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1. VF/VF+ Early 1975 George Perez artwork. 1st issue, very undervalued. SOLD
4. VF+ Beautiful George Perez art. This whole run is undervalued! SOLD
5. VF-/VF Maximus defeats Black Bolt. Gil Kane art. SOLD
10. VF/VF+ The Inhumans go wild w/ Black Bolt.  SOLD
11. NM- The group challenged by The Power of The Pursuer!  SOLD
12. VF/NM Cool Hulk cover and story battle issue.  SOLD


1. NM Golden Age Cap, Bucky, Torch, Torro, and Subby begins. Wouldn't you love to see an Invaders/JSA team-up issue? SOLD
15. NM+ The Invaders vs The Crusaders in a battle to the death. (Of course - one one really dies!) Kirby cover.  SOLD
16. NM Kirby cover. Introduction of Major Victory and Master Man, Adolf Hitler enters the storyline.  SOLD
18. VF/NM Re-introduction of The Destroyer with a updated new origin. Key issue.  SOLD
19. VF/NM Great Hitler cover and story. Very esoteric!  SOLD
31. NM The team meets The Nazi Frankenstein. Weird!  SOLD
32. NM Hitler / Thor cover / story. Thor was a Nazi back in the 1940's!  SOLD
34. NM+ The Destroyer joins the group. Union Jack gets new powers.  SOLD

Invaders Annual

1. NM A very nice copy of the harder to find annual. Full length, all new 33 page story done in chapters ala early JLA stories. Art by Golden-Age greats Alex Schomburg and Don Rico.  SOLD

Iron Fist

1. VF+ John Byrne art on the entire run. Iron Fist battles Iron Man. Great 1st issue. SOLD
2. F/VF Fist fights a Swamp Thing want-a-be. SOLD
3. VF Iron Fist battles the Atomic Man. SOLD
4. F/VF Fist goes against The Rampage of Radion. Gil Kane cover. SOLD
5. NM- Fist faces Scimitar. Another Kane cover. $35.00
6. VF+ The death of Colleen Wing. SOLD
7. NM- Fist against Master Khan and his stoolie - Khumbala Bey. $35.00
8. NM- IF fights street gangs in New York City. Origin retold. SOLD
9. VF/VF+ Showdown with the Golden Tiger. Fine Byrne art. SOLD
10. VF/NM IF wanted for murder and on the lam with Colleen. SOLD
11. VF Early Wrecking Crew appearance. SOLD
12. VF+ Great issue - Captain America guest stars - Wrecking Crew. SOLD
13. VF- Boomerang returns. SOLD
13. NM- Same as above, very nice copy.  SOLD
14. VG/F The key book in the run: 1st Sabertooth! Nice book for the buck.  SOLD
15. VF/VF+ John Byrne's X-Men issue. Final issue in run - very undervalued.  SOLD

Iron Man

1. G/VG Origin of Iron Man. Gene Colan art. Very sound copy. SOLD
2. F Johnny Craig artwork. SOLD
3. VG/F Small piece off cover. Nice Craig artwork. SOLD
4. F- Solid book with off white pages. Slight sub-crease keeps this one from grading higher. The Unicorn returns.  SOLD
5. F Unicorn. SOLD
6. VF/NM Nice copy white white pages. CGC it!  SOLD
7. F/VF The Gladiator, by George Tuska w/ Craig inks. 1st appearance Vincent Sandhurst. SOLD
8. VF/VF+ Gladiator battles IM. Nice sharp copy with off white pages.  SOLD
9. F Iron Man battles The Hulk. The Mandarin finds out Tony Stark's idenity.  SOLD
10. F/F+ Mandarin still back. SOLD
11. F+ Mandarin unmasks Iron Man.....or does he? SOLD
12. VG The Coming of The Controller!  SOLD
13. F Janice Cord captured by The Controller, as is IM.  SOLD
14. VF- Outstanding Johnny Craig art and cover - shades of his EC stuff. 1st appearance of The Night Phantom.  SOLD
15. VF- The Unicorn and The Red Ghost with his apes team up against our hero. SOLD
15. VF-/VF Slightly sharper copy of above issue. SOLD
16. F+/VF Conclusion to above. Nick Fury guests. SOLD
16. F+/VF Another copy, same condition, your choice.  SOLD
17. VF- Is Tony Stark dead? Looks like it from the cover. SOLD
18. F/VF Good issue with the Avengers guest starring, Madam Masque and the death of Iron Man.  SOLD
19. VG As below. Always liked this cover.  SOLD
19. VF- Iron Man back from the dead.  SOLD
20. VF- The Slave of Lucifer. SOLD
20. VF-/VF Another copy, same shape, your choice.  SOLD
21. VF/NM Tony Stark quits being Iron Man for the 1st of many tines!! SOLD
22. F/VF Good issue with The Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man, plus the death of Janice Cord. SOLD
23. F/VF 1st appearance of The Mercenary. SOLD
24. VF- Johnny (EC) Craig artwork. Madam Masque. 1st appearance and origin of The Minotaur.  SOLD
25. F The classic remeeting and battle of Iron Man and Sub-Mariner.  SOLD
25. VF- Sharper copy of above.  SOLD
26. F+/VF As below, a nice copy.  SOLD
26. VF Off-beat sword and sorcery issue with Val-Larr. SOLD
27. VF 1st appearance Firebrand.  SOLD
28. VF- The return of The Controller.  SOLD
28. VF/VF+ Very sharp. More details on Iron Man's origin. SOLD
30. F/VF As below, solid collectible copy.  SOLD
30. VF 1st appearance Monster Master. 1st appearance Fujiko Watanabe.  SOLD
31. VF/VF+ IM battles a biker type gang called "The Smashers". 1st appearance of Mastermind (Bowers).  SOLD
32. F "Beware The Mark of The Mechanoid - Is He Human? Can he be Killed?" Don't know - don't care!!  SOLD
33. VF+ 1st appearance Spy-Master.  SOLD
34. F Spy Master. SOLD
35. F+/VF Guest starring Nick Fury and DD, continues into DD #73.  SOLD
36. VF Daredevil cameos - Ramrod's 1st appearance. SOLD
37. F+/VF Iron Man on the brink of death again. Red Foxx tribute cover!  SOLD
39. F/VF Avengers cameo. 1st appearances of White Dragon and Shara-Lee. SOLD
42. VF/NM Great George Tuska cover and art. 1st appearance of Soulfather (Mikas} and Demon-Queen SOLD
43. F+ Introduction of The Guardsman. Gil Kane cover. 25 cent issue. SOLD
43. VF Nice, sharp copy of above. Also origin of Mikas. SOLD
45. F/VF The Guardsman returns. Trouble on college campus! SOLD
46. F/VF Death of The Guardsman. Nice cover, good story. SOLD
46. NM- Super high grade - CGC this one! SOLD
47. VF Origin of Iron Man retold. Nice Barry Smith art. SOLD
48. VF Firebrand returns, and Iron Man has a meltdown. SOLD
49. VF/NM Nice Gil Kane cover. The Adaptoid attacks. SOLD
50. VF Princess Python returns. IM up to his neck in snakes. SOLD
51. VF/NM A new villian (1st appearance) called The Cyborg Sinister. He later becomes Super-Adaptoid. $30.00
52. VF- Gil Kane bondage cover. Another lame villian introduced - Raga, Son of Fire. The well was running dry! SOLD
53. VF/NM Kane cover. Some Jim Starlin pencils with George Tuska. The death of Raga? One can hope! SOLD
54. VF+ Great Subby/IM battle cover and story. This is a tough one to find! 1st appearance of Moon Dragon. Bill Everett cover with Gil Kane.



55. VF+/NM The one everyone looks for! 1st appearances of Thanos and Drax the Destroyer. Starlin cover and art. One of the Bronze-Age keys! SOLD
56. NM Another lame villian - Fangor - The Monster that walks like a Man! Jim Starlin art. Yet another tough one to find in shape. SOLD
57. VF+ The Mandarin returns with a funky new costume. SOLD
58. NM Mandarin teams-up with Unicorn. Watch out IM! SOLD
59. VF/NM The return of Firebrand. SOLD
60. VF The Masked Marauder lives! SOLD
61. NM Masked Marauder, and an all out battle with Steele. SOLD
62. NM Whiplash returns. Early artwork by Craig Russell. Good issue. SOLD
63. VF/NM The return of the cool Dr. Spectrum. Nice Gil Kane cover. SOLD
64. VF/VF+ Another "winner" villian introduced - Rokk - The Living Mountain". More on Dr. Spectrum. SOLD
65. NM The origin of Dr. Spectrum. Good story. SOLD
66. F/F+ The famous Thor vs Iron Man issue. Also Dr. Spectrum. SOLD
66. VF 8.0 The classic Thor battles Iron Man issue. Villains Dr. Spectrum and Power Prism are involved. Nice Gil Kane cover and George Tuska art (GT started drawning comics in the early Golden-Age from 1941 on and drew everything from Super-Heroes to Horror to Crime!)  SOLD
67. NM The return of The Freak. Last 20 cent issue. SOLD
68. NM The origin of IM retold. Sunfire returns. Battle with Unicorn. New IM mask. Jim Starlin cover. What are you waiting for?? SOLD
69. VF-/VF OK - you want villians? You got them! Mandarin, Unicorn, Sunfire, Yellow Claw. and Ultimo. All in 18 pages!! SOLD
70. NM/M Sunfire teams-up with IM to battle Ultimo. SOLD
71. VF/NM Spotlight on Yellow Claw. Cover to cover battle. SOLD
72. NM-/NM Whiplash and The Melter, with The Man-Bull all attack Iron Man at a comic book convention!! Cool issue. SOLD
73. F-/F Stark Industries gets more stock holders and becomes Stark International. Wish I had kept my 100 shares! Cryson Dynamo.  SOLD
74. VF/NM Modok vs The Thinker with IM in the middle. Cameos by the Avengers, Red Skull, Dr. Doom, Fu Manchu, and others. SOLD
75. NM/M Modok and Thinker with his androids go after our hero. Jack Kirby cover? SOLD
76. NM Reprint of IM #9, cover and all - Hulk battle. SOLD
77. NM The big conclusion to the last few above "War of the Super-Villains" storyline. SOLD
78. NM IM returns to Viet Nam in this well done one shot story. SOLD
79. NM Doctor Kurakill and his buddy Quasar go after IM. Bondage cover - high grade. SOLD
80. NM Great Jack Kirby cover worth the price of the book alone. Flashback recap issue. SOLD
81. NM Shellhead (I hate that nickname!) vs Firebrand - and its a winner take all! Black Lama. High grade copy. SOLD
82. VF/NM IM rescues Tony Stark from a bunch of apes belonging to The Red Ghost. 1st appearance Michael O'Brian. SOLD
83. VF+ Jack Kirby cover. The Red Ghost returns in a funky new costume. SOLD
84. VF+ The Freak returns and freaks-out IM! SOLD
85. VF/NM An all out slug fest with The Freak. SOLD
86. VF/NM 1st appearance of The Blizzard (formely Jack Frost). SOLD
87.NM/M The cold showdown with The Blizzard. His orgin also. SOLD
88. NM+ The Blood Brothers return. Thanos cameo. SOLD
89. NM DD guest stars and teams-up with IM against The Blood Bros. Last 25 cent issue. SOLD
90. VF Jack Kirby cover. The Controller returns. Beast, Captain Marvel, and Thanos cameos. SOLD
91. NM- Big IM/Controller battle issue. SOLD
92. NM One of my favorite IM villians returns - The Melter! So does the original Iron Man. SOLD
93. NM Kirby cover, Commander Kraken the Krappy returns!! SOLD
94. NM- The conclusion to the Kraken storyline. Big battle issue. Another Kirby cover. SOLD
100. F/VF Nice Jim Starlin anniversary cover. The Mandarin returns.  SOLD
128. VF Famous "Demon In A Bottle" cover /story. SOLD
166. NM High Grade. 1st full Obadian Stone appearance. Tony back with drinking. Semi-key modern book.  SOLD
167. VF 1st Obadian Stone cover. Tony's drinking problem in full swing now.  SOLD
168. VF Machine Man guest stars.  SOLD
169. VF+ 1st James Rhodes as Iron Man II. Tony still drinking.  SOLD
170. VF 1st full new Iron Man.  SOLD

Iron Man Annual

1. VF Nice new Bill Everett IM/Subby cover. Reprints.  SOLD
2. F/VF New Sal Buscema cover, more reprints from the 60's.  SOLD
3. F+/VF All new double sized story with IM battling Molecule Man and Man-Thing. SOLD

Iron Man and Sub-Mariner

1. VG Transition issue that leads into IM #1 and Subby #1. As the cover says "Special Once-In-A Lifetime Issue!!" SOLD
1. VG/F Sharper copy of above.  SOLD