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8. F 1st appearance and origin of Stilt Man. Nice Wally Wood artwork.  SOLD
14. F Kazar and the Plunder. John Romida artwork.  SOLD
20. F/F+ The Owl.  SOLD
21. F+/VF The Owl story conclusion.  SOLD
23. VF- Tri-Man and the Gladiator team-up to take down DD.  SOLD
24. F+/VF Kazar's back. Oh boy! SOLD
26. F/F+ Stilt-Man returns. Plus the Masked Marauder. SOLD
27. F- 5.5 Spider-Man guest stars. Also lots of villians. I like this cover!  SOLD
29. F DD gets unmasked.  SOLD
31. VG/F DD loses his powers, Cobra and Mr. Hyde villians.  SOLD
32. VG Conclusion of above. DD defeats the villians, and gets his radar back.  SOLD
33. F/F+ 1st appearance of the current Beetle.  SOLD
34. F-/F The origin of Beetle revealed. Big battle issue.  SOLD
36. VG/F Sue Storm of the FF guests.  SOLD
41. VF The death of Mike Murdock, Matt's "brother". Nice copy with whith pages. SOLD
42. VF- 1st appearance The Jester. Haha! SOLD
51. VG/F Early Barry Smith art.  SOLD
52. VG/F Nice Barry Smith art. Black Panther guest stars.  SOLD
53. VF- The origin of DD retold. Last 12 cent issue.  SOLD
54. F/VF Spiderman cameo. Mr. Fear villian.  SOLD
55. F/VF Mr. Fear story concludes.  SOLD
56. F/VF 1st appearance of Deathshead SOLD
57. F/F+ DD reveals his identity to Karen Page.  SOLD
58. F/F+ Stunt Master.  SOLD
59. F/VF Torpedo.  SOLD
60. F/VF Crimewave.  SOLD
62. F Return of Nighthawk, the man who finishes DD! But only for this one issue.  SOLD
67. VF/VF+ Stiltman returns.  SOLD
68. VF 8.0 DD takes up professional boxing and meets Kragg (1st appearance) SOLD
75. VF/NM DD goes undercover in South America. SOLD
76. F+ An offbeat story with the American Ambassador to Delvadia kidnapped. DD to the rescue.  SOLD
77. F+ Good story with Spiderman and the Sub-Mariner guest stars.  SOLD
79. VF-/ VF DD goes up against Man-Bull (2nd appearance). Foggy reunites with Karen. SOLD
80. VF The Owl returns.  SOLD
81. VF / VF+ This was one of the 25 cent double transition issues Marvel did at this time. 1st Black Widow as regular guest star. Fantastic Four reprint back-up. SOLD
82. F/VF The Scorpion returns in his nifty new costume. SOLD
86. F Karen Page gives up Matt to Natasha. Also, Ox as the bad guy. SOLD
87. VF / VF+ Enter: Electro, in his nifty new costume! Black Widow. SOLD
88. VF The return of The Purple Man - better known as Killgrave the Grape.  SOLD
89. VF Electro returns and teams-up with Killgrave. DD and BW saves us all again...thank God!  SOLD
91. F- Mr. Fear returns, and knows DD's secret identity..  SOLD
92. F+/VF 1st issue with the added "Black Widow" logo on the covers. The Blue Talon strikes.  SOLD
93. F/F+ DD and BW face The Indestructible Man.  SOLD
94. F/VF Re-enter-The Indestructible Man.  SOLD
95. VF Very nice cover. The Man-Bull takes down DD. Black Widow vows revenge.  SOLD
96. VF- BW defeats Man-Bull and saves DD. DD gets better and saves BW. See spot...see Spot run,  SOLD
97. VF-/VF 1st appearance of The Dark Messiah and his Disciples of Doom. Hopefully, this was his last appearance also!  SOLD
99. F Hawkeye returns and fights DD over Black Widow. Avengers guest.  SOLD
100. F DDs origin retold. Nice 100th issue.  SOLD





Daredevil lot issues #101 - #157. Total of 55 of the 57 issues. This is a SUPER HIGH GRADE collection that came out of Nevada from one collector. There is one book that grades VF, the rest ALL grade on average NM 9.4, all with off white to white pages and wonderful cover gloss. At least half these books grade better than NM 9.4 - many would grade NM+ 9.6, and still some would grade M- 9.8!!! Issues 131 and 138 are missing in this lot. If yor are looking to piece together a super run of min 1970's DD's - here it is. You will not have to upgrade ANY of these issues. GONE!
102. F+ The Stiltman returns, defeats BW, DD saves the day. Nice Syd Shores art.  SOLD
103. F/VF Peter Parker / Spider-Man guest stars and teams-up w/ DD and BW against Ramrod.  SOLD
105. F-/F Origin of Moondragon by Jim Starlin. Early appearance of Thanos in a cameo. Kind of tough to find.  SOLD
107. VF- Cool issue! Captain Marvel guest stars. Jim Starlin cover.  SOLD
108. F- The Beetle returns. Moon Dragon guests. And, of course, Black Widow. SOLD
109. VF- Gil Kane cover. The Beetle, Nekra, and The Black Spectre.  SOLD
110. F+/VF Nekra, Voodoo stuff, and The Thing cameo.  SOLD
113. VF- Good story with The Gladiator. 1st appearance (in cameo) of The Death-Stalker. Man-Thing cameo.  SOLD
114. VF/VF+ 1st full appearance of The Death-Stalker. Man-Thing and Gladiator guest. SOLD
115. NM- Conclusion to the Death-Stalker story. SOLD
116. VF- Gil Kane cover. The Owl returns.  SOLD
117. VF-/VF The Owl returns. Black Widow and Shanna the She-Devil have a "cat fight". SOLD
118. VF Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime. "Who says this isn't the Marvel Age of Mind-Bending Mayhem?"  SOLD
119. NM-/NM The Crusher returns. DD in trouble. SOLD
122. NM The Savage El Jaguar, Blackwing. DD and BW have a lovers spat - then kiss and make up. Nick Fury cameo. SOLD
125. VF/NM Nice Gil Kane cover. Copperhead returns with a vengeance.  SOLD
126. NM 1st appearance of Heather Glenn. 1st appearance new Torpedo. And he goes down in defeat just like the old one! $45.00
128. NM- Death-Stalker. Cool costume!! Gil Kane cover. SOLD
129. VF/VF+ DD vs The Man-Bull. All out action in the Mighty Marvel manner. Bull! SOLD
131. F/VF Origin and 1st appearance of the new Bullseye.  SOLD
132. F/VF 1st full new Bullseye story - good issue.  SOLD
132. VF/VF+ Real SHARP copy of above semi-key issue. $45.00
133. VF/NM Guest starring Uri Geller. (Whatever happened to this guy?)  SOLD
138. F+ Ghost Rider cover/story. John Byrne art. SOLD
139. F/VF Good solo DD story : "A Night in the Life".  SOLD
141. F/VF 3rd Bullseye appearance. Gil Kane cover. Big battle issue.  SOLD
141. VF/VF+ Real SHARP copy of above issue. $30.00
143. F/VF Cobra and Hyde return to bug DD again.  SOLD
146. VF+ Great Bullseye issue! Gil Kane cover and story.  SOLD
148. VF-/VF Return of The Death-Stalker. Great Gil Kane / Klaus Janson art.  SOLD
149. NM Super copy. Great Carmine Infantino artwork. SOLD
154. VF/VF+ Jester, Hyde, Cobra, Gladiator, The Purple Man.......does DD have a chance in Hell to survive??  SOLD
155. VF/VF+ Black Widow returns. Captain America and Hercules guest star.  SOLD
157. NM- Last issue before the Miller run. Tougher to find. Black Widow and Capt.  SOLD

Daredevil numbers 158-191 all contain Frank Miller story and/or art. Some of the best superhero comics of the last twenty years.
158. F+ Frank Miller art begins. Origin and death of Deathstalker. Key issue. SOLD
159. F/VF 2nd Miller issue.  SOLD
160. F+/VF Bullseye villian. Black Widow. Miller starting to come into his own.  SOLD
161. NM Bullseye and Black Widow. A Frank Miller classic.  SOLD
162. VF+ For the completists out there. Only non-Frank Miller issue in the run, but great Steve Ditko pencils and inks.  SOLD
163. F+/VF See Daredevil. See Hulk. See Hulk smash Daredevil!  SOLD
164. VF/NM Origin DD retold - one of the better versions. Classic Miller art.  SOLD
165. VF DD vs. Doc Oc.  SOLD
166. VF+ The Gladiator returns.  SOLD
167. VF+ 1st appearance of the Mauler, plus new revelations about DD revealed.  SOLD
168. NM Key issue with 1st appearance and origin of Elecktra.  SOLD
169. VF+/NM A Frank Miller "Bullseye" classic.  SOLD
170. NM Kingpin enters the DD picture for the 1st time.  SOLD
171. VF The Kingpin battles with DD.  SOLD
172. NM Kingpin and Bullseye lynch DD.  SOLD
173. VF Kingpin cameo. DD goes berserk. SOLD
174. NM+ 2nd Elecktra. Teams up with DD and Gladiator. SOLD
175. VF Conclusion to above - Elecktra.  SOLD
181. VF 52pp Miller classic with the death of Elecktra. Punisher cameo. SOLD
182. VF/NM Frank Miller Issue with The Punisher guest starring.  SOLD

Daredevil Annual

1. F+/VF A great full length 39 page story with DD against all his villians.  SOLD


1. F The Hulk, Doc Strange, and Sub-Mariner team-ups begin. Sal Buscema artwork.  SOLD
3. F++ Nice Gil Kane cover. Silver Surfer guest stars. SOLD
8. F/F+ Defenders vs Avengers - 1st part. Silver Surfer and Doc Strange. SOLD
10. F+/VF Great Hulk / Thor battle issue. See Hulk try to pick up Thor's hammer - he can't do it!! SOLD
11. F/F+ Conclusion Defenders / Avengers crossover. Surfer guests. SOLD
12. VF+ 8.5 Classic John Romita Titan vs Hulk battle cover with Dr. Strange and Valkyrie in bondage. Brief origin Valkyrie retold. Sal Buscema art. Good story. SOLD
13. VF-/ VF Classic Gil Kane Hulk vs Dr. Spectrum battle cover. 1st Squadron Sinister appearance outside of The Avengers book. 1st 25 cent issue. Sal Buscema art. Another Bronze-Age gem. 1st appearance Nebulon. SOLD
14. VF/VF+ 1st full appearance of Nebulon as he enlists The Squadron Sinister to help destroy Earth. Nighthawk helps The Defenders defeat the bad guys and joins the team. Sal Buscema cover and art. SOLD
15. VF+ The Defenders battle Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Good issue.  SOLD
16. F+/VF Magneto and The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. See Hulk battle Blob! SOLD
26. F Early Guardians of the Galaxy appearance SOLD
47. F/VF I like these issues so I'm going to list them (47-50). Early Moon Knight appearance and early, nice Keith Griffen art. SOLD
48. F/VF Moon Knight continues w/ Griffen art. SOLD
49. F/VF Near the conclusion of the Moon Knight story. Still nice Griffen art. SOLD
50. F/VF Final conclusion - MK, Scorpio, and Zodiac. Keith Griffen art - shades of Jack Kirby!! SOLD

Defenders Annual

1. F/VF Brand new double sized issue - nice story and art. SOLD

Devil Dinosaur

1. VF+/NM- 100% Kirby creation. Moon-Boy, the First Human 1st appearance. Jack was going senile by this time!  SOLD

Doc Savage

1. NM 1975 b&w magazine. Painted Ron Ely movie poster cover.  SOLD

Doctor Strange

169. VF/NM 1st issue of Doc in his own title. Origin retold. This is a beautiful, very high grade copy, but there are a couple of unnecessary black color touch up spots on the spine. Hardly noticeable, but still there.  SOLD
170. F+/VF 2nd issue of Doc in his own title. Nice Dan Adkins artwork. Nightmare returns.  SOLD
172. F+ Classic story, "I, Dormammu!"  SOLD
174. VF+ Supreme Satan. Gene Colan artwork.  SOLD
177. VF- Doc in his ultra cool new costume. 1st appearance - great cover.  SOLD
180. F/F+ Eternity and Nightmare villains.  SOLD
181. F+ Frank Brunner cover art. Nightmare back.  SOLD
183. F+ Last issue of run.  SOLD
1. NM Very nice copy of this classic first issue. Art by Frank Brunner.  SOLD
2. VF/NM 9.0 Frank Brunner cover and art. The Defenders attack. Big battles with Hulk, Silver Surfer, and Sub-Mariner. 40 year old book - 2nd issue - movie coming - high grade - under guide - do it! SOLD
2. VF/NM The Defenders guest star. CGC this one! Another copy like above - you pick!  SOLD
3. VF 8.0 1st appearance of Clea - by way of Steve Ditko's original story from Strange Tales #126. Frank Brunner cover and new framing art. Dormammu is the villain - The Ancient One guests.  SOLD
4. NM- Dr. Strange meets Death.  SOLD
5. VF-/VF The Silver Dagger strikes.  SOLD
6. NM Spotlight on Clea.  SOLD
13. VF-/VF As below. Good issue.  SOLD
13. VF+ Doc fights alone against Eternity. So where the hell are ALL the rest of the Marvel heroes??  SOLD
23. VF+ Jim Starlin art. Into the Quadriverse.  SOLD


1. VF Hanna-Barbera's Marvel 1st issue. Sharp, clean copy. These Marvel HB comics are not common!  SOLD
1. F/VF Nice copy of above.  SOLD
2. VF Scooby Doo back-up story. SOLD
4. F 6.0 Top Banana 1st appearance!  SOLD
6. VF 8.0 S/F story. Scooby Doo guest stars. Last issue.  SOLD