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Our Love Story

5. VG-/VG Outstanding Jim Steranko 7pg story! Also John Buscema story and a nice John Romeita cover. Scarce issue!  SOLD

Outlaw Kid

5. F+. 1st series. 1955. A real nice solid copy of a scarce first code issue with great art by Doug Wildey, John Romita, and a Joe Maneely cover.  SOLD
1. VF. 2nd series Nice new John Severin cover. 1950's reprints - Doug Wildey and Joe Orlando. SOLD
8. VF-. 2nd series A 25-cent giant with a classic Reed Crandall story. SOLD

Patsy Walker

10. VG 1947 Stan Lee credits as consulting associate. Patsy gets married? SOLD
12. VG/F Cool Halloween story plus "A Gay Romance". SOLD

Peter Parker Spiderman - see Spectacular Spider-Man


Planet of the Apes

1. VF-/VF Based on the original movies. Mike Ploog art. Lots of photo features and articles. Great cover and story.  SOLD
2. VF-/VF Continues from #1. Ploog art. More photos and articles.  SOLD
5. VF/NM Great painted cover. Continues above. More articles and photos.  SOLD
6. NM The mind boggling conclusion to the original movie. Great cover and art by Ploog. Excellent photos and articles.  SOLD
7. VF/VF+ Starts the "Beneath" storyline. More great articles and photos. You'll go APE over this one!  SOLD
9. F/VF Part I of an all original story "Kingdom of the Apes". Nice cover.  SOLD
10. F/VF Conclusion to above story. Plus lots more. Last 84 page issue.  SOLD
12. F/VF The guide says these numbers (11-20) are uncommon. I think the WHOLE run is hard to come by! Great Ken Barr painted cover.  SOLD
15. VF- Tom Sutton art. 48 pages no ads.  SOLD
16. VF- Another Ken Barr classic painted cover. "Escape" story conclusion full length 48 page story.  SOLD
17. F/VF Starts "Conquest" storyline. Sutton art.  SOLD
18. F/VF Mini "King Kong" cover. More "Conquest" storyline.  SOLD
19. F/VF Tom Sutton inking Mike Ploog art.  SOLD
20. VF+ Ape vs Gorilla. "Conquest" continues.  SOLD
21. VF+ Final chapter in above storyline. The issues in the 20's are very hard to find.  SOLD
22. F/VF Starts "Quest" storyline. Nice cover.  SOLD
23. F/VF More great covers and stories as the series continues. SOLD
25. F+/VF Boy, are these tough issues to find!! "Battle" storyline.  SOLD
26. F/VF New original story plus the next chapter in "Battle".  SOLD
27. F/VF Great cover. An new original stpry plus more "Battle". SOLD
28. F+/VF Conclusion to the "Battle" storyline, plus another new original.  SOLD
29. VF- The rarest of the rare. Final issue in the run. Great cover, half comics and half photos and features. All new story by Tom Sutton. Only copy of this issue that I've ever owned!  SOLD

Power Man / Iron Fist

17. F+ 6.5 Luke changes his name to Power Man. Iron Man guest stars. Ist issue. SOLD
17. VF/NM 9.0 1st issue of Luke Cage as Power Man. Iron Man guest stars, with a battle, then team-up. 1st appearance of Orville Smythe. Gil Kane cover and George Tuska art - both with Billy Graham inks. Nice key issue.  SOLD
18. VF/NM Power Man fights Steeple Jack up on a high rise. SOLD
19. NM- 1st appearance of Cotton Mouth. SOLD
20. NM- Cotton Mouth story conclusion. SOLD
48. VF+ Power Man meets Iron Fist for the first time. John Bryne art. SOLD
49. F/VF Power Man and Iron Fist team-up on their first mission. Byrne art. SOLD
50. VF Power Man and Iron Fist team-up together as the title of the comic changes. John Bryne art. SOLD
57. F/VF X-Men guests. SOLD
57. VF+ As above, nicer copy. The new X-Men guest star. Good cover and story. SOLD
66. VF+ The second full appearance of Sabertooth. Frank Miller cover. Undervalued. SOLD