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New Gods

2. F 2nd FULL appearance Darkseid, plus cover and story. SOLD
3. F/VF 1st appearance Black Racer. Last 15 cent issue. SOLD
8. VG/F 100% Jack Kirby art. New story plus Golden-Age Manhunter classic. SOLD
11. VF- Last Kirby issue. Big Darkseid story.  SOLD

New York World's Fair Comics

no#. 1939 VF As below. This is Flashback #12. Classic book, buy it for $30,000 less than current guide! SOLD
no# 1940. VF+ The Flashback special edition reprint #20 from 1976 that reprints the original $14,000 one shot World's Fair issue. Great issue with storys all happening at / around the '40 Worlds Fair. Superman cover and story by Jack Burnley, Batman / Robin cover and story by Jerry Robinson, Hourman by Bernard Bailey, and more. Buy the original, or get this now 25 year old b&w reprint! SOLD