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War Is Hell

1. F+ Nice Al Williamson and other Atlas war stories. $10.00
1. VF/VF+ As above, sharp copy.  $18.50
10. VF- Brand new full length war story 1970's style.  $15.00


1. VF Gil Kane cover and art. Origin issue.  SOLD
2. VF- Kane cover. Creator's mutt issue.  $25.00
11. VF/VF+ Great stories and great art by Jim Starlin on these issues. (#9-#15). Warlock dies this issue! $25.00
15. VF- Jim Starlin Thanos cover and classic story. $17.50

Web of Spider-Man

1. VF/NM 1st issue. Great painted cover by Charles Vess. $20.00
2. NM 2ns issue and 2nd part of above storyline. $7.50
29. NM/M The classic Spidey / Wolverine cover and story. $12.50
31. NM/M Mike Zeck's Kraven storyline part 1 $10.00
32. VF/NM Kraven storyline part 4. $6.00
48. VF/NM Origin Hobgoblin II. Kingpin cameos $7.50

Weird Wonder Tales

1. VF+ 8.5 Higher grade - nice. Basil Wolverton reprint from the 1950's plus more.  $22.50
8. VF 8.0 1950's! - What else is there??  $12.00
22. VF- Dr. Druid story and cover. Joe Kubert "ET" alien story.  $8.00

Werewolf by Night

1. F+ Underated series. Nice art by Mike Ploog. A very nice, solid collectible copy. SOLD
2. F+ Another nice Mike Ploog art issue. $20.00
2. F+ As above, your choice. $20.00
3. F/VF "The Mystery of The Mad Monk!" Still fine Ploog art. SOLD
4. F/VF Jack has to fight movie producer Joshua Kane to the finish. $20.00
5. VF Great, classic Mike Ploog cover and art.  $30.00
6. VF Classic Mike Ploog artwork.  $25.00
9. VF/NM Cool cover, great Tom Sutton art. Nice copy!  $37.50
10. F/VF As below. Very collectible copy.  $17.50
10. VF Tom Sutton bondage cover. Werewolf meets his sister.  $25.00
11. F/F+ As below. Solid book.  $10.00
11. NM- Nice cover, good art by Kane and Sutton. Enter: The Hangman.  $35.00
13. VF More outstanding Ploog art as WBN fights a monster called Taboo.  SOLD
14. VF+ Mike Ploog returns with a cover and story. Good stuff.  SOLD
15. VF/NM 9.0 New origin told for Werewolf. Crossover battle issue with Dracula. Classic Mike Ploog cover and art. Nice key issue.  SOLD
16. VF+/NM Mike Ploog art as WBN fights The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.  SOLD
17. VF/NM 9.0 1st appearances of Baron Thunder, and The Behemoth. 1st issue with Don Perlin art. Classic Gil Kane cover.  SOLD
19. VF-/VF WBN runs into a horde of vampires. That sucks!  $17.50
20. VF Werewolf tries to save his sister Lissa from Baron Thunder, who may, or may not died in the rescue. Good stuff here! Don Perlin art  $18.00
21. F/F+ WBN battles another werewolf.  $10.00
22. F WBN meets and fights The Face of Atlas.  $10.00
23. VF+ Conclusion to the Atlas storyline.  SOLD
24. VF WBN fights The Brute SOLD
25. VF Check out who the shocking mystery super-villain is!! (You'll have to buy it first!)  SOLD
26. VF+ If this isn't a Neal Adams cover, I'll eat my hat!  $20.00
27. VF WBN fights The Amazing Doctor Glitternight and The Scourge of The Soul-Beast! $10.00
28. VF Conclusion to above storyline. $10.00
32. NM- Key issue with the origin and 1st appearance of Moon Knight. Cherry copy. SOLD
33. VF/NM Second Moon Knight. Nice cover. Battle issue. SOLD
37. VF+ Third Moon Knight appearance. SOLD
38. VF/NM Nice Don Perlin cover. Kind of a new beginning for our hairy friend. $17.50
39. F+ WBN vs Brother Voodoo! Nuff said! SOLD
41. VF+ WBN and Bro Voodoo fight some demon with eyes of fire. $15.00

Western Gunfighters

1. F 25-giant. Not too common. Some old and some new stories. A F/VF copy that has 2 small unecessary pieces of tape on spines top and bottom. SOLD
6. F/F+ 25-giant. New and old stories. Ghost Rider. SOLD
7. F/VF 25-giant. Origin of the Ghost Rider - new story. John Severin cover. SOLD
13. VF+ Double cover - outer cover small tear - inside cover mint. SOLD
18. VF+ 8.5 Nice Al Williamson 50's reprint.  $10.00
21. VF/VF+ Reprints from the 50's and 60's. $9.00
29. NM 9.4 HIGH grade. New Gil Kane cover. Gray Morrow 50's reprint.  $15.00

Western Team-Up

1. F/VF Brand new 14 page story teaming-up The Rawhide Kid with The Dakota Kid (His 1st appearance and origin). Jack Davis reprint story also.  $15.00
1.F/VF Another copy, same shape - pick one! SOLD

What If

1. VF/NM First issue of a series that had some great "imaginary" stories in the Marvel universe. SOLD
2. VF-/VF What if Hulk had the brain of Bruce Banner? What a minute - I thought he does!! SOLD
7. VF-/VF Click on the cover to read the title on this one! $6.00
27. F/VF Frank Miller X-Men cover. Phoenix. $12.00
28. NM- Frank Miller cover and Daredevil story. Also Ghost Rider story. $20.00
31. VF/VF+ The most popular issue in the run: "What if Wolverine killed the Hulk?" $17.50
35. VF/NM Great Frank Miller Daredevil/Electra story. $10.00

Where Creatures Roam

6. VF-/VF Excellent Ditko, Heck, Kirby reprints.  $12.00
7. VF Great Kirby and Ditko horror reprints.  $15.00

Where Monsters Dwell

3. VF New Bill Everett cover? Classic "A Martian Walks Among Us!" story by Kirby/Ayers, plus Kirby/Ditko "I Fought The Colossus!", and Kirby on "Grottu, King of the Insects!" Great stuff. $17.50
9. VF- Nice Kirby and Ditko stories.  $12.00
12. F/F+ 25-cent transition giant issue. 1950's/early 1960's Atlas reprints by Kirby, Ditko, Heck, and Reinman. Good Stuff! $10.00
23. VF 8.0 Classic Steve Ditko "Inside The Flying Saucer" story. Kirby cover.  $12.50
37. NM-/NM HIGH grade. New Kane cover, 2 Ditko reprints, and 1 Everett.  $20.00
38. NM - Super copy. Last issue. Al Williamson reprint.  SOLD


1. VF/NM 1982 The classic Frank Miller issue. SOLD

Worlds Unknown

2. F/VF Two new horror story adaptations from L.Sprague de Camp and Keith Laumer by Val Mayerik and Gil Kane. $8.00

Wyatt Earp

32. VF- Nice Gil Kane cover and great Anglos Torres story. $10.00
32. VF/NM Sharper copy of above.  $12.50