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All About Collecting Comic Books

no# one shot giveaway

Here's a Marvel Comics giveaway that I've never seen, and is NOT listed in the Overstreet guide.

This is "All About Collecting Comic Books" Vol 1 #1 from Marvel Comics 1989. Made on regular comic book paper stock, 8 pages, and regular comic size. Front and back cover shown. Basically, articles on how to collect comics with art illos by Jack Kirby, John Byrne, Todd MacFarlene, Bill Everett, and others. Cool book!


America's Best TV Comics

1. F- Where else can you get Casper, Spiderman, FF, King Kong, and George of the Jungle all in one king-sized comic? Only here! Nice copy, small chip off cover top doesn't hurt much.  SOLD

Action Force

1-5. Set NM The British G.I.Joe full color magazine sized comic issues - all new to the US market - from the 1980's. This is the 1st five issues for one price.  $30.00

Adventures of Kool-Aid Man

1. VF/VF+ This was a mail order only giveaway full size 40 page comic. Two full stories plus various one pagers including a UFO feature. (See Misc - A section for #4). When is the last time you saw this issue??? GONE!


1. NM/M 1st printing original edition. Great story and art. SOLD

Alpha Flight

1. NM/M A perfect copy in every way, put into a Mylar snug the day it was bought. Signed on the splash page by John Byrne.  SOLD

Amazing Adventures - 1st series

4 . G- A real solid copy that has some water damage. Not as bad as it may look. Art by Ditko, Kirby, and Ayers. 4th appearance of Dr. Droom - the 1st Marvel-Age hero.  SOLD

Amazing Adventures - 2nd series

1. VF/VF+ The Inhumans by Jack Kirby and Black Widow by Gene Colan begins.  SOLD
2. VF+ Jack Kirby's Imhumans and John Buscema's Black Widow.  SOLD
3. NM- Inhumans and Black Widow continue.  SOLD
5. VF+ 1st Neal Adams Inhumans. High grade copy.  SOLD
6. F/VF Neal Adams cover and outstanding Inhumans art.  SOLD
7. VF+ Great Neal Adams, great copy!  SOLD
8. F/VF Big Thor vs Black Bolt battle. Neal Adams.  SOLD
18. F/VF 7.0 1st appearance, introduction, and origin of Killraven and his cast of characters. John Romita cover, inside art by Neal Adams and Howard Chaykin. Based on H.G. Wells concepts.  SOLD
19. VF 2nd Killraven. Chaykin art.  SOLD
23. NM/NM+ More with Killraven. Nice cover. SOLD
24. VF+ Great cover, good story. Killraven.  SOLD
27. VF- 7.5 Nice Jim Starlin cover. Craig Russell art. Origin of Killraver. 1st appearances of Volcana Ash and villain Atalon.  SOLD
28. VF+ Craig Russell takes over the strip with his great artwork.  SOLD
29. VF/VF+ 100% pure Craig Russell art.  SOLD
31. NM/M 100% Russell. All I can say is WOW! If you haven't seen these, you owe it to yourself to pick one up!  SOLD
32. VF/NM Dan Green comes on to ink Russell's pencils. Doesn't hurt much.  SOLD
34. F+ My favorite cover in the run. Still Russell, still Killraven!  SOLD
35. VF/NM Keith Giffen jumps on board with his 1st professional comics work this issue. SOLD
36. VF More Killraven and Russell art.  SOLD
37. VF-/VF My 2nd favorite cover in the run.  SOLD
38. VF/NM A real sleeper! Killraven meets Iron Man, Man-Thing, and most rest of the Marvel universe. SOLD
39. NM Final issue to the Killraven saga. Great cover and story.  $12.00

Amazing Spiderman

2. F/VF This is a STRICT VF/NM overall copy, but has one 1/8" x 1/2" marvel chip off the cover right side middle. 1st Vulture. WHITE pages, super cover colors and gloss, excellent square cut. A HIGH grade copy that is affordable! Back cover scan...2A  SOLD
3. VF- Same collection as above. 1st Dr. Octopus! An overall STRICT VF overall with super colors, gloss and tight, WHITE pages. This has a tiny 1/8" pinhole at the bottom of the letter "n" on the Spider-Man cover logo. A sharp, higher grade copy. Back cover scan..3A  SOLD
7. F/VF Nice, strict mid to higher grade copy. Return of Vulture. Strong, tight book, clean with nice cover gloss and cream to off-white pages.  SOLD
10. VF+/NM Nice HIGH grade copy that should fit in most collections. 1st Enforcers. Tight, clean, off-white pages - a super copy!  SOLD
11. F- A very tight, sound copy, with great pages and some cover gloss. This is a nice collectible copy. Dr. Octopus returns. The 1st appearance of Bennett Brant.  SOLD
12. F Another very nice solid-shaped book like above, but this one has three microscopic color touch-up spots along the spine. Great Doc Ock battle - Spiderman gets unmasked! Bargain priced at only....

19. F+/VF A very nice copy. Spidey battles the Torch. Sandman and The Enforcers star as the bad guys.  SOLD
22. VG- Subscription crease and one black dot color touch up; otherwise a solid nice copy. Steve Ditko classic with 1st appearance of Princess Python.  SOLD
22. VG-/VG Decent collectible copy of above. SOLD
23. VG Original binders restapling. Steve Ditko classic with 3rd appearance of the Green Goblin.  SOLD
27. VF- 5th Green Goblin appearance cover/story. Excellent copy.  SOLD
28. VG- Subscription crease. This is a tough issue to find in nice condition because of the all black cover. Origin and 1st appearance of Molten Man by Ditko.  SOLD
29. VG-/VG Solid copy - 2nd appearance of The Scorpion. Classic Steve Ditko cover and story.  SOLD
31. VG/VG+ 1st appearance Harry Osborn, who becomes 2nd Green Goblin.  SOLD
36. VG/VG+ 1st appearance of The Looter. Classic Steve Ditko art.  SOLD
36. VG/F Better copy of above. SOLD
37. VG/F Next to last Steve Ditko issue. Offbeat robot story. 1st appearance of Norman Osborn.  SOLD
40. G/VG Key book with the 1st told origin of The Green Goblin. Great Goblin cover, and one one the BEST Spidey covers in the entire run. SOLD
41. VG- 1st appearance of a key villian - The Rhino. SOLD
42. F+ 3rd appearance of Mary Jane Watson, but 1st time her face is shown. Key issue, nice copy.  SOLD
43. F/F+ Giant battle with Rhino.  SOLD
44. VG-/VG Great cover and story with the return of Lizard (2nd appearance), SOLD
45. F Another great cover/story with Lizard. Part 2 of the above issue.  SOLD
46. VG/VG+ 1st appearance of The Shocker.  SOLD
47. F/F+ Key issue - Peter Parker and Mary Jane go out on their first date. Green Goblin appearance. Kraven storyline.  SOLD
48. F- Classic Vulture story by Johnny Romita.  SOLD
50. VG/VG+ A very decent copy of a key book in the Spidey run. 1st appearance of Kingpin. And check out Peter's funky sweater!! You will be pleased with this copy.  SOLD
51. VG/F 2nd Kingpin, 1st full Kingpin story. (And a good one it is!)  SOLD
52. VG- Really a Fine copy, but slight sub crease brings bit down. "To Die A Hero"  SOLD
53. G/VG Autographed on the cover by Johnny Romita!! Bargin!!  SOLD
54. F Doc Ock captures Aunt May. Too bad he didn't kill her!  SOLD
55. F Doc Ock is back with a vengeance  SOLD
56. VG-/VG 1st appearance of Captain George Stacy. Doc Ock returns.  SOLD
57. F/F+ Kazar guest stars.  SOLD
58. F/F+ Kazar and the return of Spider-slayer.  SOLD
59. VG- Mary Jane cover/story (1st MJ cover). Kingpin. Gwen Stacy. This one's got it all. Scarcer issue. 1st appearance Brainwasher.  SOLD
61. VG/F Kingpin kidnaps Gwen and her dad while Spidey fights Green Goblin.  SOLD
62. VG/F As below, a couple hair's lesser condition.  SOLD
62. F-/F Fantasic Johnny Romita Medusa cover and story.  SOLD
64. F/F+ The Vulture returns. Another flying battle.  SOLD
65. F/F+ Spiderman in jail.  SOLD
66. F+/VF One of my favorite villians - Mysterio returns. Nice cover.  SOLD
67. F/F+ Mysterio returns. 1st appearance Randy Robertson.  SOLD
68. F This, despite the cover, is a full length Kingpin story.  SOLD
69. F+/VF Kingpin cover/story.  SOLD
70. F+ Kingpin in jail vows revenge.  SOLD
71. VF Great Quicksilver cover/story. Fast battle!  SOLD
72. F The return of Shocker.  SOLD
73. F/VF 1st appearance Silvermane. Big guy!  SOLD
74. F+/VF Last 12 cent issue for this title. Lizard, Silvermane, and the death of Aunt May (only kidding!)  SOLD
75. F- The Lizard returns. Neat cover.  SOLD
76. F+/VF Big battle issue with The Lizard. Human Torch cameo. Art by John Buscema.  SOLD
77. VF- Human Torch cover/story helping/fighting Spiderman and the Lizard.  SOLD
78. F/F+ 1st appearance of the Prowler.  SOLD
79. F/F+ 2nd Prowler. Great cover.  SOLD
80. VF 1st appearance of The Chameleon since issue #1! Classic story and art by John Buscema.  SOLD
81. F+- 1st appearance of The Kangaroo (one of the lamest Spidey villians!). Aunt May on her death bed?  SOLD
82. F Good Electro cover and story. They should use this guy in an upcoming Spidey movie!  SOLD
83. F/F+ 1st appearance of Schemer, and Vanessa (Kingpin's wife)  SOLD
84. F+/VF As below. Nice copy.  SOLD
85. F+/VF Kingpin cover/story. The Schemer's identity revealed.  SOLD
85. F/VF Slightly better copy of above issue.  SOLD
86. F/F+ Classic Black Widow cover/story. Low key issue that reintroduces her w/ her origin and new costume. Always in demand!  SOLD
87. F/F+ Spidey in a fever, reveals his ID to Gwen and Mary Jane.  SOLD
88. VG/F The return of the new, deadlier, Doctor Octopus.  SOLD
88. VF/VF+ As above, real nice higher grade copy. SOLD
89. VF-/VF Good cover, nice Gil Kane art, great Doc Ock story. SOLD
90. F/VF A Stan Lee / Gil Kane semi-key classic - The Death of Captain Stacy. Touching story.  SOLD
91. VF- Very sharp copy, as below.  SOLD
91. VF The man called Bullit - his 1st appearance. Captain Stacy's funeral.  SOLD
92. VF-/VF As below - nice collectible copy. SOLD
92. VF/VF+ Spiderman meets and battle Iceman from The X-Men. Good issue.  SOLD
93. VF-/VF The Prowler returns. 1st appearance of Arthur Stacy.  SOLD
94. F++ Spiderman's origin retold for the first time, plus the Beetle returns.  SOLD
95. VF- Gwen and Spidey go to London to meet her uncle (Arthur Stacy). Terrorist story. SOLD
96. VG+ One of the classic non-comic code approved drug issues with the return of Green Goblin.  SOLD
96. F/VF Sharper copy of above. SOLD
97. VF Great Spidey/Goblin battle issue. Part II of above. Excellent copy. SOLD
98. VF/NM Conclusion to the classic three parter. Another Goblin battle. Drugs - not code approved. SOLD
99. VF/NM The famous Johnny Carson issue as Spidey goes on The Tonight Show. Great Gil Kane art. SOLD
100. VF-VF Nice copy of a key issue. Spiderman grows 4 extra arms in this anniversary issue. Origin recap. Spidey's greatest villians. SOLD
101. VF-/VF 1st appearance of Morbius. Spidey gets six arms. Last 15 cent issue. SOLD
102. F-/F An inexpensive copy of this 25 cent "giant" issue. Origin/2nd appearance Moribus. Lizard guests. Spidey still with six arms. Great Gil Kane art. Very nice copy aimed to please.  SOLD
103. F+/VF Spidey and Gwen go to the Savage Land and meet Ka-Zar. Nice Gil Kane art.  SOLD
104. F+/VF Conclusion to above Savage Land story. Kraven.  SOLD
104. VF- Sharp copy of above. SOLD
105. VF- Return of the Spider Slayer. Kane art.  SOLD
106. F+/VF Spidey's idenity revealed. John Romita back as artist.  SOLD
107. VF- Trapped by Professor Smythe. Johnny R. art.  SOLD
108. VF/VF+ 1st appearance of Sha-Shan. (Hopefully, it was his last also!)  SOLD
108. VF+ A hair sharper than above SOLD
109. VF-/VF Dr. Strange cover and story. SOLD
110. VF/VF+ 1st appearance of The Gibbon.  SOLD
111. VG/F Contents as below. Solid copy. SOLD
111. VF/VF+ Kraven returns, and ends up in a battle with The Gibbon.  SOLD
112. VF+ Spidey gets fed up with all the jerks out there, and "cops out".  SOLD
113. VG 1st appearance Hammerhead. Doc Ock . Spidey with his new mask. SOLD
113. F/VF Nice copy of above. SOLD
114. VF-/VF Spidey's mask is stolen, and his new mask show's his eyeballs!  SOLD
115. VF- Conclusion to the above few issues storyline. Spidey battles Doc Ock.  SOLD
116. VF-/VF As below - very sharp copy! SOLD
116. VF/NM Suddenly.....The Smasher! Mary Jane and Gwen.  $75.00
117. VF/NM More on The Smasher. More on Mary Jane and Gwen. Double cover - outer about VF/NM, inner about NM-. SOLD
118. F+ Contents as below. Solid mid-grade copy. SOLD
118. VF/VF+ The Smasher becomes The Disruptor? Or are they two different villains?? I'm confused!  SOLD
119. F++ A very nice collectible copy of the big Spidey/Hulk battle, this is the BIG one!  SOLD
120. VF Conclusion to above. Big battle issue. What more do you want??  SOLD
121. VF/VF+ The Death of Gwen Stacy!! Key issue, nice copy.  SOLD
122. VG One of the big keys - and one of the issues the blockbuster "Spiderman" movie is based on. The death of The Green Goblin! Collectible copy bargin priced!!  SOLD
123. VF- Luge Cage guest stars. You said it Brother!! Gil Kane art.  SOLD
124. VF-/VF 1st appearance of Man-Wolf. Kane w/ Romita art.  SOLD
125. VF- Battle with, and origin of Man-Wolf. SOLD
126. VF/VF+ .2nd appearance of The Kangaroo. Human Torch guest stars.  SOLD
126. VF/VF+ 8.5 Another copy about same as above. John Romita cover. Semi-key book with the 1st mention of Harry Osborn becoming Green Goblin. The return of villain Kangaroo. Human Torch appearance. You pick!  SOLD
127. VF/VF+ Vulture returns. Also we realize this issue that Harry Osborn will become the new Green Goblin. SOLD
128. VF Conclusion to the above Vulture storyline.  SOLD
129. VF Of course, we ALL know that this is a major key issue in the run. 1st appearance of The Jackal!! (also some dude named The Punisher!)  SOLD
130. VF/NM 9.0 Another John Romita cover. 1st appearance of The Spider-Mobile! Hammerhead returns as the villain. Johnny Storm Torch guests. Wild issue.  SOLD
131. VF- Aunt May marries Doctor Octopus. Last of the 20 cent issues.  SOLD
132. F/VF Molten Man returns, and things get hot! SOLD
133. VF- 7.5 Gil Kane with John Romita cover. Molten Man big battle conclusion issue. Mary Jane and Liz Allan guest star.  SOLD
134. VF 8.0 The 1st appearance of Tarantula. Very early Punisher appearance. Harry Osborn learns Spider-Man is Peter Parker. John Romita cover and Ross Andru art.  SOLD
135. VF 8.0 Always a staple in any Spidey collection - the 2nd FULL appearance of The Punisher. Also - the full origin of The Tarantula. Great John Romita cover, rockin' Ross Andru art. Your choice of copies....  SOLD
135. VF 2nd full appearance of The Punisher. Plus Tarantula, and Harry Osborn will become.......! SOLD
136. VF- Reappearance of The Green Goblin, as Harry follows in his dad's footsteps. Issues 137 and 138 are always in demand. SOLD
137. F/VF Conclusion to above Goblin story. SOLD
137. VF/VF+ 8.5 Gil Kane cover. 2nd full Harry Osborn Green Goblin issue. Giant battle. Good issue.  SOLD
138. VF/NM 1st appearance of The Mindworm.  SOLD
139. VF+ 1st appearance of The Grizzly. Outstanding cover gloss. SOLD
140. F+ 1st appearance of Glory Grant. Also The Jackal, and The Grizzly appearances. Clone storyline coming hints. SOLD
141. VF The return of Mysterio. Lots of villian cameos.  SOLD
142. VF/VF+ Gwen Stacy clone cameos, as the Clone story starts in full gear. Mysterio story conclusion.  SOLD
143. VF/VF+ 1st appearance of Cyclone.  SOLD
144. VF- "These Boots are Made for Walking" cover. Gwen Stacy Clone storyline kicks in.  SOLD
145. VF/VF+ Gwen Clone story continues. The return of The Scorpion. Good issue.  SOLD
146. VF-/VF Aunt May on her death bed. Scorpion battles Spidy. Gwen Stacy back, also The Jackal!  SOLD
147. VF/VF+ The Tarantala, The Jackal, Mary Jane pissed at Peter, Spidey learns Gwen is a clone! This one's got it all! Pass Spidey the advil.  SOLD
148. VF+ Jackels idenity revealed. Mary Jane breaks up with Peter.  SOLD
149. F-/F Semi-key issue, as below. Nice, collectible copy. SOLD
149. F/F+ Nice copy. SOLD
149. F/VF Great issue. Jackal clones Spidey (1st appearance of Spidey clone), Jackel's origin, and Gwen Stacy's Clone origin told. Gwen (clone?) walks out of Peters life (forever?).  SOLD
150. VF/NM Gil Kane art. Anniversary issue. Vulture, Sandman, Kingpin, and Spider-Slayer attack. Spidey decides HE is real, and NOT his clone. Nice copy!  $60.00
151. F/VF Spidey kills his clone in cold-blood! I kid you not! Also The Shocker returns.  SOLD
152. VF+ Just a good, old battle with Shocker.  SOLD
153. F/VF Spidey goes to a football game.  SOLD
154. F/VF One of my favorite villians returns - Sandman.  SOLD
155. VF- A one shot murder mystery story called "Whodunit!" SOLD
155. F/VF A hair better condition copy. SOLD
156. F/VF As below. A nice copy. SOLD
156. VF/NM The long awaited Wedding issue of Betty Brant and Ned Leeds.  SOLD
157. VF+ A high grade copy of below issue. SOLD
157. VF+/NM- Doc Ock returns to Kidnap Aunt May. Old Doc must have a screw loose if he's got a thing for old May! SOLD
158. F/VF As below. Aunt May almost dies (again). SOLD
158. VF Hammerhead enters the picture. Doc Ock also.  SOLD
158. VF About the same as above. You pick.  SOLD
159. VF- Last 25 cent issue. Conclusion with Ock and Hammerhead.  SOLD
161. VF- Double cover. Punisher cameo. Nightcrawler guest stars part I. Wolverine and Colossus appearances. 1st cover F/VF inner cover VF. SOLD
162. VF- Punisher on Roosevelt Island. Nightcrawer teams-up w/ Spidey. 1st appearance of Jigsaw. SOLD
163. VF- Kingpin returns. An all out battle w/ Spidey. SOLD
164. F/VF Conclusion to above Kingpin tale. SOLD
165. F/VF Spidey battles Dinosaurs Man - I kid you not! SOLD
166. VF/NM Lizards - Reptiles - Dinosaurs - and Spider-man. Stegron. Nice copy. SOLD
167. NM- 1st appearance of Will O' Wisp.  SOLD
168. NM/NM+ Spidey battles the Wisp.  SOLD
169. F/VF As below. John Jameson highlight. SOLD
169. NM- High grade. Stan Lee apperance. Clone story recapped.  SOLD
169. NM- The Clone story recapped. Good issue.  SOLD
170. VF/NM 9.0 High grade Doctor Faustus  SOLD
171. VF/NM Nova teams-up w/ Spidey against Photon. SOLD
172. NM- The Skate Boarding Psychopath called Rocket-Racer fights Spidey. !st appearance. $35.00
173. VF Mokten Man's last stand. SOLD
174. VF-/VF The return of The Punisher for a good two part story. SOLD
175. VF+ Punisher teams-up w/ Spidey to go after The Hitman. SOLD
176. VF/NM The above two issues (174-175) and this and the next few (176-180) are tough to find, and are some of the better issues under #200. This one starts a Green Goblin storyline. SOLD
177. NM- Green Goblin cover / story. Classic issue. SOLD
178. F 6.0 Aunt May is dying again, Mary Jane at her side, Spidey battles Goblin! Thanks for the update AW! SOLD
178. VF 8.0 As above, pretty sharp copy, off-white pages. SOLD
179. VF+ Very sharp, as below. SOLD
179. VF/NM Goblin cover / story - but WHO is the Goblin? SOLD
180. VF/NM The big conclusion to this classic Green Goblin storyline. Goblin is not who we thought he was! SOLD
181. VF/NM Good one shot, sit back and catch your breath, recap issue. Check out the names on the tombstones on the inside splash page! SOLD
182. VF/NM That dynamic super villian is back - The Rocket Racer!! Peter asks Mary Jame to marry him! Semi-key issue! SOLD
183. VF/NM Rocket Racer still around? Will someone please kill this lame villian? And Mary Jane says no to Peter. $25.00
184. NM- 1st appearance The White Dragon.  SOLD
185. VF Peter Parker's Graduation! And it only took him 185 issues to do it! SOLD
186. VF-/VF The Chameleon returns.  SOLD
187. VF Captain America guest stars and teams-up w/ Spidey against Electro. SOLD
188 VF+ Nice cover. Jigsaw.  SOLD
189. VF/VF+ 1st time John Byrne draws Spidey in title. Manwolf! SOLD
190. VF- Man-Wolf. Byrne art. SOLD
191. VF/NM Spider-Slayer returns. Big NYC battle.  SOLD
192. VF Spencer Smythe and The Fly. SOLD
193. NM- Peter and Mary Jane break up. The Fly. Very nice copy.  SOLD
194. NM+ 1st appearance of The Black Cat.  SOLD
195. VF/NM 2nd Black Cat.  SOLD
196. VF- Death of Aunt May- cover tells all! SOLD
197. VF+ Kingpin is back! Good stuff, great battle.  SOLD
198. NM/M One of my favorite villians returns - Mysterio. Cherry copy.  SOLD
199. NM+ Mysterio is back. SOLD
200. VF- Double sized origin retold key issue.  SOLD
201. NM- Part one of two with The Punisher. Great cover! SOLD
202. NM-/NM Conclusion to above Punisher storyline - and it's a good one!  SOLD
214. NM- Sub-Mariner and The Frightful Four. $20.00
234. VF/NM The Will-O'-The-Wisp! Plus the 16 page bonus collecting guide. SOLD
238. VF+/NM 1st appearance Hobgoblin (Ned Leeds). Key issue. Tattooz decals still intact.   SOLD
239. NM 2nd Hobgoblin and 1st battle w/ Spidey. Cherry key issue.  SOLD
240. VF+ The Vulture returns. SOLD
241. NM-/NM Origin of Vulture by JRJR. SOLD
244. VF/NM Hobgoblin returns .3rd appearance. SOLD
245. VF/NM Big Hobgoblin battle issue. SOLD
252. NM- to NM 9.2 / 9.4 Spider-Man gets the black costume. Key issue. Nice cherry copy with great pages. GONE!
259. NM- Lots going on in this issue. Origin of Mary Jane Watson (I always wondered how a regular, non super-hero character can have a "origin"), Spidey goes back to his regular costume, and a full Hobgoblin story.  SOLD
260. NM Hobgoblin cover. Good battle story, Hobby attacks Spidey and Harry Osborn.  SOLD
261. NM-/NM Classic Hobgoblin cover painted by Charles Vess. Good story. SUPER copy.  SOLD
274. NM Special 32 page no ads issue. The Beyonder battles Mephisto. Lots of Spidey guest stars.  SOLD
275. NM/M Hobgoblin cover and story. Spidey's origin original by Steve Ditko. A G9.9 cherry copy!  SOLD
278. NM Hobgoblin cover, still at large. Is he Flash Thompson?  SOLD
284. NM/M Gang War: Part One. Hobgoblin cover / story. Punisher, Jack O'Lantern. A cherry G9.8 for sure!  SOLD
285. NM Punisher cover / story. Gang War: Part Two. Hobgoblin.  SOLD
286. NM/NM+ Above story continues.  SOLD
287. NM/M DD enters the storyline. Another cherry 9.8!  SOLD
288. NM+ Big conclusion - part five. Another cherry copy.  SOLD
289. NM Hobgoblin's idenity revealed as Ned Leds with his death. 1st appearance of the new Hobgoblin.  SOLD
290. NM Great cover. Peter asks Mary Jane to marry him...and she says......!!  SOLD
293. VF- The very good Kraven storyline by Mike Zeck. SOLD
294. NM/NM+ Kraven story continues - The Death of Kraven - I kid you not....this issue ends with a bang!  SOLD
298. NM/M 1st McFarlane art issue (most between 298 - 328). 1st appearance Eddie Brock. Cherry copy.  SOLD
299. NM/M 1st appearance Venom with costume in cameo. McFarlane.  SOLD
300. NM 1st full Venom. 25th anniversary issue. Last black costume for Spidey. Key issue.  SOLD
301. NM/M Silver Sable returns. Beautiful Todd MacFarlane art. SOLD
302. NM/M MacFarlane. "Chaos in Kansas!" Mary Jane is HOT! SOLD
303. NM The Sandman returns. Also Silver Sable. And, of course, the MacFarlane MJ lingerie panels! SOLD
304. NM/M About as perfect a copy as you can get (as most on these Spideys in this run are). If this does not get a CGC 9.8 grade, I'll pay your slabbing fee and buy this book back!! SOLD
306. NM/M Siegel / Shuster Superman tribute cover by MacFarlane. SOLD
307. NM/M Another perfect copy. And check out those MJ in a bikini panels!! SOLD
310. NM/NM+ Shrikeforce. This villian must of read Batman comics as a kid cause his costume is almost a dead rip-off! CGC this one! SOLD
311. NM/NM+ The return of Mysterio. Still MacFarlane, still great MJ panels. SOLD
312. NM/M Great McFarlane art battle issue with Green Goblin vs Hobgoblin. A must have issue in primo condition!  SOLD
313. NM/M Great Lizard cover. Another 9.8 issue. SOLD
314. NM/NM+ Special Christmas issue. Amother MacFarlane masterpiece! SOLD
315. NM+ The return of Venom. Also Hydroman.  SOLD
316. NM/M Spidey/Venom battle starts. Black Cat guests.  SOLD
317. NM/M Final battle with Venom - it's a good one! Still McFarlane.  SOLD
319. NM/NM+ Rhino, Scorpion, and Blacklash. And more greatb MJ panels! SOLD
320. NM/M "The Assassin Nation Plot" part one. Enter the man called paladin. And what do you know - more great MJ panels! SOLD
321. VF/NM Padadin sise by side with Silver Sable. And MJ. SOLD
322. NM/M Part three of above storyline. Silver Sable - still MacFarlane. SOLD
324. NM-/NM Sabertooth cover. 1st Eric Larsen issue. Captain America guests. Battle issue. SOLD
325. NM Conclusion to the above "Assassin" story. Great cover. Captain America and Red Skull. SOLD
326. NM-/NM Mary Jane cheating on Peter? That slut!! But maybe not........... SOLD
328. NM/M The famoue MacFarlane Hulk vs Spiderman issue. A cherry near perfect copy! SOLD
362 & 363. NM/M I don't usually put books this new on my site, but these two books are both at least 9.6's - to 9.8's that I thought someone will want to CGC them. Snow-white pages, super copies! SOLD

Amazing Spiderman Annual

2. VG Brand new Steve Ditko classic with Spiderman teaming up with Dr. Strange. Plus some early Spidey reprints.  SOLD
3. VF-/VF Nice copy w/ white cover. Brand new Spidey vs Avengers story w/ big Hulk battle. Also 2nd and 3rd Doctor Octopus story reprints.  SOLD
4. VF-/VF Brand new 41 page classic with Spiderman battling the Human Torch. Nice pin-ups and back-up stories. Great issue!  SOLD
5. F+ Brand new story of Peter Parker's parents. Red Skull. Pin-ups. Three-page Marvel Bullpen story with Stan the Man.  SOLD
6. F/VF Reprints the classic Steve Ditko annual #1 with 1st appearance of the Sinister Six.  SOLD
7. VF Early Spidey reprints from issues #1 and #2.  SOLD
7. VF/VF+ Nicer copy of above.  SOLD
8. VF- Reprints 1st Kingpin and 1st Shocker stories by John Romita. SOLD
9. NM Reprints the classic Green Goblin story from Spec Spidey mag #2.  SOLD
13. NM All new John Byrne Doc Ock story, plus a pin-up gallery of Spidey's foe's and all their appearances.  SOLD
14. NM/M Frank Miller classic with Spidey teaming up with Doc Strange against Doc Doom and Dormammu  SOLD
15. VF+/NM Frank Miller classic with Spidey vs. the Punisher. Also, 3pp ranking of the strongest heroes in the Marvel Universe.  SOLD
21A. NM/M The Wedding issue with the direct sales cover. Cherry copy.  SOLD
21B. NM/M The Wedding issue w/ newstand cover. G9.9 cherry! SOLD

Amazing Spider-Man/Hulk/Wolverine/Silver Surfer - Drakes Cakes

#1 + #2

#3 + #4

A complete set of 4 mini sized (3" x 5") Marvel comic books. Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine, and Silver Surfer. 20 pages each! These were from Drakes Cakes in 1993, and I had to eat a lot of Yodels to get this set!  SOLD

Astonishing Tales

1. VG/VG+ Ka-Zar by Jack Kirby and Dr. Doom by Wally Wood. 1st Marvel villain solo series. Great art and stories. Pres. Nixon cameo. SOLD
2. F Continues above stories - Kirby Ka-Zar and Wood Doom. Kraven the Hunter.  SOLD
3. VG/F Barry Smith takes over art on Ka-Zar, fantastic Wood art on Doom.  SOLD
4. VF/VF+ Continues above, last Wood art on Doom as story concludes.  SOLD
5. VF- 7.5 Probably as sharp as below copy.  SOLD
5. VF-/VF Red Skull vs Dr. Doom story by George Tuska. Barry Smith Ka-Zar continues.  SOLD
6. F Last Smith art on Ka-Zar, but story continues into #7. Black Panther ends up in Latveria.  SOLD
7. F+ Both current stories end - Doom vs Black Panther, and nice Herb Trimpe art on Ka-Zar.  SOLD
8. F/F+ 25 cent double issue. New stories start - last Dr. Doom feature.  SOLD
9. F+ Ka-Zar takes over the entire book with all new stories. Gil Kane bondage cover, John Buscema art.  SOLD
10. VF/NM Barry Smith back this one-shot with Sal Buscema art.  SOLD
11. F/VF The origin of Ka-Zar and Zabu. Death of Ka-Zar's dad. Gil Kane cover.  SOLD
12. VF+ A small black unnecessary color touch-up dot on the spine. 2nd Man-Thing appearance by Neal Adams. Ka-Zar meets Man-Thing.  SOLD
12. F-/F As above, but a untouched copy in lesser but solid grade.  SOLD
13. VF/VF+ 1st Man-Thing cover, and 3rd overall appearance. Battle with Ka-Zar.  SOLD
15. VF-/VF Kane cover. Ka-Zar in the big city for the 1st time?  SOLD
16. F/F+ Very nice "breaking out" cover.  SOLD
17. VF-/VF 1st appearance Gemini - a cool character that Marvel never really used again - but should!  SOLD
18. VF- Our hero and his pet back in the big city fighting costumed villians and big monsters.  SOLD
21. F+/VF 1st series of It! The Living Colossus. Greater than Godzilla and mighter than King Kong!  SOLD
22. VF-/VF It! The Living Colossus vs. Granitor...Lord of the Gargoyles! This is as good as it gets!!! SOLD
23. NM 1st appearance of Fin Fang Foom since the Silver-age? The death of Bob O'Bryan.  SOLD
24. VF-/VF Last It! Whats this?... Bob O'Bryan alive?... Yes! And a battle to the finish with Fin Fang Foom!  SOLD
25. F+/VF- The origin issue and 1st appearance of Deathlok by Rich Buckler. George Perez's 1st comic book work with 2 pages. Key issue.  SOLD
30. VF/NM Full length Deathlok story by Rich Buckler and gang.  SOLD
31. VF/VF+ Deathlok story. Nice cover and art.  SOLD
32. NM Another full length Deathlok cover and story.  SOLD
33. VF Prine Deathlok when the character was done right!  SOLD
34. VF/VF+ Ditto above.  SOLD
35. VF The final battle above storyline concludes.  SOLD


4. G Key issue in the run with 1st Silver-Age appearance of Captain America. Classic issue by Jack Kirby.  SOLD
4. F/VF 1966 Golden Record comic reprint. An exact reprint of the original minus the ads. 1st Silver-age Captain America and Bucky. This reprint if harder to find than the original!  SOLD
12. F The team battles the Mole Man and the Red Ghost. Early appearances of both villians. SOLD
17. VG The new team searches for the Hulk. Mole Man back with the Minotaur.  SOLD
21. F 1st appearance and origin of Power Man - Classic Wally Wood cover and story artwork.  SOLD
24. F Kang the Conqueror almost defeats the team.  SOLD
25. VG/VG+ Classic story with Dr. Doom battling the Avengers. Fantastic Four guest star. Former Chris Evans copy.  SOLD
32. VF+ Semi-key with the 1st appearance of Bill Foster (Black Goliath). Don Heck's "The Sign Of The Serpent!" 1st appearance of Sons of The Serpent. Stars Capt, Hawkeye, Goliath, and Wasp. Sharp copy.  $79.00
34. F/VF 1st appearance and origin of "The Living Laser" villian.  $42.00
34. VF-/VF Nicer copy of above.  SOLD
36. VF- Black Widow in the original costume guest stars.  $47.00
36. VF/VF+ 8.5 High grade copy of above. Hawkeye and early Black Widow in her original costume.


37. F+/VF 1st appearance of IXAR the Invincible as the team is abducted aboard a flying saucer.  SOLD
38. VF Hercules guest stars along with Black Widow. Enchantress villian.  SOLD
39. F+/VF Hercules joins the team for one issue. The Mad Thinker is back.  SOLD
40. F+/VF Sub-Mariner goes to battle against our guys.  SOLD
41. F+/VF As below - take your pick.  SOLD
41. VF- The Return of Diablo and The Dragon Man  SOLD
42. VF 8.0 Hercules Guests - Dragon Man is the baddie. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.  SOLD
45. F+/VF Hercules joins the group on a regular basis. Great battle issue with the the Super-Adaptoid.  SOLD
52. F+ Semi-key issue with 1st appearance of the Grim Reaper; and Black Panther joins the team.  SOLD
54. VF/VF+ Classic issue with 1st appearance of the New Master of Evil and a cameo 1st appearance of Ultron. This title was really starting to come together at about this point to become one of Marvel's better titles.  $42.00
58. F+/VF The origin of the Vision. Classic story "Even An Android Can Cry".  SOLD
68. F/VF The team battles The Ultimate Ultron. Vision in a coma.  SOLD
71. F As below..... SOLD
71. F/VF 7.0 1st appearance Invaders, 1st appearance Nighthawk, and Black Knight joins the group. KEY issue. SOLD
77. F/VF I always thought that this was one of the all time lamest Avengers stories done. What do you think?  SOLD
78. F/F+ Spotlight on Black Panther. Man-Ape, and The Lethal Legion.  SOLD
79. VF Conclusion Lethal Legion story.  SOLD
80. F/VF 1st appearance Red Wolf. Neal Adams cover.  SOLD
81. F The team splits up. Red Wolf cameo - his 2nd appearance. Good stuff! SOLD
84. F/VF Return of Arkon. Avengers are down!  SOLD
85. F/F+ The return of The Squadron Sinister. Now this is a good story! 1st Squadron Supreme.  SOLD
86. F/F+ Conclusion to above Sinister story, plus Brain-Child.  SOLD
86. VF-/VF Sharper copy of above.  SOLD
87. F+ Origin of The Black Panther revealed at last. Very good story.  SOLD
88. F-/F Harlan Ellison story - a two-parter w/ Hulk #140 SOLD
88. VF-/VF Sharp copy of above.  SOLD
88. VF/NM 9.0 Sharp, High Grade! 1st appearance Psyklop. SOLD
90. F/F+ Great storyline with Captain Marvel and Sentry.  SOLD
90. VF+ 8.5 Very sharp copy of above. SOLD
91. F+ Conclusion to above guest staring Captain Marvel vs Ronan and Sentry.  SOLD
91. VF/NM As above, high grade copy - ow pages!  SOLD
92. F+ Great Neal Adams cover. Captain Marvel guest stars. SOLD
92. VF+ Cherry High Grade copy of above. Last 15 cent issue. Lots of Golden-Age Marvel Heroes appearances. $75.00
93. F- 25 cent giant with beautiful Neal Adams cover and full story! SOLD
95. F/VF 100% Neal Adams cover to cover - classic issue!  SOLD
96. F/F+ Neal Adams cover and beautiful art. Showdown with The Skrulls and The Kree. Rick Jones and Captain Marvel spotlights.  SOLD
97. F/VF Great Gil Kane cover. The Golden-Age Invaders guest star. Capt Marvel, Rick Jones, Skrulls, Kree, this one's got it all!  SOLD
97. VF/ NM 9.0 Great Gil Kane cover. The Golden-Age Invaders guest star. Capt Marvel, Rick Jones, Skrulls, Kree, this one's got it all! $100.00
98. F/F+ As below. Good copy.  SOLD
98.VF/VF+ Great Barry Smith cover and story. 1st appearance of the War-Hawk. Goliath becomes the new Hawkeye.  $40.00
99. F/VF Barry Smith cover and story. Hercules guest stars.  SOLD
100. F A no problems mid grade copy of a key issue. Barry Smith draws everyone who was ever an Avenger this issue! Classic.  SOLD
100. VF+ High grade copy - ow pages!  SOLD
101. VF+ Harlen Ellison wrote the script for this classic Avengers story. The Watcher guest stars.  SOLD
101. VF-/VF As above. Sharp book. SOLD
102. F/F+ As below. Solid copy. SOLD
102. VF+ Good story with The Grim Reaper and The Vision : "My Brother - The Grim Reaper!". The Sentinels attack.  $30.00
103. VF Sentinels storyline picks up.  SOLD
104. VF Conclusion to above. An all out slugfest with The Sentinels.  SOLD
105. VF-/VF Black Panther returns and the team travels to Antarcitica for a self contained story.  SOLD
106. VF A traitor among the team. 2nd appearance of The Space Phantom (remember him from issue #2).  SOLD
107. VF/NM Grim Reaper returns. Nice Jim Starlin art. "All New - and All Geart!".  SOLD
108. VF The showdown conclusion to the Reaper/Phantom storyline.  SOLD
109. VF Hawkeye quits the team. 1st app Imus Champion.  SOLD
110. VF/VF+ The Avengers and The X-Men team-up to battle Magneto.  SOLD
111. VF/VF+ Conclusion to The X-Men storyline. Magneto. Black Widow guest stars.  SOLD
112. VF/NM 1st appearance of Mantis. Black Panther and Black Widow spotlights.  SOLD
113. VF/VF+ Vision goes down, Scarlet Witch goes ballistic.  SOLD
114. VF+/NM Mantis teams-up with The Swordsman. Good battle issue.  SOLD
115. VF+ 1st appearances of The Troglodytes - the Creatures who lurk below!  SOLD
116. VF+/NM Great issue with The Defenders battling The Avengers. Silver Surfer and crew guest star. Tough one to find.  SOLD
117. NM- The Defenders vs The Avengers. Nuff said!!  SOLD
118. VF- Conclusion to the above Defenders storyline. Dormammu, Loki, Watcher.  SOLD
119. VF/NM The Collector returns. Putland, Vt. Halloween issue. Nice copy!  $35.00
120. F/VF As below.  SOLD
120. NM Nice cover. Zodiac returns. High grade.  SOLD
121. NM Zodiac traps the team. Black Panther to the rescue.  SOLD
122. VF/NM As below. Very nice copy. Black Panther.  $35.00
122. NM- Nice cover. The final battle with Zodiac. Avengers Assemble!!  SOLD
123. VF The origin of Mantis!  SOLD
123. VF/NM The Origin of Mantis revealed - and it's a shocker. Semi conclusion to the very good Zodiac storyline. Lots of action galore. Very sharp.  $35.00
124. VF The full origin of Mantis. 1st appearance Star-Stalker. SIGNED copy on the splash page by both artists Dave Cockrum and John Buscema! One of a kind!  SOLD
124. VF+ As above, unsigned copy.  SOLD
125. NM- Great Thanos cover and story.  SOLD
126. VF/NM Klaw and Solaar attack. Wanda gets a new hairdo?  $35.00
127. F/VF As below. A collectible copy.  SOLD
127. VF/VF+ The Avengers in attend the Wedding of Quicksilver and Crystal. Tie-in with Fantastic Four #150. KEY 1st appearance of Ultron-7! Gil Kane. Sal Buscema art.  $35.00
128. NM- Good story with The Scarlet Witch & Agatha Harkness - TV show Wandavision tie-in. $45.00
129. VF/NM Kang returns. Great cover and story.  SOLD
130. VF/VF+ Great battle issue. Check out the cover. 1st appearances of The Slasher and Cotati. SOLD
131. NM- 1st The Legion of The Unliving together.  $35.00
132. NM- Kang and The Legion of The Unliving. Death of Vision?  $35.00
133. VF/VF+ What is the secret of The Hooded One? ...Don't know - never read this one. Origin of the Kree. Libra.  SOLD
134. VF The true origin of The Vision : original Human Torch  SOLD
135. VF/VF+ The 2nd part of the always in demand key issue - the Origin of The Vision. See how The Human Torch becomes The Vision. See how Ultron is involved. See cameos by Thanos and Silver Surfer. See how you NEED this good issue! Gil Kane cover. Sal Buscema art.  $35.00
135. VF/VF+ Conclusion to above. Learn how the original Human Torch became Vision  SOLD
136. NM- Beast vs Iron Man! Mike Ploog art.  $35.00
137. VF+ 8.5 Another good issue as The Beast first battles, then joins the group. Also Moondragon becomes an offical member as she joins. And Yellowjacket (Hank Pym) with Wasp return and rejoin the team. And finally - The Stranger returns. Nice John Romita cover. George Tuska art.  SOLD
138. VF/NM 9.0 The new Avengers line-up team of Thor, Iron Man, Beast, Moondragon, Yellowjacket, and Wasp take on The Stranger. Another good issue. Nice Gil Kane cover. George Tuska art. Sharp book.  SOLD
139. NM/NM+ Wasp in a coma, Whirlwind attacks.  SOLD
140. NM- Yellowjacket in trouble - Vision to the rescue.  SOLD
141. VF+ The tean vs The Squadron Sinister. Great story! 1st George Perez artwork on the title. SOLD
142. NM- An offbeat issue starring the old wild western Marvel heroes. Check out the cover! Choice copy, Perez art. SOLD
143. VF+ George Perez and Kang (his last 1970's appearance). SOLD
144. VF+ Origin and 1st appearance of Hellcat, by George Perez. Good stuff!!  SOLD
145. VF/VF+ 1st paaearance of The Assassin - and he's out for blood!   $20.00
146. NM- Very nice cover. Assassin still around.  SOLD
147. VF George Perez draws "Crisis on Other-Earth" 10 years before DC's version! Squadron Sinister.   SOLD
148. F 6.0 Part two of above - this one's called "20,000 Leagues Under Justice". Someone at Marvel was having fun w/ DC! Perez art SOLD
149. NM The Avengers vs Orka The Killer Whale. Perez.  SOLD
150. F/VF Special 150th anniversary issue. George Perez art.  SOLD
150. F/VF 7.0 Another copy - about same shape. Take your pick! SOLD
151. VF+ All new line-up. Jack Kirby cover, George Perez art. Nice cover. The Collector is the bad guy.  SOLD
154. NM+ Kirby cover, Perez art. The team in Atlantis.  SOLD
155. NM Sub-Mariner, Dr. Doom, and The Whizzer. Perez art.  SOLD
156. NM- Battle issue against Dr. Doom. Nice Kirby cover.  $20.00
157. NM/M Great Kirby cover. The Black Knight back.  SOLD
158. NM- Great story - Wonder Man vs The Vision! Great Kirby cover!  SOLD
159. NM/M Nice Gil Kane cover. Graviton is the villian. A cherry G9.8 copy!  SOLD
160. NM+ Great George Perez cover and story. The Grim Reaper.  SOLD
161. NM+ Perez cover/story. Ant-Man and The Wasp.  SOLD
162. NM Perez cover/story. Ultron takes a bride. SOLD
163. NM Perez cover. The Champions vs The Avengers!  SOLD
164. VF/VF+ The return of the Lethal Legion. John Byrne art, George Perez cover.  SOLD
165. NM- Count Nefaria. Perez cover, Byrne art. Nice copy.  $20.00
166. VF Count Nefaria conclusion. Great Perez cover, and nice Byrne art.  SOLD
169. VF Spotlight on IM, Capt, and Black Panther. SOLD
170. VF/NM Nice George Perez cover and art. Good story. Ultron, Guardians.  $20.00
171. VF-/VF One of the best Perez covers in the run. Ultron back.  SOLD
172. VF- Hawkeye returns to the team.  SOLD
173. F/VF Another Perez classic cover. Black Widow and Hercules. Enter: The Collector.  SOLD
174. VF+ Captured by The Collector! Another Perez knock-out cover.Thanos.  $17.50
175. F/VF As below, nice copy.  SOLD
175. NM- Great cover. The team has a family day together.  SOLD
176. VF+ Trouble brewing for the team. Guardians and Starhawk appearances.   $17.50
177. NM/M Seven of The Avengers die - according to the cover!  SOLD
178. VF- Spotlight on Beast.  SOLD
179. VF- The Stranger and Bloodhawk.  SOLD
180. VF- The Monolith strikes.  SOLD
181. VF This run of John Byrne issues (Avengers 181-191) contains some of John's best artwork. Great Perez cover of the new lineup.  SOLD
182. NM John Byrne.  SOLD
183. VF-/VF Ms. Marvel joins. Absorbing Man villain.  SOLD
184. VF Absorbing Man conclusion.  SOLD
186. VF+/NM Modred the Mystic!  SOLD
187. NM Scarlet Witch loses it!  SOLD
188. NM/NM+ More great John Byrne.  SOLD
189. NM Spotlight on Hawkeye.  SOLD
190. NM Daredevil guest stars.  SOLD
191. NM+ Gray Gargoyle.  SOLD
259. NM- The Scrolls. SIGNED by artist John Buscema on the splash page. Super copy!  $50.00
300. NM+ 64 page anniversary double-sized issue presenting the new team - and it's an odd one! Walt Simonson art.  $10.00

Avengers Annual

1. VG/F Great 49 page all new battle issue with Mandarin and his gang of cronies. The orginal Avengers team-up with the current Avengers.  SOLD
4. F+ An all new cover, early reprints of Avengers #5 and #6.  SOLD
5. F/VF Two classic early Avengers stories including #11 with Spider-Man. SOLD
6. VF- George Perez story with Nuklo. Plus a Vision solo story.  SOLD
7. VF A Jim Starlin classic with Warlock, Captain Marvel, and the Avengers battling Thanos. Great issue!  SOLD
8. VF+ Full length Perez story. Guests Dr. Strange and Ms. Marvel.  SOLD
9. VF The Arsenal attacks the team. Nice cover/art. SOLD
10. VF+/NM This issue's got it all. Beautiful Mike Golden art, X-Men cameo, 1st appearance of Rogue, and 1st appearance of Madelyne Pryor.  SOLD