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9. F A 1946 Marvel "Archie"-type book aimed at teens. Stan Lee credited on the splash page. Neat, esoteric book. SOLD

Ghost Rider

1. VG 1st appearance and origin of this western version.  SOLD
1. F- 5.5 .As above. Strong copy with some inside cover edge tanning.  SOLD
4. VG/F From the 1967 western series. Old and new stories.  $10.00
6. F+ Ghost Rider - aka Carter Slade - goes on another full length adventure. I bet most of you Marvel junkies didn't know Ghost Rider's secret ID.  SOLD

Ghost Rider (Second Series)

1. F Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider begins. 1st appearance of Daimon Hellstrom (Son of Satin) in a cameo. Tom Sutton art.  SOLD
2. VF-/VF 1st full appearance of Daimon Hellstorm. G.R. meets Satan!  SOLD
3. VF Ghost Rider gets a new set of wheels. It's Hell on Wheels!  SOLD
4. VF- G.R. in a demolition derby!  $25.00
5. VF G.R. fights Death.  SOLD
6. VF/NM G.R. fights Zodiac.  SOLD
7. VF-/VF Conclusion to above Zodiac storyline. Stunt-Master guest stars.  SOLD
8. NM- Great Gil Kane monster cover. Satan returns.  $40.00
9. VF The final showdown with Satan. (Till next time!)  SOLD
10. NM Cover says "Hulk battle", inside is a reprint of Marvel Spotlight #5. The Hulk story didn't arrive at Marvel's offices in time, so the reprint story was used with the in-house new cover! Reprints the 1st appearance and origin of Ghost Rider by Mike Ploog.  SOLD
11. VF- This is The Hulk story with a new, rushed Gil Kane cover.  SOLD
12. VF The original Phantom Eagle returns to fight G.R. A WW I plane vs G.R's. motorcycle! Now that's a fair fight!!  $12.50
14. VF/VF+ TheUncanny Orb is back! Classic eyeball cover.  SOLD
15. VF The Orb steals GR's girl friend.  SOLD
16. VF/NM GR meets Jaws. Pass the saltwater taffy please!  $20.00
18. VF/NM Spider-man and Thing on cover. Also cameos, and The Champions cameo.  $22.50
20. VF+ DD guests / crossover with DD #138. Good John Byrne art.  SOLD
22. NM-/NM 1st appearance of The Enforcer, who is out to take down DD.  $17.50
23. VF/VF+ GR vs The Water Wizard! I need a drink when I see villains like this one!  SOLD
25. VF/VF+ "Possibly the most Spectacular running battle ever..." Possibly not!  $10.00
27. NM- The Two-Gun Kid stars along with Hawkeye. What a strange combo!  SOLD
30. VF/NM GR vs Dr. Strange..."And one shall die!" Don't believe it.  $12.50


Chillers #1. F+/VF The Curse of Dracula. 1st appearance and origin of Lilith - Dracula's daughter. $32.50

Chillers #1.

F/VF 7.0

The Curse of Dracula with the origin and 1st appearance of his daughter Lilith. Good issue! Nice Gene Colan 24 page art with a John Romita cover. Two Atlas back up Vampire stories.  $35.00
Chillers #1. VF- Most new horror stories w/ some 50's reprints. Story w/ art by Dave Gibbons - his 1st Marvel work?? Different issue from above. $17.50
Conan #1. F+ 6.5 As below. Nice copy. Barry Smith.  $12.50
Conan #1. VF/VF+ Roy Thomas/Gil Kane classic. 1st appearance of Belit.  $25.00

Conan #1.

VF+ 8.5

Excellent Gil Kane w/ John Romita cover. New 26 page classic story by Gil Kane. 1st appearances of Belit and 4 other characters / villains! Red Sonja cameo. Barry Smith Conan #3 back-up story. My best copy.  $27.50
Creatures #1. F/VF 1st appearance of Tigra, as she guest stars with Werewolf by Night. Reed Crandall story. $20.00
Defenders #1. F+ Nice Gil Kane cover. New Jim Starlin art. Classic reprints of retold orgins of Subby, Hulk, and Strange by Ditko, Kirby, and Everett. Nice copy.  $17.50
Fantastic Four #2. VF-/VF Higher grade. Brand new time travel story.  $20.00
Fantastic Four # 3. VF 8.0 High Grade! Brand new tale, plus a classic reprint.  $25.00
Kid Colt #1. VG/VG+ Kid Colt slaps leather with the Rawhide Kid........ $15.00
Man-Thing #2. F/VF Full length all new story with a FF cameo. Bob Powell story. SOLD
Man-Thing #3. NM Gil Kane cover. Brand new Man-Thing "Sword and Sorcery" story.  $40.00
Man-Thing #4. VF/VF+ Great Frank Brunner cover. Early Howard the Duck story.  $30.00
Man-Thing #5. F 6.0 Early solo story for Howard the Duck - with a Dracula appearance. Frank Brunner art. Gil Kane cover.  Three brand new Man-Thing stories. One Atlas fantasy reprint.  $12.00
Spiderman #1. VF- Spiderman battles Dracula. Human Torch, Man-Wolf, and more.  SOLD
Spiderman #2. VF Shang-Chi guest stars cover/story. Also Spidey battles The Avengers and Hulk in an older classic.  $27.50
Spiderman #3. F/VF As below, still sharp copy.  $18.50
Spiderman #3. NM Gil Kane Doc Savage team-up w/ Spidey cover and story.  $60.00
Spiderman #4. F Same as below. Sharp, full cover gloss.  $35.00
Spiderman #4. F+ 3rd Punisher appearance. Steve Ditko Doctor Strange classic.  $45.00
Spiderman #5. VF+ Cool story with Spidey battling Man-Thing and The Lizard.  $25.00
Spiderman #6. VF Original 41 page story Spidey vs Human Torch reprinted from Spidey annual #4 with a new cover. A real classic!  $22.50
Super Stars #1. VF+ One of the most undervalued issues in the run. Double-sized. Thing vs. Hulk battle issue.  SOLD
Super Villains Team-Up #1. VF-/VF Doom vs Subby in a part old and part new story.  $18.50
Super Villain Team-Up #2. VF- Brand new full length Doom/Subby story battling The Humanoid Heroes.  $15.00
X-Men #1. VF/NM 9.0 CGC-slabbed. One of the key issues of the Bronze-Age, if not THE key. 1st appearance of new X-Men. This copy is also autographed by co-creator Dave Cockrum.  SOLD
X-Men #1. VF As above, but an unslabbed copy. A nice, no problems, higher grade issue. SOLD