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Savage She-Hulk

1. NM+ Origin and 1st appearance of the Hulk's cousin. Getting harder to find in grade, this is a cherry copy. SOLD

Savage Sword of Conan

1. NM First issue of the well done and long running b&w magazine from 1974. Conan by Roy Thomas and John Buscema guest starring Red Sonja. A Blackmark story by Gil Kane. A classic Barry Smith Conan story and a Red Sonja solo by Neal Adams! Key issue. SOLD

Savage Tales

1. VF+ Marvel's first comic rated "M" for mature readers. John Buscema painted cover. Fantastic Barry Smith Conan artwork. New Ka-Zar story and a very nice Gray Morrow Man-Thing story - the origin and 1st appearance of Man-Thing.  SOLD
2. VF+ Another outstanding John Buscema painted cover. Classic Barry Smith Conan. Berny Wrightson's 1st King Kull story. Article on Robert E. Howard. Great issue.  $37.50
3. VF+ Fabulous Barry Smith Conan story at his peak. Pablo Marcos painted cover. Other art by Steranko, and Al Williamson.  $32.50
4. VF+ Great Neal Adams cover and art on story with Gil Kane. Last Conan Barry Smith issue.  $27.50
5 NM Great Neal Adams cover. 1st Ka-Zar in this title. Conan by Jim Starlin.  SOLD
6. NM Neal Adams Ka-Zar cover. Al Williamson silver-age story.  SOLD
7. VF- Boris painted cover. Ka-Zar and Brak the Barbarian stories.  $12.50
8. VF/VF+ Nice Ka-Zar/Shanna cover. Williamson story. Article on the Pulps. $15.00
9. NM/M Great painted Ka-Zar cover. Shanna and Ka-Zar stories.  $30.00
10. NM Boris painted cover. Russ Heath on Ka-Zar. John Jakes fiction story.  $30.00
11. VF Nice painted cover. Ka-Zar story plus new Russ Heath story.  $12.50


1. F/VF Scooby and crew in this scarce Marvel comic. Not common. Looks like Alex Toth artwork???  $25.00
2. VF+ Like I said above - looks like Toth art. Sharp, clean copy.  $20.00
3. F/VF King Neptune story.  $10.00
4. F/VF Menace of The Mummy Man  $12.00
6. NM- 9.0 - 9.2 High Grade. Scooby and crew vs "The Ghost of Comedy".  $25.00

Sgt. Fury

4. F- Death of Junior Juniper. Jack Kirby artwork.  $70.00
5. F- 1st appearance Baron Strucker. SOLD
7. G/VG The Court-Martial of Sgt. Fury - if guilty, it's the firing squad for old Nick!  SOLD
8. F/F+ 1st Percival Pinkerton. Baron Zemo attacks.  $50.00
9. VG/F Hitler cover / story - Fury's mission - capture Hitler.  SOLD
10. VG 1st appearance Captain Steve Savage. A solid F/VF, but w/ some Marvel chipping on cover.  SOLD
11. F Does a Sgt. outrank a Capt.? In this issue he does!  SOLD
12. F+ Nice full page Fury pin-up by Dick Ayers.  SOLD
13. F In my opinion, the key issue in the run. Captain America (his 2nd solo appearance in the Marvel Universe outside the Avengers book) and Bucky. A nice collectible, no problems copy.  $195.00
14. F+ 1st appearance of the Blitzkreig Squad.  SOLD
15. F Some kid helps out the Commandos.  SOLD
17. F/F+ The team find themselves in the Sahara fighting natives with spears! SOLD
18. F Fury's girl-friend dies - Pamela Hawley.  SOLD
19. F+ Fury flies a WWI bi-plane. Is there nothing this guy can't do?? We could use him is Iraq!!!  SOLD
20. VG/F Return of the Nazi Blitz Squad.  SOLD
21. F+ Fury and crew have to free a hostage.  SOLD
22. VF- A big Irish free-for-all.  $30.00
23. VF- Fighting the Chinese this time in Burma.  SOLD
24. VF-/VF Even on furlough, the team gets in trouble!  $32.50
25. VF- Red Skull.  $35.00
26. VF Dum Dum saves the day.  $37.50
27. F/VF The origin of Fury's Eye-Patch. Perhaps the most unusual origin tale of all time!  SOLD
28. F Hitler panels. If I were those prisoners on this cover, I'd be ducking big time!  SOLD
29. F+/VF Adolf Hitler panels.  $25.00
30. VF- The team surrenders to the Nazis!!  SOLD
31. F/VF Fury and crew fight a deadly Nazi tank.  $15.00
32. F/VF Adolf Hitler panels.  $15.00
33. VG+ The team now in Greece - get me a gyro Nick!!  SOLD
34. F+/VF Key issue - The Origin of The Howlers.  SOLD
35. F/VF A new Howler joins the ranks.  SOLD
36. VF- Good story - "The Making Of A Howler!"  $22.50
37. F+ Back in the desert again. Girl walops Fury panel!  SOLD
38. VF- Great cover w/ Fury sky-diving.  $22.50
39. VF Great cover of Fury in a fist fight smoking his cigar with a Nazi who has one steel hand!  $27.50
40. VF- Now the team fighting in France!  SOLD
41. VF- Hitler panels.  $22.50
42. VF-/VF Dames and guns don't mix.  SOLD
43. VF Back in the Sahara Desert. Neat cover. Bob Hope cameo.  SOLD
46. VF- Nice John Severin cover and story/artwork.  SOLD
47. VF John Severin inks over Dick Ayers art.  SOLD
53. VF+ John Severin cover and inks art. Hitler panels.  SOLD
54. NM- Very nice cover. John Severin art w/ Dick Ayers.  SOLD
56. VF- Is that Stan Lee on the cover?  $20.00
59. VF/VF+ John Severin artwork.  SOLD
61. F+/VF Severin art.  SOLD
68. VF/NM Severin cover/art. Good story.  SOLD
69. F/VF Fury on leave. Severin art.  SOLD
92. F/VF 25-giant issue. Great cover. $12.50
100. F+ All new anniversary issue - very off-beat!  $12.50

Sgt. Fury Annual

4. VF Giant 47-page story of "The Battle Of The Bulge". Nice cover - Severin/Ayers art.  SOLD

Silver Surfer

2. F/F+ 40-page lead story with the Surfer plus a 10 page Watcher back-up. SOLD
3. F+ Intro and 1st appearance of Mephisto - 40 page classic story plus a 10 page Watcher back-up. SOLD
4. F/VF Nice high grade copy, but one color touch-up lower right cover (see scan). Scarce issue. Great Surfer/Thor battle. SOLD
5. F/VF The Stranger guest villian. FF guest star. Nice cover. SOLD
6. F/VF Surfer escapes from Earth. SOLD
7. F+ Last of the 25-cent giants. Surfer meets "The Heir of Frankenstein!" SOLD
8. F+ 1st appearance the Ghost. Mephisto guests. SOLD
9. F+/VF The Ghost and Mephisto. SOLD
10. F/VF Good story - "A World He Never Made!" SOLD
11. F/VF The Classic "O, Bitter Victory!" story. SOLD
12. F+ Great Surfer/Abomination battle issue. SOLD
13. F/VF "The Dawn of the Doomsday Man!" SOLD
14. VF- One of the keys in the run - Surfer battles Spider-man. Classic cover and story. SOLD
17. F/VF Kirby Cover. Nick Fury guests. Mephisto. SOLD

Son of Satan

1. VF Daimon Hellstrom gets his own book - I think his dad must of had something to do with it!  SOLD

Special Marvel Edition

15. F+/VF 1st Master of Kung-Fu, 1st appearance Shang Chi with origin. Outstanding art by Jim Starlin. SOLD
16. VF- 7.5 Key issue with the 2nd appearance of Master of Kung Fu Shang-Chi, and the 1st appearance of Midnight. Jim Starlin art. Good issue!  SOLD

Spectacular Spiderman

1. F/VF Spidey's origin recapped. 1st issue of this long running series. As below. $25.00
4. VF/VF+ The Vulture returns. Very nice cover. SOLD
5. F/F+ Vulture story continues. Enter - The Hitman, who's out to kill our hero. Natch! SOLD
6. F/VF Morbius reprint from MTU #3 with Human Torch. SOLD
21. VF/NM Scorpion / Spidey battle issue. SOLD
27. VF+ Frank Miller's 1st artwork on Daredevil. Key book. SOLD
28. VF+ Conclusion to above by Frank Miller. SOLD
56. NM- 1st Spidey / Jack O Lantern battle. 2nd appearance of Jack O. Outstanding Frank Miller cover. $10.00
64. VF/NM 1st appearances Cloak and Dagger. Great cover. SOLD
69. VF/NM 2nd Cloack and Dagger. Great Steve Ditko-like cover. $10.00
69. NM/M as above. Cherry copy, one of the great covers of the 1980's. SOLD
70. NM/M Conclusion to above with Cloak and Dagger. SOLD
75. NM/M Nice double sized issue with the return of Black Cat.. Doc Ock villian. SOLD
83. NM/M Punisher guest stars as his origin is retold. SOLD
130. NM Great Hobgoblin cover and story. $12.00
132. NM- Conclusion to the classic Mike Zeck Kraven storyline. $10.00
138. NM/M 1st full appearance of Tombstome. Captain America cover/guests. $15.00
139. NM/M 1st Tomestone cover, origin story. $12.50
147. NM/M 1st brief appearance of the new Hobgoblin (Macendale) $25.00

Spectacular Spiderman

2. VF/VF+ 1968 Magazine issue. John Romita painted cover and nice full length, full color 58-pp Green Goblin story. Very classic and very scarce. SOLD


1. NM/M


SIGNED 1st issue of the Todd McFarlane series from 1990. This is the black covered (silver) regular newstand edition.  SOLD
1. NM/M 1st issue of the Todd McFarlane series from 1990. This is the green covered regular newstand bagged edition. SOLD

Spider-Man : Giveaway/Premium comics

no#. NM/NM+ The Amazing Spider-Man All Detergent Giveway. 1979. Origin of Spidey retold - nice comic, now over 25 years old!  SOLD
no#. F/VF The Amazing Spider-Man VS The Prodigy! 1976. 5 x 6 1/2" Sex Education giveaway comic. Many were printed, not many have survived. Very esoteric and neat comic! $12.50
no#. NM/NM+ Spider-Man and The Dallas Cowboys in Danger in Dallas! 1983 Dallas Times Herald newspaper giveaway. Spidey plays football w/ The Dallas Cowboys. Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime villians. Origin of Spiderman feature. Cherry copy. SOLD
no#. NM/M Spider-Man and The Hulk Special Edition...What Price A Life? 1980 Chicago Tribune giveaway. Johnny Romita cover. Origins of Spiderman and Hulk retold. A super 9.8 cherry copy! SOLD
no#. NM Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk Battle Dr. Doom in The Colorado Caper! 1982 May D & F Denver Post giveaway. Everyone goes sking on ice. Not in the priceguide - rare and in excellent condition. SOLD
no#. F+ Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk in Pipeline to Peril! 1981 Dallas Times newspaper giveaway. Scarce. Brand new 16 page battle story (NOT the same as below). Kingpin and Sandman guest star. SOLD
no#. NM/M Spider-Man Christmas in Dallas! 1983 Dallas Times Herald giveaway - not in the guide. Kingpin cover and story - a cherry copy! $20.00
no#. NM/NM+ Spider-Man, Fire-Star and Iceman at The Dallas Ballet Nutcracker. 1983 Dallas Times Herald giveaway. Makes me want to dance!! Super copy. $22.50
no#. NM/NM+ Spider-Man Incredible Hulk in Southwest Showdown! 1982 Sanger Harris Dallas Times Herald giveway. Some one kidnaps The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders I kid you not! Cherry copy not listed in the guide. SOLD
no#. F/VF Spider-Man Storm and Power Man in Battle Smokescreen! 1982 20 page Anti-Smoking giveaway by American Cancer Society. $7.50
no#. F+ Spider-Man vs. The Hulk Back to School Special! 1979 Columbus Dispatch newspaper giveaway. Scarce. Brand new 16 page battle story done for this paper only. SOLD


1. VF/NM Nice, fresh high grade copy with off-white pages. New complete origin.  SOLD

Spidey Super Stories

1. F/VF 1st issue of this "new younger readers" Spider-man series. Kind of scarce - they don't turn up to often, and when they do - they usually are in ratty shape. Spidey's origin retold. SOLD
2. F/VF Kraven, Doc Ock, Jennifer of the Jungle, and Paul the Gorilla! I kid you not!! SOLD
3. F/VF The Ringmaster, Human Cannonball, and Mysterio! SOLD
4. F/VF Guest stars Medusa, The Beetle, and Jennifer of the Jungle w/ Paul the Gorilla. SOLD
5. VF- Spidey battles The Shocker, Vulture, and Dr. Fright (1st appearance) in three stories. SOLD
6. VF- Iceman cover / story. Also a two-part Rhino story. 1st appearance of The Book-Worm! SOLD
7. VG/F Stories w/ The Lizard, Vanisher, and 1st appearance of The Thumper! SOLD
8. F+ Stories w/ Electro, The Mole Man, and one of the lamest villians of ALL time, and ALL companies : The Wall! SOLD

Star Wars

1. NM- The original (and still the best!). Howard Chaykin cover and art. SOLD
2. VF Part two of above Roy Thomas script.  SOLD
3. F/VF Part three of above.  SOLD
38. VF+ Beautiful Michael Golden art on cover/story. SOLD
50. VF+ Double-sized issue with art by Al Williamson, Tom Palmer and Walt Simonson. SOLD

Strange Tales

102. G/G+ 2nd Human Torch in his own series. 1st appearance Wizard. $45.00
120. VG/VG+ 1st Ice Man crossover. Torch and Iceman team-up by Kirby. Ditko's Dr. Strange.  SOLD
125. VG/F FF guests - Thing/Sub-Mariner battle issue. Dr. Strange by Ditko.  $30.00
126. VG+ Ditko's Dr. Strange w/ Dormammu and Torch w/ The Mad Thinker and Puppet Master. 1st appearance Clea. SOLD
127. F/F+ 2nd appearances of Clea and Dormammu. Ditko.  $37.50
128. VG/F Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver go against Torch and Thing. Also Ditko Strange.  $25.00
129. F Thing and Torch against The Terrible Trio plus Ditko's Doc Strange.  $30.00
130. F Thing and Torch meet The Beatles. I kid you not! Plus Baron Mordo.  $30.00
131. F+/VF The Mad Thinker and Steve Ditko's art on Dr. Strange hitting it's classic peak period.  $35.00
133. VF- Torch, Thing, and Dr. Strange.  $62.50
134. F+/VF Great "Watcher" cover and story with art by Wally Wood. Last Torch/Thing story.  $35.00
135. VG 1st appearance and origin of Shield and Col. Nick Fury. A key issue.  SOLD
136. VG 2nd Shield. Classic Steve Ditko art on Dr. Strange.  $17.50
137. VG+ 3rd Shield. Hydra attacks.  $17.50
137. F As above, slightly sharper mid-grade copy  $25.00
138. VF- Fantastic Steve Ditko art on Dr. Strange; 1st appearance of "Eternity". John Severin cover/art on "Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD".  $47.50
139. VF- SHIELD, Hydra and Dormammu!  $42.50
139. VF- As above. A high grade copy w/ the slight inside cover browning sometimes found on this vintage Marvel - thus the given grade.  $37.50
140. F+ Kirby, Heck, and Ditko art.  $27.50
140. VF- As above, sharp copy.  $42.50
142. VG/F Jack Kirby! Steve Ditko! Dr. Strange! Nick Fury! Shield! What more do you want??  $15.00
142. F-/F Might be a hair better shape than above.  $15.00
143. F/F+ Great Ditko and Kirby art. The Fixer invades Shield HQ's.  $15.00
143. F+/VF As above, sharper copy  $27.50
144. VF- SHIELD and Strange. Ditko and Kirby.  $32.50
145. F 1st Mister Rasputin on Dr. Strange. Fury vs Druid.  $20.00
145. F/F+ As above, two hairs better  $22.50
146. VG/F Last Steve Ditko Dr. Strange and only full Doc cover by Ditko $15.00
147. F+ 1st Bill Everett art on Dr. Strange - very nice.  $22.50
148. F/F+ Origin of The Ancient One.  $30.00
148. F/VF@ As above, origin issue w/ beautiful Bill Everett art. @This ia a VF/NM copy, but has that inside cover browning that many of the Marvel file copies have.  $30.00
149. F+/VF The end of A.I.M. Plus Kaluu.  $27.50
150. F+/VF John Buscema's 1st artwork for Marvel. 1st appearance Umar the Unrelenting. Artwork by Bill Everett.  $32.50
150. VF- A hair nicer copy of this semi-semi-key issue.  $37.50
151. F+/VF Jack Kirby/Jim Steranko cover and story. Steranko's 1st artwork for Marvel. Bill Everett's Dr. Strange.  $37.50
152. F 2nd Steranko art on Shield, still with Kirby layouts.  $22.50
153. F Nice Steranko cover and story w/ Kirby layouts. Marie Severin art on Doc Strange. $22.50
153. F/VF As above, nicer copy. Double original staples  $30.00
154. F+ The death of Clea. Steranko coming into his stride on Shield.  $25.00
155. F+/VF 100% Jim Steranko cover and art on SHIELD.  $27.50
156. F+ 1st appearance Zom. (Hopefully, his last also!)  $25.00
157. F+ Shield "Crisis" story, plus more Zom.  $25.00
158. F+/VF Nice cover. Fury fights Baron Strucker hand to hand.  $27.50
159. F+/VF One of my favorites. Steranko draws Captain America for the 1st time. Origin Nick Fury retold. 1st appearance Val.  SOLD
160. F/VF Classic Jim Steranko artwork on the Nick Fury story.  $32.50
161. F+/VF Great Steranko cover! Capt, Reed, Thing all help Fury against The Yellow Claw.  SOLD
162. F+/VF Fantastic Steranko art. Capt still guesting.  $27.50
162. VF/VF+ 8.5 Higher Grade copy. Sharp!  $47.50
163. VG/F Jim Steranko cover and art.  $15.00
163. F+ Nicer copy of above issue.  $20.00
164. VG/F As below. $15.00
164. F/F+ Great cover. Classic Steranko art inked by Bill Everett! The Yellow Claw! Dan Adkins art on Dr. Strange.  $22.50
165. VG/F Still Shield - still Steranko - still Strange (Doc).  $15.00
166. VG/F Voltorg, the Deadly Robot vs Dr. Strange. Still Steranko.  $15.00
167. F The classic Steranko American Flag cover issue - always in demand!  SOLD
168. F+/VF Last Doc and Nick - eack gets his own title one month after this issue.  $27.50
169. F+/VF 1st appearance of Brother Voodoo and part one of his origin. Gene Colan art.  SOLD
170. VF+ 2nd part of Voodoo's origin. Nice Colan w/ Dan Adkins art. SOLD
171. VF- The Bro fights Living Zombies.  $12.50
172. F+ The Death-Cult of the Dark Lord!  $10.00
173. VF Last Brother Voodoo in this title.  $12.50
174. VF/NM 1st appearance and origin of The Golem. Neat concept that did not work out. SOLD
175. VF Reprints two stories from 1960's Amazing Adventures #1 title by Kirby and Ditko. SOLD
176. VF+ 2nd Golem, 1st Marvel art by Tony DeZuniga - very nice! SOLD
177. F+ Golem - The Thing That Walks Like A Man! Nice Frank Brunner cover and good 1950's Atlas back-up story.  $7.50
178. VF Key book. Warlock by Jim Starlin begins. Origin of Warlock and Him retold. 1st appearance of Magus. Great issue! SOLD
179. F/VF 7.0 CLASSIC, key 1st appearance of Pip the Troll in this Warlock issue by Jim Starlin. Trivia note -  Jim Starlin got the cover stat just before shipping the comic to the printer and changed the "Comics Code Authority" seal so it read "Cosmic Code Authority." And no one noticed!  SOLD
185. F/VF Two classic reprint Dr. Strange stories by Ditko. New cover.  $6.50
186. F/VF Two more classic Ditko reprints along with a new cover.  $6.50


2. VF- Big battle issue with Triton.  $50.00
3. F-/F Triton teams-up with Subby.  $17.50
4. F+/VF Subby/Attuma battle issue.  $27.50
5. F+ 1st appearance of Tiger Shark.  SOLD
6. F/VF Tiger Shark cover, 2nd appearance.  $22.50
7. VG/VG+ Early photo cover.  $10.50
9. VF 1st appearance of Serpent Crown.  $32.50
10. VF- Subby battles the Barracuda. Origin Serpent Crown and Lemuria.  $27.50
11. F+ Nice cover.  SOLD
12. F+ The Serpent Crown.  $15.00
13. F+/VF The Death of Lady Dorma.  $18.50
14. VG/F Subby battles the Golden-Age Torch. 1st and only modern appearance of Toro. Death of Toro. Semi-key issue.  $20.00
15. VG+ Subby vs. Dragon Man. Last 12 cent issue.  SOLD
16. VG/F Tiger Shark back.  SOLD
17. F/F+ 1st appearance of the Stalker.  $12.50
18. VG+/F Subby and Triton team-up again.  $7.50
18. F/VF As above, sharper copy.  $15.00
19. F/VF 1st appearance Sting Ray. Cameo's by most of the Marvel Bullpen this issue on splash page.  SOLD
20. VG/F Doctor Doom guest stars for a little battle with Subby. $7.50
20. VF- Sharp copy of above.  SOLD
21. VF- Namor invades the surface world (that's us!) Nice M. Severin / J. Craig art  SOLD
22. VF/VF+ As below  $22.50
22. VF+ Great Dr. Strange cover/story. Nice Marie Severin/Johnny Craig artwork.  $25.00
23. F/VF Orka returns. Nice cover - big battle issue.  SOLD
24. VF Krang, Tiger Shark, and Orka team-up against Subby. Imperius Rex!  SOLD
24. VF+ Tiger Shark returns. Also Orka. Also Dr. Dorcas. Also Krang. Poor Subby!  $18.50
25. VF Namor battles the Human race. Origin of Atlantis.  $15.00
26. VF/VF+ Red Raven guest stars.  $17.00
27. VF 1st appearance (and luckily, only appearance) of Commander Kraken.  $17.50
28. VF Subby in New York joins in on a rally against a slum landlord/builder.  $15.00
29. VF Great Subby/Hercules battle cover/story.  $15.00
29. VF/NM As above. Nice copy.  SOLD
30. F+ Subby meets Captain Marvel. Good issue.  SOLD
31. VF- A threesome battle between Subby, Sting Ray, and Triton.  $12.50
32. F 1st appearance and origin of Llyda - new Queen of Atlantis.  $12.50
35.VF- One of the pre-Defenders issues. Tough to find, always in demand - this is a sharp copy.  GONE!
36. F/VF At last - the wedding of Namor and "Lady Dorma".  $15.00
37. VF-/VF The real death of Lady Dorma. Good stuff.  $15.00
38. VF- Great cover - Origin issue of Sub-Mariner  $15.00
40. F Spidey battles Subby. Also Turalla.  SOLD
41. VF+ 8.5 George Tuska art - 1st app of The Rock.  $17.50
43. F 52 pg double-sized issue. Gil Kane cover. Subby on a quest to find his dad.  $10.00
45. F+/VF Sub-Mariner vs Human Torch issue.  SOLD
48. VF- Subby vs Dr. Doom!  SOLD
49. VF/VF+ Dr. Doom. Cosmic Cube storyline with Modok. Kane cover.  $12.50
50. VF- 1st appearance of Namor's niece - Nita. Gil Kane nice cover and OUTSTANDING Bill Everett art.  $20.00
51. F Just super new Bill Everett art on this new 20 pg story - Byrrah and Nita  SOLD
53. VF 8.0 Classic old and new Bill Everett artwork. Sunfire guest stars.  $12.00
54. F+ Beautiful new Bill Everett story staring Sunfire. Classic reprint by Everett, plus a new short story by Al Weiss! $9.00
54. VF 8.0 As above. Shary copy.  $12.00
55. F++ Classic new Everett cover and 20 page story. $9.00
55. VF- As above. Nice copy.  $10.00
56. F/VF Non Everett issue, but still nice w/ art by Dan Adkins. $7.00
57. VF- 1st Silver-Age appearance of Venus. Bill Everett fantastic cover (bondage) and story. This is the one to get if you have none of the Everett art issues in this run! $15.00
58. VF- Gil Kane / Bill Everett cover! Everett story and art. SOLD
59. NM- 1st ever Subby / Thor battle, and it is a good one...and it DOES NOT end in a tie - guess who won? SOLD
60. F/VF Subby invades the surface world, and speaks at the UN building. $8.00
61. F++ Everett cover and last issue he's involved in this run. $7.50
61. F/VF As above, better copy.  $8.50
62. F/VF 1st Tales of Atlantis back-up story with very early Howard Chaykin artwork. $7.50
63. VF- Last issue by Bill Everett (story only). 2nt Tales of Atlantis story with outstanding Chaykin art. SOLD
64. VF 1st appearance Viragu. Howard Chaykin back-up story. Hitler cameo one-panel.  $10.00
65. F/VF Subby battles The She-Devil. Why, I ask!  SOLD
65. VF+ Namor in chains. Nicer copy  $10.00
66. VF-/VF Last Atlantic back-up. As below.  SOLD
66. VF+ 1st appearance Raman. The return of Orka.  $10.00
67. VF- Subby gets new threads. The FF guest star. Thing / Subby battle.  $9.00
68. F/VF Cameos by the FF, Dr. Strange, and Spiderman.  $8.00
69. VF- Spider-Man cover and guest starring. Doc Strange cameo. SOLD

Sub-Mariner King Size Special

1. F+/VF Early Tales to Astonish Sub-Mariner reprints.  SOLD
2. F+/VF Great new Everett cover, TTA Silver reprints.  SOLD

Super Heros Puzzles and Games

no#. 1979


An uncirculated copy of this comic book/puzzle book from a 1979 General Mills cereal promotion. Newly drawn origins of Spider-man, Captain America, Hulk, and Spider-woman. Neat book!  SOLD

Supernatural Thrillers

1. F+ Nice Jim Steranko cover. Theodore Sturgeon adaptation of his short story: It! Not bad.  SOLD
3. F R.E.Howard adaptation - The Valley of the Worm. Cover to cover art by Gil Kane.  $8.00
5. F/VF 1st appearance of The Living Mummy  SOLD

Supervillain Team-Up

8. NM- Dr. Doom and Sub-mariner. Keith Giffen art. The Shroud guest stars.  SOLD
9. VF+ Doom battles Iron Man and The Avengers.  $10.00
13. NM Doom and Namor vs Krang in a battle for Atlantis. Keith Giffen art.  SOLD
14. NM- Nice John Byrne Doom/Avengers cover. Magneto teams up with Doom. Great story.  $15.00