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Yogi Bear

1. VF- Flintstones back-up story. Scarce Marvel - sharp copy..  SOLD
3. VF- 7.5 Yogi / Quick Draw team-up story.  SOLD
4. VF/VF+ Sheep stealing story.  SOLD
5. F+ Jelly Mine story.  SOLD
6. F+ Top Cat guest stars. Flintstones back-up story.  SOLD
7. VF/VF+ Yogi / Snagglepuss team-up story.  SOLD

Young Allies

1. NM- This is one of several Golden-Age reprints that Alan Light did in the early 1970s. This is Flashback #8. These, in themselves, are getting quite collectible. This is an EXACT reprint. The only difference between this copy and the original is that this one is in black-and-white and costs about $18,000 less. Origin and 1st app. Hitler cover! SOLD