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1. VG/F Silver-Age reprints of Batman, Green Arrow and Green Lantern. SOLD
1. F+ Better copy of above. SOLD
1. F/VF Better copy of above above.  SOLD
2. F/VF The classic Joker/Penguin 1st team-up story from Batman #25! Plus, The Trickster from Flash #121. SOLD
2. VF Sharp copy of above. SOLD
3. VF Three great Golden-Age tales w/ Hawkman by Joe Kubert, Doctor Fate by Howard Sherman, and Vigilante by Mort Meskin (w/ Kubert inks). SOLD
4. VF- Two more classic GA stories w/ GL and the 1st appearance/origin Solomon Grundy, and a Kid Eternity tale. SOLD
5. F/VF GA Doll Man and SA GL stories SOLD
6. NM- GA Starman by Jack Burnley, and Wildcat by Joe Kubert. Also Sargon the Sorcerer by Paul Rienman. SOLD
7. VF Great GA Hour Man by Bernard Baily, Hawkman by Kubert, and Johnny Quick by Meskin. SOLD
8. NM GA Doctor Fate by Sherman, and a SA Flash / Captain Cold story. SOLD
9. NM- Superman from Action Comics #57 and an early GA Sandman and Sandy story. SOLD
9. NM- 9.2 Another copy, about same sharp shape. You pick........last issue.  SOLD


37. NM 1st Omac back-up story. Jim Starlin art. Plus great Mike Grell "Warlord" story. SOLD
38. VF/NM Origin of Omac by Starlin. Grell's Warlord - 1st appearance Jennifer Morgan (Warlord's daughter). SOLD


#1-12 set NM/NM+ A complete set of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon's "Watchmen" series of all 12 issues. In my opinion - the best super-hero story EVER done! These 12 issues were pulled of the newstand as they came out in 1986/1987 and were bagged never read. A fine set that every collector - both of vintage and of modern comics - should have. Shown in this scan is #11 with it's snow white cover. SOLD

Weird Mystery Tales

1. VG+ Jack Kirby story. Bernie Wrightson splash. Mile Kaluta cover. Decent low priced copy. SOLD
2. F+/VF Nice painted Titanic cover and 10 page story. 2page article on UFO'S.  SOLD
21. F/VF Outstanding Bernie Wrightson cover. Three nice stories. SOLD
23. VF/VF+ Wally Wood 8pg story. Nice. SOLD
24. VF- Fantastic prime Mike Kaluta 8pg art story. Last issue. SOLD

Weird War Tales

1. VG/VG+ Joe Kubert cover and stories. A very under-rated Bronze-Age comic run. SOLD
5. F/VF 25 cent "giant" issue - great art by Alex Toth, Kubert, Heath, and others. SOLD
7. VF Kubert cover and old with new art, Russ Heath classic story. SOLD
8. F- Neal Adams cover and classic story about The Golem.  SOLD
9. VF/VF+ Colorful cover, and a very good Alex Nino story.  SOLD
36. VF/NM 50 cent giant. Great issue. Art by Reed Crandall, Joe Kubert, and Russ Heath. Tough in high grade. SOLD

Weird Western Tales

12. VF-/VF 25-cent giant issue. Joe Kubert cover. 3rd Jonah Hex. El Diablo by Neal Adams and Bernie Wrightson. This is the 1st issue in the run. SOLD
13. F-/F First Jonah Hex cover, 4th Hex story. Classic Neal Adams art on "El Diablo" story. Small cover scrape.  SOLD
14. F/VF Great Alex Toth story. JH bondage cover. SOLD
15. VG Neal Adams cover and story. Also Gil Kane art. SOLD
19. F Jonah Hex cover/story. Also El Dialbo story. Not a common issue.  SOLD
23. VF Jonah Hex cover/story  SOLD
24. VF+ Excellent cover - Jonah Hex  SOLD
39. F/VF A very underated issue - 1st appearance and origin of Scalphunter. A toughie to find!  SOLD

Weird Worlds

1. VG/F Edgar Rice Burroughsw stories. John Carter and Pellucidar begin. SOLD
2. F-/F Dinosaurs cover. John Carter and David Innes continues. Murphy Anderson and Al Weiss art. SOLD
3. F/VF Great Anderson cover. Stories continue. SOLD
4. VF-/VF Great Mike Kaluta Dinosaur cover and story. Sal Amendola and Joe Orlando art on John Carter. SOLD
5. F+ Carter and Pellucidar continue. Kaluta cover. This whole series had wonderful art and great stories! SOLD
6. VF Great cover, great art, great stories, great scott!! SOLD
7. F+/VF Conclusion to both seriel stories. Howard Chaykin cover. SOLD
8. F+ 1st appearance of Irow-Wolf by Howard Chaykin. Full length story. SOLD
9. F/VF 2nd Iron-Wolf by Chaykin. Outstanding art. SOLD
10. F/VF Last Iron-Wolf, also last issue. SOLD

Welcome Back, Kotter

1. F+/VF Why?????  SOLD

Western Comics

1. Fair to Good You DC western collectors out there know how tough this one is. Only copy I've had. A low grade copy that has been repaired on the spine with pieces added by glueing them in. A solid copy that will not cost you $400, or more. Great Mort Meskin art on the "Jesse James" story. SOLD

Witching Hour

3. VF Last 12-cent issue. Great very early Bernie Wrightson. Alex Toth story. Super art!  SOLD
4. VF- Nice Nick Cardy cover and Alex Toth inside art. SOLD
5. VF- Another fantastic Bernie Wrightson story, plus Alex Toth one-pagers.  SOLD
7. F/F+ Early Mike Kaluta art 2 pgs., plus Toth 5 pgs., and a Neal Adams cover.  SOLD
8. F/VF Adams cover plus 11 pages art. Great Alex Toth 6 pg story.  SOLD
9. F/VF Neal Adams cover, Murphy Anderson story, plus Alex Toth pages. SOLD
10. F/F+ Beautiful Gray Morrow story and Toth story. Adams cover.  SOLD
11. VF- Neal Adams cover and Alex Toth art.  SOLD
12. F/VF Great Gil Kane pencils / Wally Wood inks 9 pg. story. Plus a 9 pg. Alex Toth story.  SOLD
13. VF/VF+ FANTASTIC Neal Adams cover plus 3 one-pagers art. Nice Gray Morrow story.  SOLD
14. F- My favorite issue - if you are only going to get one issue from this run, this one is it! Adams cover, stories by Jeff Jones, Al Williamson, and Stanley Pitt. Say no more!!  SOLD
15. F/F+ Beautiful Wally Wood stor plus a nice Gray Morrow "Bayou Witch" classic story.  SOLD
16. F 1st 25-cent giant issue. Gray Morrow art on a take of the "Cinderella" story.  SOLD
18. VF 8.0 48 page "giant". Vintage Jack Kirby story along with other 1950's reprints and new stories.  SOLD
19. VF- 52 page giant w/ 1950's reprints and brand new stories.  SOLD
23. F Very nice, and very unusual. Nice Ralph Reese story. SOLD
38. F/F+ One of the scarcer 100 page DC giants. New Alex Toth and Murphy Anderson art plus one dozen reprint stories.  SOLD

Wonder Woman

130. F+/VF Early Wonder Tot cover/story.  SOLD
133. VF Classic Wonder Woman family cover and story.  SOLD
138. VF- Another full-length Wonder Woman family cover/story.  SOLD
141. VG/VG+ Full length story "The Academy of Arch-Villains".  SOLD
143. F+ Great dinosaur cover/story. SOLD
148. F/F+ Russ Andru and Mike Esposito Dinosaur cover and story. Nice copy with off-white pages.  SOLD
155. F+/VF 1st appearance Mr. Monster. Wonder Woman gets married. One of my favorite covers! Check it out!  SOLD
156. F+/VF A key issue with a full length, never published Golden Age story.  SOLD
160. F- 1st SA appearances of GA villians Cheetah and Dr. Psycho?? SOLD
174. VF/NM Steve Trevor becomes a "Captain America" clone as "The Patriot".  SOLD
183. NM WW returns to Paradise Island along with I-Ching.  SOLD
186. NM+ WW and Ching battle a modern day witch.  SOLD
187. NM Very nice cover and story. The "new" WW continues.  SOLD
188. NM+ Great Wonder Woman bondage art cover. WW in Hong Kong.  SOLD
189. NM/M WW and Ching still in Hong Kong. Nice cover.  SOLD
190. NM+ WW goes solo!  SOLD
192. NM/M Full length mid-evil time story.   SOLD
193. VF- WW back in the city.  SOLD
194. VF/NM Very sharp book. Diana gets married??  SOLD
195. VF- I Ching is back. Wally Wood beautiful art full 22 pages.  SOLD
196. F/F+ The origin of Wonder Woman retold from All-Star Comics #8. 25-cent giant issue with CLASSIC bondage cover.  SOLD
196. NM 9.4 CGC slabbed. The famous "Bulls-eye" bondage cover. The origin of Wonder Woman retold from All-Star Comics #8. 25-cent giant issue with classic bondage cover. One of the highest grade copies you will find. SOLD
197. F/F+ 48 page giant. Full length 39 pg storythat reprints the 1st "new" WW. This, and the next few issues are very scarce! Upper cover edge spine split.  SOLD
198. NM/M Another 25-cent giant. Scarce, scarce, scarce!  SOLD
199. F Beautiful Jeff Jones bondage art cover.  SOLD
200. NM+ 9.6 CGC slabbed. Another 25-cent giant issue scarcer than kryptonite! Beautiful Jeff Jones cover. This is the highest grade copy I have ever seen of this issue. SOLD
201. F/VF Catwoman cover/story. part I of II. Nice Dick Giordano art. Key book. Sharp copy.  SOLD
202. F/VF Conclusion to above Catwoman story. "Cat fight" cover! 1st Fafhrd and Gray Mouser comics appearance.  SOLD
203. F+/VF Special Woman's Lib issue - I kid you not - with a bondage cover!  SOLD
204. VF/NM Semi-key issue in the run - WW gets her "new "costume back. The death of I Ching. 1st appearance of Nubia.  SOLD
205. NM- WW vs Dr. Domino - the world's strangest villian!! Great bonb bondage cover.  SOLD
206. VF/NM More on Nubia. A battle to the death with WW.  SOLD
207. NM- WW and her mom in bondage on the cover. The Riddle of the Chinese Mummy Case.  SOLD
208. VF Great cover - "The Chessmen of Death!"  SOLD
209. NM- A Wonder Girl story, plus men land on Paridise Island. Another bondage cover.  SOLD
210. VF WW shrankdown to the size of the Atom.  SOLD
212. VF/NM Flash, GL, Bats and Sups guest as storytellers, as WW is considered to join the JLA. Neal Adams cover. 1st appearance The Cavalier since the Goplden-Age.  SOLD
213. VF/VF+ Flash tells this WW story. Adams cover.  SOLD
214. NM- 100 page giant. New story told by Green Lantern plus silver-age / golden-age classic reprints.  SOLD
215. NM-/NM Aquaman hosts this WW tale. Adama assisted cover, JLA cameos.  SOLD
216. F/VF Black Canery guests, and hosts this story. Tougher to find. Very nice art by masters John Rosenberger and Vince Colletta.  SOLD
216. VF Nicer copy of above.  SOLD
218. VF- Two stories - one hosted by Red Tornado and the other by Phantom Stranger. JLA cameo, Felix Faust villian. Beautiful Kurt Schaffenberger art.  SOLD
219. F/VF Elongated Man hosts this issue. JLA cameos. WW bondage cover.  SOLD
221. F+/VF This time Hawkman tells WW's story. Another bondage cover.  SOLD
222. VF/NM Last of the JLA hosted stories. This one told by Batman. WW rejoins the JLA.  SOLD
223. NM- Another new direction for WW and a semi-key issue. Steve Trevor back as Steve Howard, and he learns WW's ID.  SOLD
224. VF/NM WW a traitor to both the US and Paradise Island.  SOLD
225. NM- WW fights the Black Lighting from Space.  SOLD
226. NM-/NM WW vs Hephaestus, the Fire God.  SOLD
227. VF/NM Conclusion to above storyline.  SOLD
228. VF New storyline startswith an alternate Golden-age Earth. WW fights the Nazi's. 1st appearance Red Panzer. WW teams up with....WW!  SOLD
229. VF More on The Red Panzer. Bondage cover.  SOLD
230. VF+ The Cheetah returns. Good cover.  SOLD
231. VF+ The original JSA on cover and story cameo. Nice cover by Mike Nasser.  SOLD
232. VG Great Mike Nasser cover and art. WW teams up w/ the JSA SOLD
235. VF The death of Steve Trevor? And WW kills him? Dr. Mid-Nite guest stars. SOLD
236. VF Conclusion to above w/ Dr. Mid-Nite. WW gets the antidote to save Steve's life.  SOLD
237. VF+ The never before told Secret Origin of Wonder Woman!  SOLD
238. VF-/VF The Golden-Age Sandman and Sandy guest star. SOLD
239. VF/NM WW teams-up with the Golden-Age Flash..Statue of Liberty cover.  SOLD
240. VF/NM GA Flash still guesting to above story conclusion.  SOLD
241. NM- Spectre guest stars! Good story.  SOLD
268. NM This storyline reintroduces Animal Man from 1980. Tough to find. SOLD
277. NM Huntress back-up story plus Kobra battles WW in main story. SOLD
279. NM-/NM Wonder Woman in bra and panties panels - hubba hubba! Huntress back-up story. SOLD
280. NM Demon guest stars w/ WW. Huntress back-up. SOLD
281. NM Joker storyline w/ Huntress begins. Demon with WW. SOLD
284. NM/M Super copy. Great George Perez cover. Huntress back-up w/ Golden-Age Robin guest starring. SOLD
286. VF-/VF The "death" of WW? Huntress back-up. Good cover. SOLD
287. VF/NM The Teen Titans team-up w/ WW. Another Huntress back-up story. SOLD
288. NM- 1st issue w/ new logo and new costume for WW. Gene Colan art. SOLD
294. NM/NM+ Nice Gil Kane cover. Blockbuster from the Batman comics come to bust WW. A Huntress back-up. SOLD
295. NM Super copy. Huntress back-up. SOLD
298. NM-/NM Fantastic Frank Miller WW bondage cover. And Huntress back-up. SOLD
299. NM/M Super copy. At least a 9.6! Huntress back-up still. SOLD
300. NM Super copy of a semi-key issue. Lots going on here. 1st app Lyta Trevor - who becomes Fury. Golden-Age WW and Steve Trevor married. JLA, Titans, others guest star. SOLD
327. NM/NM+ Crisis tie-in issue. Super copy. SOLD
328. NM- Crisis tie-in issue. Lots going on here. SOLD
329. NM 48pg double-sized final issue. Crisis tie-in. WW and Steve wed. SOLD

Wonder Woman - 1987

1. NM 9.4 High Grade WHITE - New George Perez series.  GONE!

World's Finest

7. VF This is one of several Golden-Age reprints that Alan Light did in the early 1970s. These, in themselves, are getting quite collectible. This is an EXACT reprint of WF #7. The only difference between this copy and the original is that this one is in black-and-white and costs thousands less. SOLD
8. NM/M See above. Great stuff if you can't afford the originals. SOLD
84. VG One restaple. Considered the 1st Silver-Age issue in the run. Great cover and story w/ Superman missing. Green Arrow and Tomahawk stories.  SOLD
122. F Good story with Green Kryptonite and "Green Arrow" cameo.  SOLD
126. F+/VF Another classic story - "The Negative Superman!"  SOLD
148. VF- Luther and Clayface team up against Superman and Batman.  SOLD
151. VF/VF+ Superman devolves and Batman evolves. And so it goes.  SOLD
159. F/VF Joker, Penguin, Prankster and Riddler cameos. Green Arrow back-up. Nice, clean solid book. SOLD
160. F+ Curt Swan classic "The Fatal Forecasts Of Doctor Zodiac". SOLD
162. VF Back in time to the Knights of the Round Table era. SOLD
169. VF/NM 3rd appearance of Batgirl and 3rd Bat-Mite / Mr. Mxyzptlk team-up story. Great issue: Supergirl, Batgirl, the Bat-plane, Robin, Catwoman, the Bat-moble, Batgirl's Batcycle, and Superman grows a beard!! This ones got it all.  SOLD
169. F- 3rd appearance of Batgirl and 3rd Bat-Mite / Mr. Mxyzptlk team-up story. Great issue: Supergirl, Batgirl, the Bat-plane, Robin, Catwoman, the Bat-moble, Batgirl's Batcycle, and Superman grows a beard!! This ones got it all. SOLD
175. F+/VF Neal Adams cover and art on this story starring Lex Luthor. Det #225/John Jones Martain Manhunter 1st app. reprint back-up. SOLD
177. F The classic Joker/Luthor team-up issue.  SOLD
177. F As above, about same shape, your choice! SOLD
189. VF/VF+ The death of Superman, cameos by the JLA, Supergirl. Luthor behind it all. SOLD
190. VF/NM Great Curt Swan cover. "The Final Revenge of Luther". Robin solo story. SOLD
191. VF Superman back on the Planet of Krypton. Robin solo story. SOLD
192. VF Robin solo story and Sups and Bats in "The Prison of No Escape". SOLD
194. VF/NM Batman is the secret leader of the Mafia! SOLD
201. VF/VF+ Superman and GL team-up against Felix Faust. Very nice cover. SOLD
202. VF/VF+ Nice Neal Adams cover. Superman battles Batman. SOLD
203. NM- One of my favorite Adams covers. Aquaman teams up w/ Sups. Great copy! SOLD
204. VF+ 1st of the 25 cent giants. Adams cover. Sups and WW team-up. Green Arrow and Captain Comet reprints. SOLD
205. VF Neal Adams cover with the Teen Titans. Nice Frazetta story and a UFO classic 50s s/f story. SOLD
206. NM/M G-88. One of the last in the 80 page giants. This is a hard one to find, cherry copy!  SOLD
207. F+/VF 1st 25-cent "giant" Golden-Age Taran-Tula story. Dr. Light villain. SOLD
208. VF/VF+ 25 cent giant. Another Adams cover. Sups teams up with Dr. Fate. Plus GA Robotman and Ghost Patrol stories. SOLD
209. VF/VF+ Nice Neal Adams cover. Superman teams-up with Hawkman. Golden-Age 1st appearances of Tweedledum and Tweedledee. SOLD
210. F/F+ 25 cent giant. Adams cover. Green Arrow team-up. "Black Pirate" by Sheldon Moldoff GA story. SOLD
211. F/F+ Good Neal Adams cover. Golden-Age Green Lantern story with the 1st appearance of Harlequin. SOLD
212. VF+ Last 25 cent giant. Sups and Martain Manhunter. Plus GA Air Wave and Grim Ghost reprints. SOLD
213. NM/NM+ Full length 20 cent issues start. Superman and Atom. SOLD
214. NM Sups and Vigilante. Batman cameo. SOLD
215. NM 1st "Sons" story - Superman Jr. and Batman Jr. SOLD
216. NM/NM+ 2nd "Sons" story. SOLD
217. NM Sup, Bats, and Metamorpho. SOLD
218. NM+ Superman and Batman team-ups start again. SOLD
219. NM/NM+ Bats and Sups, plus Metamorpho back-up. SOLD
221. NM-/NM 3rd "Sons" storyline. SOLD
222. NM- 4th "Sons" story. SOLD
223. VF 1st 100 page giant. (#'s 223-228) New Superman, Batman, and Deadman team-up story. Classic reprints including Neal Adams on Deadman. SOLD
224. VF 5th "Sons" story plus some classic GA and SA reprints. SOLD
225. VF/NM One of the scarcer issues of the 100 pg giants. Sup and Bats, plus Rip Hunter, Black Canery, and Vigilante. SOLD
226. VF/NM Bats, Sup, and Metamorpho new story. Plus Eclipso, Martain Manhunter, Deadman, and Sandman! SOLD
227. NM Another tough one to find. Deadman teams up with Bats and Sups. Classic golden oldies also.

228. VF/VF+ Last of the 100 pagers. 6th "Sons"storyline. Aquaman, Eclipso back-ups. SOLD
229. NM/NM+ 1st 25 cent issue. Reprints the first Sup/Bat team-up story ever. Metamorpho story. SOLD
230. VF/VF+ 50 cent giant-sized issue. Scarce. 7th "Sons" story. Deadman and Aquaman reprints. SOLD
231. VF/VF+ 8th "Sons" story guest staring Green Arrow and Flash. SOLD
232. NM-/NM New regular Sups/Bats team-up stories start again. SOLD
233. NM/M 9th "Sons" story. SOLD
234. NM/M Sup and Bats quit saving, and leave Earth. SOLD
235. NM Superman loses his head!! SOLD
236. VF+/NM Atom teams up w/ Bats and Sup. SOLD
237. VF+/NM Invasion of the Inscets. SOLD
238. NM/M 10th "Sons" storyline - Lex Luthor. SOLD
239. VF+/NM Gold from The Metal Men guest stars. SOLD
240. VF/NM Sup and Bats in the bottled city of Kandor. SOLD
243. VF- Superman, Batman, and Robin together again. SOLD
244. VF 1st 80 page $1.00 giant issue. All new stories and art. Neal Adams cover. Bats, Sups, Black Canery by Mike Nasser and Terry Austin, Green Arrow by the same art team, Vigilante, and Wonder Woman stories. ALL NEW. Undervalued! SOLD
245. VF/VF+ Fantastic Adams cover. Great art on all five stories. All new, GA, BC, WW, MM, and Vigilante. SOLD
246. VF Another all new 80 pager. Great Adams cover. Superman's twin brother story, plus GA and BC. SOLD
247. VF+ Last 80 pager. Still all new, still fantastic Canary/Arrow stories and art. SOLD
258. NM- 1st of the 68 page giants. Knockout Adams cover! All new - Captain Marvel, Hawkman, Black Lighting, and GA stories. SOLD
266. VF/VF+ Part of the 52 page all new $1.00 giant issues, as are most of below. Superman and Batman, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Red Tornado, and Shazam. These are ALL undervalued in guide! SOLD
267. VF Bat & Sup team-up w/ Challengers of the Unknown, Hawkman w/ Hawkgirl, Black Canary, Red Tornado, and Shazam w/ the return of The Three Lieutenant Marvels and BLACK ADAM. These are tough issues to find in high grade! SOLD
268. VF/NM The origin of Captain Marvel Jr retold - all new. Plus other new tales of Bat & Sup, the Hawks, GA, and RT. Sweet copy! SOLD
269. VF/VF+ Five more brand new stories w/ above Heroes. Batman buried alive. SOLD
270. NM Still 52 pgs all new, great cover, very nice copy. SOLD
271. NM-/NM Great cover - all new - the Secret Origin of The Superman - Batman team re-told in one big 48 page story! A key issue very undervalued. Nice copy! SOLD
272. VF/NM The return of Mary Marvel, plus the usual above guys.Great stuff! SOLD
273. VF/NM New Plastic Man tale in RT's spot, plus above regulars. Nice copy. SOLD
274. VF/NM 1st new Zatanna starts. Still new cover to cover no ads. Hawkman / Green arrow. Great! SOLD
275. NM-/NM HIGH GRADE. Flash guest stars w/ The Hawks. Nice cover. Great Zatanna art. A bargin at twice the price! SOLD
276. NM- George Perez cover. The return of Batman's old villian : Double X. Still all new and no ads! SOLD
277. VF/NM Another nice Perez cover. Captain Marvel Jr story, plus the usual regulars. Nice copy. SOLD
278. NM Perez cover. Hawkman teams-up w/ Bats & Sups in a battle against Hawk's planet - Thanagar. Also GA, Zatanna, and Mary Marvel. SOLD
279. NM Nice cover. Down to four stories now, but still all new. Capt Marvel Jr and Kid Eternity find out they are brothers. SOLD
280. NM/NM+ Great cover. Continues above "brothers" storyline. SOLD
281. NM/NM+ Gil Kane cover. Sup/Bats, GA, Hawkman, and The Marvel Family - all new! SOLD
282. NM/NM+ Last of the new giant $1.00 issues. Gil Kane cover and art on the Capt Marvel Family story. Busy month for Gil! SOLD
285. NM Starts the new direction for the Batman / Superman team. Frank Miller cover. Zatanna guests. SOLD
300. VF/VF+ Nice Annversary issue. JLA, Outsiders, Teen Titans, even Sgt Rock is in this full length, all new 39 page story. SOLD
323. VF/NM Last issue - now 35 years old! Last issue. $15.00

Young Love

122. VF- 7.5 One of the 52 pg giants. These couple are tough to find in grade. Alex Toth art  SOLD
123. VF- 7.5 Nice one! Alex Toth art plus more.  SOLD
125. F+ 6.5 Beautiful Walt Simonson cover. Toth art. 52 pg giant. SOLD

Young Romance

197. F+ 6.5 Tough 1st 100 pg giant. Silver-Age reprints along with a new classic "That Strange Girl".  SOLD