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Madame Xanadu

1. NM+ Mike Kaluta wrap around cover plus 2 page centerfold. Beautiful art by Marshall Rogers and Brian Bolland. One of the early "Direct Sales Only" comics - very undervalued! SOLD

Many Lives of Dobie Gillis

7. VG-/VG .Nice cheesecake art. Count Dracula/Transylvania story.  $15.00

Metal Men

1. F+ One of my all time favorite stories - "Rain of the Missile Men!" SOLD
2. VG The team meets their match battling the "Robots of Terror!" SOLD
3. VG Another full-length classic story - "The Moons Invisible Army!" SOLD
4. VG Tin turns evil, but saves the day in the end. SOLD
5. VG Another classic with the team against "The Mammoth Robots!" SOLD
9. F Great story "The Robot Juggernaut!". $24.00
11. F+/VF An underwater robotic mine wants to marry Tina! It's going to be a wet wedding! SOLD
13. F/VF Great cover and story "Raid of the Skyscraper Robots!" 1st appearance of Nameless. SOLD
15. F/VF Famous Bolts and Nuts cover. SOLD
17. F/F+ Tina and Doc get married. $20.00
18. F+ The team fights a giant robot dinosaur. SOLD
22. F The Metal Men turn into humans. $15.00
23. VF Tina dies (again). SOLD
24. F+/VF The team fights a balloon man. Get me a pin! $20.00
25. VF-/VF Chemo Returns. $35.00
26. VF/VF+ Mod robots in bellbottoms! You've got to see it to believe it! SOLD
28. F+/VF The death of "Guess Who" again! SOLD
30. VF/VF+ Doc Magnus dies. Nice Gil Kane art. $37.50
31. F/F+ As below. $17.50
31. VF Gil Kane cover and story. $26.00
32. VF The Metal Men have "The Metal Womem Blues!" $32.50
33. F/F+ As below. $17.50
33. VF- The Metal Men become hunted renegades. $23.00
34. F- 5.5 Classic "Wanted - Dead Not Alive" cover. $15.00
36. F Great "Giant Clown" cover - very spooky! $15.00
37. F/VF The death of the Metal Men. Classic cover. SOLD
37. F/VF As above - about same shape - take your pick! $22.50
40. F/VF New direction for the team. Doc goes crazy. $18.00
40. F/F+ As above - nice copy - Death of Tina.... $17.50


5. F+ Two Metamorpho's are better than one! A short run DC title that is very under-rated. $22.50
7. F/VF "The Terror From Fahrenheit 5000!" $22.50
8. F/F+ 2 water spots on inside covers. Doc Dread. $15.00
10. F+ 1st appearance and origin of Element Girl. SOLD
11. F+ Aliens after Metamorpho. $17.50
11. VF+ 8.5 Very sharp copy of above, excellent OW pgs. $34.00
12. VF-/VF Robots cover. Sharp copy, nice cover gloss. $26.00
12. VF+ 8.5 Very sharp copy of above. $32.50
15. F/F+ Neat cover and offbeat story. $15.00
16. F/F+ Sapphire gets married. 2-page centerfold pin-up of Metamorpho and gang. $15.00
16. F+ Another copy - slightly nicer - as above.  SOLD
17. VF/NM 9.0 Jack Sparling cover and art. Last issue. $45.00

Mister Miracle

1. F/VF This was the coolest of the Kirby trilogly books. First appearance of Mister Miracle and Oberon. SOLD
2. VF 1st appearance Granny Goodness....and what a hag!! SOLD
3. VF/VF+ "Buy It! But Don't Swallow It! The Paranoid Pill!" Last 15 cent issue.  $30.00
5. VF-/VF 25 cent giant. New Kirby plus his 1940's Boy Commandos with Joe Simon.  $23.00
7. VF-/VF Another 25 cent giant w/ old and new Kirby stuff.  $23.00
8. VF-/VF 25 cent giant. Reprint of the 1st appearance and origin of The Boy Commandos by Jack Kirby.  $23.00
10. F/VF All Jack Kirby, as are all issues in this run (#1-18)  $12.00
10. VF-/VF A couple hairs better condition than above. Shades of Futurama Talking Heads!!  $14.00
11. F/VF As below. Sharp copy.  $12.00
11. VF- Great Cover. Doctor Bedlam and his Androids attack.  $13.00
12. VF- Scott battles Mystivac!  $13.00
12. VF/VF+ Real sharp copy of above.  $17.50
13. VF- Big Barda sheds her battle uniform and wears a dress!  $13.00
13. VF/NM Real sharp copy of above.  $21.00
14. F/VF As below. Nice copy.  $12.00
14. VF- 1st appearance Madame Evil Eyes. What an old bag!  $13.00
15. F+ As below. His origin also.  $10.00
15. VF-/VF 1st appearance Shilo Norman.  SOLD
16. VF- Wild story! Then again, most Kirby written stories are...  $13.00
16. VF/VF+ Real sharp copy of above. More on Shilo.  SOLD
17. F+ As below. Scott goes on vacation.  $10.00
17. NM Another wild story. Nice cover.  $25.00
18. F The wedding of Scott and Barda. Guest stars The New Gods and Darkseid.  $9.00
19. F+ As below - 1st new issue.  $5.00
19. VF 1st "new" issue of the title. Beautiful Marshall Rogers art. Highfather.  $7.00
20. F-/F More nice Rogers art and actual good stories.  $4.00
21. VF- Darkseid enters the picture. Rogers art.  $6.00
22. VF- Great cover, great art, great story, Great Scott!  $6.00
22. VF As above, slightly sharper. Darkseid arrives!  $7.00
23. VF/VF+ Michael Golden takes over the art chores - and just as nice! Rogers cover.  $7.50
24. VF/NM Rogers cover. Excellent art by M.Golden and Russ Heath! Meet the new Mr. Miracle.  $8.00
25. VF More nice Golden / Heath artwork.  $7.00

Mutt & Jeff

54. VG/F Classic one pagers by Bud Fisher.  $20.00

My Greatest Adventures

15. VG Vintage Jack Kirby story plus Rubin Moreira story. SOLD
31. VG/F 5.0 Bob Brown "Human Evolution" cover - George Roussos did the art. Alien story by Nick Cardy, and a Hercules story by Bill Ely.  $25.00
36. VG 4.0 Hot Bob Brown cover. Great Mort Meskin "Space Pirates" story. Other stories by George Roussos, and Howard Purcell.  $20.00
46. VG- Alien creatures and monsters! Nice Rubin Moreira artwork. $15.00
66. VG+/F Great Robot cover and story. $17.50
80. G/G+ 1st appearance and origin of The Doom Patrol. Solid, tight copy with nice pages.  SOLD
82. G/VG 3rd Doom Patrol. A tight, solid low grade copy.  SOLD

Mystery in Space

84. F/F+ Nice Adam Strange cover and story by Carmine Infantino. 2nd appearance of Dust Devil. Sid Greene back-up story. $35.00
96. F+ Space Ranger cover and story plus a new Adam Strange story. Scarcer issue. SOLD
97. VG/F A brand new Adam Strange story by Lee Elias, and a new Adam Strange tale by Bob Brown.  $12.50
97. F+/VF Sharp copy of above. $30.00
102. VG+/F Adam Strange new cover and story. Great Gil Kane back-up story. $12.50
105. VG/F Ultra the Multi-Alien cover and story. Nice Carmine Infantino cover. $15.00