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9. F A 1946 Marvel "Archie"-type book aimed at teens. Stan Lee credited on the splash page. Neat, esoteric book. SOLD

Ghost Rider

1. VG 1st appearance and origin of this western version.  SOLD
4. VG/F From the 1967 western series. Old and new stories.  SOLD
6. F+ Ghost Rider - aka Carter Slade - goes on another full length adventure. I bet most of you Marvel junkies didn't know Ghost Rider's secret ID.  SOLD

Ghost Rider (Second Series)

1. F Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider begins. 1st appearance of Daimon Hellstrom (Son of Satin) in a cameo. Tom Sutton art.  SOLD
2. VF-/VF 1st full appearance of Daimon Hellstorm. G.R. meets Satan!  SOLD
3. VF Ghost Rider gets a new set of wheels. It's Hell on Wheels!  SOLD
4. VF- G.R. in a demolition derby!  SOLD
5. VF G.R. fights Death.  SOLD
6. VF/NM G.R. fights Zodiac.  SOLD
7. VF-/VF Conclusion to above Zodiac storyline. Stunt-Master guest stars.  SOLD
8. NM- Great Gil Kane monster cover. Satan returns.  SOLD
9. VF The final showdown with Satan. (Till next time!)  SOLD
10. NM Cover says "Hulk battle", inside is a reprint of Marvel Spotlight #5. The Hulk story didn't arrive at Marvel's offices in time, so the reprint story was used with the in-house new cover! Reprints the 1st appearance and origin of Ghost Rider by Mike Ploog.  SOLD
11. VF- This is The Hulk story with a new, rushed Gil Kane cover.  SOLD
12. VF The original Phantom Eagle returns to fight G.R. A WW I plane vs G.R's. motorcycle! Now that's a fair fight!!  SOLD
14. VF/VF+ TheUncanny Orb is back! Classic eyeball cover.  SOLD
15. VF The Orb steals GR's girl friend.  SOLD
16. VF/NM GR meets Jaws. Pass the saltwater taffy please!  SOLD
18. VF/NM Spider-man and Thing on cover. Also cameos, and The Champions cameo.  SOLD
20. VF+ DD guests / crossover with DD #138. Good John Byrne art.  SOLD
22. NM- 1st appearance of The Enforcer, who is out to take down DD.  SOLD
23. VF/VF+ GR vs The Water Wizard! I need a drink when I see villains like this one!  SOLD
25. VF/VF+ "Possibly the most Spectacular running battle ever..." Possibly not!  SOLD
27. NM- The Two-Gun Kid stars along with Hawkeye. What a strange combo!  SOLD
30. VF/NM GR vs Dr. Strange..."And one shall die!" Don't believe it.  SOLD


Chillers #1. F+/VF The Curse of Dracula. 1st appearance and origin of Lilith - Dracula's daughter. SOLD
Chillers #1. VF- Most new horror stories w/ some 50's reprints. Story w/ art by Dave Gibbons - his 1st Marvel work?? Different issue from above. SOLD
Conan #1. VF/VF+ Roy Thomas/Gil Kane classic. 1st appearance of Belit.  SOLD

Conan #1.

VF+ 8.5

Excellent Gil Kane w/ John Romita cover. New 26 page classic story by Gil Kane. 1st appearances of Belit and 4 other characters / villains! Red Sonja cameo. Barry Smith Conan #3 back-up story. My best copy.  SOLD
Creatures #1. F/VF 1st appearance of Tigra, as she guest stars with Werewolf by Night. Reed Crandall story. SOLD
Defenders #1. F+ Nice Gil Kane cover. New Jim Starlin art. Classic reprints of retold orgins of Subby, Hulk, and Strange by Ditko, Kirby, and Everett. Nice copy.  SOLD
Fantastic Four #2. VF Higher grade. Brand new time travel story. Classic origins Red Ghost and Watcher.  SOLD
Fantastic Four # 3. VF 8.0 High Grade! Brand new tale, plus a classic reprint.  SOLD
Kid Colt #1. VG/VG+ Kid Colt slaps leather with the Rawhide Kid........ SOLD
Man-Thing #2. F/VF Full length all new story with a FF cameo. Bob Powell story. SOLD
Man-Thing #3. NM Gil Kane cover. Brand new Man-Thing "Sword and Sorcery" story.  SOLD
Man-Thing #4. VF/VF+ Great Frank Brunner cover. Early Howard the Duck story.  SOLD
Man-Thing #5. F 6.0 Early solo story for Howard the Duck - with a Dracula appearance. Frank Brunner art. Gil Kane cover.  Three brand new Man-Thing stories. One Atlas fantasy reprint.  SOLD
Spiderman #1. VF- Spiderman battles Dracula. Human Torch, Man-Wolf, and more.  SOLD
Spiderman #2. VF Shang-Chi guest stars cover/story. Also Spidey battles The Avengers and Hulk in an older classic.  SOLD
Spiderman #3. F/VF As below, still sharp copy.  SOLD
Spiderman #3. VF/NM Gil Kane Doc Savage team-up w/ Spidey cover and story.


Spiderman #4. F Same as below. Sharp, full cover gloss.  SOLD
Spiderman #4. VF 3rd Punisher appearance. Steve Ditko Doctor Strange classic.  SOLD
Spiderman #5. VF+ Cool story with Spidey battling Man-Thing and The Lizard.  SOLD
Spiderman #6. VF Original 41 page story Spidey vs Human Torch reprinted from Spidey annual #4 with a new cover. A real classic!  SOLD
Super Stars #1. VF+ One of the most undervalued issues in the run. Double-sized. Thing vs. Hulk battle issue.  SOLD
Super Villains Team-Up #1. VF-/VF Doom vs Subby in a part old and part new story.  SOLD
Super Villain Team-Up #2. VF- Brand new full length Doom/Subby story battling The Humanoid Heroes.  SOLD
X-Men #1. VF/NM 9.0 CGC-slabbed. One of the key issues of the Bronze-Age, if not THE key. 1st appearance of new X-Men. This copy is also autographed by co-creator Dave Cockrum.  SOLD
X-Men #1. VF As above, but an unslabbed copy. A nice, no problems, higher grade issue. SOLD