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Eb'nn - Crowquill Comics

1. NM/M Small press comic from 1985. This is a signed and numbered copy - only 100 done like this - signed by the writer, penciller, and inker!  SOLD

EC Classic Reprints - East Coast

Set of 12 This is the complete set of 12 EC Classic Reprint comics published bt East Coast Comix in 1973 to 1976. Exact reprints of the originals including ads and text columns. All 12 as a set - F/VF average condition.  SOLD

Eclipse Magazine - Eclipse Enterprises

Set #1-8. NM From 1981. These are now 20 years old and getting hard to find. Comic magazines with great stories and art by Rogers, Starlin, Russell, Beatty, Gulacy, and others. Many 1st appearances as Ms. Tree, Coyete, and Masked Man. A very underated comics run.  $50.00

Eerie - Warren

2. F/VF This is really issue one. The BEST horror comics since EC! See my description in Creepy #1. All the great artists here and great stories to boot! Try just one - you will want more! Frazetta cover, Toth art. 1st appearance of host Cousin Eerie. $45.00
3. F/VF Frazetta cover, Toth, Williamson, Ditko art. $35.00
4. F/VF 1/2 page Frazetta art. Gray Morrow cover, Ditko, more! $20.00
5. F GREAT Frazetta cover - my favorite, Ditko art, more $12.50
6. VG Gray Morrow cover. Great Steve Ditko art, and more. $8.00
7. VG Fantastic Frank Frazetta Frigin' cover, Ditko, much more. $8.00
8. F- Talk about Frazetta covers - wow! John Severin, Dan Adkins, etc. $10.00
9. F/VF "Dead Man Walking" cover. Neal Adams, Steve Ditko, Adkins. $20.00
10. VF Nice Gray Morrow cover. Fantastic Adams and Ditko stories. $30.00
11. VF- Wally Wood, Tom Sutton, Johnny Craig, Jeff Jones stories $25.00
12. F Dan Adkins Mummy cover. Jones, Craig, etc. $10.00
14. VF/NM Crandall, Torres, Toth, and Al McWilliams. All with great stories by Archie Goodwin. What more do you want? $25.00
15. VF Jeff Jones, Joe Orlando, and Gray Morrow art. $20.00
16. VF/NM Johnny Craig, Orlando, Toth art. Nice cover. $25.00
18. VF Al Williamson and Johnny Craig art (Jat Taycee) $20.00
19. VF Crandall, Torres, Morrow art. $20.00
21. VF Great Steve Ditko wash art story. $20.00
22. VF/NM Williamson/Krenkel story (shades of EC!), Morrow, Ditko, Adams art. $25.00
24. VF/NM Crandall, Torres, Tom Sutton art. $25.00
27. NM- Fantastic Jones/Bode painted cover! Ken Barr story. $22.50
29. NM- Great Ken Kelly painted cover. Dan Adkins, Rich Buckler, and Carlos Garzon art. $22.50
31. NM- Beautiful Rich Corben painted cover. Great art by Carlos Garzon, Billy Graham, and Bill Dubay. $22.50
36. VF- Dave Cockrum, Bruce Jones, and Pablo Marcos art. $15.00
40. VF- Mike Ploog and Esteban Maroto art. $15.00
58. F/F+ Wrightson and Corben stories. $10.00
60. VF+ Wrightson, plus Wood and Corben in color. $22.00
61. VF- Wood and Wrightson art. $12.00
62. VF Wrightson and Corben in color. $19.00
68. F/VF Nice Kelly painted cover. Great Wrightson color story. Maroto art. $14.00
72. VF+ Howard Chaykin and Paul Neary art. Wrightson page. $22.00
81. F/VF Frazetta painted cover! Dick Giordano, Carmine Infantino, Corben in color. $9.00
86. VF All Rich Corben issue including painted cover and color story. SOLD
131. NM The famous all Wally Wood issue! Low distribution. SOLD
135. NM 100 page summer special with all Steve Ditko art issue! Low distribution. SOLD

Eerie Tales - Super Comics, Inc.

11. VG/VG+ 1963. The Purple Claw cover and stories - 1950's horror reprints. SOLD

Elementals - Comico

1. NM 1984. 1st storyline starts for the super-hero team. Good title. Signed by creator Bill Willingham.  SOLD

Elflord - Aircel Studios

1. NM/M 1986. 1st printing. Another well done 1980's comic series. Signed by co-creators Barry Blair and Patrick McEowin.  $10.00

E-Man - Charlton

1-10 . Complete set. All newstand VF/NM. Charlton's original E-Man complete set. Excellent stories and art with Nick Cuti, Joe Staton, Steve Ditko, Wayne Howard, and John Byrne. 1st appearances and origins of E-Man, Nova, Kiljoy, and Liberty Belle. Great stuff, special set price.  $100.00

Emergency! - Charlton Publications

Set #1-2. NM+ Real nice Neal Adams covers and art through out both these issues. Based on the hit TV series of that time. Magazines.  SOLD

Emergency! - Charlton Publications

1. F/VF Comic. Joe Staton painted cover. Nice, early John Byrne art. Cool book. $15.00

Escape From Fear - Promo Comic

no # 1962 This is a black & white photocopy reprint of the rare comic giveaway "Escape From Fear". Printed on higher quality paper, this copy is from the 1962 edition. Very wild, and for the time - risque - as a married couple talks to their doctor about various birth control methods. The "Pill" is mentioned as a new method, along with IUD, diaphragms, condoms, creams, jellies, the rhythm method, and even sterilization operations are all considered by the couple! Maybe they should consider to stop having sex so much! That would work! Fun reading here...  $5.00

Everything's Archie - Archie

37. VG/F 5.0 Stan Goldberg cover. 1st appearance of Suzanne La Fan - Mr. Weatherbee's niece from France. Dan DeCarlo art and Bob Bolling art. $5.00
63. VF Archie and Jughead find an arrowhead on an ancient Indian site.  SOLD

Exciting War - Standard Comics

5 (#1). F- 5.5 Nice 1st issue. Blood cover. War and Guts all the way!  SOLD