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New Mutants

87. NM+ 1st full appearance of Cable. Rob Liefeld art, with McFarlane cover. Super copy. SOLD

Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD

3. F/F+ Great Jim Steranko cover and artwork. SOLD
5. F/F+ Great classic Steranko cover and art/story. SOLD
6. F/VF Classic - with a capital C - Jim Steranko cover! SOLD
7. VF-/VF This is one of the best Silver-Age covers ever! A Salvador Dali "swipe" by Jim Steranko. SOLD
8. VF/NM Super copy! Frank Springer takes over as artist. SOLD
9. F/VF Adolf Hitler is back as the Hate Monger. Good story. SOLD
10. F/F+ Hate Monger story continues. Christmas cover / story w/ Johnny Craig inks. SOLD
12. F+/VF Great early Barry smith cover and story art. SOLD
13. F+ 1st appearance Super-Patriot. Last 12 cent issue. Great patriotic cover! SOLD
14. VG/F Good one shot story "A Day in the Life!" SOLD
15. VF- 1st appearance (and death) of the original Bullseye. Great cover. "Death" of Nick Fury. Nice copy. SOLD

Not Brand ECHH

1. F+ The original Marvel Comics satire issue - Silver Burper, Too Gone Kid, The Human Scorch vs The Sunk-Mariner, and more!! SOLD
1. F/VF As above. Nice copy. SOLD
3. F One of the funniest titles done. The origins of Charlie America, the Inedible Bulk, and the Mighty Sore! SOLD
4. F/VF The Echhs-Men, Sunk-Mariner, and Scaredevil. SOLD
4. F/VF As above, hair sharper copy. SOLD
5. VF+ 1st appearance and origin of Forbush-Man. And for you Thing / Hulk battle issue collectors - let me say you NEED this issue! SOLD
6. F/F+ The wedding of Spidey-Man. Also, a parody of West Side Story with tons of DC heroes! SOLD
6. F+ Another copy of above. My favorite cover - so I give you another choice. SOLD
6. VF As above, sharper copy. SOLD
7. VF-/VF The origin of the Fantastical Four and the origin of Stuporman. Great cover! SOLD
7. F/VF As above, nice collectible copy. SOLD
8. F/VF- Beatles cameo. The Revengers, the Echhs-Men, and the Agents of S.H.E.E.S.H.! SOLD
8. VF As above, sharper copy. SOLD
9. VF-/VF 1st 25 cent giant. Beatles appearance. SOLD
10. VF- Another giant issue. EC mascots cameo. SOLD
11. VF+ Another 68 pg giant. Great stuff! King Kong. SOLD
12. F/VF Frankenstein cover. Beatles cameo. Giant-sized issue. Great! SOLD
13. F Final issue. 68 pg giant. Beatles cameo. SOLD


1. F+/VF 1st appearance and origin of this space(d out) hero. SOLD