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John Carter, Warlord of Mars

18. VF/VF+ Frank Miller art, 1978 - his 1st published work for Marvel. SOLD

Journey Into Mystery

82. VG The last pre-hero issue. Actually, this is a tough one to find. Stories by Kirby, Ditko, and Heck.  SOLD
106. VG/F Mr. Hyde and the Cobra back plus the origin of Balder SOLD
107. VG+ 1st appearance of the Gray Gargoyle SOLD
108. VG-/VG Early Avengers cameo. Doctor Strange guest stars. One of the great Thor / Loki battles. SOLD
109. VG Magneto cover and great story / battle with Thor. 1st Magneto crossover outside of the X-men title.  SOLD
111. VG-/VG As below - a sound copy. Jane Foster's life at stake. SOLD
111. F Hyde and Cobra - classic Jack Kirby art SOLD
112. VG One of the toughest ones to find in the run - Thor vs Hulk! Back up story w/ Loki's origin. A key issue!  SOLD
113. VG+ Thor reveals his secret idenity to Jane Foster. More on Loki's origin.  SOLD
114. VG/F 1st appearance of the Absorbing Man with origin SOLD
116. F A couple of tiny black touch-up spots on spine. Cameos by the Avengers and Daredevil SOLD
118. VG/VG+ 1st appearance of the Destroyer SOLD
119. VG/VG+ 1st appearances of Hogun, Fandrall, and Volstagg SOLD
122. F- Absorbing Man returns SOLD
123. VG/F As below, a hair or two less shape.  SOLD
123. F- Absorbing Man teams-up with Loki SOLD
124. F Hercules cover. Kirby classic SOLD
125. VG/VG+ Last issue (turns into Thor w/ #126). Nice cover : "The Coming of Hercules".  SOLD

Journey Into Mystery Annual

1. VG 1st appearance of Hercules. Big battle issue. SOLD
1. VG/F As above, nicer copy.  SOLD

Journey Into Mystery (2nd series)

3. VF+ "The Shambler from the Stars" Robert Bloch horror story adapted by Ron Goulart and Jim Starlin. Nice! SOLD
4. VF+ "The Horror of the Dark" H.P. Lovecraft horror story adapted by Ron Goulart and Gene Colan. Plus a Craig Russell story. SOLD

Jungle Action

1. VF-/VF Reprints Marvel 1950's Jungle heroes stories. Nice copy.  SOLD
2. VF/NM Nice new Gil Kane cover w/ 1950's Jungle reprints.  SOLD
3. VF/NM Tharn the Magnificent cover and story plus other 50's reprints.  SOLD
4. VF Gil Kane cover, more Jungle stuff.  SOLD
5. VF- Re-introduces Black Panther, who takes over the title with new stories w/ #6. This reprints Avengers #62.  SOLD
6. F+/VF 1st new Black Panther storyline. Nice Rich Buckler art.  SOLD
7. VF+ Panther battles Venomm (no, not Spidey's villain!)  SOLD
8. VF-/VF The never before revealed Secret Origin of Panther. Great issue.  SOLD
13. VF/VF+ Nice Kane cover. Billy Graham pencils with Craig Russell inks makes a very nice looking style.  SOLD
15. VF/NM Another new Kane cover. Graham w/ Dan Green art. BP fights The Thorn people.  SOLD
23. VF+ DD guest stars and the two heroes reveal their ID's to each other. An old DD reprint.  SOLD