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106. VG/F 1st new Johnny Peril cover and story in title. SOLD
107. F/F+ 2nd new Johnny Peril cover and story. SOLD
113. F/VF Last 12-cent issue. Nice new Neal Adams cover. Brand new Johnny Pearl story by Jack Sparling. One tiny black touch-up spot on cover. SOLD
116. VF Two page early Bernie Wrightson story. Jack Sparling cover and story.  SOLD
119. VF Minute black dot color touch-up on spine. Bernie Wrightson great 8 page story.  SOLD
120. F/VF Nice cover, good art/stories by Jerry Grandenetti and George Tuska. SOLD
121. VF- Another tiny black dot touch-up on spine. Fine Neal Adams cover and Wrightson one-pager.  SOLD
123. VF+ .Art by George Tuska, Rich Buckler, and Jerry Grandenetti.  SOLD
124. F/F+ Excellent Neal Adams cover, stories by Tuska, Grandenetti, and Sparling. SOLD
126. F/F+ 1st 25 cent giant. These are tough to find. New and old stories. Early Rich Buckler art. Alex Toth. SOLD
127. VG/F 25 cent giant. Great issue - new stories by Jim Aparo, classics "Johnny Peril" by Alex Toth, Jack Kirby also. SOLD
128. F/VF An early Berni Wrightson 9 page story rounds out this 25-cent giant issue. SOLD
129. VG/VG+ Another 25 cent giant. Great Nick Cardy spiderweb cover! New stories plus one classic reprint. SOLD
131. VF- Three new stories, plus one classic reprint by Jim Mooney. SOLD
132. VF+ Nice Jim Aparo horror story, plus other old and new. SOLD
139. VF/VF+ All new stories, nice cover. SOLD
171. VF/NM Just a nice copy. SOLD

Unknown Soldier

219. VF+ 8.5 Early Frank Miller artwork - scarce. Unknown Soldier cover and story with lots of Hitler panels. Kubert cover. SOLD


V for Vendetta

set #1-10.


A complete set of the ten original issues of the Alan Moore / David Lloyd classic. Behind "Watchmen", this is Alan Moore's best story, and probaby one of the top ten stories in modern comics. Cherry newstand copies that were put in mylites the day they came out and never read or opened. Now a major motion picture movie!!  SOLD