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Machine Man

1. NM- Jack Kirby cover, story, and art.  $40.00
18. VF/VF+ A tie-in to Uncanny X-Men #140. Alpha Flight and Wendigo. Cool Steve Ditko art. SOLD

Man From Atlantis

1. VF-/VF 84 page giant. Tom Sutton art, origin issue, and photos from the TV show.  SOLD


1. VF+ Great Frank Brunner cover. 2nd appearance of Howard The Duck. Undervalued 1st issue. SOLD
2. VF/NM 9.0 A couple of Hippies and Man-Thing out in the woods. Who came 1st - Swamp Thing or Man-Thing? Most people say Marvel copied DC's Muck Monster. But Man-Thing came out 3 months before Swamp Thing. Of course, both were rip-offs of the original, classic Golden-Age Heap!  SOLD
5. VF/NM 9.0 1st issue with Mike Ploog art. 1st appearances of Darrell the Clown, Tragg, Garvey, and Ayla Prentiss. Good issue!  SOLD
6. NM- 9.2 Great Mike Ploog art.  Darrell the Clown, Tragg, Garvey, Ayla Prentiss, and the Circus of Freaks. These Ploog issues (5-11) are VERY under valued.  SOLD
8. VF/NM 9.0 Great Mike Ploog cover and art - probably the best cover in the Ploog run. Man-Thing / Fountain of Youth story conclusion. These Ploog issues (5-11) are VERY under valued.  SOLD

Marvel And DC Presents

1. NM+ A near perfect copy - this one with a DOUBLE cover! Deathstroke! SOLD
1. NM+ Same as above, but SIGNED by all three creators: Chris Claremont, Walt Simonson, and Terry Austin, on the splash page! SOLD

Marvel Classics Comic Series

1-34. set F/F+ avg. This was Marvels attempt (and a very good one indeed) to print a new line of classic comic adaptations back in 1976 to 1978. Very good stories and some fine art by the likes of Gil Kane, Rudy Nebres, E.R.Cruz, and Michael Golden. Lots of H.G.Wells and Jules Verne Adaptations such as Invisible Man, First Men on the Moon, The Time Machine, War of the Worlds, and classics like Frankenstein and Dracula. A very neat lot of comics - lots of reading....1,768 pages!!! Bargin priced (please e-mail for postage on this lot) at only.................. $125.00

Marvel Collector's Item Classics

1. VG/F Reprints from the early Silver-Age of Marvel classics including FF #2.  $25.00
2. F+ Reprints from FF #3, Spidey #4, and TTA #37 (Ant Man). As the title says, these are classics. SOLD
2. VF-/VF As above, higher grade copy. SOLD
3. VF/NM 1st SA Sub-Mariner, 1st Dr. Strange, 1st Watcher in his one series. Plus 2nd Irom Man and 3rd Hulk. Quite a good issue!  SOLD
4. F+ Reprints from FF #7, TOS #41 (Iron Man), Hulk #4, and Strange Tales #111. SOLD
5. F+/VF Marvel SA classics FF8, TOS42, S.Tales114, and Hulk4. Wow!  SOLD
6. F More classics from FF9, TOS43, Hulk5, and S.Tales116.  SOLD
7. VF- Yet more SA classics - FF13, TOS44, Hulk 5, and S.Tales117.  SOLD
8. F+ Nice cover (I love black covers!). FF #10, TDS #45, Hulk #2, and Strange Tales #118. SOLD
9. F+/VF FF #14, TOS #46, Hulk #2, Strange Tales #119, plus more. SOLD
10. VF- 1st appearance and origin of The Melter in Iron Man. 1st appearance of the Mad Thinker in FF. SOLD
11. VF- 1st Ant Man crossover in FF, 1st appearance Scarcrow in IM. SOLD
14. VF- 1st appearance Unicorn w/ 4th crossover of Avengers in IM. Thor & Loki guest star in Doctor Strange, 1st appearance and origin of Molecule Man. SOLD
15. VF Reprints one of the best FF stories "The Hate Monger". Hitler. SOLD
16. VF+ More classics from the Marvel Silver-Age. SOLD
17. F/VF 1st appearance Hawkeye, plus Dr. Strange, FF, and IM.  SOLD
18. VF Classic IM vs. Capt. battle issue by Don Heck. SOLD
21. F/VF Barry Smith pin-up. SOLD
22. F/F+ 1st Ant Man story reprint. SOLD

Marvel Comics Super Special

1. VF/NM High grade copy of the 1st Kiss comic - this is the one made with their blood. Get this one CGC'ed  SOLD
2. NM/M Full length 50 page all new Conan story. 1st color Conan magazine format. SOLD
3. NM "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Full color movie adaptation by Walt Simonson. $17.50
9. NM 2nd full color Conan issue. Red Sonja back-up story by Howard Chaykin. SOLD
10. NM 1st full color issue for Star-Lord. $65.00
11-13. Set NM "Warriors of the Shadow Realm". The complete Weird World story 150+ pages. $20.00
15. NM- "Star Trek The Motion Picture" full fength, full color movie adaptation. $8.50
16. VF/NM "Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back" full length 100 page color movie adaptation with stunning art by Al Williamson. SOLD
21. NM "Conan the Barbarian" full length, full color movie adaptation. SOLD

Marvel Fanfare

1-5 set. NM Great art and stories. These early issues haven't come to lite yet - get them while still cheap. SUPER HIGH GRADE set in Mylar Snugs. $50.00

Marvel Feature

1. F/F+ 1st appearance and origin of the original Defenders. Brand new Dr. Strange story (his 1st since his run in Strange Tales). Plus a Bill Everett Sub-Mariner Golden-Age classic.  SOLD
2. F//VF Nicer copy of below's part II issue. $45.00
2. F+ The 2nd full Defenders story against the all new Dread Dormammu. Bill Everett Sub-Mariner classic bonus back-up.  $27.50
3. VF Another nicer copy of below issue. $40.00
3. F/VF 3rd Defenders - "A Titan Lurks Among Us!"  $30.00
4. F+/VF 1st appearance of Ant-Man since the 1960's. Start of his own series in this title (#4-#10). Brief origin. Spider-man guests. SOLD
4. F/VF Another copy, same shape as above more of less. An undervalued semi-key comic.  SOLD
9. VF- Ant Man gets a new costume. Iron Man guest stars. Early Craig Russell art.  $20.00
10. VF Ant-Man and The Wasp face Doctor Nemesis. Very nice Craig Russell artwork. $20.00
11. VF- Key issue. 1st solo Thing issue. Thing / Hulk battle (one of the best). Origin of the Fantastic Four retold. Art by Jim Starlin. 'Nuff said! SOLD
12. VF+ Thing and Iron Man team-up. Nice Jim Starlin art. Early Thanos story. Not a common issue to find. SOLD

Marvel Feature - 2nd series

1. VF/VF+ Red Sonja begins - pre-dates her 1st issue. SOLD

Marvel Premiere

2. VF Beautiful Gil Kane w/ Dan Adkins art on this Warlock story. Jack Kirby "Yellow Claw" back-up.  $32.50
3. F/VF Doctor Strange series starts. Bridges the gap between the Strange Tales and Dr. Strange titles. Beautiful Barry Smith art. Semi key issue. SOLD
3. VF 8.0 Very nice, sharp copy of above.  SOLD
4. VF 2nd Dr. Strange. Barry Smith w/ Frank Brunner art (who would later become Doc's regular artist). Story based on a Robert E. Howard script. SOLD
5. VF-/VF Dr. Strange. Barry Smith cover. Gardner Fox writer  SOLD
6. VF-/VF Dr. Strange battles a demonic, sea creature, lizard like monster!  SOLD
7. VF/NM Great Mike Ploog cover and early Craig Russell art inside. Nice!  SOLD
8. VF Jim Starlin art, Gardner Fox story, based on R.E.Howard concepts.  SOLD
9. VF/VF+ Frank Brunner cover and story.  SOLD
10. NM- Brunner art. Dr. Strange. The Ancient one dies. SOLD
11. VF/NM Steve Ditko reprint of the origin of Doc. New cover. SOLD
12. VF+ Brunner really starts coming into his stride on the artwork.  SOLD
13. VF/VF+ Baron Mordo attacks. Brunner really coming into his own artwise this issue.  SOLD
14. NM- 1st Cagliostro. Burnner art. Last Dr. Strange. SOLD
15. F++ 1st appearance and origin Iron Fist by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane! Everyone thinks John Byrne created Iron Fist - not so!  SOLD
16. VF-/VF 2nd Iron Fist. 1st Marvel art of Larry Hama.  SOLD
17. VF/VF+ Larry Hama with Dick Giordano art.  SOLD
18. VF+ 1st appearance The Ninja (Lee Win). More on Fist's origin.  SOLD
19. VF/NM KEY. 1st appearance of Colleen Wing. 1st appearance of WOLVERINE in a house ad for Hulk #181!!  SOLD
21. VF/NM 1st appearance Misty Knight. 1st appearance of Shaya.  SOLD
22. F/VF Fist fights a death duel with Ninja.  SOLD
23.VF Fist goes against Warhawk (1st appearance).. Very nice early art by Pat Broderick.  SOLD
24. VF/NM Fist and Colleen go two on one against a giant robot. Plus a neat Marvel Bullpen softball game story.  SOLD
25. F/VF 1st John Byrne Iron Fist issue. Last Fist in this title, moves on to his own book.  SOLD
25. VF+ 1st John Byrne Iron Fist issue, as above. $50.00
28. F/VF The always hard to find Legion of Monsters issue.  SOLD
47. VF+ Origin and 1st appearance of the new Ant-Man. John Byrne art. Undervalued book. SOLD
48. NM Conclusion to above John Byrne classic. SOLD

Marvel Presents

8. VF/NM New Silver Surfer cover, reprints SS #2 plus 4 new pages. SOLD

Marvel Preview

1. NM "Man-Gods From Beyond theStars". Marvel's answer to the UFO craze. Neal Adams cover and art. Erich Von Daniken articles. $29.00
2. NM/NM+ Gray Morrow painted Punisher cover. 1st origin for The Punisher. 1st appearance of Dominic Fortune by Howard Chaykin. Key issue - great shape!  SOLD
8. NM- The Legion of Monsters story with Morbius. Ken Barr painted cover. Good story. Mike Ploog and Val Mayerik art.  SOLD
10. VF/NM Thor. Painted cover. Jim Starlin art. Hercules back-up story. SOLD
11. NM Star-Lord. John Byrne story 52 pages! Starlin pin-up. SOLD
12. VF/NM Haunt of Horror. Lilith, Daughter of Dracular and Dracular stories. Art by Mike Kaluta. SOLD
14. NM Star-Lord. Nice Starlin painted cover. Carmine Infantino full length story. $80.00
15. VF/NM Star-Lord. Early Steve Bissette/Rich Veitch horror story. Bill Sienkiewicz art. $50.00
19. VF King Kull. Nice John Severin pin-up pages. Kull and Solomon Kane stories. SOLD
21. NM Moon Knight. This issue pre-dates Moon Knight#1. 40 pages Bill Sienkiewicz art on MK. 15 page Steve Ditko early Shroud story. A sleeper issue for sure! SOLD
24. VF/NM 1st appearance Paradox. Nice painted cover. Final issue in the run - title becomes Bizarre Adventures with #25. $10.00

Marvel's Greatest Comics

29. VF- Reprints the classic FF #12 1st Thing/Hulk meeting/battle issue.  SOLD
32. VF Nice high grade copy w/ square binding.  SOLD
set #35-37. F/VF Reprints the classic Silver Surfer storyline from the famous FF#48-50 issues, these with new covers. Bargin priced at......  SOLD

Marvel Spotlight

1. F-/F 1st appearance and origin of the western hero Red Wolf. Wally Wood art. Neal Adams cover. SOLD
1. F/VF Nice copy of above.  $25.00
2. F+/VF 1st appearance and origin Werewolf by Night. Key issue. Beautiful Mike Ploog artwork. Adams cover. SOLD
3. VF-/VF 2nd Werewolf By Night. Outstanding Ploog art. SOLD
4. VG/F* *This is a solid VF+ copy with the top staple pulled at the cover. Last Werewolf in this run before he gets his own book. SOLD
5. F-/F 1st appearance and origin of Ghost Rider. Beautiful Mike Ploog artwork (#5-8). Tear by number and price on front cover o/w a nice solid and sound copy with off white pages.  GONE!
6. VF Origin retold. Didn't wait long, did they!  SOLD
8. VF "The Witch-Man Cometh!" And he looks like Conan w/ face paint!  SOLD
9. VF+ Very nice Ploog cover. 1st Tom Sutton art on GR.  SOLD
10. VF "The Witch-Woman Cometh!" And she rides a Harley.  SOLD
11. VF Last GR in run before he gets his own series. Witch-Woman story conclusion.  SOLD
25. VF The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad. Gil Kane cover, nice Sonny Trinidad art. SOLD
26. VF-/VF The Scarecrow. (No - not Batman's foe). Strange story. SOLD
27. VF+ Sub-Mariner. Namor takes a day off and gets into trouble. SOLD
28. NM- 1st solo Moon Knight appearance. Undervalued key. SOLD
29. F+/VF 2nd solo Moon-Knight. Conclusion to above storyline. SOLD
29. VF-/VF Moon Knight battles The Conquer Lord. As above, better copy. SOLD
30. VF/VF+ The Warriors Three from Thor by John Buscema. $12.50
33. F/VF Deathlok. 1st appearance of Devil-Slayer. Art by Rich Buckler and friends. SOLD
V2. #8. NM/M Frank Miller "Captain Marvel" cover/story. $20.00

Marvel Super Action

1. VF- Magazine issue. Early Punisher cover/story. Origin and 2nd appearance of Dominic Fortune by Chaykin. "Weirdworld" by Ploog. 1st appearance of The Huntress by George Evans.  SOLD

Marvel Super Action

1. F/VF Comic book issue. Nice cover, reprints Capt #100 by Jack Kirby. SOLD

Marvel Super-Hero Contest Of Champtions

Set 1-3. NM Considered the very 1st mini-series ever done. Virtually every character in the Marvel Universe appears. Good, high grade set. $45.00

Marvel Super-Heroes

1. VF+ A beautiful copy of a tough to find in condition 25-cent giant. This is considered Marvel's 1st one-shot comic. SOLD
15. 7.5 Very sharp copy with some cover reside. As below. SOLD
15. VF+ Brand new Medusa cover/story with Black Bolt. Great Golden-Age classics of Captain America, the Black Marvel, Sub-Mariner and Black Knight. SOLD
16. VG+ 4.5 1st appearance and origin of Phantom Eagle. Herb Trimpe cover and art. Golden-Age reprints of Human Torch by Ayers, Captain America by Romita, Black Knight by Maneely, Patriot by Fagaly, and Sub-Mariner by Everett! All for a quarter! SOLD
20. F/F+ Very good, brand new 24-pp Dr. Doom story. Plus, great Golden-Age reprints in this 25-cent giant.  SOLD
31. VF/NM 9.0 High Grade. Classic Daredevil and Iron Man reprints. Last giant issue. SOLD

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars

1. NM/M If you ever wanted a super high-grade copy of this popular 1st issue, here it is. SOLD

Marvel Super Special

22. VF+ Blade Runnder movie adaptation by Al Williamson with a Jim Steranko cover. Also contains photos from the movie. SOLD

Marvel Treasury Edition

28. NM Spider-Man and Superman. Perhaps the best Treasury edition, certainly one of my favorites. Superman battles The Hulk, Spidey battles Wonder Woman. With Doctor Doom and The Parasite behind it all! Getting tougher to find. SOLD

Marvel Tales

1. VG- Giant sized all origins issue of Spidey, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Giant-Man, and Sgt. Fury! All for a quarter!! SOLD
2. VG/F Although the 2nd issue, this is better than #1 as it reprints both X-Men and Avengers #1's. Also Ditko's origin issue of Dr. Strange. Get $10,000 worth of comics in this reprint for only................. SOLD
3. F/VF Classic reprints from Spidey #6, TTA 38, Strange Tales #101 (1st solo Torch) and JIM #84 (2nd Thor). SOLD
4. F/VF Early classic tales of Spidey, Thor, Torch, and Ant-Man.  SOLD
5. F/F+ Kirby and Ditko classics. SOLD
6. F/VF 1st app Electro - Spidey#9, plus Wasp, Torch, and Thor.  SOLD
7. F/VF 1st app Enforcers - Spidey10, plus more of above.  SOLD
11. VF- 1st meeting of Spiderman and Daredevil. SOLD
12. VF Nice Green Goblin cover and reprints Amazing #17. SOLD
14. VF A classic Golden-Age "Marvel Boy" reprint. Nice cover. SOLD
15. VF+ High Grade black cover. Golden-Age Marvel Boy reprints. SOLD
17. VF- More classics by Ditko and Kirby. SOLD
17. VF/NM As above. Very High Grade. SOLD
18. VF/NM Great Ditko Green Goblin story plus Thor and the Torch. SOLD
36. VF+ New Kingpin cover - reprints the classic 1st full Kingpin story from A.Spidey #51.  SOLD

Marvel Team-Up

1. F-/F 1st issue of what I thought was a great Bronze-Age run. Almost all team-up Spider-Man with some other Marvel character. Human Torch starts the ball rolling in the 1st of two parts vs Sandman. SOLD
2. F Blue ink copy of the 1970's. Part two of above w/ Torch and Spidey vs The Frightful Four. SOLD
3. F+/VF As below, a hair or two in lesser grade.  SOLD
3. VF- Torch teams-up w/ Spidey again - this time vs Morbius (his 3rd appearance). SOLD
4. F+/VF Always in demand - The X-Men team-up issue. Morbius - his 4th appearance ever. $27.50
5. VF-/VF The Vision teams-up vs "The Menace of The Monstroid!" SOLD
6. VF/VF+ Spidey and Thing against The Mad Thinker and his Androids. SOLD
7. NM- Spidey and Thor vs Kryllk. Nice Gil Kane cover. SOLD
8. VF/NM Spidey and The Cat. Early appearance of The Cat (her 3rd.) SOLD
9. VF Spidey and Iron Man vs Zarrko and Kang. SOLD
10. VF/VF+ Human Torch returns w/ Spidey against Kang. Cool cover! SOLD
11. VF+ The Inhumans guest star with/against Spidey. Kang storyline conclusion. Another great cover! SOLD
12. VF/NM Werewolf by Night teams up (A pre #1 appearance for the Wolf). Semi-key issue. SOLD
13. VF/NM Captain America teams-up w/ Spidey vs The Gray Gargoyle. SOLD
14. VF-/VF Sub-Mariner enters the picture vs Tiger Shark. Beautiful Gil Kane pencils with Wayne Howard inks. SOLD
15. VF 8.0 The 1st meeting and team-up of Spider-Man and Ghost Rider. 1st appearance and origin of villain The Orb. Minor key book.  SOLD
16. VF-/VF Cool team-up w/ Captain Marvel vs Basilisk. SOLD
17. VF/VF+ Mr. Fantastic teams up w/ Spidey vs The Mole Man. SOLD
18. VF+ 1st issue without Spider-Man. This one has The Torch battling The Hulk. Also Blastaar. Neat issue! SOLD
19. VF Spidey back, with Ka-Zar. Gil Kane cover and art. Stegron, The Dinosaur Man. SOLD
20. VF/NM Black Panther enters the picture. Still vs Stegron. SOLD
21. VF/VF+ Doc Strange w/ Spidey vs Xandu. SOLD
22. VF- Hawkeye from The Avengers teams-up vs Quasimodo. SOLD
23. NM- 2nd non Spidey issue. Great team-up of Human Torch and Ice Man (1st time), plus X-Men cameo. SOLD
24. VF Spidey and Brother Voodoo vs big, bad Moondoog SOLD
25. VF- DD teams up w/Spidey vs The Unholy Trio. SOLD
27. NM- Jim Starlin cover. Spidey and the Hulk. Excellent copy. SOLD
40. VF Spidey, Human Torch, Sons of the Tiger, Crime Master, The Enforcers - pass me my scorecard!!  SOLD
46. VF+ Because you demanded it - Spidey vs Deathlok! I didn't demand it though.  $8.50
52. VF This is a tough MTU to find for some reason. It's a good one - Spidey and Captain America.  SOLD
53. VF+ Spidey and Hulk, Woodgod, and X-Men. 1st John Byrne art on X-Men. $30.00
54. NM- Gil Kane cover. Spiderman and the Hulk, Woodgod. Byrne art.  SOLD
55. VF/NM Spidey and Warlock. Byrne art. SOLD
56.VF+ Spidey with Daredevil vs Electro!  SOLD
59. VF+ Spidey and Yellow Jacket with the Wasp. John Byrne. $10.00
60. VF- Spidey and the Wasp. Byrne art. SOLD
60. VF Real sharp copy of above  SOLD
61. VF- Spidey and the Human Torch. Byrne art. SOLD
62. VF/NM Spidey and Ms. Marvel vs. the Super Skrull. Byrne art. SOLD
63. VF Spidey and Iron Fist. Byrne art. SOLD
64. VF Spidey and the Daughters of the Dragon. Iron Fist. Byrne art. SOLD
65. VF+ Spidey and Captain Britain (his 1st U.S. appearance). Byrne art. SOLD
66. NM- Spidey and Captain Britain. 1st appearance of Arcade. Byrne art. SOLD
67. VF Spidey and Tigra with Kraven the Hunter. Byrne art. SOLD
68. VF/NM Spidey and Man-Thing. Byrne art.  SOLD
69. VF/NM Spidey and Havoc. Lorna Dane guests. Byrne art. SOLD
70. VF+ Spidey and Thor. Byrne art.  SOLD
75. NM Spidey and Power Man. Byrne art. SOLD
79. NM/M Spidey and Red Sonja. Byrne art. Clark Kent cameo (I kid you not!). Neat issue. SOLD
100. NM A very key issue. Spidey and the FF with art by Frank Miller. Also, origin and 1st appearance of Karma. John Byrne Storm story, with her origin told. X-Men guest. SOLD
117. VF/NM The famous Spidey and Wolverine issue. Not John Byrne. SOLD

MTU Annual

1. 7.5 1976 - early X-Men vs Spider-Man crossover. SOLD

Marvel Two-In-One

1. F/VF The Thing from FF gets his own team-up book. Man-Thing guests in this 1st issue by Gil Kane. SOLD
1. VF- As above, sharper copy.  $40.00
2. VF/VF+ Ben Grimm and Namor in his ugly new costume side by side. Nice Gil Kane artwork. Last 20 cent issue.  SOLD
3. VF- Thing teams up with Daredevil. SOLD
4. F+/VF "Perhaps the Most Titantic Team-Up Ever!" (And then again, perhaps not!) Thing teams-up with Captain America. FF guests.  SOLD
4. F+/VF About same shape as above copy, your choice.  SOLD
5. VF+ Thing, Capt, and The Guardians of the Galaxy! Only their 2nd appearance. Mark Jewelers insert.  $50.00
6. F Nice Jim Starlin cover. Doctor Strange team-up.  SOLD
6. F+/VF Nicer copy. Great story.  SOLD
7. F+/VF Thing and Valkyrie get it on. Also, The Executioner.  SOLD
7. VF/NM Real nice copy of above. Mark Jewelers insert.  $25.00
8. F Early Ghost Rider appearance in this Christmas story.  $12.50
9. NM- Classic Thing vs Thor cover and battle issue via villian Puppet Master. Mark Jewelers insert.  $40.00
10. F+/VF Thing gets it on with Black Widow. Bite me!!  $SOLD
11. VF/VF+ Thing battles The Golem. It's Clobberin' Time!  SOLD
12. VF/NM Thing teams-up with Iron Man against some magic powered idiot!  SOLD
13. VF/NM Thing with Power Man vs Braggadoom: The Mountain That Walks Like A Man!! Spare me, please!  SOLD
14. VF/VF+ Gil Kane cover as Thing teams-up with The Son of Satan. Wonder if dad knows?  SOLD
15. VF+ Thing and Morbius go at it via The Living Eraser.  SOLD
16. VF/NM Thing with Ka-Zar (and Zabu) vs Dinosaurs.  SOLD
17. F+ This is a tough one to find - Spider-man teams-up and this story continues in Marvel Team-Up #47.  $8.00
18. VF/VF+ Thing and The Scarecrow fight some demon cult guy.  SOLD
19. F+ Thing and Tigra vs The Cougar.  SOLD
20. VF-/VF The Golden-Age Liberty Legion team-up with Thing.  SOLD
21. VF Odd team-up : The Thing with Doc Savage. SOLD
25. VF Thing teams-up with good old Iron Fist. SOLD
27. VF The FF guest star with Thing and Deathlok. President Jinny Carter panels. SOLD
28. VF/NM Gil Kane cover. Thing and Subby duke it out! SOLD
36. VF/NM Reed teams-up with buddy Thing. Also Skull the Slayer. SOLD
39. VF/NM Thing and The Vision go at it. DD guests. SOLD
43. VF- Thing and Man-Thing. Captain America guests. John Byrne art. SOLD
46. F/VF Undervalued issue - Thing vs Hulk cover and story. SOLD
50. NM- The Thing battles the Thing. Reed Richards guest stars. John Byrne art. SOLD
51. VF Thing with Beast, Ms. Marvel, Nick Fury, and Wonder Man. Frank Miller art. $8.50
53. NM/NM+ Thing and Quazar (2nd appearance). Project Pegasus. John Byrne art. Super copy. $15.00
54. VF/NM Thing and Deathlok. Great George Perez cover. John Byrne art. Part II of above. SOLD
55. NM Thing and Giant-Man. John Byrne art. Conclusion of above story line. $12.00
83. NM/NM+ Thing and Sasquatch. Great issue. Super copy. $20.00
84. NM Thing and Alpha Flight. Conclusion to above issue. Super copy. $20.00

Marvel Two-In-One Annual

2. VF Thing with Spiderman. Thanos, Warlock, Avengers, and Captain Marvel. Fantastic Jim Starlin art. Great issue. SOLD

Marvel Universe

Set 1-15. VF/NM 1st series. The 1st and best handbook for the Marvel Universe. A high grade, 15-issue, unread complete set. $75.00

Master of Kung Fu

17. 7.0 F/VF 1st issue. Jim Starlin art. 1st Black Jack. 3rd Shang-Chi  SOLD
18. 6.5 F+ 1st Paul Gulacy art on character. Nice, sharp glossey copy.  SOLD
19. 8.5 VF+ Man - Thing guests. Great Gulacy art. High grade book. 1st appearance Lu Sun.  $22.50


Mighty Marvel Western

2. F- A 25 cent giant with Rawhide Kid, Kid Colt, and Two-Gun Kid reprints.  SOLD
37. NM- A high grade copy with a store stamp date on front cover. Al Willeamson art.  $15.00

Millie the Model

6. VG/VG+ 1947 Stan Lee's name on the credit page. SOLD
155. VF-/VF 2nd "new" Millie issue. Stan Lee and Solly B. stories/art.  SOLD
156. VF More, like above. Neat cover - dig those shorts!  SOLD

Millie Queen-Size Special

7. VG 25 cent giant issue. Cool Mod cover and lots of groovy art from this 1968 annual. SOLD

Monsters on the Prowl

13. F/F+ New Syd Shores story plus four horror classics.  SOLD
16. F/F+ 4th King Kull app. Nice John and Marie Severin art.  SOLD
16. VF/NM Key 1st appearance Thulsa Doom. High grade copy of above.  $45.00

Ms. Marvel

1. VF 1st appearance Ms Marvel. Mary Jane Watson guests. The Scorpion villian. SOLD
2. VF/NM The secret origin of Ms. Marvel. John Buscema art. SOLD
16. VF/NM Beast and Scarlet Witch from The Avengers guest star. Mistique cameo??? Bob O says so. SOLD
17. VF-/VF Yep...Mystique cameo in this one also....where Bob?? SOLD
18. F 1st full Mystique appearance. Now I see it! Avengers guest star. SOLD
19. VF/NM Ms. Marvel meets Captain Marvel. Holy mother of Marvel! SOLD
20. VF/NM 1st New costume for our hero. Looking sharp! SOLD

My Love

6. F- John Buscema cover and two stories. Gene Colan story. Take away all the hugs and kisses and based on art alone this could very well be an issue of Silver Surfer or Daredevil!!!  SOLD
28. VG-/VG Kirby art, plus an outstanding art story by Al Weiss.  SOLD