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Tales of Ghost Castle

1-3 set. F/VF A complete set of all three issues from 1975. Good stories ant art. Bargin priced at......  SOLD

Tales of the Teen Titans

1-4. set VF/NM Complete set of four, all by George Perez. Origins ann secrets of Cyborg, Raven, Changling, and Starfire. In mylar snugs.  SOLD

Tales of the Unexpected


44. G+ 2.5 The 7th appearance of Space Ranger - but only his 2nd cover. COOL Alien Indian cover by Dick Dillin and Shelly Moldoff. Jim Mooney art - Arnold Drake writer. Nice non SR back-up story by Ruben Moreira.  SOLD
53. VG/VG+ Space Ranger bondage cover. Two other S/F tales. Neat stuff.  SOLD
67. F-/F Last 10 cent issue. Very cool cover - Space Ranger story.  SOLD
71. VG/VG+ Space Ranger cover/story. Joe Kubert robot story. SOLD
91. VG 1st appearance Automan by Lee Elias. Not a key character, but still a silver-age 1st appearance! SOLD
92. F+ One of those classic black covers that make comics worth collecting! Great! SOLD
94. VG/F 2nd Automan story. Plus 2 other 60's classics. SOLD
100. F Milestone issue. Nice Carmine Infantino cover. SOLD
133. F+/VF Nice Jack Sparling painted wash cover. Rubin Moreida story. 25-cent "giant". SOLD


207. NM/NM+ First DC Tarzan issue. Origin by Joe Kubert. Also John Carter of Mars feature starts. 25-cent giant issue, scarse in this high grade.  SOLD
214. VF Joe Kubert cover and a self-contained story.  SOLD
223. VF/NM "The Pit of Doom" Joe Kubert cover / story. Death of William Clayton.  SOLD
228. VF Classic Dinosaur cover and story. 100% Kubert. Best cover in this DC run!! SOLD
230. F/VF 1st 100 page giant issue. Art by Kubert, Kaluta, and Russ Manning. Carson of Venus, Congo Bill, and Korak.  SOLD
231. VF 100 pg giant. New Kubert art. Nice Manning. Start of "Tarzan and the Lion-Man" classic adpatation. SOLD
232. F+/VF 100 pg giant. Part II of above "Lion-Man" story, plus Congo Bill, Jungle Detective, Korak, and more. SOLD
233. F/VF 100 pager. Part III of above. Gil Kane's Rex, the Wonder Dog, also Detective Chimp, and more.  SOLD
234. VF/VF+ 100 pager. Conclesion to above classic story. Alex Nino's Korak. Also Det Chimp and Congo Bill. SOLD
235. VF- Last new Joe Kubert story. Last 100 pg giant. Russ Manning 47 page Tarzan story. SOLD
238. VF- Double-sized issue with 49 page Manning Tarzan classic story. New Kubert cover. SOLD

Tarzan Family

60-66 set F/VF avg. Complete set of all seven issues. Great art and stories. Tarzan, Korak, Carson of Venus, John Carter of Mars, and other Burroughs stories by Kubert, Manning, Kaluta, Anderson, Morrow, and others. Bargin priced at...... GONE!
64. VF/VF+ Giant issue with Tarzan, Carson of Venus, and Korak with nice art by Joe Kubert, Mike Kaluta, Russ Manning and Rudy Florese.  SOLD

Teen Titans

2. VG Name on cover. The Titans fight a million-year-old teenager! SOLD
5. F/F+ The Titans against Eddie the Ant. SOLD
7. VF+ The Titans go mod this issue! Don't forget - this is from 1967, the era of bell-bottoms! 1st appearances Mad Mod and Holley Hip. SOLD
8. VF-/VF "There's Nothing Sweet About... A Killer Called Honey Bun!" Cool cover. SOLD
11. F Speedy guest stars in a full-length story. SOLD
12. F/VF Another groovy adventure for our cool heroes! SOLD
15. F Another "mod" issue. Dig it, man! SOLD
16. F Nick Cardy art. Neat cover and a pretty good story.  SOLD
26. F/F+ The team loses their costumes. 1st appearance Mal. SOLD
30. F Aquagirl guest stars. Solo Aqualad story. 2-page Kid Flash story.  SOLD
32. F+ Nice Nick Cardy cover and art. "A World Gone Mad!" SOLD
34. F+/VF Donna Troy turns into a witch. SOLD
35. F/F+ 1st 25-cent giant. Aqualad and Speedy solo back-up stories. SOLD
35. VF- As above - sharp copy. SOLD
36. F/F+ 25-cent giant. Classic "Superboy Meets Robin" reprint story. New 3-page Aqualad Jim Aparo story. SOLD
37. VF- New full length Titans story, plus the classic "Superboy Meets Green Arrow" story. SOLD
38. F/VF 25-cent giant. Aqualad and Speedy solo back-up classic stories. Solo Lilith story. Nice cover. SOLD
38. VF- As above - sharp copy. SOLD
39. VF- Last 25 cent giant. New Titans, plus a sole Hawk and Dove story by Gil Kane. SOLD
40. F Full length underwater adventure. SOLD
40.VF- / VF Another copy. Searching for The Loch Ness Monster. Aquaman cameo. SOLD
40. VF+ Real nice copy of above. SOLD
42. F Another nice Nick Cardy cover. Voodoo and supernatural stuff for the team. SOLD
44. VF/VF+ Revival of the title begins after a three year break. 1st appearance of The Guardian. 2 page Neal Adams CBS ad. Dr. Light villian. SOLD
45. VF/NM Mal along against The Wreckers. SOLD
46. VF/VF+ 1st appearance of Joker's daughter in Titans title. Golden-age Fiddler villian. SOLD
47. VF Full story with Joker's daughter. Two-Face appearance. SOLD
48. NM- Joker's daughter becomes Harlequin. 1st Bumblebee. Kind of a underated issue.  SOLD
49. VF/VF+ Aqualad guest stars. SOLD
50. NM First revival of the original Bat-Girl. Introduction and 1st app. of The Titans West. Key issue.  SOLD
51. NM- The East and the West Titans team-up together. SOLD
52. VF/VF+ Lilth returns. This one's got more heroes than you can shake a stick at! SOLD
53. NM- The secret untold origin of The Teen Titans revealed. Last issue. SOLD


14. F Nice pre-code issue. George Evans cover and art. Scarce DC time period. SOLD
90. VG/VG+ Fred Ray dinosaur cover and story.  SOLD
97. F/F+ Nice "bullseye" target cover. Fred Ray art.  SOLD
100. F/F+ Bob Brown cover and art. Great cover. Classic 100th issue. Minor old sub-crease.  SOLD
101. F Beautiful Fred Ray art. Miss Liberty cover and story cameo. Minor old sub-crease.  SOLD
102. VF Dinasour cover and story by Fred Ray.  SOLD
103. VF One of my favorite Tomahawk covers, and a classic all the way..."The Frontier Frankenstein!" Sharp book, great slight cream to off-white pages.  SOLD
107. F/VF Great Giant Gorilla cover and story. Good God!  SOLD
109. F+/VF One of those great esoteric Dinosaurs covers that sometimes graced this title. 1st appearance "The Caveman Ranger". Back-up story tells the origin of The Rangers. Neat book.  SOLD
114. F- "The Terrible Powers of Chief Iron-Hands!"  SOLD
115. F/F+ Great Flaming Monster cover and story.  SOLD
116. VG/F Outstanding Neal Adams cover. A bargin at twice the price!  SOLD
119. F/F+ Neal Adams Tomahawk bondage cover. Nice, clean copy.  SOLD
120. F/VF Nice Nick Cardy cover. Tomahawk time travel story.  SOLD
121. VG Another nice Neal Adams cover. Two Tomahawk tales. SOLD
122. VG+/F Those poor Indians! SOLD
124. VG- Classic Adams cover. Nice Frank Thorne w/ Joe Kubert story. SOLD
124. F/F+ Nice, sound copy of above.  SOLD
126. F/F+ Neal Adams hanging cover.  SOLD
136. F+ Nice Joe Kurber cover on this scarce 25-cent giant issue. SOLD
137. F-/F 25- cent issue - nice Joe Kubert cover and stories. SOLD
138. VF 25- cent giant issue. Not common. Joe Kubert cover. Very good, offbeat Christmas story.  SOLD
139. F Nice Joe Kubert cover. Classic great Frank Frazetta and Gil Kane artwork. SOLD


1-6 set VF avg. Complete set of six issues. New art and covers by master/creator Joe Kubert along with the classis reprints. Bargin priced at...... GONE!

Toys'R'Us - Special Replica Editions

Set of three . NM/M From 1997. A complete set of three promo comics reprinting Detective #38 (1st Robin), #359 (1st Batgirl), and Batman #121 (1st Mr. Freeze). All three...... GONE!

Trigger Twins

1. CGC 9.0 VF/NM Cool cover, one shot western reprint comic. SOLD