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Rampaging Hulk

1-27. Set NM This is a complete set (missing #5) in beautiful newstand mint condition. The title changes to "The Hulk" with issue #10. These have great painted covers and good stories that went places the color comic book could not. Issues 10-23 are in color. Issues 11-23 contain the classic Moon Knight back-up stories. A nice set - get them all in one shot! GONE!
1. NM Black and white Hulk stories start 1977. Undervalued run. Nice painted cover. Bloodstone storyline by John Buscema starts. Good Hulk story by Doug Moench and Walt Simonson. SOLD
5. NM/NM+ Jim Starlin cover. A no-holds bared Hulk vs Sub-Mariner battle issue. Bloodstone back-up. SOLD
9. NM/M The Hulk battles The Avengers. Great cover. Shanna back-up story. SOLD

Rawhide Kid

51. VG/F Great esoteric story with Rawhide finding a lost race of Aztec Warriors! In Texes, no less!! Larry Lieber pencils with inks by Carl Hubbell.
56. F Larry Lieber story and art with Vince Colletta inks. 1st appearance of villain Bret Adams.
66. VF/VF+ Excellent cover and a good story "Death of a Gunfighter!" Two-Gun Kid story. Sharp copy.  SOLD
90. F/VF Great Kid Colt team-up cover and story by Larry Lieber and John Tartaglione. Also the classic 5 page "silent" story by Dick Ayers.
92. VF- 25-cent giant. New story plus classic Jack Kirby / Dick Ayers stories.
93. F+ The other 25-cent giant in this run. One new story plus reprints.
99. VF-/VF Blazing Western Action As You Like It!! Classic Angelo Torres reprint story.  SOLD

Red Sonja

1. VF-/VF I always wondered how Red Sonja could swing that heavy sword without cutting off one of her huge breasts!!  SOLD

Ringo Kid

12. VF- A nice copy of a scarce 25-cent transition issue. John Severin cover, plus art by Joe Kubert, Joe Maneely and Don Heck SOLD
20. NM- Super copy. Al Williamson art. Joe Maneely cover. SOLD


17. VF+/NM Wolverine/X-Men cover/story. Frank Miller cover. 1st of two parts. SOLD
18. NM- Great Frank Miller cover. Conclusion to above X-Men story. $17.50