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Laurel and Hardy

1. F/VF This is a one-shot from 1972. Very esoteric. One of the scarcest DC comics of the last 35 years, and a very neat item!  SOLD

Legion of Super-Heroes

set #1-4. VF/NM The complete 1973 mini-series in high grade. All Legion reprints, some new covers? #1 NM, #2 NM, #3 VF, and #4 NM. Bargin priced at only.......   SOLD
3. VF Single copy of above1973. set. 1st appearance The Computo the Conqueror classic reprint issue. $12.50
280. VF+ Nice George Perez cover. Superboy rejoins the team.  $7.50
294. NM- High grade WHITE copy. Darkseid saga. Keith Giffen. GREAT cover.  $20.00

Lois Lane

12. VG- Aquaman guest stars one story. Good early Silver-Age stuff.  $32.50
25. VG/F Small water stain. Lois and Superman get married. So what else is new? SOLD
28. F Superman meets the Lois of the future, who has super powers also. SOLD
35. VG/F Supergirl guest stars. "The Amazing Brain Machine!" cover/story. SOLD
43. F Superman guest stars in all three stories. SOLD
56. VG Nice art, as usual. Saturn Girl guests.  SOLD
80. VF Great cover: Lois rips the "Girl Friend" logo off the cover by Neal Adams. SOLD
84. VF Early, nice Neal Adams cover. Lois in jail. $25.00
88. F/VF Nice Neal Adams cover. Strong copy.  SOLD
93. F+/VF Wonder Woman teams-up with Superman. Neal Adams cover. SOLD
96. VF- Lois has a baby boy with Superman. SOLD
97. F/F+ Lori Lemaris, Luma Lynai, Lyla Lerrol, and Lois Lane. Leaping lizards!! SOLD
98. F/F+ Lois betrays Superman (again). SOLD
98. NM A real sharp copy of above. See Lois cut Superman's hair! SOLD
99. NM Batman cover and guest staring in new story. SOLD
100. F+ Milestone issue. Batman guests. 2-page history of Lois in the comics. SOLD
102. F+ Hot cover - The Death of Lois Lane!  SOLD
104. F 80-page giant G-75. Water stain. Classic stories with art by Wayne Boring and Kurt Schaffenberger. SOLD
104. VF/NM A sharp copy of above - scarce in this condition. SOLD
108. VF- Great Neal Adams "wedding" cover. Rose and the Thorn back-up. SOLD
110. VF-/VF Touching American Indian rights story. New Rose and Thorn back-up story. $20.00
111. F+ Justice League guests. Gray Morrow art on Rose and Thorn story. SOLD
112. F+ 25 cent giant. Rose and Thorn back-up by Dick Giordano. Plus old and new Lois stories. SOLD
113. F/F+ G-87. A hard to find copy in nice shape. Good stories. SOLD
113. VF/NM A sharp copy of above. New 2 pg GA Joe Kubert story printed for the 1st time. SOLD
114. VF/VF+ Great Lois/Thorn crossover cover and story! 2nd app. Dave Stevens (#106)  $30.00
116. F/VF Nice cover/art. Rose and Thorn story vs Poison Ivy! 25 cent giant issue. GA "Dr. Pat" story.  SOLD
117. VF/VF+ New Lois and Rose/Thorn stuff plus GA Lady Danger. Nice book.  $30.00
118. VF- New Lois and Rose/Thorn stories plus GA Dr. Pat.  SOLD
119. VF- More new Lois and Rose/Thorn stories plus GA Lady Danger.  SOLD
120. VF+ Lois Lane bondage cover - a classic! Thorn vs Thorn story. GA Lois story from Superman #29.  SOLD
121. VF Thorn/Superman cover. And is that prune Lois? Lois calls it quits with Superman.  $25.00
122. VF+ The ULTIMATE bondage cover! Thorn/Lois team-up story. GA Lois story from Superman #30.  $50.00
125. CGC 8.5 VF+ Sharp copy - bikers go after Lois. Rose and Thorn back-up. SOLD
131. F/VF Fun cover. Lois has a giant child - that must of hurt! 1st appearance Melba Manton. $15.00
135. CGC 8.0 VF Lois Bondage cover, as Superman rolls her to her death SOLD
136. VF/NM Next to last issue - scarce. Wonder Wonman guest stars.  $35.00
137. VF- Nice train cover. John Rosenberger art. If you are buying this copy, then check out Superboy #188 for it's "sister" cover! Last issue. $20.00

Lois Lane Annual

1. F+/VF Early classic reprints of Lois and her exploits with Superman. Great stuff - this is what the "Silver-Age" is all about!! SOLD
2. VG As below. Great art and stories!  SOLD
2. F+/VF More classic reprints of Lois and the entire Superman family. SOLD