SOLD
11. VF 8.0 Jack Kirby - say no more!  $15.00
15. VF 8.0 Jack Kirby story and art. The group look for The Watergate Tapes to trade for Kamandi's release from Mr. Sacker. Yellow Submarine Beatles reference.  $15.00
15. VF 8.0 Kirby bondage cover. As above - you pick!  $15.00
17. VF- 7.5 Jack Kirby story and art. Apes, Kamandi, and giant Gophers in Ohio. Again - a Jack Kirby story - say no more!  $12.00
18. VF/NM 9.0 Jack Kirby story and art. Kamandi uses a giant underground Worm to aid his fight against the Apes and help to Gophers. Kirby at his.........well, it's Kirby!  $22.50
20. VF 8.0 Jack Kirby story and art. Kamandi has to leave Chicago alone, or risk having The Electric Chair used against his friends.  $15.00
1-59 set VF avg. The complete set of all 59 issues of this Jack Kirby masterpiece story! Most books grade VF/NM, only a few VF-, overall a nice high grade set BARGIN priced at................ SOLD