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5. G Magneto and the Evil Mutants cover/story. Jack Kirby classic.

7. G/VG A no-problems copy. The Blob returns. Magneto. Another Kirby masterpiece!

8. G 1st appearance of Unus the Untouchable   SOLD
9. G/VG 1st appearance of Lucifer. Early Avengers crossover.   SOLD
11. F- 5.5 .The 1st appearance of The Stranger.  GONE!
12. G/VG A no-problems copy.1st appearance and origin of The Juggernaut. Also, the origin of Professor X.

13. VG- The return of Juggernaut. Human Torch guest stars. SOLD
14. VG-/VG Key book - 1st appearance of The Sentinels. Undervalued. SOLD
15. F/F+ Origin of The Beast. 2nd appearance of The Sentinels. SOLD
17. F/VF A very high-grade copy that has the residue of a very small piece of tape on the spine. Bargain priced. SOLD
18. F/F+ Ice Man saves the X-Men from defeat by Magneto.

20. VG The Coming of "I, Lucifer!"

21. F The team battles Lucifer and Duminus.

22. F Count Nefaria and his League of "stupid" Villians take on our team.

23. VG Marvel Girl quits.

24. VG The 1st appearance of The Locust.

25. VG/F 1st appearance of El Tigre.

26. VG El Tigre conclusion (Thank God!)

26. F/VF .Very nice copy of above.  SOLD
27. VG+ As below. Sound, collectible copy. SOLD
27. F/VF 2nd appearance of a cool character - The Mimic. Spiderman cameo. SOLD
28. F/VF 1st appearance of The Banchee SOLD
29. F/F+ The Mimic battles an old Avengers foe - The Super Adaptoid.

30. VG 1st appearance of The Warlock. SOLD
31. F+/VF 1st appearance of The Colbalt Man. Very nice cover. SOLD
32. VG Juggernaut returns. SOLD
33. VF- Juggernaut and Dr. Strange. Nice cover. SOLD
34. F+ Nice Dan Atkins cover and story art. Tyrannus and The Mole Man. SOLD
34. F/VF Real sharp copy of above.  SOLD
35. G/VG Full length Spiderman story. 1st appearance of The Changling. SOLD
35. VG/VG+ .Better copy of above. SOLD
36. F/VF Mekano lives. (for another issue!) SOLD
37. F+/VF The X-Men on trial for crimes against Homo Superior. SOLD
38. F/F+ Small sunshadow along top of cover. 1st of the Origins of The X-Men feature. Blob and TheVanisher. SOLD
38. VF- 1st of the Origins of The X-Men feature. Blob and TheVanisher. Sharp copy. SOLD
39. VF- The team finally gets some cool costumes! SOLD
40. VF- X-Men meet Frankenstein, plus the 1st Evil Mutant story. SOLD
41. F+ 1st appearance of The Sub-Human. The title was hitting an all-time low now.

42. VF- The death of Professor X (of course, we all know he didn't die this issue.) SOLD
43. VF+ Very nice cover. Magneto battles the team. Origin of Cyclops. The title is starting to climb back to greatness at this point. SOLD
44. F/VF 1st Silver-age appearance of the Golden-age Red Raven. SOLD
45. F+ Magneto, Scarlet Witch. Cyclops battles Quicksilver. Avengers cameo. Classic cover and story.  SOLD
45. F/VF Sharper copy of above issue. SOLD
46. F+ The team splits up. Juggernaut.

47. F/F+ The 1st appearance of Maha Yogi.  SOLD
47. F+/VF Slightly better copy of above. SOLD
48. F+ Solo Marvel Girl and Cyclops issue. SOLD
48. F+/VF Slightly better copy than above. SOLD
49. F 1st Polaris. Jim Steranko cover.

50. F/VF 1st full Polarus. Incredible Jim Steranko cover and story. SOLD
51. F/VF Polaris revealed as Magneto's daughter. Jim Steranko cover and art.  SOLD
52. F+/VF Spotlight on Polarus and Magneto. Nice cover. SOLD
53. F+/VF Barry Smith cover and story: his 1st professional work. Semi-key issue.

55. F/VF Excellent early Barry Smith cover. Return of The Living Pharaoh. SOLD
56. F/F+ Intro of Havok w/o costume. 1st Neal Adams issue on the X-Men run - some of Neal's best work in comics! SOLD
57. F+/VF The Sentinels attack. Beautiful Adams art. SOLD
58. F+/VF 1st appearance of Havok in costume. Adams masterpiece! SOLD
59. F+ Classic Neal Adams Sentinels cover and story.

60. F+ 1st appearance of Sauron. Nice Adams art SOLD
61. VG/F Sauron attacks the city. Adams art. SOLD
62. F/F+ Kazar - X-Men in the Savage Land. Adams art.

63. VF- Magneto returns. Great story and great Adams art.

64. F+ 1st appearance Sunfire. Nice Don Heck art.

65. F The Star-Spawn. Adams art - his last issue. SOLD
66. F/VF Last new original X-Men story till issue #94. Great battle issue with guest star Hulk.

67. VF/NM 1st of the reprint issues. (#67-93). New cover. Juggernaut and Human Torch. SOLD
69. VF+ New Mimic cover. SOLD
71. F+ Last 15 cent issue.  SOLD
72. VF+ "Classic" X-reprints. Double-sized issue. SOLD
77. F/VF Super-Adaptoid. SOLD
80. VF- "Beware....The Juggernaut!"  SOLD
82. F/VF Dan Atkins Tyrannus. SOLD
84. F/F+ Mekano lives! (not again!) SOLD
84. F/VF As above, nicer copy.  SOLD
85. VF+ Like below, a real nice copy. SOLD
85. VF/NM Master of The Factor Three. SOLD
86. F/VF Blob and Vanisher.  SOLD
87. VF/NM New costumes. SOLD
88. VF X-Men vs Frankenstein. Say no more!  SOLD
89. VF- Sub-Human strikes.  SOLD
92. VF/NM Reprints X-Men #34 - the 1st Silver Age appearance of Red Raven. SOLD
93. VF/VF+ Last reprint issue. Cyclops/Quicksilver battle issue. SOLD
94. NM- 9.2 CGC slabbed. The new X-Men team begins, 2nd appearance. Autographed by Dave Cockrum. There are plenty of copies of this issue out there, but this is one of the better on the market. A true high-grade copy. SOLD
95. VF The death of Thunderbird! (he didn't last long!). Signed on the splash page by New X-Men co-creator Dave Cockrum. SOLD
96. F/VF Third new X-Men issue. Signed on the splash page by new X-Men co-creator Dave Cockrum. GONE!
97. VF/VF+ Great Cyclops/Havok battle to the "death". Signed on the splash page by new X-Men co-creator Dave Cockrum. SOLD
98. F/VF The return of The Sentinels. Great cover and story. Signed on the splash page by new X-Men co-creator Dave Cockrum - R.I.P. SOLD
98. Very Fine minus 7.5 As above, unsigned copy. SOLD
99. VF+ Sentinels story conclusion. Signed on the splash page by new X-Men co-creator Dave Cockrum. SOLD
99. VF As above - unsigned high grade copy. SOLD
100. F+ The Old X-Men vs. the New X-Men. Classic issue! Origin of Phoenix starts. Nice copy. SOLD
101. VF/VF+ Conclusion of the above origin of Phoenix story. SOLD
102. NM- Great Juggernaut/Colossus battle issue. Origin of Storm. SOLD
103. VF Juggernaut and Black Tom. SOLD
104. NM First appearance of Magneto in the New X-Men title. Great issue. SOLD
105. VF/NM As below. Nice copy! Your choice. SOLD
105. VF/NM High grade. Phoenix battles Firelord! SOLD
106. VF/NM The old X-Men are back to battle the new team. Sharp copy.  SOLD
107. VF- 7.5 As below. Key issue. SOLD
107. VF/VF+ First full app. of The Starjammers (see #104 for 1st cameo). Last issue by Dave Cockrum. Nice high grade.  SOLD
108. NM First John Byrne issue. Tough to find in high grade, this is a NICE copy! ALL John Byrne art from this issue to #143. SOLD
109. NM- First app. of Weapon Alpha (Vindicator). John Byrne art. SOLD
110. NM- 9.2 Phoenix joins the group as a regular member. Very high grade.  SOLD
111. VF/NM John Byrne art, as he comes into his own style with this issue.

112. VF/NM Magneto returns. Great issue!

113. VF/NM Magneto story conclusion.

114. VF/NM "The Day the X-Men Died!" - Great John Byrne art.

115. F Sauron enters the picture. Ka-Zar guest stars. SOLD
116. NM 9.4 Savage Land story concludes by Byrne. High grade. SOLD
117. NM- Origin of Professor X told for the first time. High grade.  SOLD
118. VF/NM Sunfire guest stars. Great Byrne art, nice copy.  SOLD
119. VF/NM Christmas story. Moses Magnum.

120. NM First appearance Alpha Flight (cameo). 1st app. Vindicator. John Byrne art. Semi-key issue.

121. NM/NM+ 1st full Alpha Flight stoyline. Byrne art. Key issue. SOLD
122. NM Classic story : :The Trial of Colossus!"

123. NM Arcade's Murder World, plus Spider-Man guest stars. SOLD
124. NM+ Arcade. Plus Colossus becomes Proletarian. SOLD
125. NM Phoenix returns, and lays the groundwork for the "Dark Phoenix" storyline. SOLD
126. NM- The search for Mutant X.

127. VF/NM More on Phoenix. Spotlight on Storm. Proteus. SOLD
128. NM "The Day Reality Went Wild!" SOLD
129. NM/M First appearance and introduction of Kitty Pryde. Last issue with member Banshee. Dark Phoenix storyline kicks in full gear. Great John Byrne artwork. Cherry copy! SOLD
130. NM First appearance of The Dazzler by John Byrne. SOLD
131. F/VF First appearance of The White Queen. Dark Phoenix storyline continues. SOLD
132. NM First appearance Hellfire Club. Mastermind. SOLD
133. NM- The classic Wolverine solo story with the Hellfire Club. SOLD
135. VF/NM Dark Phoenix story in full swing. SIGNED on the splash page by John Byrne. SOLD
136. NM Dark Phoenix. Classic issue, this storyline rates among the best in the X-Men title. SOLD
137. NM- 9.2 A hair below the NM issue. SOLD
137. NM The Dark Phoenix storyline comes to a close. The Death of Phoenix. Giant double-sized issue. Great cover and story. A classic all the way! SOLD
138. NM Cyclops quits the group. Jean Gray's furenal. SOLD
139. VF+ As below. Nice copy.  SOLD
139. VF/NM High grade, nice copy. You pick..... SOLD
139. VF/NM Wolvie gets a new costume. Kitty Pryde joins the team. Alpha Flight guest star. SOLD
140. NM- Big Alpha Flight / X-Men issue with spotlight on Wen-Di-Go and his battle with Wolverine. Great stuff! SOLD
140. NM 9.4 HIGH GRADE, Big Alpha Flight / X-Men issue with spotlight on Wen-Di-Go and his battle with Wolverine. Great stuff! SOLD
141. NM- X-Men #141 and #142 are, in my opinion, the best X-Men story ever done (that's saying a lot because X-Men 94 - 143 are among the best super-hero stories ever done). "Days of Future Past" part one introduces the Future X-Men and their world. 1st. app Rachel (Phoenix II), 1st. app The New Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and the death of Franklin Richards. A real classic, and a cherry copy! SOLD
142. NM Part II and conclusion to above storyline with the deaths of Wolverine, Storm, and Colossus. A classic. Check out the great cover!

143. VF/NM Last John Byrne art issue. A Kitty Pryde Christmas solo story. SOLD
150. NM- A great double-sized anniversary issue with the X-Men battling Magneto. Signed on the splash page by artist Dave Cockrum.

209. NM Colossus battles Nimrod to the finish.  SOLD
212. NM Wolverine vs Sabertooth - round I! Barry Smith cover. Great issue.  SOLD
225. NM Fall of the Mutants - Part I.  SOLD
244. NM/M First appearance of Jubilee.  SOLD
248. NM- First Jim Lee art on X-Men title.  SOLD
266. NM/M First full Gambit appearance.  SOLD

X-Men King Size Special

1. F+/VF Reprints The Avengers battle issue, and the 1st Stranger issue. SOLD
2. VF- Reprints two classic Neal Adams issues with The Sentinels storyline. SOLD
3. NM All new issue, no reprints. Frank Miller cover. Arkon attacks. Beautiful George Perez artwork. SOLD