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Daffy Duck - Gold Key

136. VF-/VF One classic reprint plus 3 brand new Daffy stories. Elmer guest stars - of course!  SOLD

Daisy Low of the Girl Scouts - Girl Scouts of America

no # . VG The story of Juliette Gordon Low - the founder of the Girl Scouts of the United States of America. Very Esoteric, and the only copy I've ever seen. SOLD

Dan Dare Secret Operative 48 - Whitman

1116. VG

back cover

BLB Nice covers art and illos. 1934 320 pages. Back cover tears otherwise solid and clean. SOLD

Danger - Super Comics, Inc.

12. VG 1940'S Harry Chestler studio reprints. George Tuska art. SOLD
15. F- Reds, Commies, Secret Agents, all told w/ 1950's reprints. Also GGA. Neat comic! SOLD
16. F- Yankee Girl cover and story, plus other 1940's reprints. SOLD

Danger Is Our Business - IW Enrterprises

9. VG-/VG Great E.R.Kinstler cover. Reprint of the classic "Captain Comet, Space Pilot" story by Al Williamson and Frank Frazetta! SOLD

Daredevil - Lev Gleason

1. VF/VF+ This is one of several Golden-Age reprints that Alan Light did in the early 1970s. This is Flashback #1. These, in themselves, are getting quite collectible. This is an EXACT reprint. The only difference between this copy and the original is that this one is in black-and-white and costs about $16,000 less! Famous Hitler photo cover! "Daredevil Battles Hitler". SOLD
19. VG .Nice WW II vintage comic. Basil Wolverton art not listed in guide as such. "The Claw" - great stuff! Solid copy.  SOLD
57. F Nice 18-page Daredevil story with Norman Maurer artwork. Charles Bird cover.  SOLD

Daring Adventures - IW Enterprises/Super Comics, Inc.

9. VG Good issue - 1940's - 1950's horror/crime reprints. Two outstanding stories by Jay Disbrow! SOLD
16. F/F+ Good stuff w/ GA reprints of Dynamic Man and other greats.  SOLD
18. VG/VG+ 1940's - 1950's reprints - Origin and 1st appearance of Atlas - Man of Might. Babe Ruth "Sultan of Swing" story! SOLD

Darkstorm - Darkstorm Productions

1. NM/M A small press NY based comic company from 1982. Lasted only the two issues. Fantasy and S/F. This issue signed by Kent Williams.  SOLD
2. NM/M Signed by cover artist Edward Lee, and inside by Kent Williams.  SOLD

D-Day - Charlton

2. F+/VF Great Wally Wood art 23 pages! Undervalued.


Dennis the Menace Bonus Magazine - Fawcett Publications

143. F/VF Double cover - outer cover F, inner cover VF. Dennis goes to Ireland.  SOLD

Dennis The Menace Giant - Fawcett Publications

4. G/VG Piece off back cover. A 100-page all new Dennis comic.  SOLD
17. F-/F "Dennis and his pal Joey". 80 pg giant. SOLD
31. VF- "All Year Round" 1965. These giants are very hard to find in these higher grades. SOLD
33. VF "California" 1965. SOLD
34. VF/NM "And His Dog Ruff" 1965. SOLD
35. VF/NM "Christmas Special" 1965. SOLD
48. VF "Way-Out Stories" 1967. Nice copy. SOLD
50. VF "At The Circus" 1967. Nice copy. SOLD
51. VF/NM "Christmas Special" 1967. SOLD
52. VF "Sports Special" 1968. SOLD

Dennis the Menace Lot - Fawcett

lot A Six various Dennis comics all grading Fine on average. You get Dennis the Menace #99,106,110, Dennis the Menace and Joey #2, Dennis the Menace Bonus Magazine Series #78,85 (both giants). Bargin priced at ................  SOLD

Destroyer Duck - Eclipse Comics

1. NM 1982. Origin of Destroyer Duck by Jack Kirby. 1st app. and story of Groo the Wanderer. Over 35 years old now!!  SOLD

Devilina - Skywald / Atlas Publicationss

1. F 6.0 Ralrh Reese and other nice art. Some nudity. Painted cover. Excellent pagequality.  SOLD
2. F- 5.5 VERY tough to find. Solid, nice copy. GGA, more violent than the 1st issue - more nudity also.

Dick Tracy - Dell

FC #96. F 1946. Nice, early Dell Four Color Tracy. Solid, very tight and sound copy. SOLD

Dixie Dugan - Eastern Color Printing

1. G 1942. This copy would grade as a Fine, but a piece of the top part of the cover peeled off and was colored in. The piece is not missing, just colored in. I guess I really can't grade it better than Good because of this. Joe Palooka guest stars by Ham Fisher.  SOLD

Doll Man - Quality Comics

18. VG- Bill Ward's Torchy story - excellent GGA. 1st appearance of villian Stunt Man. Indian story, bondage panels, and nice art throughout book. OW pages. SOLD

Doll Man - Super Comics, Inc.

15. VG The Minstrel (a poor mans Joker) cover and story. 1950's Gil Fox art. Torchy reprint by Bill Ward. Good stuff. SOLD

Doll Man Quarterly - Special Edition Publishing Company

1. VF This is one of several Golden-Age reprints that Alan Light did in the early 1970s. This is Flashback #9. These, in themselves, are getting quite collectible. This is an EXACT reprint of these early Doll Man adventures. The only difference between this copy and the original is that this one is in black-and-white and costs about $4000 less.  SOLD

Doomsday + 1 - Charlton

1. NM- 100% cover to cover pre X-Men early John Byrne art. This series is a real sleeper! SOLD
2. VF+ Byrne painted cover and art SOLD
3. NM- Same as above. SOLD
4. NM Beautiful painted cover and art - Byrne. SOLD
6. VF- 7.5 Good Charlton S/F with classic, early John Byrne art and Joe Gill 22 page story. SOLD
12. F/VF 7.0 Good Charlton S/F with classic, early John Byrne art and Joe Gill 22 page story. Last issue, and a reprint of #6 with a different cover. SOLD

Donald Duck - Dell Publishing Co./ Gold Key

FC408. F+/VF- 1952 "Donald Duck and the Golden Helmet". A Carl Barks classic issue. Very nice copy. SOLD
1. G Piece of tape on spine. This is the 1st issue that started the numbering at #1. Carl Banks classic story. Uncle Scrooge cameo.  SOLD
46. F/VF 7.0 Carl Barks classic "Secret of Hondorica" 24 page story! Birthday cover. A very solid and super clean copy. Back cover. SOLD
234. VF-/VF Reprints the classic Barks DD story "The Incredible Golden Iceburg" from issue #101.  SOLD

Donde Hay Humo (Where There's Smoke) - American Cancer Society, Inc.

no#. VG Spanish edition. 1965/1973 Reprints the American anti-smoking comic giveaway issue. Solid copy with a couple of front cover tears. SOLD

Double-Dare Adventures - Harvey

2. VG/F 25 cent giant with Al Williamson/Reed Crandall story plus a Joe Simon cover. B-Man and The Glowing Gladiator stories. SOLD

Double Life of Private Strong - Archie Publications

1. F+ 6.5 The Double Life of Private Strong #1 from Archie / Radio Comics 1959. A very key issue of the Silver-Age. Greatly undervalued and not recognized for the key it is. The origin and re-introduction of The Shield, Simon & Kirby's art and re-entry into the superhero genre, the introduction and 1st appearance of The Fly - which is the 1st Silver-Age Archie super-hero. And all this pre-dates Fantastic Four by two years! A Fine 6.0 copy. Very sharp and scarce in grade. Great off-white pages. A nice copy.   $250.00

Dracula - Dell

6. F- The origin of the new Dracula. This is a reprint of issue #2 (1)  SOLD

Dream of Love - IW Enterprises

1. F 1950's romance reprints. Bob Powell boxing/love story. Also a nice Frank Bolle story. 1958 SOLD
9. F- E.R.Kinstler cover. 1950's romance reprints. Nice art. 'I Found Love In a Taxi!" - I bet you did!! John Wayne, Frazetta illo. 1958 SOLD

Drift Marlo - Dell

2. F/VF 7.0 Short 2 issue run for this series. Drift is a Space Detective who works for the US government. This issue - he saves the US Space Secrets program and rescues Maybelle the American Space Chimp. Full 32 page story by Tom Cooke.  SOLD

Dr. Posner Scientific Shoes Giveaway

no # VG

Back cover

This is a giveaway promo comic from a shoe store in Hempstead, LI, NY. The actual comic on the insides is Dell's Indian Chief #31 dated 1958. There is writing on the cover, and a sticker, but I'd still give it a solid VG 4.0 grade.  SOLD

Dynamo - Tower

1. VG/F If you like fine art - get this issue! Wally Wood cover and lead story - Crandall / Wood story. And Ditko / Wood story. A bargain at twice the price! SOLD
2. F+ A dynamic Dynamo Wood cover. Dan Adkins / Wally Wood two stories. George Tuska story. Small coupon out on back ad page.  SOLD
3. F+/VF One of my favorite Wood covers! Nice Chic Stone art. Great Wally Wood lead story.  SOLD
4. VF Another favorite Wood cover of mine. Wally Wood lead story plus two other stories that will knock your socks off!  SOLD