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Saga of the Swamp Thing

20. NM/M First Alan Moore Swamp Thing. A perfect condition copy that should get a CGC 10 rating!  SOLD
21. NM Alan Moore's new origin. What a story! SOLD
22. NM Steve Bissette and John Totleben art on all these Swamp Things (#20 up).  SOLD
22. NM+ Another copy. SUPER High Grade book. BONE white pages.  $25.00
23. NM/M Great story, great art, great condition, Great Scott!!  SOLD
23. NM/M Another copy. SUPER High Grade book. BONE white pages.  $25.00
25. NM/M One panel cameo of John Constantine? (Hellblazer).  SOLD
26. NM/M Another great Moore/Bissette/Totleben story. SUPER High Grade book. BONE white pages.   SOLD
27. NM/M The Demon guest stars. SUPER High Grade book. BONE white pages.   SOLD
28. NM+ Swamp Thing meets Swamp Thing. Shawn McManus art. SUPER High Grade book. BONE white pages.   SOLD
29. NM/M Creepy story!  SOLD
29. NM/M As good as it gets! SUPER High Grade book. BONE white pages.   SOLD
30. NM/M The DEATH of Abby. SUPER High Grade book. BONE white pages.  $35.00
37. VF+/NM- KEY issue with the FIRST FULL appearance of John Constantine. This is a SIGNED copy by Alan Moore on the splash page. Alan Moore signed copies are as RARE as hen's teeth! BONE white pages.  GONE!
38. NM/M 2nd Constantine issue. Great art, great story. This one also is signed on the splash page by Alan Moore.  SOLD
39. NM+ Storyline continues with the 3rd John Constatine. SIGNED by Alan Moore.  SOLD
40. NM Conclusion to above storyline. Also SIGNED by Alan Moore.  SOLD


1. VF+/NM Brand new Joe Simon/Jack Kirby Bronze-Age classic.  SOLD


1. NM/M 1st issue of this award winning series. Nice, unread high grade copy.  SOLD
1-8. NM/M 1989 series. One of the best runs in the last twenty years. Introductions and 1st appearances of Sandman and Sister Death.  SOLD

Sea Devils

1. VG/F Beautiful Russ Heath wash tone cover and interior art. 1st appearance of Octopus Man. A very sound, collectible copy that guarantees to please! SOLD
7. VG/F WOW - what a great Heath cover. Also great story and art. SOLD
12. F Another great Heath cover. Interior art by Irv Novick. Good story. SOLD
19. VF- Classic full length tale in which two of the team's brains get transplanted into robots!   SOLD
27. F/VF Nice Russ Heath wash cover. SOLD

Secret Hearts

153. F/VF 7.0 Scarce last issue of this long running (22 years) series. Beautiful art by Jack Katz w/ Vince Colletta on the cover featured good story. Also a story by John Romita w/ Bernard Sachs. SOLD


Secret Origins

1. NM- Origins of Golden-Age Superman, Batman, and Flash, plus a Joe Kubert Golden-Age Hawkman/Hawkgirl story.  SOLD
7. VF+/NM Last issue. Reprints two blockbusters: the origin of Robin from Detective #38, and the origin of Aquaman from More Fun #73. SOLD

Secret Origins 80pg Giant

1. F+ 1961. A sharp, no problems copy of the BEST DC 80pg Giant done!! Origins Adam Strange, Wonder Woman, Martain Manhunter, and the Bat/Sup team-up, among other. SOLD

Secret Six

1. VF Sharp copy. Origin and 1st appearance of group.  SOLD
1. VF/NM .A cherry - CGC this one!  SOLD
2. F Nick Cardy cover, good story and art.  SOLD

Secret Society of Super-Villains

9. F+ 6.5 Cool series, cool book, lots of guest stars, did I mention that this was a cool book?  SOLD

Secrets of Sinister House

5. VG/F "1st" issue. 25 cent giant with a all new 36 pg story. Not a common issue.   SOLD

Sgt. Rock

302. VF+/NM This is the "#1" issue of Rock in his own book. Kubert cover. Very high grade copy.  SOLD
303. VF 2nd Rock issue. Kubert cover/story. Part I of II with below #304.  SOLD
304. F+/VF Conclusion to the Anzio Bloodbath story with above issue. Kubert.  SOLD
305. VF- Nice Kubert tank cover plus classic story.  SOLD
317. F+ An unrecognized classic. Golden-Age comic cover and story! Pictured throughout the story are copies of Action #44, Wonder Woman #1, All Flash #1, Green Lantern #4, Detective #70, and more.  SOLD
318. VF- Kubert cover and time travel story with dinosaurs and cavemen. Very "Tor"ish.  SOLD
319. VF- Kubert cover , nice Frank Redondo art.  SOLD
392. VF- Sgt. Rock quits and leaves for home. Kubert cover , nice Frank Redondo art.  SOLD
400. VF Superman Comics #1 being read by a GI in the 2nd story - cover and art shown! Unlisted as such in guide.  SOLD
408. NM- A special tribute issue to Shelly Mayer. Unlisted in guide.  $10.00
417. VF/NM The Marriage of Sgt. Rock! SOLD
422. NM- 1st ever team-up of all three Kuberts! Final issues of this long running series!  $20.00

Shade the Changing Man

1. F/VF As below. Sharp copy.   SOLD
1. VF/NM 1st appearance Shade. Steve Ditko cover and story. Neat book.  SOLD


1. VF+ Beautiful Mike Kaluta cover and story. This modern run is a classic!  SOLD
2. VF Super Kaluta cover, great Denny O'Neil / Kaluta story.  SOLD
3. VF+ Berni Wrightson helps his buddy Mike Kaluta out on the art for a super issue. SOLD
3. VF/NM Probably a hair better shape than above issue.  SOLD
4. NM Mike Kaluta at his best! You owe it to yourself to have this run.  SOLD
6. VF/NM The last Mike Kaluta issue. "Night of the Ninja".  SOLD


1. VF At one time, these were plentiful. Now try finding high-grade copies. All new, C.C. Beck cover / story.  SOLD
2. VF Photo infinity cover. A couple of brand new stories plus a classic, all by C.C. Beck. Re-intro of Mr. Mind and Tawny. SOLD
4. VF/NM Cool cover. Origin retold of the Big Red Cheese. SOLD
5. VF/VF+ Nice Mac Raboy art on the origin retold story of Capt. Marvel Jr. SOLD
6. VF Photo infinity cover. New CC Beck story plus a GA classic by Kurt Schaffenberger. SOLD
9. NM- 1st new Capt. Marvel Jr. story by Dave Cockrum since the Golden-Age. SOLD
10. VF-/VF As below - sharp book.  SOLD
10. NM- Last C.C. Beck issue. 1st brand new Mary Marvel story since the Golden-Age SOLD
11. VF/NM Brand new Marvel Family story w/ outstanding art by Kurt Schaffenberger. SOLD
12. F+ 100 page giant. A couple brand new stories, plus classic reprints. SOLD
25. VF KEY 1st appearance of Isis by Denny O'Neil and Dick Giordiano. Nice Kurt Schaffenberger cover. Underated issue. SOLD
28. VF/VF+ 1st Silver-Age appearance of Black Adam. Excellent copy!  SOLD
34. VF/NM Nice high grade copy of these underated later "new" Shazam issues. Nice Al Weiss art. Origin of Capt. Marvel Jr. retold. Also origin of Capt. Nazi revealed.  SOLD


30. G/VG 1st Silver-Age Aquaman try-out issue. Origin retold. Great cover, good story. SOLD
31. VG+ Cover colors still vivid, nice pages. Prehistoric fish attack Aquaman. SOLD
32. F Clean, tight, sound, good colors and pages. My favorite cover in this early Showcase run. Good story, also. SOLD
33. VG- Aquaman and Aqualad on an alien underwater world. Scarcer issue of this early Showcase run. SOLD
37. VG-/VG The 1st appearance and introduction of the Metal Men - one of my favorite groups. The team saves humankind, but dies (for the 1st of many times) in the process. SOLD
38. VG/VG+ 2nd appearance of Metal Men. Doc Magnus brings the Metal Men back from the dead to fight "The Nightmare Menace!". SOLD
39. F 3rd Metal Men. Great story with origin and 1st appearance of arch-rival Chemo. Autographed by artist Mike Esposito. SOLD
40. VG+/F Chemo back. The team dies for the 2nd time. Great Metal Men story. SOLD
46. VG+/F Tommy Tomorrow, 4th appearance. SOLD
49. F+ Full length Cave Carson cover/story. SOLD
50. F/F+ I-Spy. Brand new King Farady story plus classic reprint. SOLD
51. F/F+ I-Spy. Tough issue! SOLD
52. VF- Nice cover and full length Cave Carson story. SOLD
59. VG/F The 3rd appearance and story for the original Teen Titans. SOLD
60. G/VG A solid copy of a key character - the 1st Silver Age appearance of the Spectre. Great Murphy Anderson cover and story. Origin of the Spectre retold in a one-page text feature. SOLD
61. F- 2nd Silver-Age appearance Spectre w/ Murphy Anderson cover and art.  SOLD
62. VG/VG+ 1st appearance and origin issue of the Inferior Five by Joe Orlando. SOLD
64. VG/F Spectre fights his most powerful villain - "The Ghost of Ace Chance!" SOLD
65. F/F+ Inferior Five - this issue parodies the X-Men. SOLD
66. F/F+ 1st B'wana Beast. Why, I ask!  SOLD
72. F+ Top Gun - Johnny Thunder and The Tigger Twins western reprints. Toth and Kubert art. Nice copy. SOLD
74. F/VF 1st Anthro. Howie Post. Good series.  SOLD
75. F 1st appearance and origin of The Hawk and the Dove. Another 100% Ditko classic! SOLD
76. F 1st Bat Lash. Nick Cardy. Nice copy, upper cover tear.  SOLD
78. F 1st appearance of Johnny Double. Sharp, clean copy. SOLD
82. F/F+ 1st appearance of Nightmaster. Joe Kubert cover. SOLD
84. VG+ Very good Bernie Wrightson and crew art. Joe Kubert cover. Nightmaster. SOLD
86. F+ Firehair - nice Joe Kubert cover and art. SOLD
86. VF As above - very sharp copy. SOLD
87. F/VF Firehair full length story by Kubert. Quite good. SOLD
88. F/F+ Jason's Quest - 1st appearance?? A boy...his bike...his search... SOLD
91. F- 2nd Manhunter 2070 S/F try-out series. SOLD
92. VG/F Origin of Manhunter 2070. SOLD
93. F+ Manhunter 2070 "Never Trust A Red-Haired Greenie". SOLD


1. F Spectre's 1st issue of his regular series. Murphy Anderson cover/story. SOLD
4. F A very nice copy with the top cover staple loose. Neal Adams cover and classic story. SOLD
7. F/F+ Nice Golden-Age Hourman story. SOLD


1. NM/M 1985 give-away in celebration of the 50th anniversary of DC Comics. Interviews, articles, and art samples of DC's 1985 output, including a three-page Crisis on Infinite Earths preview and a one-page Watchman preview. Personally autographed by Julie Schwartz, Jack Kirby, Marv Wolfman, Len Wein, Mike Barr, Klaua Janson, and Paul Levitz.  GONE!

Star Spangled War Stories

123. VF/NM 9.0
CGC slabbed. One of the classic dinosaur cover issues. High-grade copy. SOLD

124. VF/NM 9.0
CGC slabbed. Classic dinosaur cover. High-grade copy. Joe Kubert cover. SOLD

128. VF/NM 9.0
CGC slabbed. Another classic dinosaur cover. High-grade copy. SOLD
131. VF Russ Heath "Bird Man" Dinosaur cover and story. Good stuff! Sharp copy.  SOLD
135. F Russ Heath dinosaur cover and story. SOLD
137. VF As below, raw copy. Sharp.  SOLD
137. NM- 9.2 CGC slabbed. Last dinosaur issue. Joe Kubert story. High-grade copy. SOLD
138. F/F+ Joe Kubert's "Enemy Ace" starts this issue as a regular series. Classic cover - sharp copy. SOLD
138. F Early Enemy Ace - 1st in this title (ran to #150). Beautiful Joe Kubert cover and full 23 page story. SOLD
140. NM+ Joe Kubert's Enemy Ace cover/story. Great high-grade copy.  SOLD
141. VF- Fantastic Joe Kubert Enemy Ace cover and great full-length story. Nice copy. SOLD
147. VF+ New full-lenght Kubert Enemy Ace story and cover. Very sharp copy.  SOLD
149. VF-/VF 100% Kubert w/ new Enemy Ace and old Viking Prince stories. High grade.  SOLD
150. VF Last new Enemy Ace by Kubert, plus old Viking Prince reprint story. Sharp copy.  SOLD
151. F-/F 1st solo Unknown Soldier appearance (and origin?). Enemy Ace story. 100% Joe Kubert cover and art.  SOLD
151. VF 8.0 1st solo cover and appearance of The Unknown Soldier  - Joe Kubert cover and story. Enemy Ace back-up reprints begin - also Kubert.  SOLD
156. F/VF Classic Hitler cover and story! 1st Battle Album story.  SOLD
157. PGX 7.5 As below. Graded copy. Label SOLD
157. VF/VF+ Sgt. Rock crossover in The Unknown Soldier story by Joe Kubert.  SOLD
165. VF 8.0 Nice Kubert cover, good Unknown Soldier story.  SOLD
177. VF Outstanding Unknown Soldier cover by Ken Barr.  SOLD
178. VF Kubert Cover. Unknown Soldier story by Jack Sparling.  SOLD

Steel, the Indestructible Man

1-5 set. VF avg. A complete set of all 5 issues from 1978. This is the character from the 1940's, not the bogus Superman rip-off! Bargin priced at......  SOLD

Strange Adventures

145. VG Nice Murphy Anderson cover and inside one story "The Man Who Lived Forever!", plus other tales. SOLD
147. VG/F Great Atomic Knights story by Murphy Anderson. Cool cover. Nice Infantino story also. SOLD
154. VG+/F Nice Carmine Infantino "Space Museum" story. SOLD
157. VG/F Cool Murphy Anderson cover. Carmine Infantino "Space Museum" story. SOLD
165. F-/F Three wacky stories with aliens, insect-men, and supernatural swamp-things. SOLD
169. VG Neat robot cover and story. SOLD
170. F Classic Infinity cover. This actual issue is used in the comics lead story. SOLD
171. F+ Norse gods story with Thor and Odin plus "The Amazing Alien Frame-Up!". SOLD
172. F Three more tales of "Strange Adventures". SOLD
174. F Excellent, classic Gil Kane story - "The Ten Ton Man!" SOLD
175. F Shrinking towns and a giant invader. SOLD
185. F- Classic Gil Kane "Star Hawkins" story. SOLD
186. VF+/NM A great Gil Kane story called "The Man With The Computer Brain!" SOLD
187. F- 1st appearance and origin of the Enchantress. SOLD
192. F+/VF "The Living Scarecrows". SOLD
194. F/F+ Nice black cover. Three "strange" adventures. SOLD
196. F+ 2 micro color touch-up dots on spine. "The Man With The Computer Eyes!". Nice cover. SOLD
198. F/VF Immortal Man cover and story. SOLD
199. VF- American Indian totem pole story plus a Camelot story where the knights are robots. SOLD
199. VF-/VF A hair or two nicer than above. SOLD
203. F 2nd "Split-Man" story. SOLD
212. F Neal Adams "Deadman" cover and story. SOLD
214. VF/VF+ 100% Neal Adams cover and art. Sharp copy.  SOLD
215. F/F+ Neal the man Adams with some more of his great Deadman stuff.  SOLD
217. F New Neal Adams cover. Reprints 1st appearance and origin Adam Strange from Showcase #17. Atomic Knights reprints start. Undervalued book! SOLD
218. F/F+ Last 12-cent issue. A classic, brand new Adam Strange cover by Neal Adams. Early Adam Strange reprint from Showcase comics. SOLD
220. F/F+ Brand new Joe Kubert "Adam Strange" cover plus Silver-Age reprint. Murphy Anderson "Atomic Knights" story. SOLD
221. VF/NM Fantasic brand new Murphy Anderson "Adam Strange" cover. Atomic Knights and Adam Strange classic reprints. SOLD
222. NM Brand new Gil Kane/Murphy Anderson Adam Strange cover/story. An under-valued gem.  SOLD
223. F+/VF Excellent Murphy Anderson Atomic Knights new cover and reprint story. Adam Strange, plus great SF story by Gardner Fox, Irwin Hasen and Joe Giella!! SOLD
225. F Great new Joe Kubert cover. Last 15 cent issue. Classic reprints Adam Strange and Atomic Knights. SOLD
226. F/VF Famous Atom Bomb cover. 68pg giant. Classic reprints, good issue. Brand new Adam Strange story. SOLD
227. VF+ 64 pg giant issue. Nice issue. Beautiful Neal Adams wash cover. Classic DC S/F stuff. SOLD
235. F+ Reprints the classic Adam Strange/JLA team-up story from Mystery in Space #75. Brand new JLA cover. SOLD
236. VF- Last 25 cent giant issue. New Murphy Anderson cover. Adam Strange + other SF reprints. SOLD
237. F-/F Looks like a Neal Adams cover to me. Adam Strange reprints. SOLD
238. VF Mike Kaluta cover. Adam Strange + 2 other 50's SF classics. SOLD

Strange Sports Stories

1. VF Two brand new "Strange Sports Stories" for sure - one with The Devil playing Baseball (The Mets need this guy!). Art on both by Curt Swan. SOLD
2. F/VF All new three stories - check out the cover for more info. Nice art, neat series! SOLD

Sugar and Spike

72. VF/NM One of my all-time favorite titles - everyone should own at least one issue of this run. Origin and 1st appearance of Bernie the Brain. Sharp copy.  SOLD
77. F 6.0 Bernie The Brain story - his 2nd appearance. Classic Sheldon Mayer!  2 page "Pint-Size Pin-Ups." and 1/2 page "Create you own Comic Strip" feature. Very clean copy. SOLD
86. F/VF One of my favorite titles. Nice copy. Bernie the Brain. SOLD


55. G/G+ Coupon cut out of ad page. Spanking cover. Jimmy Olsen meets Superboy. SOLD
79. VG- A krypton story with Jor-El, Lara, and baby Kal-El. SOLD
88. VG/F Nice cover with cool red alien creatures watching Superboy invading their world.  SOLD
90. VG/F Lana Lang's time trap for Lois Lane. Pete Ross learns Clarks secret ID. SOLD
91. F Superboy fights in the Civil War. SOLD
94. F+ Nice copy. Pete Ross becomes Superboy, with the 1st appearance of the Superboy Revenge Squad.  SOLD
101. F/F+ Red Kryptonite Krypto story. A sharp copy.  SOLD
104. VG/F .Origin of The Phantom Zone. Curt Swan cover and art.  SOLD
106. F Brainiac meets Superboy before he arrives on Earth, plus a Pete Ross as Superboy story.  SOLD
109. F-/F Green Kryptonite/Krypto cover/story. SOLD
115. VG/F Nice Curt Swan "The Atomic Superboy" cover. SOLD
125. F Krypto story. Legion cameo. Kid Psycho. SOLD
127. VG Insect Queen returns, plus the 1st appearance of Bee-Boy. SOLD
128. VG/F The Kryptonite Kid sends Superboy and Krypto into the Phantom Zone. SOLD
132. VG/F 1st appearance Supremo, and the 2nd appearance of The Dog Legionnaires! SOLD
135. F Mechano-Master returns plus "When Lana Lang First Suspected Clark Kent!" SOLD
136. F/F+ A solo Krypto story plus Superboy visits the 50th century. SOLD
137. F/VF Clark Kent goes blind, and there's a new Superboy in town. SOLD
139. F Smallville kicks Superboy out of town. SOLD
141. F Ron-Avon is back. SOLD
142. VG/VG+ Beppo, the Super-Monkey cover and story. SOLD
143. VF Super Neal Adams cover - forget the rest of the book - this cover rocks! $45.00
144. F/F+ Full length story where Superboy loses his identity. SOLD
145. VG/F 5.0 Neal Adams cover. One old and one new Superboy story. SOLD
146. VG/F 5.0 Excellent Neal Adams cover of Superboy with Krypto. 3pg feature "The Superboy Legend". SOLD
149. F 6.0 Neal Adams Bonnie and Clyde cover. SOLD
150. F/VF Nice Neal Adams cover. Full length Superboy story. SOLD
152. F Great Neal Adams cover. Wally Wood inks on full length story (1st work on Superboy). SOLD
153. F+/VF Neal Adams cover and nice Wally Wood art. SOLD
157. F Last 12 cent issue. Neal Adams covers. Wally Wood inks over Bob Brown pencils. SOLD
161. F Nice Neal Adams cover. Superboy Quits! Bob Brown/Wally Wood art. SOLD
162. F/VF 7.0 Nice Curt Swan cover. Full length "The Super-Phantom (Zone) of Smallville" 24pg story with Krypto. 1st appearance Cha-Mel. SOLD
165. F/F+ (G-71) A scarce 80-pp giant. 1st Krypto reprint plus others. SOLD
168. F/VF Great Neal Adams cover that's well worth the price alone! SOLD
171. F/VF 1st appearance Aquaboy with a cool fishing cover. SOLD
173. VF- Neal Adams cover. New Superboy story plus Cosmic Boy Legion spotlight story. SOLD
174. VF- (G-83) Another scarcer giant issue. A super collection of super animals. SOLD
180. VF/VF+ 25 cent "giant" with old and new stories. Sharp copy. SOLD
181. F/VF Another "giant". Great Bob Brown w/ Murphy Anderson art. SOLD
182. F/VF All new origin of the teen-age Bat/Sup team. SOLD
184. F 6.0 As below. Nice copy. SOLD
184. VF- 25 cent giant. New Superboy and a new Legion story by Murphy Anderson. Origin of "Dial H For Hero" reprint. SOLD
185. F-/F DC 100 page Super Spectular DC-12. A very nice mix of Golden and Silver-Age tales of Superboy and friends. SOLD
186. F++ 25 cent giant. Two new Superboy stories plus "Dial H for Hero" reprint. SOLD
187. F/F+ A hair or two less than below - still a strong, sharp copy. SOLD
187. VF Last 25 cent giant.A brand new untold tale of Superbaby. Plus other old and new. SOLD
188. VF- Nice train cover (see Lois Lane #137 for "sister" cover). New Legion story by Dave Cockrum and Murphy Anderson. SOLD
189. F+ The "death" of Jonathan Kent. Great Hanging cover! SOLD
197. VF- 1st brand new Legion story with Superboy by Dave Cockrum. SOLD
198. VF- Full-length Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes story. Autographed by artist Dave Cockrum.  SOLD
199. VF-/VF Another new Superboy with the Legion story. SOLD
200. VF The wedding of Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel. That lucky guy!  SOLD
202. F/F+ 100 page giant. 1st professional artwork by Mike Grell. Nice Dave Cockrum Legion story. SOLD
204. F Two new Legion stories by Mike Grell. Supergirl quits the team. SOLD
205. F The 2nd of two 100 pg giants for this title. Early Mike Grell Legion story all new plus two Silver-age classics.  SOLD
206. F/VF Ferro Lad and Invisable Kid back. Two beautiful Grell stories.  SOLD
208. F/VF A tough one to find at all. 68 pg giant w/ a brand new Grell Legion story plus two reprints.  SOLD
209. F/VF Two Grell stories. Karate Kid gets a new costume.  SOLD
212. F/VF Shadow Lass spotlight story. Matter-Eater Lad quits. Fine Grell art with Jim Shooter story.  SOLD
218. F/VF Tyroc joins the group. Grell cover/story.  SOLD
221. NM- Very nice Mike Grell cover and story. Jim Shooter writer. Legion of Super-Heroes. SOLD
224. VF/NM Legion. Stargrave and Brainiac 5 on a rampage. Grell and Shooter. Nice story and art. SOLD
225. VF/VF+ 1st James Sherman art on Legion. Back-up story by Mike Nasser. Nice! Wildfire new leader. SOLD
229. VF Mike Grell Legion cover. Superboy and Mon-el.  SOLD
233. VF- 60 cent giant. Two full stories. Grell cover, Sherman and Nasser stories.  SOLD
237. VF-/VF Full length 34 page story by Walt Simonson. 1st appearance Arma Getten.  SOLD
238. VF-/VF Jim Starlin wraparound cover - worth the price of the issue alone! Good thing, cause the insides are all reprints.  SOLD
239. VF+ Grell cover plus new 34 page story by JimStarlin and Joe Rubinstein. Ultra Boy spotlight.  SOLD
243. VF+ Grell cover. Legion of Substitute Heroes spotlight. Good story. SOLD
244. NM- Nice Sherman/Rubinstein cover. Full 25 page story. Mordru - good story - nice copy. SOLD
245. NM- The return of Mordru. Very nice Joe Staton with Murphy Anderson art. Nice copy.  SOLD
248. VF+ Shadow Lass on her death bed. Mon-el and Sun Boy duke it out!  SOLD
252. NM- Dick Giordano cover, Joe Staton art. Dream Girl spotlight issue.  SOLD

Superboy Annual

1. VF- Great classic reprints including the Origin of Krypto. SOLD

Super DC Giant

19. F+/VF- Jerry Lewis issue. Very scarce. Besides the two Love issues, this is the next toughest issue to find in the run. Neal Adams one page pin-up. SOLD
20. F-/F House of Mystery. Adams cover, Kirby reprints. SOLD
24. VF- .As below, very sharp - you pick.  SOLD
24. VF/VF+ An all Supergirl giant issue. Supergirl's new costumes. Very nice copy.  $35.00
25. F .Challengers of the Unknown. Wally Wood with Jack Kirby artwork. SOLD
26. F-/F Aquaman. This one doesn't show up that often. Reprints 1st S.A. Aquaman story. SOLD
27. VF/VF+ My favorite issue in the run - "Strange Flying Saucers Adventures". Very esoteric! Last issue. SOLD

Super Friends

1. F+ Introduction and 1st appearance of the group. This is NOT an easy book to find.  SOLD


1. VF Nice copy of the 1st Supergirl in her own book. All new, nice Zatanna back-up story. SOLD
5. F+ All new Supergirl story, plus reprint of Zatanna's origin. SOLD
7. NM/M 1st meeting of Supergirl and Zatanna.  SOLD
8. VF+ JLA cameo cover and story. Check out Supergirl's crazy new hairdo!  SOLD
9. F+/VF Supergirl goes to live on Paradise Island as an Amazon.  SOLD
10. F+/VF Last issue - thank goodness! I mean - I love Supergirl but this series wasn't the best - to say the least. Prez guest. SOLD


130. VG/F 1st meeting of Krypto the Superdog and Superman. Classic Wayne Boring story. Early Supergirl cameo.  SOLD
138. F Early Titano the Super-Ape story and cover (2nd appearance?). Classic Wayne Boring art. Early Lori Lemaris story.  SOLD
158. F+ One of the many classics in the run: this one contains the 1st appearances of Nightwing and Flamebird of Kandor.  SOLD
164. F- The Curt Swan classic "Showdown Between Luthor and Superman!" Man to man under the red sun!  SOLD
165. F+ Good Red Kryptonite story with a new romance for Superman. Nice cover.  SOLD
167. VG/F Another full length Curt Swan classic "The Team of Luthor and Brainiac!"  SOLD
168. F Good full length Lex Luthor story. First Red Sun planet issue. One page President Kennedy memoriam.  SOLD
170. F Special JFK/Superman story, plus a Lex Luther imaginary novel story.  SOLD
171. VG/F Second Red Sun story, plus a Mr. Mxyzptlk classic.  SOLD
175. VG/F A great full length imaginary classic featuring Lex Luther as Clark Kent's brother.  SOLD
175. F- A hair of two sharper than above.  SOLD
176. F/F+ Legion of Super-Pets with Green Kryptonite story.  SOLD
178. VF/NM The Day Superman Lost His Memory. Super white copy with 2 tiny black color touch-up dots on spine.  SOLD
179. F-/F Gold Kryptonite story. Good stuff!  SOLD
182. NM- Cool Toy Man cover and story - KEY 1st Silver Age appearance. Super white copy with possible 1 tiny black color touch-up dot on spine.  SOLD
184. F+ 3rd Superman on the Red Sun planet. Two-page Fortress of Solitude secrets centerfold.  SOLD
185. F+/VF Superman's Achilles Heel!  SOLD
186. F+/VF The Ghost of Superman. Plus, a cameo appearance by Batman.  SOLD
189. VF Classic full length Wayne Boring art. The origin and destruction of Krypton II. SOLD
190. VF/VF+ Great full length Wayne Boring story, with Superman battling the four Elements. Very sharp copy.  SOLD
191. F Curt Swan cover. Full length story "The Prisoner of Demon!"  SOLD
194. F+/VF The Death of Lois Lane. Lex Luther.  SOLD
195. VG+ Classic Wayne Boring story plus guest stars Supergirl and Krypto. SOLD
197. F Eighty page giant G-36. All Clark Kent issue. Excellent off-white pages. SOLD
200. VG+ Full length Wayne Boring classic. Curt Swan cover. Milestone 200th issue.

201. F/VF Nice Curt Swan cover and Leo story - Superman quits! SOLD
203. F+ Cool cover. Three Superman tales including the cover featured "When Superman Killed His Friends!"  SOLD
204. F/F+ One of the 1st Neal Adams covers on this title. The letters "LL" mean trouble for Supes.  SOLD
205. F+/VF Neal Adams cover. Full length story "The Man Who Destroyed Krypton!"  SOLD
206. F/VF Adams cover. New tale, plus a classic Mr. Mxyzptlk story.  SOLD
208. F/F+ Adams cover. New tale, plus a classic story by Wayne Boring.  SOLD
209. F New tale, plus a classic story by Curt Swan.  SOLD
210. F-/F Nice Adams cover. Full length "Clark Kent's Phoney Death!"  SOLD
211. F+/VF Two stories. SOLD
213. VF- Excellent Adams cover. Lex Luthor story. Krypto and Supergirl too. SOLD
214. F/VF Two stories - one old and one new. SOLD
216. F- Joe Kubert cover. Superman joins the army and fights in the Vietnam war! SOLD
217. VF/VF+ (G-60) Great, scarcer 80pp giant issue. A collection of "firsts" including the 1st Supergirl, Lori the Mermaid, Brainiac, and Metallo.  SOLD
221. F+/VF Great "Heavy" cover and story. Nice one page pin-up of The Superman Family by Curt Swan. SOLD
224. F/VF A minor uncredited key which has the 1st "Superman Album" back-up which includes reprints of part of Superman's origin, and cover reprints of Superman 1, Superboy 1, Jimmy Olsen 1, Lois Lane 1, and Superman Annual 1. SOLD
225. F Nice 2 page text feature on "The Superman Legend" SOLD
226. F-/F Red Krypyonite turns Superman into a giant human King Kong. SOLD
228. F+/VF Superman's costume up for auction. Did someone say "ebay?" SOLD
229. F- Nice Curt Swan cover. Two stories. Supergirl guests. Nice Wayne Boring classic. SOLD
230. F Full length imaginary story with Clark and Lex switching roles. SOLD
231. VG/F Great Neal Adams cover. Concludes above story. SOLD
234. VF Great Neal Adams cover. 2nd "new" Superman issue. Classic Curt Swan art. SOLD
235. F/F+ GREAT Swan/Anderson art on these "new" Superman stories. SOLD
236. F+ Adams cover. Green Arrow and Black Canary cameos. SOLD
237. F/VF Adams cover. Superman vs Evil Superman. SOLD
238. F Another Adams cover. "New" Supes continues. Nice "World of Krypton" back-up story. SOLD
239. F/VF (G-84) Great issue featuring Superman's greatest battles. Classic stories and art.  SOLD
240. F Yet another Adams cover. Mike Kaluta "Krypton" back-up story. SOLD
243. F/F+ 25 cent giant. Neal Adams cover - and no, that's not Lois! 1st Atomic Bomb story in comics! SOLD
244. VF- Nice 25 cent giant issue with two Superman stories, and a classic Murphy Anderson Captain Comet story.  SOLD
247. VF- 1st "Private Life of Clark Kent" feature. Good Superman story with The Guardians of the Universe guest stars.  SOLD
249. VG/F 1st appearance and origin of Terra-Man by Neal Adams, cover also. 25-cent "giant" issue. SOLD
250. F/F+ Great Neal Adams cover. 25 cent giant. Old and new stories. SOLD
251. F-/F Nice 25 cent issue with new stories and one GA classic. SOLD
253. F- 25 cent giant. Classic old and new stories. SOLD
254. VF Beautiful Swanderson art on a touching story. Nice Neal Adams back-up Clark Kent story. SOLD
256. VF-/VF All around nice cover, stories, and art. SOLD
275. F+ Nice Curt Swan / Dick Giordiano art on the "World of Krypton" back-up story. SOLD
300. VF+ Key issue with Superman 2001 story. Hard to find issue.  SOLD
411. VF/NM The special Julius Schwartz issue signed on the cover by Julius himself!! Very RARE to have a real signed item by JS!  $150.00

Superman Annual

4. VF 8.0 CGC-slabbed. Great high-grade square annual. Classic Superman space stories. First Legion origin told.  SOLD
11. NM One of the top ten individual stories of the last twenty years. Autographed by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.  SOLD


519. F Mexican comic from 1964. Supernina back-up story (Supergirl). A Silver-Age Spanish classic!  SOLD
521. F Just cause the title says "Superman" doesn't mean he's in it! After all, this IS a Mexican comic. Legion and Superboy stories - close enough, I guess! No Superman collection would be complete without one of these!  SOLD

Superman Family

166. F 6.0 New Lois Lane 20 page story plus Silver-Age classics of Jimmy Olsen, Superbaby, Supergirl, and Bizarro. A 100 page giant. Nick Cardy cover. Lots of bang for you buck in this run!  SOLD
168. NM- 100 page giant with old and new tales of Supergirl, Jimmy, Lois, Krypto, and others. Great, underated series of books.  SOLD
169. NM Hot Lois Lane cover! As above, great giant issue. Sharp copy!  SOLD

Superman From the 30's to the 70's Hardcover

no# 1971 book VF, dj F .1st edition w/ DJ Bonanza Books copy of this great hardcover book. Over 380 pages of pure Superman comic reprints with 36 pages in color AND 26 original covers in color. As the title says, some of the best Superman stories from this period. Full 7 3/4 x10 1/2 size. This book should be on YOUR bookshelf! SOLD

Superman - Luthor's Impossible Crime

no#. NM/NM+ Small 16 page giveaway from 1979. Don't know who or what this came with, as there is NO info at all on the copy except what you see on the cover. Super condition.  SOLD

Superman Miniature

#1 - 1955 VG/F Kellogg's Sugar Smacks Cereal promotional comic. Full color 32 page comic, good story, nice art. 3 1/4" x 7" - "The Superman Time Capsule." back cover.  SOLD

Superman Newspaper Sundays

1/8/1950. A full size color Sunday page in excellent condition, from the date to the left. Superman meets Merlin the magician. Great art by Wayne Boring. Sunday page #532 SOLD
1/15/1950. A full size color Sunday page in excellent condition, from the date to the left. Great art by Wayne Boring. Superman in almost every panel. Same story as above. This page and the one above would look great framed side by side. Sunday page #533. SOLD

Superman Program Booklet

no # 1988 This is the 16 page program booklet for the 50th anneversary of Superman, at The Cleveland Convention Center, Cleveland, Ohio June 16th to the 19th, 1988. Full sized 8 1/2" x 11". Near Mint condition wih a little fading on the cover edges. Tough to find. $20.00


10/1949. F-/F Clean copy, Halloween cover. One of the last issues of this promotional comic type book.  SOLD

Superman Tim Play Money

$1.00 TIM


Nice grade, nice colors, early pre-Superman bill - 1940's. SCARCE.  SOLD



Higher grade, true Superman-Tim bill, great, rich colors. 1940.s.  SOLD

$10.00 TIM


Nice grade, pure red bright colors, early pre-Superman bill - 1940's. SOLD

$10.00 TIM


Nice grade, slightly off- red, bright colors, early pre-Superman bill - 1940's. SOLD

$10.00 TIM


Nice grade, more orange-red, early pre-Superman bill - 1940's.  SOLD

Super-Team Family

1. NM Teen Titans by Kane and Wood, and Superman/Batman by Adams.  SOLD
2. F+ Brand new Creeper/Wildcat team-up story, plus Neal Adams' Batman/Deadman classic reprint. Great series.  SOLD
4. F+ New Justice Society of America cover, plus reprint Soloman Grundy story and a wonderful Dick Sprang Superman/Batman reprint.  SOLD
5. VF Superboy meets Superman and a Batman vs. Eclipso story. Esoteric Batman spanking his girlfriend panel!  SOLD
5. VF/VF+ As above, high grade copy.  SOLD
6. F+ All reprint giant with original Captain Marvel Family story, and a Superman/Batman classic.  SOLD
8. VF/NM Brand new Challengers of the Unknown cover and story. Doom Patrol reprint.  SOLD
9. VF New Challengers story. Classic Jack Kirby Green Arrow reprint plus a Doom Patrol tale.  SOLD

Swamp Thing

1. F Origin and 1st issue Swamp Thing by Berni Wrightson.  SOLD
2. F/VF 1st appearance Patchwork Man in cameo. Fantastic Wrightson artwork on #1-10.  SOLD
3. VF+ 1st full appearance Patchwork Man.  SOLD
4. VF+ Swamp Thing meets "The Monster on the Moors!"  SOLD
5. VF+ Swamp Thing meets a town of crazy people.  SOLD
6. VF+/NM A Berni Wrightson classic "A Clockwork Horror."  SOLD
7. VF+ Probably the best of the Wrightson issues guest starring Batman. Great cover.  SOLD
8. VF+/NM A Len Wein / Berni Wrightson classic "The Lurker in Tunnel 13!"  SOLD
9. F/VF Swamp Thing meets an alien visitor.  SOLD
10. VF The last Berni Wrightson issue. ST meets the Freaks. SOLD
12. VF/VF+ Nice Nestor Redondo cover and art.  SOLD
13. VF 8.0 As above - Nester Redondo cover/art, still Len Wein stories.  SOLD
14. F/VF 7.0 Redondo c/a.  SOLD
15. VF- 7.5 Redondo c/a.  SOLD
19. VF/VF+ 8.5 More Redondo - great stuff!  SOLD
20. VF/NM 9.0 Swamp Thing vs Swamp Thing!  SOLD
21. VF 8.0 Vintage Redondo art.  SOLD

Swing with Scooter

3. F Batman cover cameo. Nice Joe Orlando art. Fun 60's teen title. Sharp copy. SOLD

Sword of Sorcery

4. VF/NM Chaykin cover and art with inks by "Crusty Bunkers". Walt Simonson story. Fritz Leiber's Fafhro and the Gray Mouser. SOLD