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Fantastic Four

1. NM- This is a real nice high grade copy of the 1966 Golden Record comic reprint. An almost exact reprint without the "10 cent" cover price! Tough to find this nice, as these were shrink wrapped to a record. If only this WAS an original!!!  SOLD
13. F Key issue. Introduction and 1st appearance of The Watcher. Also, 1st appearance of the Red Ghost. A very nice collectible copy. SOLD
17. F/F+ Great story! 3rd Dr. Doom. A Stan Lee/Jack Kirby classic.  SOLD
20. F/VF A nice copy of the origin and 1st appearance of Molecule Man. Classic stuff.  SOLD
22. VF Nice High Grade copy. Sue gets more powers. Mole Man returns.  SOLD
24. VF- 1st appearance of The Infant Terrible and a great off-beat story.  SOLD
26. G/G+ Thing / Hulk battle with The Avengers crossover conclusion.  SOLD
29. VG- The Red Ghost and The Watcher.  SOLD
31. F- Early Avenger cross-over. The Mole Man returns. This is the toughest issue in the 30s to find.  SOLD
32. VF/VF+ 1st appearance The Invincible Man...who is he?? SOLD
33. F/F+ 1st appearance Attuma. FF team-up with guest star Sub-Mariner. Partical photo cover.  SOLD
35. F- 1st appearance and introduction of Dragon Man.  SOLD
37. F "Behold! A Distant Star!" Good Kirby, as usual.  SOLD
38. F The Frightful Four return. 1st appearance of The Trapster.  SOLD
41. F/F+ The Frightful Four convince Ben Grimm to turn traitor! SOLD
42. F- Good Thing solo story. Frightful Four appearance.  SOLD
44. VG/F 1st appearance Gorgon. Medusa and The Dragon Man  SOLD
46. F-/F Solid copy. 2nd full Inhumans appearance. 1st Black Bolt appearance.  SOLD
47. F+ The Inhumans and Maximus. In the Hidden Land.  SOLD
48. G/VG A giant key issue. First appearances of Silver Surfer and Galactus. Partial origins given. The Watcher. Great story.  SOLD
49. VG-/VG 2nd appearances of Silver Surfer and Galactus. Semi-key issue.  SOLD
50. VG First full Silver Surfer cover. Great Surver/Galactus battle. A classic Marvel key issue. Solid mid-grade copy  SOLD
51. VG/F Very good solo Thing story. Great Jack Kirby art (As these all are in case you did not know).  SOLD
52. VG 1st appearance Black Panther (soon to be a major Marvel movie?).  SOLD
53. F- Origin and 2nd appearance of The Black Panther. Another Kirby classic.  SOLD
54. VG/VG+ The Inhumans. Blach Panther. Torch goes balistic!  SOLD
55. G/VG 4th Surfer appearance, big Thing / Surfer battle issue.  SOLD
56. VG Silver Surfer storyline, and Klaw..  SOLD
57. F+ Great story with Doctor Doom stealing Silver Surfer's powers.  SOLD
58. VG/F Giant Doom / FF battle - a Kirby classic!  SOLD
59. VG/F Big Inhumans story. Also more on Doom / Surfer. Good story.  SOLD
59. VF+ Doom, Silver Surfer, Black Bolt and the Inhumans, all by Jack "King" Kirby. There is a tiny black color touch-up dot on the cover.  SOLD
60. F- Great battle issue between Thing and Doom. Surfer, also The Watcher.  SOLD
60. F Sharper copy of above.  SOLD
62. F/F+ Triton and The Inhumans help The FF against 1st appearance of Blastaar.  SOLD
63. F/F+ Sandman teams-up with Blastaar for the final battle against our heroes.  SOLD
64. F++ 1st appearance of The Kree Sentry - and what a battle follows!  SOLD
65. VG/F Ronan the Accuser accuses the FF  SOLD
67. VG/F 1st appearance/origin of Him (Warlock).  SOLD
68. F+/VF Entire issue devoted to Ben Grimm / Thing.  SOLD
69. VF Mad Thinker back.  SOLD
70. VG/F Mad Thinker's killer androids.  SOLD
71. F- Pregnent Sue gets hurt in this battle issue with Mad Thinker's Android.  SOLD
72. F- Great Surfer cover / story. This issue pre-dates SS #1.  SOLD
73. F Big guest issue w/ Spider-Man, DD, and Thor.  SOLD
73. F/VF Sharper copy.  SOLD
74. VG/F Part of the great Surfer/Galactus storyline.  SOLD
75. VG/F Silver Surfer cover/story continues. Galactus also.  SOLD
76. VF- Psycho-Man, Silver Surfer, Galactus cameo.  SOLD
77. VG/F Psycho-Man, Silver Surfer, Jack Kirby, sign me up.  SOLD
78. F+ Thing changes into Ben Grimm.  SOLD
79. VG/F As below, decent copy.  SOLD
79. F+ Ben decides to change back into Thing. 1st appearance of Android Man.  SOLD
80. F+/VF Real off-beat story with Wyatt Wingfoot and The Living Totem!  SOLD
81. F+ Crystal of the Inhumans gets a FF costume and joins the group as a member. SOLD
81. F/VF As above, nicer copy.  SOLD
81. VF-/VF My current nicest copy. Sharp.  SOLD
82. F A decent, collectible copy. As below - Inhumans.  SOLD
82. VF Real nice copy. Great cover. Black Bolt and The Inhumans vs Mad Max.  SOLD
83. F+/VF The team defeats Mad Maximus. Part II of above story.  SOLD
83. VF Sharper copy of above. Black Bolt and the Inhumans.  SOLD
84. VG/F Big Dr. Doom storyline starts. Crystal now a member.  SOLD
85. F-/F Still in Latveria vs Doom.  SOLD.
85. F+/VF As above, nicer copy. SOLD
86. F/VF Great Doom cover. Part three of above great storyline.  SOLD
87. F The big conclusion and showdown to the Doom saga.  SOLD
87. VF-/VF Sharp copy with nice black cover above issue.  SOLD
88. F Bavk home with the new baby. Mole Man enters the picture. Last 12 cent issue.  SOLD
88. F/VF Nicer copy of above number.  SOLD
88. VF/NM Very nice high grade copy! White and clean.  $85.00
89. F/F+ As below number. A decent collectible copy.  SOLD
89. F+/VF 1st 15 cent issue. Mole Man back.  SOLD
90. F/F+ Thing is kidnapped by a Skull. Start of a great storyline.  SOLD
91. F+ Thing enslaved on another planet to fight in the Interplanetary Games.  SOLD
92. F-/F This was always one of my favorite stories - Thing must fight in a arena against other alien champs for the safety of Earth.  SOLD
92. F+/VF A nicer copy of the above issue.  SOLD
93. VG/VG+ Conclusion to the above story, Thing loses the battle, but wins the war.  SOLD
93. F+ A nicer copy of the above issue.  SOLD
94. F/VF 1st appearance of Agatha Harkness. Return of the Frightful Four.  SOLD
95. F 1st appearance Monocle. Nice off-beat one-shot story.  SOLD
95. F/VF Sharper copy of above. SOLD
96. VG/F The Mad Thinker and his Androids of Death.  SOLD
96. F+ A nicer copy of the above issue.  SOLD
97. VG/VG+ The team goes on vacation w/ baby Franklin and, of course, battles a Monster. What a picnic!  SOLD
97. VF- Nicer copy of above. Sharp.  SOLD
98. F/VF The FF go to the moon to battle the Sentry. Neil Armstrong Moon Landing. SOLD
99. VG/F Inhumans enter the picture as The Torch looses it over Crystal.  SOLD
100. F- Undervalued. This anniversary issue is over a year older than A. Spidey #100 - but is less than half the price!! This one will jump up in price soon!  SOLD
101. F/F+ Still Jack Kirby - 101 stright issues! Probably the longest artist run is comics history!! E-mail me if I am mistaken.  SOLD
102. VF- Magneto and Sub-Mariner team up against our heroes. Last regular Kirby.  SOLD
103. F 1st issue NOT drawn by Jack Kirby in the run (he did a amazing 102 issues straight!) Great Thing / Namor battle.  SOLD
104. F/F+ Magneto cover / story. Sue and Dorma captured. Subby teams-up w/ The FF. President Nixon panels. This ones got it all!  SOLD
105. F/VF John Romita artwork.  SOLD
106. F/F+ John Romita artwork.  SOLD
107. VF- 1st John Buscema artwork issue.  SOLD
107. VF+ As above, sharper copy. Thing turns into Ben at will. But will it last....?  SOLD
108. F/F+ As below. Solid copy. SOLD
108. VF+/NM The FF are powerless against The Nega-Man!  SOLD
109. VF+ Into The Negative Zone. Annihilus. Reed stranded.  SOLD
110. VF Corrected color version. Reed saved. Thing goes beserk. Agatha Harkness spotlight. Nice copy.  SOLD
111. F/VF As below - sharp copy. Peter Parker cameo also.  SOLD
111. VF Thing goes bonkers. Hulk cameo.  SOLD
112. VG/F A tough one to find and always in demand. The classic Thing vs Hulk issue. Top of cover and spine "inked" - this was a return copy.  SOLD
113. F+ The Thing recovers! The Watcher speaks! The Torch in action! The coming of The Over-Mind! This one has it all!  SOLD
114. F/VF The Over-Mind and The Watcher. Sounds like a book title!  SOLD
115. F/VF Over-Mind still the bad guy, Watcher still watching, and The FF in the middle. Last 15 cent issue.  SOLD
116. F+ 25 cent "giant" issue. Great full length story with Doctor Doom.  SOLD
117. VF Enter Diablo. Crystal brainwashed. Johnny gets mad.  SOLD
118. VF/NM Nice cover. Crystal turns against The FF. Also, a second FF back-up story.  SOLD
119. F/VF Black Panther guests. Klaw the bad guy.  SOLD
120. VF/VF+ The Coming of The Air-Walker! And he comes from nowhere.  SOLD
121. F/F+ The 1st of three parts with the Silver Surfer storyline. SOLD
122. VF- Part two of above as Galactus enters the picture.  SOLD
123. VF Conclusion to above fine storyline. Galactus defeated, Earth saved! President Nixon on cover and cameo inside.  SOLD
124. F/F+ The return of The Monster - the bad guy from issue #97.  SOLD
125. VF/NM The Monster captures Sue. But we have a happy ending.  SOLD
126. F+ The origin of The FF retold - all new story/art. New recreated issue #1 cover.  SOLD
127. VF/VF+ A solo Thing story as he battles Mole Man.  SOLD
128. F+ Great four page color insert of The FF's greatest foes. Mole Man story. SOLD
129. VF-/VF 1st appearance of Thundra. Big girl!! Also The Frightful Four appear.  SOLD
130. VF-/VF Steranko cover art. Sue Storm leaves the group. The Frightful Four story concludes.  SOLD
131. VF/NM Human Torch spotlight issue. Quicksilver and The Inhumans.  SOLD
132. VF/VF+ Enter: Omega! The Ultimate Assassin! Johnny and Crystal break up for good. The Inhumans.  SOLD
133. VF/NM Thing vs Thundra in a battle of the century. Avengers, Hulk, and Spidey cameos. SOLD
134. VF/NM The Dragon Man returns.  SOLD
135. VF/NM Medusa and the FF finish up Dragon Man.  SOLD
136. NM-/NM The FF battle a biker gang - a new low for the group! Super copy!  $50.00
137. NM- The bikers regroup and call upon War-Head to defeat the team.  SOLD
138. VF- Miracle Man returns with an all new nifty costume! SOLD
139. NM Conclusion to the Miracle Man story. Super copy!  $50.00
140. VF/NM One of my favorite villians returns - Annihilus!  SOLD
141. VF/NM Young Franklin targeted by Annihilus. The group breaks up (again).  SOLD
142. VF- 1st appearance (and hopefully, the only) of Darkoth...The Death-Demon! 1st Rich Buckler art issue.  SOLD
143. VF/NM The return of Dr. Doom! Big battle issue. Say no more! SOLD
144. VF+ The FF attack Doom at the source. Enter The Seeker.  SOLD
145. VF+ Shades of "Where Creatures Roam!" The FF meet Ternak - The Monster who walks The Midnight Snows! Why, I ask!  SOLD
146. VF/NM The underground race from last issue try to freeze up the entire surface world.  SOLD
147. VF/NM Sub-Mariner guests in his nifty new threads. Big Thing battle issue. Sue confesses her love for Namor and leaves with him. Poor Reed!  SOLD
148. VF/NM The Frightful Four return against The Fantastic Three, plus Medusa.  SOLD
149. VF/NM Sue returns to Reed after cheating on him with Namor. The slut!! And Reed takes her back no questions asked. The fool!! Big Sub-Mariner battle.  SOLD
150. VF- The wedding of Crystal and Quicksilver. Ultron attacks. Avengers and Inhumans guests.  SOLD
151. VF-/VF As below  SOLD
151. VF A big battle issue with some guy named Mahkizmo and the origin of Thundra. Slightly sharper copy.  SOLD
152. VF+ Thundra vs Mahkizmo in a battle royal. Medusa - a traitor? SOLD
153. VF- Mahkizmo still around - enough allready!  SOLD
154. VF The Man in the Mystery Mask returns, and I know who he is! (I read the issue).  SOLD
155. VF/NM Silver Surfer returns for a three part story. Great classic cover.  SOLD
156. VF/NM Surfer, part II. Enter Dr. Doom. Good stuff.  SOLD
157. VF-/VF Conclusion to the Surfer / Doom storyline at Castle Latveria. SOLD
158. F/VF Xemu, The Merciless and The Invaders of the 5th Dimension.  SOLD
159. VF The team in The Hidden Land with The Uncanny Inhumans.  SOLD
160. VF Arkon the Annihilator returns. The Inhumans  SOLD
161. VF The Thing fights alone.  SOLD
162. VF Two Things are better than one. 1st appearance of Gaard.  SOLD
163. F/VF 7.0 Arkon still around dimension hopping, and we get the 1st full appearance of Gaard - who was Johnny Story in the future. Wild story!  SOLD
164. F/VF 1st appearance The Crusader (the original Marvel Boy). George Perez art. 1st appearance Franlie Raye.  SOLD
165. VF- Origin Crusader. Battle issue vs Thing. Perez art.  SOLD
165. VF/NM 9.0 The 2nd appearance of The Crusader (The original Marvel Boy) - Robert Grayson - and his full origin. Big battle issue. George Perez artwork. 1st appearance Frankie Ray. SOLD
166. VF- 7.0 Part one of the two part Thing / Hulk battle story! Rick Buckler did the cover, but George Perez does the art. Good issue.  SOLD
167. VF 8.0 Part two of the two part Thing / Hulk battle story! Jack Kirby cover! George Perez does the art. A classic throw back to the old days where a good battle always trumps a good plot!   SOLD
168. VF+ Luke Cage replaces Thing in the group. Talk about downgrading!! Also - The Wrecker. SOLD
169. NM- Powerman turns against the group.  SOLD
170. VF/NM Thing returns and slugs it out w/ Powerman. Nice George Perez art.  SOLD
171. VF Mighter than Kong! Deadlier than Godzilla! This is......Gorr!!! Not just another Gorilla story!! Thank God, I say! Still, nice George Perez art.  SOLD
171. VF/VF+ Slightly sharper copy.  SOLD
172. VF The Destroyer returns. Nice Perez art. SOLD
173. VF/VF+ Great Galactus Kirby cover. Good issue.  SOLD
174. VF+ The High Evolutionary, origin Torgo, big battle issue.  SOLD
175. VF The High Evolutionary vs Galactus in battle! And its a BIG one! As below.  SOLD
175. VF/VF+ Galactus vs The High Evolutionary. Say no more!!!  SOLD
176. F/VF The Impossible Man returns. Roy Thomas, Stan Lee, and George Perez cameos in the story.  SOLD
176. VF- Nicer copy of above.  SOLD
178.VF Showdown w/ the Frightful Four. Tigra guest stars.  SOLD
179. VF- Reed stuck in the Negative Zone, Thing fighting off Tigra, and battling Metalloid.  SOLD
180. VF Brand new cover that has nothing to do with the reprint story of issue#101 inside. The editor must of been out to lunch on this one!  SOLD
184. VF- Excellent George Perez cover and inside art. The Eliminator.  SOLD
186. VF- Impossible Man, and Salem's Seven.  SOLD
187. VF/VF+ Klaw returns. Great Perez cover / art. Good stuff. SOLD
188. VF/VF+ Reed goes on a rampage. Impossible Man and The Watcher.  SOLD
189. VF/VF+ The Golden-Age Torch returns. Origin retold. Reprint of FF Annual #4 w/ new cover.  SOLD
190. VF-/VF The FF break up (again). Nice recap album issue.  SOLD
191. NM- Great cover. The group no more. Perez cover and story.  SOLD
192. NM- Torch solo story. Nice Perez cover.  SOLD
193. VF- Thing solo story. Darkoth and Diablo.  SOLD
194. VF-/VF Diablo vs Thing. Thing vs Darkoth. See Jane run! Perez cover.  SOLD
195. VF+ Sub-Mariner returns for a solo issue. Nice art.  SOLD
196. VF- The team up against the mind-numbing powers of The Invincible Man.  SOLD
197. NM The Red Ghost returns. So does Reed, whos been MIA the last few issues. Dr. Doom also.  $15.00
198. NM Dr. Doom cover and story!  SOLD
199. NM The son of Dr. Doom?? Good stuff!!  SOLD
200. VF+ Double sized semi-key issue with Doctor Doom.  SOLD
207. VF/VF+ The Human Torch vs Spiderman cover / story.  SOLD
209. VF 1st appearance of Herbie the Robot by John Byrne. SOLD

Fantastic Four Annual

3. VG+ All new - The Wedding of Reed and Sue. Lots and lot of guests. Plus reprint original FF#6 - the classic Subby/Doom team-up story.  SOLD
4. VF My favorite FF annual. The original GA Torch returns and battles Johnny Storm. Origin of the original Torch told. Plus the classic Thing / Hulk battle reprints from FF 25/26. Nice higher grade copy. SOLD
6. F+ 1st appearance of Annihilus. The birth of Franklin Richards. Giant 48 page all new story.  SOLD
7. VG/F Reprints FF#1! Plus 3 pages of photos of all the Marvel bullpen people! (But where is Steve Ditko?)  SOLD
10. VF-/VF The Wedding of Reed and Sue, plus The Golden-Age Torch meets The Silver-Age Torch.  SOLD

Fantasy Masterpieces

1. F/F+ Silver-Age monster reprints. Also contains the famous photo of Stan Lee.  SOLD
2. F+/VF 1st reprint of Jack Kirby's "Fin Fang Foom". Classic Ditko story also. SOLD
4. VF-/VF GA Captain America #4 reprinted, plus SA Kirby and Heck tales.  SOLD
6. VF GA Capt stories from #6,7 and 10. Red Skull and The Fang!  SOLD
11. VF+/NM Origins of Toro from the Golden-Age and the 1st Black Knight from the early Silver-Age. Best issue in the run.  $45.00


5. F/VF Great Kirby Gorilla Man cover. Kirby, Heck, Ditko reprint stories.  SOLD
6. F+/VF New Gil Kane cover. 7 classic horror reprints - Kirby, Ditko.  SOLD
10. F/VF 1st solo Man-Thing series begins. Howard Chaykin and Gray Morrow art and cover.  SOLD
13. VF/VF+ Very nice Val Mayerik art with Frank Bolle.  SOLD
15. VF 1st full-length Man-Thing story.  SOLD
18. VF Another full-length Man-Thing story by Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik.  SOLD
19. VF+ 1st appearance and introduction of Howard the Duck. semi key issue.  SOLD
20. F/VF 7.0 Morbius the Living Vampire takes over the title. 1st regular series starts. Gil Kane cover, recap story. Glossey.  SOLD
24. VF/VF+ Blade the Vampire Slayer cover and full story battling Morbius. SOLD


1. VF- Cool 1st issue from Marvel. Yogi Bear back-up story. Sharp, clean, scarce.  SOLD
1. F/VF Nice copy of above.  SOLD
2. VF- Another cool, Marvel HB comic - sharp and clean copy.  SOLD
4. VF+ 8.5 Classic Jetsons crossover issue!  SOLD
6. VF/VF+ Sharp copy. Yogi Bear back-up story.  SOLD
9. F/VF Time travel story. Yogi back-up story.  SOLD


1. F/F+ A bargin priced copy in nice shape of this good 1st issue. SOLD
2. F/VF The Bride of Frankenstein. Outstanding Mike Ploog artwork.  SOLD
2. VF- 7.5 As above, sharper.  SOLD
3. VF- The monster gets his revenge. Ploog at his best!  SOLD
3. 7.5 VF- About the same condition as above - take your pick!  SOLD
4. VF-/VF Frankenstein along against the Natives. Still Ploog.  SOLD
5. VF+ Frankie makes it back to the main land. Ploog art.  SOLD
6. VF- Last Ploog issue. Frankie goes back to Castle Frankenstein.  SOLD
7. VF/NM Frankie befriends a clan of gypsys. Dracula cameo.  SOLD
8. VF-VF It had to happen - Frankenstein meets Dracula! Part one of two. Key issue in the run.  SOLD
9. VF-/VF The death of Dracula as Frankenstein kills him with a wooden cross!  SOLD
10. VF- The last Baron Frankenstein tries to control Frankie.  SOLD
11. VF/NM Vincent Frankenstein dies (Victor's nephew) as a new Young Frankenstein is born.  SOLD
12. VF/NM 1st Val Mayerik on art work issue.  SOLD
13. VF/NM 1st appearances of The Night Creature (villain) and Steven Caccone (who becomes a good friend). Val Mayerik art.  SOLD
14. VF Fury of the Night Creature.  SOLD
15. VF/VF+ Frankie attacked by Monsters. Unusual Gil Kane cover.  SOLD
16. VF-/VF Frankie fights the monster Berserker.  SOLD