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1-5. set F+/VF avg. Complete set of 5 issues with Ragman's 1st appearance and origin. Some nice Joe Kubert covers. Issue #4 is the "drug" issue. SOLD

Real Screen Comics

40. VG/VG+ Featuring The Fox and The Crow. SOLD

Relatos Fabulosos

74. F-/F A Mexican Aquaman comic from 1965, so I guess you can call this a "Silver-Age" book. Aqualad and Mera also. SOLD

Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter

1-18 set VF+ avg. A complete set of all 18 issues in high grade. I didn't even know this title ran that long till I bought the set!! Nice art, key issues include #1 with Dragon's 1st app and intro, #5 with the 1st app of Lady Shiva, and #14 with a Bruce Lee story. Bargin priced at only........  SOLD

Rima, The Jungle Girl

2. VF- Nice black Joe Kubert cover. Beautiful Nestor Redondo art. A short, but underated 1970's series.   SOLD

Rip Hunter...Time Master

1. F- Nice sound copy of this underated DC second string series. Classic Dinosaur cover. You will be pleased with this nice mid-grade copy. SOLD
21. F Helen of Troy and Cleopatra cover. SOLD
23. F George Washington cover and story. SOLD
26. VG/F The team meets Galileo. Lots of "history" in these RH issues. SOLD