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Captain America

100. VG Starting to become a minor key issue now - the 1st Capt. in his own title for the Silver-Age.  SOLD
102. F The Sleeper cover/story by Kirby.  SOLD
106. VF Great Jack Kirby action cover and story. Cap goes wild.  SOLD
107. VF/VF+ Great Jack Kirby cover/story.  SOLD
108. VF/NM The Trapster returns. Kirby classic.  SOLD
109. F-/F Always one of my favorite Capt covers. The origin issue retold.  $20.00
110. F/VF Jim Steranko classic cover/art. The Hulk cover/story, 1st appearance Viper. Rick Jones becomes Cap's partner. Semi-key issue.  SOLD
112. VF-/VF Cap's origin retold. Cap's career recalled, with tons of guest stars. Last Kirby story issue.  SOLD
113. VG+/F Classic Jim Steranko cover and art. Of the three Streanko issues (110,111,113) this one is usually the hardest to find.  SOLD
115. F-/F Red Skull cover and story. Last 12 cent issue.  $12.00
116. F+/VF Great 1st Gene Colan Avengers cover/guest story. Red Skull back. 1st 15 cent issue.  $12.50
116. VF A very nice copy of above issue  $25.00
117. F/F+ 1st appearance of The Falcon. Kirby cover art.  SOLD
118. VF 2nd appearance of The Falcon. Rick Jones as Bucky?  SOLD
119. F 3rd Falcon. Red Skull still around. Gene Colan artwork with Jack Kirby cover.  $12.50
120. VF- Cap goes on a college campus. Falcon and Nick Fury cameos.  $20.00
121. F+/VF Cap's origin retold. 1st appearance of The Man Brute.  SOLD
123. VF+/NM 1st appearance Suprema. Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. guests.  $30.00
124. F+ 1st appearance Cyborg. Sharon Carter guests.  $12.50
125. VF You'll never guess the surprise villian in this issue. (Unless you click on the cover and look!) (Made you look!)  SOLD
126. VF 1st appearance of Diamond Head. Falcon returns to help Capt. after his leave of absence.  $25.00
127. VF- Nick Fury - Agent of SHIELD guests. Wally Wood artwork.  $15.00
128. F+/VF Cap goes biking and meets up with Satan's Angels on Wheels!  SOLD
131. VF+ The return of Bucky Barnes! Plus Baron Strucker back. Classic cover and story.  $30.00
132. VF- Good story with Bucky revealed as an android. Doctor Doom guest stars.  SOLD
133. F+/VF Falcon becomes Captain America's partner. The origin of Modok.  $17.50
134. VF+ 2nd Cap/Falcon team-up issue.  $25.00
135. F+/VF Capt and Falcon fight a human king kong. Nice Gene Colan art. $15.00
135. VF/NM As above, high grade copy w/ ow pages.  $35.00
138. VF Spiderman guest stars.  $27.50
139. VF+ Steve Rogers becomes a rookie cop.  SOLD
140. VF- The origin of the Gray Gargoyle retold.  $17.50
141. F The Gray Gargole strikes. Johnny Romita art. SOLD
142. F+/VF Nick Fury, SHIELD, Agent 13, and the Gray Gargoyle. Last 15 cent issue.  SOLD
143. F/F+ Double sized issue.  SOLD
144. VF- Falcon gets a new costume and splits with Capt.  SOLD
145. F+/VF The death of Sharon Carter - Agent 13. Hydra. Gil Kane art.  SOLD
146. VF "Mission: Stop the Femme Force!" Hydra.  SOLD
147. F+ Sharon Carter alive again. The Kingpin, Hydra, and the Schemer. Gil Kane cover.  SOLD
150. F+/VF Always liked this nice Gil Kane cover. Capt trapped by The Stranger. SOLD
152. VF The Scorpion teams up with Mr. Hyde.  $12.50
154. F- 1st full appearance of Jack Monroe, who becomes Nomad. $10.00
154. VF+ High grade copy!  $25.00
155. VF Origins Capt and Jack Monroe. Great cover!  $22.00
158. VF/NM Capt's strength is increased. Nice copy.  $15.00
159. F/VF How about The Scarecrow, The Porcupine, The Eel, and The Plantman as Capt faces this "League of Lameos!" $7.00
160. VF- 1st appearance and origin of Solarr  $8.00
162. VF- Nice cover, Capt flips out, has flashbacks, and does some soul searching.  $8.00
163. VF+ Capt and Falcon fight the Serpent Squad. $10.00
165. F+/VF Yellow Claw retuens - good stuff!  $7.50
166. VF+ Death of Nick Fury. Yellow Claw. Lots of mummy' creatures running around.  $12.50
171. VF/NM Black Panther guests. Falcon too. $15.00
172. F/VF 7.0 Great Gil Kane cover. Falcon battles Banshee. Cyclops, Marvel Girl and Professor X of The X-Men meet Falcon for the 1st time. Sal Buscema art.  $12.50
173. F- As below. A nice copy for the price.  $5.00
173. F/F+ The X-Men cover and story guest star. Nick Fury. Gil Kane cover artwork.  $10.00
173. VF 8.0 Gil Kane cover. Cyclops, Marvel Girl and Professor X of The X-Men team-up with Capt and Falcon vs The Secret Empire. Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. guest star. Sal Buscema art.  $15.00
174. F/F+ The X-Men guest star. Gil Kane cover.  $8.50
174. VF- 7.5 Gil Kane cover. Cyclops, Marvel Girl and Professor X of The X-Men team-up with Capt and Falcon vs The Secret Empire - who have captured Havok, Beast, Iceman, Angel, and villains Blob, Unus, and Mastermind. Sal Buscema art.  $15.00
174. VF/VF+ High grade copy of above.  $17.50
175. VF 8.0 Sal Buscema cover and art. The X-Men saga story comes to a close. But Capt loses it when he finds out who the bad guy was behind The Secret Empire.  $17.50
176. F/VF 7.0 Nice John Romita cover and Sal Buscema art. Captain America quits after reflecting on his past and present life. Thor, IM, Vision, and Sharon Carter try to reason with him to no avail. Classic issue.  $10.00
177. F/VF Capt is gone - now Falcon must face Lucifer alone.  $8.00
177. VF 8.0 KEY book with what's going on in current comics - 1st solo Falcon issue since Captain America quit. Lucifer returns as the bad guy. Nice John Romita cover and Sal Buscema art.  $10.00
180. F-/F TOUGH issue to find: 1st appearance and origin of Nomad. Great Gil Kane cover.  $10.00
181. VF 1st appearance and origin of the new Captain America. Namor guest stars.  $17.50
183. VF 8.0 Death of the new Captain America (Roscoe). Steve Rogers quits his Nomad idenity and returns as Captain America. Falcon and Redwing guest. Gil Kane cover with Frank Robbins art.  $10.00
183. VF/NM Death of the new Captain America. Nomad becomes Captain America (again).  $20.00
184. F+/VF Steve Rogers back as Capt - and his 1st foe is The Red Skull!  $7.00
185. VF Capt vs Red Skull. Great Gil Kane cover, terrible Frank Robbins art (sorry Frank!)  $9.00
186. F/VF The 1st true origin of The Falcon revealed at last. Red Skull conclusion.  $10.00
187. VF The Demon-Druid's Death-Trap.  $9.00
188. F+/VF Capt fights The Druid-War.  $7.00
192. F+ 6.5 Capt battles Dr. Faustus. 1st appearance of Karla - who later on becomes the new Moondragon. No Falcon in this one - last issue with his name on the logo for awhile.  SOLD
193. VF- 1st new Jack Kirby issue as artist/writer. Terrorist story. Sec. of State Barry Goldwater stars!  $12.50
194. F/VF 2nd issue written and drawn by Jack Kirby.  $8.50
195. VF+/NM Jack Kirby story and art, so you know w/ Kirby writing, it's a wacky story.  $15.00
196. VF/NM Buy it for the Kirby art, cause the Kirby story sure leaves a lot to be desired!  $16.00
197. VF-/VF Classic Kirby cover - nuff said!  $10.00
198. F/VF Capt's love story by Jack Kirby.  $8.50
200. VF/VF+ Key 200th Bicentennial anniversary issue. Kirby classic.  SOLD
210. VF/NM Kirby and Red Skull - high grade copy. $12.50
235. NM- DD guest stars. Some Frank Miller art layouts.  $10.00
238. NM- John Byrne cover. Capt goes mountain climbing!  $7.00
239. NM- Nice John Byrne cover. "Mind-Stains on the Virgin Snow!"  $7.00
241. NM- The classic Frank Miller Capt vs Punisher cover. Good story.  SOLD
242. VF/NM The Avengers guest star. 1st appearance of The Manipulator.  $7.00
244. NM/NM+ Frank Miller cover. "A Monster Berserk!"  $10.00
245. NM+ Frank Miller cover. Nazi story.  $10.00
247. VF/NM 1st John Byrne story and cover (#'s 247 - 255). Baron Strucker returns.  $8.00
248. F Byrne art. The return of Dragon Man.  $5.00
251. F/VF Nice cover/story - Byrne art, Avengers cameo, Capt's origin retold.  $6.00

Captain America Annual

5. F/VF All new full length story. Frank Miller cover.  $5.00
8. VF/NM The famous Mike Zeck Capt vs Wolverine issue. One or two minor items otherwise NM.  $30.00

Captain Britain

1-5 . Set NM/M The original British Captain Britain published by Marvel UK. Magazine sized B&W by Alan Davis - all new for the US market. good stuff - the first five for one price.  $35.00

Captain Marvel

3. F+ Captain M. battles the Super-Skrull.  $17.50
5. F+ 1st appearance Metazoid.  $17.50
6. F 1st appearance of Solam!  $10.00
7. F 1st appearance Quasimodo. Good cover.  $10.00
8. F/VF 1st appearance Cuberex.  $15.00
9. F+ Big battle issue.  $12.50
10. VF/NM Super condition copy. Great cover.  $40.00
11. F+ Early Barry Smith cover. 1st appearance Zo.  $15.00
12. F+/VF 1st appearance of Manslayer! Black Widow guest stars - early appearance.  $12.50
12. F/VF 1st appearance of Manslayer! Black Widow guest stars - early appearance.  $15.00
13. VF/NM Great cover and story.  $25.00
15. F Tom Sutton art. Zo returns.  $8.00
16. F/VF 1st new costume for Captain Marvel.  $17.50
17. F/VF New direction/new costume. Gil Kane cover and art. Great issue. Boy, are these next few issues under-rated and under-valued!  $17.50
18. F/VF 1st appearance Mandruid. Gil Kane cover and art.  SOLD
19. F/VF Another Gil Kane classic.  $12.50
20. VF- Yet another 100% Gil Kane classic. Hulk cameo.  $15.00
21. F+/VF Great Hulk/Cap battle issue. Gil Kane art. Last 15-cent issue.  SOLD
25. VF/NM 1st Jim Starlin issue as his 1st Thanos saga starts. Thanos cameos. Underated key book.  SOLD
27. VF- Very sharp copy, but inked at top and bottom of book - thus the given grade. 1st FULL appearance of Thanos. Jim Starlin, of course!  $35.00
28. F/VF 7.0 KEY 1st cover appearance of Thanos, and only his 3rd appearance in comics with a full story for him. A Jim Starlin classic!  $30.00
29. F+ Jim Starlin classic. Thanos cameos. Capt gains new powers.  $15.00
30. VF 8.0 Thanos appearance. Deaths of The Controller and Drax. Iron Man guest stars. Beautiful Jim Starlin artwork. A keeper!  $25.00
31. VF- As below. One of the best Starlin issues in the run. Sharp.  $25.00
31. VF/NM Jim Starlin's Thanos saga continues. Last 20-cent issue, and a good one!  $40.00
32. VF+ Great cover / story. Starlin Thanos cover.  $40.00
43. VF/NM 9.0 Drax The Destroyer returns for a battle royal against Captain Marvel. Classic cover with Al Milgrom and Bernie Wrightson art. Good issue!  SOLD

Captain Savage

10. NM- HIGH grade. John Severin cover and inks. $27.50
11. NM- HIGH grade. Nick Fury guest-stars $40.00
12. NM- HIGH grade. Dick Ayers w/ Syd Shores art. $25.00
13. NM- SUPER copy. Don Heck / Shores art. $25.00

The Cat

1. VF- Beautiful Wally Wood with Marie Severin artwork. 1st appearance and origin issue. Scarce. SOLD
4. F/F+ Nice Jim Starlin / Al Weiss artwork. Return of The Man-Bull.  $10.00

Chamber of Chills

1. F+/VF- Gil Kane cover. Brand new Harlan Ellison story adaptation. Two other good horror stories.  $20.00
2. VF Three brand new horror stories. 1st Brak the Bararian story in comics by John Jakes! Robert E. Howard adaptation by Gardner Fox! Beautiful story by Craig Russell. And a Gil Kane cover. Good issue!  $17.50
3. VF- Robert E. Howard story adaptation "The Thing on the Roof" by Roy Thomas and Frank Brunner.  $12.50
9. VF/NM Small price sticker on cover - very high grade copy. Classic 50's Atlas horror reprints.  $10.00
10. VF-/VF 5 classic 1950's Atlas horror reprints. A good sample.  $10.00

Chamber Of Darkness

1. F/F+ This is an under-rated run. Neat stories and art.  $20.00
2. F/VF Neal Adams Story (scripts). M. Severin/H. Trimpe/T. Sutton story.  $15.00
3. VF-/VF Early pre Conan Barry Smith art. Edgar Allan Poe "Tell Tale Heart" adaptation.  $24.00
5. F+ As below - sharp copy.  $12.50
5. VF Three tales by Jack Kirby, Johnny Craig, and Paul Reinman. H.P. Lovecraft adaptation.  $24.00
7. VF- Key book - Bernie Wrightson's 1st professional work at Marvel - cover and story.  SOLD
8. VF- Bernie Wrightson cover. Nice Dan Adkins / Bill Everett story. Two Steve Ditko classics.  $20.00


1. VF+/NM The origin and 1st appearance of the Champions: the strangest super-hero team of all time!  $35.00
11. VF 1st John Byrne issue (through #17). Early art. Black Goliath.  $15.00
12. F+ The Stranger. Byrne art.  $7.50
13. VF+ Supernatural creatures. Byrne art.  $15.00
14. VF+ The Swarm. Byrne art.  $15.00
15. F/VF More Swarm. Byne art.  $10.00
15. VF+/NM High grade copy of above.  $17.50
17. VF Last issue. The Sentinels. John Byrne art.  $15.00


9. VG+ Stan Lee and Stan Goldberg's Archie done Marvel style!  $10.00
18. F- More stuff from the two Stan's. Mod pin-ups.  $10.00

Combat Kelly

1. F/F+ A nice John Severin on this new introduction and origin issue. $12.50


1. VF-/VF Nice sharp copy, c/ow pgs. You will be pleased! $170.00
2. F+ Small upper cover chews otherwise sharp copy. Classic Barry Smith art - this copy is SIGNED by Barry on the splash page.  $50.00

3. VF 8.0

back cover

Great Barry Smith cover and art. Roy Thomas story based on Robert E. Howard's "The Grey God Passes!" This is a scarce issue that had limited distribution. I remember I couldn't find it on the newstand at the time. Strictly graded, a pressing on this makes it an easy 9.0 book.  SOLD
4. F/VF A Robert E. Howard/Roy Thomas/Barry Smith Conan classic! $35.00
6. F+ Another classic - say no more! $22.50
7. F- Great story, Great art, Great Crom!! $15.00
7. VF As above, sharp copy. $35.00
8. F- R.E.Howard's The Keeper of the Crypt" classic by Barry Smith. $12.50
8. VF As above, sharp copy. $35.00
9. F One of my favorite covers in the run. Robert E. Howard's "The Garden Of Fear" classic. Great Barry Smith. $17.50
9. VF As above, sharp copy. $35.00
11. F- Double sized Conan tale by Smith - "Rogues in the House". $15.00
11. F+ Nicer copy of above. $25.00
12. F- Another BWS classic. Gil Kane cover and back-up story. Gil draws himself and writer Roy Thomas in story. SOLD
13. F-/F BWS cover and story. "Web of the Spider-God!" Great stuff! $15.00
14. F- Part one og the classic "A Sword called Stormbringer" that teams-up Conan with Elric. BWS. $15.00
14. F/VF Nicer copy of above. $25.00
15. F- Conclusion to the Elric story above. $15.00
16. F+/VF Probably the most famous Barry Smith Conan story - "Night of the Frost-Giants". Plus the reprint of the pre-Conan try out story. $25.00
17. F+ 1st non Smith Conan. Art and cover by Gil Kane. Still fine stuff though. $15.00
19. VF- BWS back with a bang after two issues off. Fantastic art!!! SOLD
20. F/VF Another classic - "The Black Hound of Vengenance!" SOLD
21. F/VF Famous cover, another classic Smith issue - what can I say!  $20.00
22. F+ Reprints Conan #1 by Thomas and Smith. $15.00
25. VF/NM 1st John Buscema issue. I remember when this issue came out, and I saw this "new" artist taking over my favorite - Barry Smith. Boy, was I mad! Nice Gil Kane cover.  $25.00
26. NM 2nd John Buscema issue. Still excellent Roy Thomas stories.  $25.00
27. F/F+ "The Blood-Jewel of Bel-Hissar!"  $8.00
28. VF Blonde bondage cover with a big monster.  $12.00
29. F/F+ Conan fights a wizard and a hairy man.  $8.00
37.F+/VF The classic, beautiful Neal Adams cover/story issue. King Kull. Last 20 cent issue.  $15.00
39. F/VF Gil Kane cover, another good story.  $7.50
43. VF/NM 9.0 1st part of a good two part Red Sonja storyline. John Buscema art with cover by Gil Kane and Dan Adkins.  SOLD
44. VF/NM 9.0 2nd part of a two part Red Sonja storyline. John Buscema cover and art - inks by Neal Adams w/ friends Ralph Reese, Larry Hama, and Dick Giordano.  SOLD
45. VF/VF+ Nice Neal Adams cover, and inks on Big John B's pencils.  $10.00
47. F/VF Early one-pager by Tim Conrad. Wally Wood reprint back-up story. Marvel subscription cardboard coupon still intact.  $7.00
100. NM Ever wanted an autographed copy of this giant-sized "Death Of Belit" issue? Now's your chance - signed on the splash page by John Buscema.  $35.00
100. NM As above, another copy, not signed.  $15.00
115. VF 10th Anniversary double siged issue. SOLD
169. NM/M High-grade copy, signed on the cover by John Buscema.  $25.00

Conan King Size Annual

1. NM Beautiful Barry Smith cover and two early story reprints.  SOLD
3. VF- Conan teams-up with King Kull in this full length story w/ some art by Chaykin and Adams.  $7.00
4. VF Full length all new story of King Conan. Bondage cover.  SOLD


3. VF- Special "Origins" issue of The Fantastical Four and Stupor-Man. Check out the cover! $10.00

Creatures on the Loose

10. F 6.0 1st appearance of King Kull in comics. Beautiful art by Bernie Wrightson. Cover by Herb Trimpe w/ Marie Severin. An under- valued Bronze-Age key. Classic Jack Kirby reprint back-up story "Trull!"  SOLD
11. VF/VF+ Classic Kirby's "Moomba" story plus one new story.  $22.50
13. VF/VF+ 50's / 60's Atlas / Marvel monster reprints plus a new Reed Crandall story.  $22.50
21. VF Outstanding Jim Steranko cover. Gullivar Jones story by Gray Morrow. Classic Matt Fox 50's Atlas reprint.  $17.50
22. VF-/VF A hair less than below copy - still high grade.  $17.50
22. VF 1st Thongor appearance. Great Jim Steranko cover. Nice Val Mayerik art. What are you waiting for??? $20.00
23. F 2nd Thongor. Val Mayerik art.  $6.00
30. F/VF 1st Man-Wolf feature in this title $17.50
34. F+/VF Man-Wolf by George Perez continues.  $7.00
36. F+/VF Gil Kane cover. Man-Wolf in space by Perez.  $7.00

Crypt of Shadows

1. F/VF Great classic Basil Wolverton 1950's story. Gil Kane cover.  $20.00
8. VF All 1950's Atlas reprints issue. Nice Shelly Moldoff story.  $15.00