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Captain Atom - Charlton Comics

78. NM- 9.2 CGC-slabbed. (1st issue). Highest grade copy of this issue I've ever seen! Fantastic Steve Ditko cover and stories. Origin of Captain Atom retold. Classic issue.  SOLD
78. F- As above - nice raw copy. SOLD
79. F+ Full length 20 page Captain Atom story by Steve Ditko. First appearance of Doctor Spectro. SOLD
80. VF-/VF Full length story. Ditko with Rocke inks cover/story. Nice book. $40.00
81. VG The return and 2nd appearance of Doctor Spectro. SOLD
82. F+ Introduction and 1st appearance of Nightshade and The Ghost. SOLD
83. VG/F First appearance of the new Blue Beetle. Captain Atom. 100% Ditko art. Under-valued key. SOLD
84. F+/VF Captain Atom gets a new costume. Plus 2nd Blue Beetle feature. SOLD
85. F First appearance Punch and Jewelee. Second Nightshade appearance. Third Blue Beetle feature. All Ditko. SOLD
86. F+/VF Nightshade teams-up with Captain Atom against the return of The Ghost. Last Blue Beetle (after this, he gets his own book). SOLD
87. VF-/VF First solo Nightshade story by Jim Aparo. First appearance of The Fiery Icer in Captain Atom story by Steve Ditko. $40.00
88. VG/VG+ Ditko/ McLaughlin art on Capt. Second Nightshade solo story by Aparo. SOLD
89. F Last issue. First appearance of Thirteen. Ditko art. SOLD

Captain Canuck - Comely Comix

set #2-14 all NM (#2 F/VF) .Twelve issues (#4 is missing) of the Canadian Super-Hero Captain Canuck.These ran from 1975 to 1981, are full color, and have teriffic are by George Freeman, among others. Issue #10 is the Summer Special. A nice run of good Super-Hero stuff.  SOLD

Captain Gallant - U.S. Pictorial, Inc.

no #. VF- 1955 - TV comic book giveaway from Heinz Foods. Nice regular size 32 page issue with fine Don Heck artwork. Buster Crabbe photo inside cover. SOLD

Captain Marvel Adventures- Fawcett Publications

1. VF/NM

This is one of several Golden-Age reprints that Alan Light did in the early 1970s. This is Flashback #10. These, in themselves, are getting quite collectible. This is an EXACT reprint. The only difference between this copy and the original is that this one is in black-and-white and costs about $40,000 less! See Jack Kirby draw the Big Red Cheese!


2. VF/VF+ Flashback #15 1970's Save yourself 10 grand!  SOLD
7. NM- Flashback #35 1976. Classic book!  SOLD
52. G 1946 First appearance and origin of Sivana Junior. Captain Marvel Jr. cameo. SOLD
53. G/VG Captain meets American Indians and smokes the peace pipe. Piece of back cover missing. SOLD

Captain Marvel - M.F. Enterprises

1. F 1st appearance and origin of this version of Captain Marvel. Created by Carl Burgos. Very strange series, you have to see one to believe it. Lasted 5 issues, I wonder how they got the trademarked name to this book without being sued!! SOLD
2. VG+ 1st appearance Atom-Jaw, Tinyman, Elasticman, and Dr. Fate. Esoteric and neat.  SOLD
3. VF- Capt adds a mask to his costume. 1st appearance The Bat. Story and inking by Carl Hubbell.  SOLD
4. VG+ Capt gets a sidekick - 1st appearance Tinyman. The villain The Bat is now called The Ray. What gives? Wacky series!  SOLD
5. F/VF Now called "Captain Marvel Presents The Terrible Five" Last issue. Meet "The Worst Bad Guys in Comicdom!" And you can take the word "worst"in more than one way!  SOLD

Captain Marvel Jr. in Ski Jump - Fawcett Publications

no#. VF-/VF Not a comic book, but a neat related premium. Never put together, still in unpunched condition. In original enevolpe.  SOLD

Captain Midnight - Alan Light Publ.

1. VF/VF+ Flashback #37 1976. Classic book! Save yourself a bundle.  SOLD

Career Girl Romances - Charlton

35. F/F+ Wild story : "Nobody Loves a Go-Go Girl" - hey, I would! @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition! SOLD
36. F Read about "The New Secretary", plus 2 more tales of love!  SOLD
37. F/F+ National Hillbilly Hoedown story plus 2 others. @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  SOLD
38. VG 1st appearance "Tiffany Sinn: Undercover Agent". Cool stuff.  SOLD
39. F+ 2nd appearance (and final appearance?) Tiffany Sinn plus 1st (only?) appearance "Annie Lane, Girl Adventurer". @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  SOLD
40. F/VF Great Jim Aparo story (and cover?) - "Sorrow Song" with Rock and Roll! Other nice art.  SOLD
41. F/VF Two stories by Vince Colletta - "Bohemian's Kisses". Nice cover and story by R. Garcia. @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  $15.00
42. F/F+ "Admit it .... You Love Me!!!"  SOLD
43. F/VF Nice cover and story "A Lover Type". @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  SOLD
44. F+ Story with baseball L.A. Dogers vs N.Y. Mets panel. R. Garcia cover / story "The Gig is Glamor". @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  SOLD
45. F/F+ A spanking panel and a bathtub scene. For the conserative Charlton Comics - this is almost unheard of for this time period! Jim Aparo cover? @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  SOLD
47. VF Taboo story - "A Kiss For Teacher" plus 2 Vince Colletta art stories. @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  SOLD

Casper (Friendly Ghost) - Harvey

156. VG Clean book with a slight sub-crease. Classic Casper and Spooky. SOLD
159. VG/VG+ Casper / Wendy team-up story. SOLD
245. NM- This was toward the end of the run, about a year or so before Harvey closed shop at that time. Not as common, lower print runs. SOLD

Casper's Ghostland - Harvey

86. VG+/F King Kong parady story - "Ding Dong". SOLD

Casper Halloween - Trick Or Treat - Harvey Publications

1. F+ When was the last time you saw this scarce 1970s giant? SOLD

Casper Space Ship - Harvey

1. VG 1972 - 52 page giant copy. Rolled spine. An all space issue - Casper goes to the moon. SOLD

Charlton Bullseye - Charlton

3. VF/VF+ Very underated series from 1981. A showcase type book - this one with four short stories. My favorite - "Cavern of the Brain-Eaters" - great!!  SOLD
6. VF/NM Low print run - origin and 1st appearance of Thunder Bunny. Mike Mauser story also.  SOLD

Charlton Preniere - Charlton

19. F 6.0 This is the 1st issue in series. Charlton war. Not common in better grade. Nice Rocke cover. Good stories. SOLD

Charlton Sports Library: Professional Football - Charlton

1. F This is a 68-pp one-shot giant issue from 1969/1970. Very scarce - the only copy I've ever seen. Johnny Unitas and Fran Tarkenton cover. The complete 1969 Superbowl covered. SOLD

Cheyenne Kid - Charlton

14. F/F+ A nice copy, but a couple of black touch-up spots on the spine. Al Williamson nice art. 1958. SOLD
17. F Again, some spine black touch-ups. Minor Williamson art. SOLD

Children's Big Book - Dorene Publ. Co.

no#. F One shot - scarce 1945 kids comic. It IS listed in Overstreet. 64 page squarebound book with some back cover transfer from another book on its front cover.  SOLD

Chilling Adventures in Sorcery - Red Circle

1. F/F+ Kind of neat horror stories and art Archie style. Sabrina cameos as the narrator of the comic. This issue #1 and below #2 are not common. SOLD
2. VF- Sabrina cameos. A very neat book in nice shape. SOLD
3. F/VF 1st all horror/supernatural issue. Beautiful cover and stories by Gray Morrow. SOLD
4. VF- Gray Morrow cover and art. SOLD
5. VF- Beautiful Morrow cover and story! Title continues as "Red Circle Sorcery". SOLD

Chip and Dale - Gold Key

23. F+ Donald Duck guests in one story, Pluto in the other. SOLD

Christmas Story Book - Woolworth Dept. Store

no#. F 6.0 1953 Great cover and art - "Santa and The Snowball Patrol". Full color 32 page book half story and half ads (with prices!) of toys sold at Woolworths Dept. store. What a time trip! SOLD

Classics Illustrated - Gilberton Company

Issues marked with an * were original file copies bought in 1986 from a former Gilberton employee. These are unread, like new copies that have wear only from storage from 1972 till 1986 when I bought the collection.

1. F+ * The Three Muskateers. 21st edition. George Evans artwork. 25 cent price sticker. Scrape off cover.  SOLD
1. VF/VF+ * 23rd edition. Final printing. Stiff covers. George Evans / Reed Crandal artwork.  SOLD
2. F+/VF Ivanhoe. 9th edition. Original cover and large size.  SOLD
2. F+ 13th edition. Original cover and large size.  SOLD
2. F+/VF * 22A edition.  SOLD
2. VF- * 25th edition. Final printing. Stiff covers.  SOLD
3. VF * The Count of Monte Cristo. 22nd edition. Lou Cameron art.  SOLD
4. VF+ * The Last of the Mohicans. 21st edition. Twin Circle sticker, new price 25-cent sticker. John Severin with L. B. Cole art.  SOLD
10. F- Robinson Crusoe. 9th edition. Large original size, original art. Used in SOTI.  SOLD
10. VF- * 20th edition. New cover and art.  SOLD
10. VF/VF+ * 21st edition. Stiff covers.  SOLD
10. VF+ * This is the Twin Circle give-away edition. No price on cover, and back cover has a full page ad for the National Catholic Press newspaper.  SOLD
12. F/VF * Rip Van Winkle. 19th edition. Stiff covers. Last printing. SOLD
15. F/F+ Uncle Tom's Cabin. 8th edition. Used in SOTI.  SOLD
17. F/F+ Deerslayer. 8th edition. Original cover.  SOLD
17. F+/VF * 11th edition. New cover art.  SOLD
18. VF/VF+ * The Hunchback of Notre Dame. 18th edition. Stiff covers. Last printing. Real nice George Evans / Reed Crandall art.  SOLD
22. VF The Pathfinder. 6th edition. SOLD
24. F/VF 7.0 As below - 14th edition - 1968. SOLD
24. VF- * A Conneticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. 14th edition. Looks like Lou Cameron art.  SOLD
24. VF+ * 15th edition. Stiff covers. Last printing.  SOLD
26. F/VF * Frankenstein. 17th edition. The "classic" Classics. Norman Saunders cover, Bob Webb artwork. New price, 25-cent sticker.  SOLD
27. F/F+ The Adventures of Marco Polo. 5th edition.  SOLD
28. VF- * Michael Strogoff. 7th edition. Stiff covers. Last printing.  SOLD
29. VF * The Prince and the Pauper. 14th edition.  SOLD
29. VF+ * 15th edition. Stiff covers. Last printing.  SOLD
30. VF- * The Moonstone. 8th edition. Last printing.  SOLD
31. VF/NM * The Black Arrow. 14th edition. Last printing.  SOLD
32. F Lorna Doone. 7th edition. Beautiful Matt Baker artwork.  SOLD
36. F+/VF * Typee. 5th edition. New price 25-cent sticker.  SOLD
36. F/VF * 6th edition. Stiff covers. Last printing.  SOLD
36. VF- 6th edition. Same as above, nicer copy, but not a file copy. SOLD
37. VF Pioneers. 5th edition.  SOLD
37. VF- * 11th edition. Rudy Palais art. New covers. Last printing.  SOLD
42. VG/F Swiss Family Robinson 7th edition.  SOLD
46. VF- Kidnapped. 5th edition. Bob Webb art.  SOLD
46. F/VF * 14th edition. New price 25-cent sticker.  SOLD
46. VF/NM * 16th edition. Stiff covers. Last printing.  SOLD
48. F David Copperfield. 11th edition.  SOLD
48. VF+ * David Copperfield. 13th edition. New price 25-cent sticker.  SOLD
50. VF/VF+ * The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. 13th edition. Used in SOTI. New price 25-cent sticker.  SOLD
51. F+ The Spy. 3rd edition. Original cover.  SOLD
52. F+/VF The House of the Seven Gables. 3rd edition. Original cover.  SOLD
52. F 6.0 As above - below 9th edition. SOLD
52. F+ * 9th edition.  SOLD
54. VF+ * The Man in the Iron Mask. 9th edition. Stiff covers. Last printing.  SOLD
59. F Wuthering Heights. 3rd edition  SOLD
62. VG/F Bret Harte's Western Stories. 1st edition.  SOLD
63. F The Man Without A Country. 3rd edition. New painted cover. Kiefer art.  SOLD
63. F/VF 7th edition. Summer 1969. 25 cent cover price. SOLD
65. F/F+ * Benjamin Franklin. 6th edition. Stiff covers. Last printing.  SOLD
69. F+ Around the World in 80 Days. 3rd edition.  SOLD
75. VF+/NM * The Lady of the Lake. 9th edition. Stiff covers. Last printing. SOLD
76. VF- * The Prisoner of Zenda. 9th edition. Stiff covers. Last printing.  SOLD
79. VG/F Cyrano De Bergerac. 3rd edition. Original cover.  SOLD
80. VF * White Fang. 10th edition. New price 25-cent sticker. SOLD
80. F/VF * 11th edition. Stiff covers. Last printing.  SOLD
81. F+ * The Odyssey. 3rd edition. New price 25-cent sticker.  SOLD
85. F/F+ Sea Wolf. 2nd edition.  SOLD
86. VF- Under Two Flags. 2nd edition. Nice painted cover and art by Maurice Del Bourgo.  SOLD
86. F- 4th edition.  SOLD
86. NM- * 7th edition. Stiff covers. Last printing.  SOLD
89. VG/F Crime and Punishment. 1st edition. Used in POP. Painted cover, nice Rudy Palais art.  SOLD
89. VF+ * 5th edition. Stiff covers. Last printing.  SOLD
90. VG/F Green Mansions. 1st edition. Alex Blum artwork.  SOLD
94. F- David Balfoure. 1st edition. Nice Rudy Palais artwork.  SOLD
96. F+/VF Daniel Boone. 2nd edition. Nice painted cover.  SOLD
96. VF/VF+ * 10th edition. Stiff covers. New painted cover. Last printing.  SOLD
97. F+ * King Solomon's Mines. 7th edition. New price 25-cent sticker, with regular yellow color.  SOLD
97. F+ * 7th edition. Another copy like above, but a color variation on the price sticker.  SOLD
101.VF+/NM * William Tell. 8th edition. Nice Maurice Del Bourgo artwork. Stiff covers. Last printing.  SOLD
105. VF- * From The Earth To The Moon. 10A edition. New price 25-cent sticker.  SOLD
106. VF/VF+ * Buffaloe Bill. 8th edition. Nice painted cover. Stiff covers. Last printing.  SOLD
107. F- 5.5 King-Of The Khyber Rifles. 1st edition 1953. Very clean copy. Not common. Back cover. SOLD
108. F+/VF * Knights of the Round Table. 5th edition. New price. 25-cent sticker.  SOLD
111. VF/NM * The Talisman. 4th edition. Last printing.  SOLD
112. VF+ * Kit Carson. 9th edition. Stiff covers. Last printing. Scarce. Nice painted cover and Rudy Palais art.  SOLD
113. F/F+ The Forty-Five Guardsmen. 1st edition.  SOLD
114. F- The Red Rover. 1st edition. Cover slightly sun-bleached.  SOLD
117. F/F+ Captains Courageous. 1st edition. Nice painted cover. Pete Costanza art.  SOLD
118. F/F+ * Rob Roy. 2nd edition. New price 25-cent sticker.  SOLD
121. F+/VF Wild Bill Hickok. 1st edition. Nice painted cover.  SOLD
121. VF/NM * 7th edition. New price 25-cent sticker.  SOLD
122. F+/VF The Mutineers. 1st edition. Nice painted cover.  SOLD
125. VF * The Ox-Bow Incident. 7th edition. New price 25-cent sticker.  SOLD
126. F 6.0 The Downfall. 3rd edition - 1968. Beautiful Lou Careron painted cover and interior art. SOLD
127. VF * The King of the Mountains. 3rd edition. Last printing. Nice painted cover.  SOLD
128. VF+/NM * Macbeth. 8th edition. Stiff covers. Last printing. Alex Blum art. Used in POP.  SOLD
136. F/F+ * Lord Jim. 4th edition. New price 25-cent sticker. George Evans artwork.  SOLD
137. F/F+ * The Little Savage. 6th edition. New price 25-cent sticker. George Evans artwork.  SOLD
137. VF+/NM * 7th edition. Last printing. Stiff covers.  SOLD
138. VF- * A Journey To The Center of the Earth. 8th edition. Last printing.  SOLD
143. VF- * Kim. 5th edition. Last printing. Stiff covers. Joe Orlando artwork.  SOLD
149. VF * Off On A Comet. 7th edition. Last printing. Scarce edition. Gerald McCann artwork. SOLD
152. VF- * Wild Animals I Have Known. 5th edition. Last printing. Stiff covers. Real nice L. B. Cole artwork.  SOLD
153. VG- The Invisible Man. 1st edition.  SOLD
153. VF * 5th edition.  SOLD
155. VF/VF+ * The Lion of the North. 3rd edition. Final printing.  SOLD
156. F/VF * The Conquest of Mexico. 3rd edition. New price 25-cent sticker.  SOLD
162. F+/VF * Robur The Conqueror. 2nd edition. New price 25-cent sticker. Don Perlin artwork.  SOLD
162. F/F+ * 3rd edition. Final printing.  SOLD
164. VF- * The Cossack Cheif. 3rd edition. Last printing.  SOLD

Classics Illustrated Special Issue - Gilberton Company

135A. VG The Ten Commandments. Full length comic adaptation of the bible story beautifully illustrated by Norman Nodel.  SOLD
138A. VG+ Adventures in Science. Atomic Bomb panels in "Andy's Atomic Adventures".  SOLD
147A. VF-/VF Crossing The Rockies. These are tough to find intact. All in this series are 100 page giants, and came out twice a year. Good, interesting, historical stories with fine artwork by Reed Crandall and George Evans.  SOLD
159A. G/VG 3.0
Rockets, Jets and Missles. Great issue about the space race.Beautiful artwork by George Evans, Gerald McCann, Gray Morrow, and others. Cool comic!
166A. VF-/VF World War II. Very well done issue on the second WW. Fine artwork by Anglos Torres, Reed Crandall, George Evans, and even a couple of Jack Kirby panels. Lots of Hitler panels!  SOLD

Clue Comics - Hillman Periodicals

V1 #10. F/VF Clue Comics V1 #10 from Hillman Periodicals dating 1946. Key Origin and 1st appearance of The Gun Master. 1st change over to all-crime contents. Bondage, cross-dressing, GGA and violence. Other features include Micro-Face, and Nightmare with Sleepy. Classic, pure Golden-Age! A Fine to Very Fine 7.0 copy. There is a 1/4" back cover edge tear otherwise a sure 7.5. I was told this is a file copy. Clean, great colors, no real problems other then above mentioned. Cream to off-white pages. No restoration. Very nice copy. RARE. SOLD
V1 #12. 9.0 to 9.2 Clue Comics V1 #12 from Hillman Periodicals dating 1947. The Origin of Rackman told. Bondage, GGA and violence. Other features include Nightmare with Sleepy. Art by Al McWilliams and Fred Guardineer. Classic, pure Golden-Age cover! This is a high grade copy - at least a 9.0 to 9.2. I was told this is a file copy, it looks it! Clean, fine, great colors, no real problems. Cream to off-white pages. No restoration. Super book. Only one copy of this is CGC graded (Mile High). This is the next best surviving copy! SOLD

Clyde Crashcup - Dell Publishing Co.

3. F/F+ Entire issue written and drawn by "Little Lulu's" John Stanley. Great fun stuff!  SOLD

The Comic Book Guide for the Artist-Writer-Letterer - Charlton

No# . VF- 1973. This is a scarce (only copy I have ever seen!) 5 1/4" by 6 3/4" "comic book" on how to break into the comics industry. Tom Sutton cover and art illoes inside by Steve Ditko, Wayne Howard, and Joe Staton. 38 pages total - I believe this was a mail-away promotion from Charlton. Very neat item!!  SOLD

Comic Collector - Krause Publications

V1#1 VF- 1983. 1st issue of this now scarce comic book price guide. Superman 45th anniversy cover and article. Other articles on X-Men, Thunder Agents, and others. Plus a photo grading guide on how to grade your comics.  $15.00

Comic Comics - Fawcett Publications

5. NM 9.4 Comic Comics #5 from Fawcett Publications dating 1947. Mystic Moot story with great art by Basil Wolverton. Captain Kid cover and story. A scarce book from a scarce series. This is a SUPER high grade copy.. I was told this is a file copy, and it looks it! Clean, fine, great colors, no real problems. Cream to off-white pages. No restoration. Super book. SOLD

Comics on Parade - United Features

82. VG 1952 Classic Nancy and Sluggo stories by Ernie Bushmiller. SOLD

Comix International - Warren

3. NM/M All full color. This was a mail away order title only with low distribution. Great stories and art. This one has Jeff Jones and Rich Corben art. SOLD
4. NM/M More of the above, with fine art by EC great Reed Crandall. SOLD
5. NM Special Spirit and Vampirella stories, also art by Corben. SOLD

Cosmo The Merry Martain - Archie

2. G/VG .Solid copy. Classic Bob White stories and art.  SOLD
6. VG Classic, fun UFO cover. Sold to me as a 4.5 from a strict grading dealer, call it a 4.0. Last issue. SOLD

Countdown - Dell

one shot. F+/VF Movie Classics. James Cann photo cover. 1967.  SOLD

Cow Puncher Western - Avon Publications

1. F/VF 7.0 Cow Puncher Western #1 from Avon Publications dating 1947. Great cover and super Joe Kubert art. Very early Avon comic, and the 1st western from this great Golden-Age comic publisher. This is a nice grade copy in the Fine to Very Fine 7.0 range. Back cover and last few pages show an old time 3" fold in the upper corner. Clean with cream to off-white pages. No restoration. Very scarce. $375.00

Crack Western - Quality Comics

76. VG+ Reed Crandall cover. Nice Paul Gustavson art. Two-Gun Lil story. SOLD
84. VG+ Scarce last issue in run. P. Gustavson art, The Whip and Two-Gun Lil. SOLD

Creature - Dell

1. F-/F Movie classics. 1963. Dell's authorized edition of Creature from the Black Lagoon. Fine painted cover.  SOLD

Creepy - Warren

These were the BEST horror comics EVER done (aside from EC comics, of course!). The best artists and fine stories will always make these classics in demand, and a great investment. Try one - you will them want all!!

1. VF- Jack Davis cover - 1st Warren mag devoted to all comics. Frazetta story.1st appearance Uncle Creepy. Also art by Angelo Torres, Al Williamson, Gray Morrow, Reed Crandall, Roy Krenkel, and Joe Orlando. Worth twice the price!!! $175.00
2. VF- Frazetta cover, Torres, Orlando,Williamson, Morrow, Crandall - what more do you want?? $75.00
3. VF- Another Frazetta cover, and most or the above artists again. SOLD
4. VF- Yet another outstanding Frazetta cover and the usual gang of super artists. $45.00
5. F Did I mention that this issue has a Fantastic Frazetta cover? Alex Toth, Morrow, Crandall, Williamson, Torres, and Orlando. Wow!!! SOLD
6. VF- FF cover, Toth, Severin, Crandall, Williamson, and Morrow. $45.00
7. VF- A F@#%ing FF cover!!! plus more / most of the above. $40.00
8.F/VF Morrow cover, nice Johnny Craig wash art, Orlando, George Evans, and Reed Crandall!! SOLD
9. VF Fantastic Frazetta cover, Ditko, Toth, Crandall, Wood w/Adkins, Orlando, Craig, and Morrow. How can it get better than this! $65.00
10. VF-/VF One of my favorite Frazetta covers in this run (as is #11 below). Fantastic Steve Ditko - on of his BEST since the 1950's! Also Morrow, Craig, Orlando, and Torres. SOLD
11. VF FFF cover. Ditko, Torres, Adkins, Orlando, and a GREAT Reed Crandall story!! $40.00
12. VF Yes - yet another FF cover! Torres, Ditko, Orlando, plus more. SOLD
13.F/VF Morrow cover. More of above greatness. There is not one stiff in any of these issues! SOLD
14.VF Another nice Gray Morrow cover. Great Neal Adams story. Crandall, Adkins, Ditko - wow! SOLD
15.F/VF Guess who did this painted cover - I'll give you a hint - FF - got it? Another Adams, Outstanding Craig, Orlando, and great Ditko. Double wow! SOLD
16.VF- Cripes - another F#@&ing Frazetta cover!! Ditko to die for, a youngster named Jeff Jones, a Neal Adams story, and an incredible Reed Crandall story. It can't get better than this! $35.00
17.F/VF Guess who cover, Orlando, a newcomer named Roger Brand, and John Severin. SOLD
18.VF OUTSTANDING stories by Crandall and Craig. That's enough for me! $30.00
19.VF- Two Craig stories, Roy Krenkel one pager, and the BEST art I ever saw from this 50's/60's artist named Rocco Mastroserio. $25.00
20.VF Tuska, Morrow, Crandall, and Williamson! SOLD
21.VF- Ditko great story, Torres, H.P.Lovecraft story. SOLD
22.F Nice Tom Sutton cover and story. Crandall and Torres also. SOLD
23.F/VF Another nice Sutton cover and story. Toth and Crandall. SOLD
24.VF- Crandall, Adkins, Sutton, and Ditko. Very fine stuff here. $25.00
25.VF/NM Christmas issue. Adkins, Ditko, Crandall - Happy Holidays!! $35.00
27. NM Beautiful Frazetta cover. Art by Steve Ditko, Reed Crandall, and Tom Sutton. SOLD
45. F Very nice Frank Brunner story. SOLD
55. VF- Poster still intact. Johnny Craig, Gray Morrow, John Severin, Angelos Torres, Al Williamson, and Wally Wood stories. How's that for a line-up of artists in one issue!! SOLD
62. VF Ken Kelly painted cover. Bearnie Wrightson's adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Black Cat". This story alone is well worth the price! $30.00
64. VF- Howard Chaykin, Rich Corben, Esteban Moroto in color, and a Wrightson page. SOLD
73. VF- Corben, Moroto, Severin, and a Wrightson page. SOLD
75. NM Beautiful cover and all star line-up of creators. Click on cover to see...

76. F/VF Alex Toth, Severin, Walt Simonson/Wrightson page.

77. VF Corben, Paul Neary, Severin, Toth, and Wrightson! SOLD
78. NM- Dinosaurs cover. Beautiful Severin/Wood art, Toth.

80. F+ Beautiful Kelly painted cover. Alex Toth story. SOLD
81. F/VF Another great Kelly cover. Severin and Neary art. SOLD
83. NM- Frazetta cover. Art by Al Williamson, Corben. Russ Heath, Carmine Infantino, Severin, and a Wrightson page. Wow!

84. NM All sports issue with a Ken Kelly Baseball cover. Severin, Simonson, Corben, Dick Giordano, and Infantino art. SOLD
85. VF Very nice cover. All monster issue. Walt Simonson art. SOLD
86. NM All Christmas issue - check out the cover! Increadible Al Williamson art! Severin w/ Infantino art. $25.00
87. NM Planet Mars issue. Wally Wood w/ Ralph Reese, Severin, Wrightson, Morrow, Infantino, and Giordano art. SOLD
89. VF All War issue. Frazetta cover. Severin, Alex Nino art. SOLD
91. NM Wow - great Frazetta cover! Neal Adams, Jeff Jones, Russ Heath, Severin, Toth, and Wrightson art. What a deal! SOLD
100. VF/VF+ Special 100th issue. Heath, Nino, and Severin art. SOLD
105. NM Another giant issue. Severin, Heath, and Val Mayerik art.

112. F/VF Corben painted cover. Williamson, Nino, Severin, and Simonson art.

119. NM An all Alex Nino art issue! SOLD
137. VF/NM An all Al Williamson issue! Great stuff!!!


Creepy Things - Charlton

1. VF+ Cool painted cover. Nice art throughout including a Don Newton story.  SOLD
3. F Excellent Tom Sutton painted cover. Worth the price alone! Art includes stories by Mike Vosburg, another by Steve Ditko. SOLD

Crusaders - Chick Publications


3. VF/VF+ 8.5 SCARFACE Wild, religious propaganda title. This issue - Blacks vs Whites is racial East Africa. Man thrown in a snake pit and eaten alive by a giant python! Very esoteric series from Chick Publications! There were MANY printings of these books - this is an original 1st printing. 1974 Nice copy.  SOLD
8. VF/VF+ 8.5 THE GIFT Wild, religious propaganda title. This issue - a young, hip chick who smokes and drinks beer tries to commit sucide - but is rescued by a bunch of religious follower - who teach her The Life Story of Christ. Very esoteric series from Chick Publications! There were MANY printings of these books - this, I believe is an original 1st printing (49 cent cover price cover). 1977 Nice copy.  SOLD


Crusaders - The Guild

1. NM/M 1981. 1st app. and storyline for The Southern Knights. Good title, and this first issue is scarce!  SOLD

Cryin' Lion - William H. Wise Co.

3. VG A real tight, sharp copy in the Fine range - but the chip off the cover edge brings it to VG. Excellent off-white/white pages!! Esoteric fun here. 1945 SOLD

Cynthia Doyle, Nurse in Love - Charlton

66. F/VF 1st issue. Very scarce Charlton title. This copy was published and printed in the USA, but has a British price on cover, and is the British edition. Dick Giordano cover.  $20.00