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War Is Hell

1. F+ Nice Al Williamson and other Atlas war stories. SOLD
1. VF/NM As above, very sharp copy.  SOLD
10. VF- Brand new full length war story 1970's style.  SOLD


1. VF Gil Kane cover and art. Origin issue. Nice copy.  SOLD
2. VF- Kane cover. Creator's mutt issue.  SOLD
11. VF/VF+ Great stories and great art by Jim Starlin on these issues. (#9-#15). Warlock dies this issue! SOLD
15. VF- Jim Starlin Thanos cover and classic story. SOLD

Web of Spider-Man

1. NM- 1st issue. Great painted cover by Charles Vess. SOLD
2. NM- 2ns issue and 2nd part of above storyline. SOLD
29. NM/M The classic Spidey / Wolverine cover and story. SOLD
31. NM/M Mike Zeck's Kraven storyline part 1 SOLD
32. VF/NM Kraven storyline part 4. SOLD
48. NM- Origin Hobgoblin II. Kingpin cameos SOLD

Weird Wonder Tales

1. VF/NM Higher grade - nice. Basil Wolverton reprint from the 1950's. New Gil Kane cover. Great Sid Check classic.  SOLD
8. VF 8.0 Classic 1950's! - What else is there?? New cover.  SOLD
22. VF- Dr. Druid story and cover. Joe Kubert "ET" alien story.  SOLD

Werewolf by Night

1. F+ Underated series. Nice art by Mike Ploog. A very nice, solid collectible copy. SOLD
2. F+ Another nice Mike Ploog art issue. SOLD
2. F+ As above, your choice. SOLD
3. F/VF "The Mystery of The Mad Monk!" Still fine Ploog art. SOLD
4. F/VF Jack has to fight movie producer Joshua Kane to the finish. SOLD
5. VF Great, classic Mike Ploog cover and art.  SOLD
6. VF Classic Mike Ploog artwork.  SOLD
9. VF/NM Cool cover, great Tom Sutton art. Nice copy!  SOLD
10. F/VF As below. Very collectible copy.  SOLD
10. VF Tom Sutton bondage cover. Werewolf meets his sister.  SOLD
11. F/F+ As below. Solid book.  SOLD
11. NM- Nice cover, good art by Kane and Sutton. Enter: The Hangman.  SOLD
13. VF More outstanding Ploog art as WBN fights a monster called Taboo.  SOLD
14. VF+ Mike Ploog returns with a cover and story. Good stuff.  SOLD
15. VF/NM 9.0 New origin told for Werewolf. Crossover battle issue with Dracula. Classic Mike Ploog cover and art. Nice key issue.  SOLD
16. VF+/NM Mike Ploog art as WBN fights The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.  SOLD
17. VF/NM 9.0 1st appearances of Baron Thunder, and The Behemoth. 1st issue with Don Perlin art. Classic Gil Kane cover.  SOLD
19. VF-/VF WBN runs into a horde of vampires. That sucks!  SOLD
20. VF Werewolf tries to save his sister Lissa from Baron Thunder, who may, or may not died in the rescue. Good stuff here! Don Perlin art  SOLD
21. F/F+ WBN battles another werewolf.  SOLD
22. F WBN meets and fights The Face of Atlas.  SOLD
23. VF+ Conclusion to the Atlas storyline.  SOLD
24. VF WBN fights The Brute SOLD
25. VF Check out who the shocking mystery super-villain is!! (You'll have to buy it first!)  SOLD
26. VF+ If this isn't a Neal Adams cover, I'll eat my hat!  SOLD
27. VF WBN fights The Amazing Doctor Glitternight and The Scourge of The Soul-Beast! SOLD
28. VF Conclusion to above storyline. SOLD
32. NM- Key issue with the origin and 1st appearance of Moon Knight. Cherry copy. SOLD
33. VF/NM Second Moon Knight. Nice cover. Battle issue. SOLD
37. VF+ Third Moon Knight appearance. SOLD
38. VF/NM Nice Don Perlin cover. Kind of a new beginning for our hairy friend. SOLD
39. F+ WBN vs Brother Voodoo! Nuff said! SOLD
41. VF+ WBN and Bro Voodoo fight some demon with eyes of fire. SOLD

Western Gunfighters

1. F 25-giant. Not too common. Some old and some new stories. A F/VF copy that has 2 small unecessary pieces of tape on spines top and bottom. SOLD
6. F/F+ 25-giant. New and old stories. Ghost Rider. SOLD
7. F/VF 25-giant. Origin of the Ghost Rider - new story. John Severin cover. SOLD
13. VF+ Double cover - outer cover small tear - inside cover mint. SOLD
18. VF/VF+ Nice Al Williamson 50's reprint. John Romita. New Gil Kane cover.  SOLD
21. VF/VF+ Reprints from the 50's and 60's. SOLD
29. NM 9.4 HIGH grade. New Gil Kane cover. Gray Morrow 50's reprint.  SOLD

Western Team-Up

1. F/VF Brand new 14 page story teaming-up The Rawhide Kid with The Dakota Kid (His 1st appearance and origin). Jack Davis reprint story also.  SOLD
1.F/VF Another copy, same shape - pick one! SOLD

What If

1. VF/NM First issue of a series that had some great "imaginary" stories in the Marvel universe. SOLD
2. VF-/VF What if Hulk had the brain of Bruce Banner? What a minute - I thought he does!! SOLD
7. VF-/VF Click on the cover to read the title on this one! SOLD
27. F/VF Frank Miller X-Men cover. Phoenix. SOLD
28. NM- Frank Miller cover and Daredevil story. Also Ghost Rider story. SOLD
31. NM- The most popular issue in the run: "What if Wolverine killed the Hulk?" SOLD
35. VF/NM Great Frank Miller Daredevil/Electra story. SOLD

Where Creatures Roam

6. VF-/VF Excellent Ditko, Heck, Kirby reprints.  SOLD
7. VF Great Kirby and Ditko horror reprints.  SOLD

Where Monsters Dwell

3. VF New Bill Everett cover? Classic "A Martian Walks Among Us!" story by Kirby/Ayers, plus Kirby/Ditko "I Fought The Colossus!", and Kirby on "Grottu, King of the Insects!" Great stuff. SOLD
9. VF- Nice Kirby and Ditko stories.  SOLD
12. F/F+ 25-cent transition giant issue. 1950's/early 1960's Atlas reprints by Kirby, Ditko, Heck, and Reinman. Good Stuff! SOLD
23. VF 8.0 Classic Steve Ditko "Inside The Flying Saucer" story. Kirby cover / art.  SOLD
37. NM- HIGH grade. New Kane cover, 2 Ditko reprints, and 1 Everett. SOLD
38. NM - Super copy. Last issue. Al Williamson reprint.  SOLD


1. VF/NM 1982 The classic Frank Miller issue. SOLD

Worlds Unknown

2. F/VF Two new horror story adaptations from L.Sprague de Camp and Keith Laumer by Val Mayerik and Gil Kane. SOLD

Wyatt Earp

32. VF- Nice Gil Kane cover and great Anglos Torres story. SOLD
32. VF+ Sharper copy of above. SOLD