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1. NM/M Still polybagged, never opened with the Barbie Credit Card. Scarce! SOLD

Barbie Fashion

1. NM/M Still polybagged, never opened with the Barbie Doorknob Hanger. Scarce! SOLD

Bizarre Adventures

25. NM 1st issue - formally Marvel Prewiew. This is the all "Lethal Ladies" issue with Black Widow by Paul Gulacy, Lady Daemon by Michael Golden and Daughters of the Dragon by Marshall Rogers. SOLD
27. NM "The X-Men Issue" with stories of Phoenix, Iceman, and Nightcrawler with art by George Perez and Dave Cockrum. SOLD
28. NM "Unlikely Heroes" issue with Elektra by Frank Miller. Also art by Neal Adams, Michael Golden, and Wendi Peni. SOLD
29. NM Stephen King's "Lawnmower Man" by Walt Simonson. Also 1st? "Greenburg the Vampire" story. SOLD
30. F/VF 2nd Paradox. Plus 1st appearance of Silhouette by Gene Day. SOLD
31. NM "Violence" issue. Great cover. Nice art and stories by Frank Miller, Ralph Reese, Bill Sienkiewicz, and John Byrne. SOLD

Black Panther

1. VF 1st issue of the Jack Kirby series, and soon to be a major movie? SOLD
14. VF+ Avengers / Vision guest star cover and story. Orgin of Panther. SOLD