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Hanna-Barbera Spotlight

2. F/VF Quick Draw McGraw cover / story. Augie Doggie, Snooper & Blabber too.  $15.00
3. F/F+ The Jetsons cover / story. Scarce.  $10.00

Hanna-Barbera TV Stars

2. F/F+ The C. B. Bears  $8.00
3. VG/F Alex Toth cover and Art. Dave Stevens inks. Superhero special issue. Scarce.  $8.00
4. F+ Top Cat, C.B. Bears stories.  $10.00


1. VG+ This one's for the Marvel completists out there. A very scarce issue. First one I've ever owned in over 30 years of collecting! $25.00

Haunt of Horror

1. NM- 1974 magazine. Hard to find. Ralph Reese art. Painted Werewolf cover. SOLD

Hero For Hire, Luke Cage

1. VG/F Origin and 1st appearance of Luke Cage, who later becomes Power-Man. George Tuska art.  SOLD
2. F+/VF 1st appearance Diamond-Back.  $25.00
3. VF- 1st appearance Mace.  $22.50
4. VF- 7.5 As below. Shaep book.  $22.50
4. VF 1st appearance Phil Fox of the Bugle. Nice Billy Graham art.  $27.50
5. VF- 1st appearance of Black Mariah. She's a big Mama with a beard!  $22.50
6. VF- Luke fights Knights in Armor.  $15.00
7. F/VF Christmas issue...it goes out with a bang!  $12.50
8. VF- Dr. Doom guest stars. Good issue.  $15.00
9. VF+ FF guest. Doom cover / story / great battle issue.  SOLD
10. F+/VF 1st appearance Mr. Death.  $12.50
16. VF 8.0 Last issue - next issue becomes "Luke Cage". 1st appearance of the cool villain Stiletto. Death of Billy Bob Rackham. Nice Billy Graham cover and art. Kind of a semi-key in the run.  SOLD
set 11-16. avg. VF The next six issues as a set, which completes this run. (Title turns into "Power Man" with #17). Origin retold in #14, Golden-Age Subby story by bill Everett in #15.  SOLD


1. F/VF Photo News Features Hitler #1 is the full title. 1974. The RAREST Marvel magazine publisher! Cover to cover 76 pages of everything you ever wanted to know about Hitler with over 100 photos. Published by Stan Lee!!! This is the only cope I've ever seen! Your Marvel collection is not complete without this one.  $125.00

Howard the Duck - magazine

1-9. Set NM This is the complete magazine sized set. Great art, great stories, very undervalued, and a real nice sleeper set! $75.00

Howard the Duck - comic

2. F+ Nice Frank Brunner cover and art. This numbered issue had low distribution in certain areas of the country. $8.00
3. F+ A martial - arts story "Mastar of Quack Fu!" $5.00
4. VF/NM 9.0 Origin and 1st appearance of Paul Same - The Winky-Man. The movie is coming!  SOLD
5. VF-/VF Howard wrestles in the squared ring.  $7.50
6. VF-/VF "The Secret of the Cellar Sinister!"  $7.50
8. VF Howard runs for President.  $8.00
12. VF-/VF 1st appearance of the rock group Kiss. This, and #13 below, are always in demand. $20.00
13. VF-/VF 1st full story with Kiss. These two predate the first Marvel Kiss magazine issue. $25.00
13. VF/NM 9.0 High Grade. 1st FULL appearance of Kiss in comics. Appearances of Daimon Hellstrom and Son of Satan. Gene Colan cover and art. If not for a tiny cover bend - a 9.4 copy!  $40.00
17. VF-/VF The origin of Dr. Bong told.  $4.00
21. VF The Sinister Soofi try to clean up Howard's act.  $5.00
22. VF Man-Thing cover / storyline; Star Wars parody.  $5.00
24. VF Howard saves our universe.  $5.00
25. VF Howard vs The Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime! Cool cover.  $5.00
26. VF-/VF Ringmaster story continues.  $4.00
27. VF-/VF Conclusion with the old Ringmaster.  $4.00
28. VF Howard joins the army?  $5.00
29. VF Howard is the Poster Child of 1978!  $5.00
31. VF+ "The Final Bong" $5.00


102. VF 1st issue of Hulk in his own title. Origin retold. Very nice copy.  SOLD
103. F+ 1st appearance Space Parasite. 2nd Hulk regular title.  SOLD
104. F+ Classic Hulk/Rhino battle issue. SOLD
106. VG/F Hulk battle the Beast-Man. Nick Fury guests.  $17.00
106. VF-/VF Real nice copy of above  $47.50
107. F-/F Mandarin back. $17.50
108. F/VF Nice Herb Trimpe/John Severin artwork. Nick Fury guests. Mandarin appearance.  SOLD
109. F+ Kazar returns. Nice cover.  SOLD
110. F+/VF Kazar and Umbu the Unliving. $24.00
110. F/VF Sharper copy of above issue. $28.00
112. F/VF Origin Galaxy Master. Nice cover and story.  SOLD
113. F Some color touch-up on cover. The Sandman.  $5.00
116. F Good story with the Leader and the Super Humanoid.  SOLD
117. F+/VF The Leader attacks Hulk with the Super Humanoid.  SOLD
120. VF Maximus the Magnificant.  $25.00
122. F/VF Another tough issue to get. Hulk/Thing battle issue guest staring The Fantastic Four.  SOLD
123. VF The Leader attacks. The Fantastic Four guest star.  SOLD
124. VF The marriage of Bruce and Betty. Great wedding cover, but Rhino and The Leader interfere... and Betty is left standing at the alter. This one's got it all!  SOLD
125. VF Absorbing Man cover/story.  SOLD
126. VF+/NM 1st appearance of Barbara Norriss (Valkyrie). Dr. Strange guests, great cover.  SOLD
127. VF 1st appearance Mogol. Plus Mole Man and Tyrannus. Hulk has his hands full.  SOLD
128. VF- Key issue with the Avengers going after the Hulk. Good battle issue.  SOLD
129. VF+ The Glob returns. Nice cover. Good battle issue. The Leader.  $18.50
130. F/VF Great story. Hulk splits from Banner and wants to smash him! Cool cover.  $15.00
131. VF- Key issue. Great cover. Great battle. Hulk vs. Iron Man. 1st appearance Jim Wilson.  $15.00
132. VF- Just a hair less condition than below book.  $17.00
132. VF Hydra and Jim Wilson.  $19.00
133. VF- Just a hair less condition than below book.  $17.00
133. VF+ Nice cover, nice art. Hulk defeats a dictator.  $21.50
135. VF+ Great cover/story with return of Kang. Plus, a Phantom Eagle cameo.  $21.50
136. F/VF 1st appearance Xeron, Star-Slayer. SOLD
139. VF- Hulk battles ALL his past foes!  SOLD
140. VF- 1st appearance Jarella. Written by Harlan Ellison.  SOLD
141. F- 1st appearance and origin of Doc Samson. Nice Trimpe/Severin art with classic Roy Thomas story. SOLD
142. VF- Good stories - "They Kill Hulks, Don't They?"  $15.00
143. F+ Great two part story starts - Dr. Doom  $11.00
144. F/VF Last 15 cent issue. Big battle with Dr. Doom.  SOLD
148. F/VF Jarella dies.  $10.50
152. F+/VF Hulk on trial - Matt Murdock is his lawyer. Good story, FF cameos.  $10.50
153. F/VF Continues above storyline. Hulk / Thing battle issue not listed in guide!  $12.50
154. F/VF Ant-Man guest stars as Hulk gets small. The Chameleon villian.  SOLD
155. VF- As below, same shape.  $13.50
155. VF- 1st appearance Shaper. Hulk still small. Nice cover.  $13.50
156. VF-/VF It's Hulk vs Hulk! Classic dialogue cover!  $14.00
157. VF Rhino enters the Picture. Also The Leader. Betty Ross getting ready for her marriage.  $15.00
158. VF/NM Big Rhino / Hulk battle. Betty gets married. Small Warlock cameo for you Warlock fans.  SOLD
159. VF/VF+ Great Hulk / Abomination battle cover and story.  $17.50
160. VF/NM Tiger Shark returns to battle Hulk. What was he thinking?? The Hulk beats the @#$% out of him!!  $22.50
161. NM- Death of The Mimic from The X-Men. The Beast guest stars.  SOLD
162. VF 1st appearance of the Wendigo. Semi-key issue. Big battle with Hulk.  SOLD
163. NM- 1st appearance of The Gremlin. (Hopefully the last also!)  SOLD
164. F+/VF 1st appearance of Captain Omen and Colonel John D. Ambruster.  SOLD
165. VF+ 1st appearance of The Mind-Bending Menace of Aquon...The Murderous Man-Fish!!  SOLD
166. VF 1st appearance of ZZZAX. Hawkeye guest stars. This was NOT a Golden-Age of villians for The Hulk!  $12.50
167. NM- Modok returns. Betty goes nuts.  SOLD
168. VF/VF+ 1st appearance of The Harpy. Betty Ross nudity panels - I kid you not!  SOLD
169. VF/NM 1st appearance Bi-Beast - I'm afraid to ask what his powers are!!  $20.00
170. VF/VF+ Hulk and Betty trapped in a volcano.  $13.50
171. VF 8.0 Classic cover - Hulk attacked by Rhino on one side and Abomination on the other! Cover and art by Herb Trimpe.  $15.00
172. NM- The origin of The Juggernaut retold. Another BIG battle issue!  SOLD
173. VF/VF+ Anybody out there remember The Colbart Man? He's back this issue.  $13.50
174. VF A very nice copy of below issue.  $12.50
174. NM- Colbalt Man story conclusion.  $22.50
175. VF+/NM Hulk ends up in The Hidden Land and fights The Inhumans. Nice cover.  $22.50
175. VF/NM 9.0 Sharper copy. Another classic issue - (this Bronze era for Hulk were peak books!) Hulk ends up in The Hidden Land. GIANT Inhumans battle. Black Bolt almost beaten to death. Cover and art by Herb Trimpe. 1st appearance of IRON FIST in a full page ad weeks before the book came out! Not mentioned as such in Overstreet.  $30.00
176. F/VF "Crisis on Counter Earth!" I thought this was a Marvel comic! Warlock cameos.  $12.50
177. F/VF 1st actual death of Warlock as he guest stars with Hulk. SOLD
178. VF/NM The rebirth of Warlock. Does this guy have nive lives or what??  SOLD
179. VF+ The Missing Link returns. Big battle issue.  $15.00
180. VF-/VF We all know why this one is famous - it's the TRUE 1st appearance of Wolverine. Wendigo battle.  SOLD
181. VF+ Probably of of the top two books in the Bronze-Age, and the one everyone must have eventually. The big Wolverine battle issue, and the 1st full Wolverine. This is a sweet copy guaranteed to please!  SOLD
182. F/F+ Early Wolverine cameo. 1st appearance Crackerjack Johnson (who cares?!).  SOLD
183. NM The return of ZZZAX, the Living Dynamo.  SOLD
184. NM- Hulk battles his shadow.  $17.50
185. NM-/NM Death of Col. Ambruster??  $20.00
186. VF-/VF 1st appearance of The Devastator.  $10.00
187. NM The return of The Gremlin. And I don't mean the car!!  SOLD
188. VF Continuation of above storyline.  $10.00
189. VF Hulk vs The Mole Man. Herb Trimpe w/ Joe Staton art.  $10.00
191. VF+ "Triumph of theToad" Rivet rivet!!  $12.00
193. NM- The Return of Doc Samson. Big battle issue. This one should be broken out from the rest in the guide as a semi-key issue.  SOLD
194. VF/NM Hulk vs The Locust - but at the end enters The Abomination  $15.00
195. VF/NM Abomination battle issue at the Amusement Park.  SOLD
196. VF Hulk teams-up with Abomination. Doc Samson and Gen. Ross out to stop them.  SOLD
197. VF- Hulk vs Man-Thing. The Collector. Nice Bernie Wrightson cover.  SOLD
198. VF The Collector still behind things. Man-Thing and The Glob.  $10.00
199. VF- 3rd Doc Samson cover / storyline  $9.00
200. VF/NM Anniversary issue with tons of Marvel guest stars. Great issue. SOLD
201. VF- Conan the Barbarian swipe story. Off-beat.  $5.00
207. VF+ Hulk alone against The Defenders  $7.00
208. VF Banner needs time to think. Enter The Absorbing Man.  SOLD
209. NM- Good Absorbing Man battle cover and story.  SOLD
210. NM- Hulk at the mercy of Maha Yogi and Doctor Druid. Hulk's brain hurts!!  SOLD
211. NM- Hulk must battle The Monstrous Mongo!!  $9.00
212. NM 1st appearance of The Constrictor. Nice cover.  SOLD
213. VF 1st appearance of The Quintronic Man. Jack of Hearts and Doc Samson guests.  $6.00
214. NM- Early Jack of Hearts crossover story.  $9.00
217. VF Nice Jim Starlin cover. The Ringmaster returns.  SOLD
218. VF+ The classic all solo Doc Samsom issue. Doc battles The Rhino.  SOLD
220. VF/NM Hulk befriends a ape. Stuck on a Island of Lost Souls.  SOLD
221. NM Stingray guest stars. Jim Wilson returns.  SOLD
222. VF Jim Starlin art layouts. Off beat story.  $5.00
223. VF/NM Spotlight on Bruce Banner - good story.  SOLD
224. VF/VF+ The Leader returns. Doc Samson.  SOLD
225. VF-/VF Leader story continues. Great cover.  $5.00
226. VF Hulk goes to college. Doc Samson.  $5.00
227. VF The original Avengers camoo in story and on the cover.  $6.00
227. 9.0 VF/NM As above - high grade copy.  $7.50
228. VF/NM Hulk battles a Maid called Moonstone. Doc Samson stilll hanging around.  $6.00
229. VF Hulk gives Doc a black eye. Moonstone still around.  SOLD
230. NM Hulk captured by "The Bug-Thing" on a remote farm.  SOLD
340. NM/M One of the more modern comics keys - Wolverine vs. Hulk by McFarlane.  SOLD

Hulk Annual

2. F Classic reprints including the origin of Hulk. Steve Ditko art.  SOLD
3. VF Classic Tales to Astonish Hulk reprints.  SOLD
5. VF Full length story in which Hulk meete and battles Marvel's "Atlas" nonsters of the mid 1950's - early 1960's.  SOLD
7. NM Full length Hulk, Angel and Iceman story vs. The Sentinels. Great John Byrne art.  SOLD
8. NM Another full length classic with Hulk vs. Sasquatch.  SOLD

Hulk Record

no #. F/VF A still sealed comic book and record set from Peter Pan Records made in 1981. All original. Listen while you read. SOLD

Human Fly

1-19 set VF+ avg. Ever wanted a complete set of this now 35 year old plus series?? Now's your chance at this bargin price of only.............  $75.00

Human Torch

1-8 set VF+ avg. A complete set of the tough to find series that's now over 25 years old! All new covers with great Golden and Silver Torch reprints. Bargin priced at only..........   SOLD
1. F/F+ Nwe cover w/ GA Torch battling FF's Torch. GA and SA Torch reprints 1st solo SA Torch story  SOLD
2. F/VF Reprints Strange Tales 102 - 2nd solo Torch story. Plus a GA tale.  SOLD
4. F/VF New cover, GA and SA classics.  $11.00
6. F/VF Two more classic Torch stories.  $11.00
7. VF-/VF Brand new cover of the classic Torch / Sub-Mariner battle issue. Worth the price alone! $12.00
8. F 6.0 New cover, FF guests, classic reprints. $8.00