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1. F/F+ 1st issue of this neat Hanna-Barbera team-up series. All your 1960's favorites here! $12.50
2. F 6.0 Big track meet games story. $5.00
3. VF/NM Flying Saucer Science Fiction space story. Higher grade ow pages. $17.50
4. VF- 7.5 Baseball cover and story. $10.00
6. F 6.0 "Hokey's in The Pokey!" $5.00
7. VF 8.0 The Purple Pig Puzzle??? $10.00
9. VF-/VF Yogi and crew go West for an adventure. $10.00
10. F/VF Alien story with a giant Robot Cat! $12.50
11. F/VF The Jetson guest star along with a ton of the regular Hanna-Barbera characters. Good issue! $12.50
11. VF/NM Real nice copy of above. $20.00

Logan's Run

1. VF-/VF George Perez cover and art. Always liked the movie.  SOLD
6. VF+ Always tough to find - 1st solo Thanos story in this back-up feature.  $40.00