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Phantom Stranger

3. NM+ Excellent Neal Adams cover. Classic reprints.  SOLD
4. VF 1st new look issue. Neal Adams cover and full-length story plus a 3 pg Murphy Anderson story.  SOLD
14. F- Outstanding Neal Adams "Swamp Thing" cover. Last 15 cent issue.  SOLD
15. VF Neal Adams cover. 25-cent giant issue with Alex Toth artwork. Superb copy. SOLD
16. F+/VF 25 cent giant. Adams cover. Jim Aparo art.  SOLD
17. VF 25 cent giant. Adams cover. New Aparo PS story plus some 50's classics.  SOLD
18. VF- Another 25 cent issue, another Adams cover. Nice Tony De Zuniga art. SOLD
19. F Last 25 cent giant, last Adams cover. Not last Jim Aparo art though. SOLD
20. VF- 1st 20 cent regular sized issue. Beautiful Aparo artwork. Dark Circle storyline begins.  SOLD
21. F-/F Just an outstanding Jim Aparo cover!  SOLD
23. F+/VF 1st Spawn of Frankenstein back-up by Mike Kaluta. Jim Aparo cover / Phantom Stranger story. SOLD
24. F+/VF Aparoart, plus 2nd Kaluta's "Frankenstein" feature. SOLD

Pizza Hut Collector's Editions

VF/NM This complete set of six DC comics came out in 1977 and are EXACT reprints of the originals with the exceptionof the insides and back covers, and the cover price. Included are Batman #122 and 123, Superman #97 and 113, and Wonder Woman #60 and 62. Set of six SOLD

Plastic Man

1. NM- 9.2 CGC slabbed. 1st Silver-Age Plastic Man appearance. Great Gil Kane cover and art. High-grade classic key issue. SOLD
2. NM The never-before told origin of Plastic Man, plus the 1st appearance of The Spider.  SOLD
3. NM/M Great cover. Wacky villians.  SOLD
4.F /F+ PM fights Dr. Dome's Dame of Doom. (Say that five times fast!). SOLD
5. VF/NM PM battles the Assassin.  SOLD
7. F+/VF This is an unrecognized key issue. The first Silver-Age appearances of the Golden-Age Plastic Man and Woozy Winks. Gorilla cover. SOLD
9. F/F+ Meet Joe, the Killer Pro! SOLD


1. F/F+ Basil Wolverton, Berni Wrightson, Sergio Aragones. This was a unique run of comics!  SOLD
22. F/VF Some of the scarcer DC giants of this time period (in this run - #'s 21-24). Great wacky gags. Art by Sergio Argones, Joe Orlando, and Wally Wood; among others.  SOLD
23. F/VF "Lord of the Rings" spin-off story by Wood. Basil Wolverton pin-up.  SOLD
24. F/VF Last issue. Argones "comic book" story called "The Legend of Comic Book McFiend" - Great!!  SOLD


1. VF+ One of the stranger DC comics to come out of the 1970's. Origin issue. Joe Simon scripts. Read about the 1st teen-age President of the U.S.A.! No thanks!  SOLD