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Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids - Gold Key

9. F+ 6.5 Hard to believe this series ran for 29 issues!!! SOLD

Famous Monsters of Filmland - Central Publ.

10. F- Basil Gogos "Phantom of the Opera" painted cover. Articles on Robert Bloch, Flash Gorden, The Time Machine, and other great articles and photos.  SOLD
27. F/VF Great painted "Cyclops" cover. King Kong feature, along with the usual great photos and ads of all the cool stuff we USE TO own!  SOLD
1964 YB. F+ Nice copy of the 2nd yearbook. Reprints the best of the 1st tem issues of FM..  SOLD

Fantastic Adventures - Super Comics, Inc.

11. VG 1963 Great issue! A Jay Disbow horror story, one S/F story, and a Harrison/Wood/Orlando? story "The White Spirit".

12. VG 1940's reprints - Zor cover/story - weird jungle/sf stuff! SOLD

Fantastic Giants - Charlton

V2#24. VG- 3.5 64 pages of pure Steve Ditko art. Origins of Konga and Gorgo. This is one of my top ten favorite comics of all time!  SOLD
V2# 24. F 6.0 A MUST HAVE issue for any Steve Ditko fan, and one of my favorite Charlton issues. 64 page giant reprints Konga #1, Gorgo #1, and has two brand NEW Ditko stories as well. An undervalued WOW book!  SOLD

Fantastic Voyage - Gold Key

no# 1967. F Movic Comics series. Nice photo cover, great Wally Wood art with Dan Adkins. SOLD

Fawcett Movie Comics - Fawcett

NO#. G/G+ Destination Moon 1950. A solid, no problems copy of a scarce issue. A comic adaptation of the George Pal's movie from the same year. Full length 32 page story plus photos from the movie. $95.00

F.B.I. - Dell

1. F The F.B.I. story, as told by Dell and Joe Sinnott. SOLD

Fighting American - Harvey

1. F+ One shot. Origin and 1st appearance of Fighting American and Speedboy. 100% Joe Simon and Jack Kirby - an undervalued 25 cent giant issue SOLD

Fightin' Army - Charlton

66. VF/NM Green Berets cover and inside Viet Nam story. Snow white pages and like-new cover colors!  SOLD
71. VF 8.0 Not common in better grade. Very neat cover with early Giordano artwork - Rocke inks. WW II and Viet-Nam stories. SOLD
74. VF+ 8.5 Very neat cover with early Giordano artwork - Rocke inks. WW II and Viet-Nam stories. SOLD
80. F/VF 7.0 Nice Rocke Mastroserio cover. Sam Glanzman's "The Long Lonely War of Capt. Willy Schultz" cover and feature story. SOLD
84. F+ 6.5 Sam Glanzman cover and "The Long Lonely War of Capt. Willy Schultz" feature story. Can this be the death of the Captain?? Wally Wood like art on the Glanzman cover. SOLD
90. F 6.0 Sam Glanzman cover and "The Long Lonely War of Capt. Willy Schultz" feature story. But this issue's highlight is the 7 page Steve Ditko story. Steve did a ton of work for Charlton - but NOT much war. SOLD

Fightin' Air Force - Charlton

35. F/F+ Nice early Charlton wartitle with a Dick Giordano cover.  SOLD
36. VF-/VF Nice clean copy. Adolph Hitler panel. Scarce Charlton war.  $17.50
50. F/F+ 1st appearance of American Eagle. Dick Giordano cover. CF bottom staple slight pull. Clean copy.  $15.00

Fightin' 5 - Charlton

28 (#1). VG/F 1st appearance and origins of the group. Very nice Montes/Bache art.  SOLD
29. VG The 5 fight the Commies deep in the Mexico region where Aztecs reign. Nice art. SOLD
29. VG/VG+ As above, a hair better condition.  SOLD
33. F+ The team fights the Commies in China and "The Cult of Black Dragon".  SOLD
34. F/VF The team fighting arabs in the middle east desert this issue. I just realized this title reminds me of the older DC Blackhawk comics!  SOLD
35. F+/VF The team fights the Viet Cong in Viet Nam. Still nice Montes/Bache art.  SOLD
37. F/VF The evil genius Alexander De Groot tries to take over the world. Can the team stop him? You bet!  SOLD
39. VG The team fights the "Reds" of Russia this time around.  SOLD
40. F/VF 1st appearance of Peacemaker in the back-up story by Pat Boyette. And the Fight'5 take on the agents of D.E.A.T.H.!  SOLD

Fightin' Marines - Charlton

81. F+ 6.5 A. Martinez "Mousie The Medic!" cover and good story in Korea. Sam Glanzman Hippie story in Viet-Nam.  And a WW II story also. SOLD

Fighting Fronts! - Harvey Publ.

3. G/VG Fantastic cover - check it out! Nice art and violent story.  $20.00

Fight The Enemy - Tower Comics

1. F/F+ All brand new stories from Tower Comics. 25 cent square bound double sized issue. 1st appearances. Orlando, Giordano art.  $20.00
3. F- Nice cover, good adventure / spy / war stories. Art by Mike Sekowsky and Chic Stone. Also 1/2 page Wally Wood art. SOLD

First Romance - Harvey Publications

11. F Harvey Austrialian File Copy. Neat stories include "I Paid For Love". 2 pages Bob Powell art. Scarce.  SOLD
12. F/F+ Harvey Austrialian File Copy. Great cover. Neat stories include "Confessions of a Runaway" and "Glamour Crazy". Scarce.  SOLD
14. F/F+ Harvey Austrialian File Copy. Neat cover and stories include "Shameless Hussy! with art by Bob Powell. Other nice GGA. Scarce.  $17.50
15. F Harvey Austrialian File Copy. Neat stories include "Second-String Sweetheart" with art by Bob Powell. Also "The Wild Kisses" Nice GGA. Scarce.  $17.50

Flaming Carrot Comics - Aardvak-Vanaheim

set 1-29. NM A newstand mint set that was put away by a collector. Great humor comics with a slight twist that's out there! Issue #5 is signed, 16 and 17 have the 1st appearances of The Mystery Men, and 26,27,28 have The TMNT crossover stories. This set also contains some mini-ashcan Carrot comics, and some small promo pieces. Also, Robot Comics #O will come with this set. 30 comics total - piece meal them if you can - or get them ALL right here in this set!


or BO!

1. NM This is the one shot that precedes the above series. Published by Kilian Barracks Free Press in 1981. Only 6500 copies were made, all numbered. Hand signed by creator Bob Burden!  SOLD

Flash Gordon - King / Charlton

1. VG/F First Silver-age appearance of Flash Gordon. Al Williamson cover and 27 pages of beautiful artwork. Mandrake story. Undervalued issue.  SOLD
2. VG/F Gil Kane classic cover. Ming the Merciless. Mandrake story.  SOLD
3. VG/F Beautiful Al Williamson cover. Ric Estrada art on Flash. Another short Mandrake story.  SOLD
4. F+/VF One hundred percent Williamson art from cover to cover. Boy- is this one undervalued in Overstreet!! Nice copy.  SOLD
5. F Al Williamson cover and 23 pages of story. Shades of EC!  SOLD
6. VF- Master artist Reed Crandall tries his hand at Flash with cover and 24 pages of his classic style.  SOLD
8. F/VF Reed Crandall 22 page classic story. Beautiful Alex Raymond cover. SOLD
9. VG/F Raymond cover and art from early Flash strip reprints.  SOLD
12. F/VF 100% classic Reed Crandall artwork on the cover and 24-page story. 2-page "Where Aliens Hide" UFO feature  $20.00
12. VF 100% classic Reed Crandall artwork on the cover and 24-page story. 2-page "Where Aliens Hide" UFO feature  SOLD
13. F/F+ 15 pages of very early Jeff Jones art on Flash. Harder to find issue.  SOLD
15. VG/F Pat Boyette art - and after the likes of Williamson, Crandall, Raboy, and Raymond art issues - this one's a bummer! (No offense Pat). Nice cover though.  SOLD
18. VF-/VF Early Mike Kaluta art. Nice copy - nice Kaluta..  $20.00

Flintstones and Pebbles - Charlton

1. NM- A very nice copy of a tough "Flintstones" comic. 1970. SOLD

Flying Aces - Ace Magazines

V35#3. VF- June 1940. While this slightly oversized magazine is not a comic book - it is comic related, and a neat item! A beautiful Alex Schomburg painted cover and art illos on the inside by comic artists Al McWilliams and Jon Blummer. This magazing has stories on "Fiction, Model Building, Fact". The real neat thing about this is a 1/4 page ad advertizing, and showing the cover to the first issue of Sure Fire Comics #1 from June 1940 ! A very nice item.  $35.00

Flying Cadet - Flying Cadet Publ. Co.

5. VF-/VF A higher grade uncirculated copy with some storage wear. Nice pages, you will be tickled pink puting this in your collection at the given grade! SCARCE book. $60.00

Fly Man - Radio Comics (Archie)

31. F/VF Unknown key - 1st appearance and origin of The Mighty Crusaders. One page comic ad for the new Shadow comic.  SOLD
32. NM/M Fly Man, Fly Girl, and some of the Mighty Crudsaders end up at a comic book convention. One of the earliest mentions of a comic convention. super copy, hard to find a better one! SOLD
34. VF/NM Great cover and story. First Shield solo story. High grade. $45.00
35. NM Another great cover and story. Second Shield solo story. Origin of The Blackhood. All this and more! SOLD
37. NM- The Hangman and Wizard guest star with Fly Man. Last Shield story. SOLD
38. NM- The Web teams up with Fly Man. Nice cover. SOLD

Forbidden Worlds - ACG

100. VG Anniversary Dinosaur cover. Nice Ogden Whtney art. SOLD
125. F 1st appearance and origin of Magicman : ACG's cool magical character! $25.00
130. VG+ Magicman vs The Wizard of Science and his Robot Dogs. Nice cover and Pete Costanza art. F.Castro in Cuba cameos!  SOLD
139. VG+ Sharp mid-grade copy. Nice Magicman story by Pete Costanza and Tom Hickey. SOLD
141. VG Sharp copy with a water stain on the back cover. Magicman story. SOLD
142. NM- 9.2 Very high grade, clean, ow/w pages. Looks like a file copy. Weird time travel story.  $40.00

For Lovers Only - Charlton

70. VF-/VF Nice Jack Abel story. Wild spanking panel! Quote of the book...."I don't turn you on, do I baby?"..."I'm sorry Nick...it's my fault, not yours!" Free Danny Bonaduce poster!  SOLD
71. F Nice long hair cover and story - with really great art.  SOLD
78. VF/NM Great Joe Staton painted cover. Bikers attack a girl in the woods in "Alone By Choice".  $17.50
84. F Quote of the issue..."Mmmmm...that feels good Steve, you've got gentle hands."...."You've got nice smooth skin."  SOLD

Four Color - Dell

234. G+ Dumbo 1949 "Sky Voyage", classic cover. SOLD
477. VG/F Beany and Cecil. Painted cover, Bob Clampell stories.  SOLD
641. VF Steve Canyon 1955. Painted cover. Nice higher grade scarce Dell FC comic by Milton Caniff.  $35.00
690. F+ Dell Four Color #690 - The Conqueror from 1956. Great John Wayne Genghis Kahn photo cover. A Fine 6.0 to 6.5 copy. Very sharp and very scarce book. Great off-white pages. A nice copy.   $75.00
845. G/VG .The Land Unknown. GREATt Dinosaur cover and Alex Toth art.  $17.50
1127. F+ The Three Stoogers. Photo cover with Curly Joe.  SOLD
1148. F/F+ .I Aim At The Stars 1960. Photo/Painted art cover.  $25.00

Four Favorites - Ace

29. F- 1947 Nice cover. "The Unknown" by Paul Parker plus "Hurry-up Harrigan Police Reporter". SOLD

Frankenstein - Prize Publications

30. F- 5.5 A really sharp copy with some minor water staining. Everything tight and sound with nice pages, Great Dick Briefer cover and art. SOLD

Frankenstein - Dell

1. VG/F Movie classics. 1963. Dell's authorized edition of the Universal monster. Nice painted cover.  SOLD

Friendly Ghost Casper, The - Harvey Comics

129. F King Kong cover and story! $8.00

Frisky Fables - Premium/Novelty/Star Publ.

V2 #6. VG/F Al Fago cover and 3 stories! Prime GA classic funny animals stuff. Scarce. $30.00

Frogmen - Dell

4. F+ Dell action and undersea adventure. Painted cover.  SOLD

Frontier Romances - IW Publishing

9. F/VF IW reprint. Nice ERK cover, four Golden-Age stories. Bondage panels. Jack Kamen / Matt Baker type art.  SOLD

Frontier Scout Daniel Boone - Charlton

V2#4. VG/VG+ Cover says "Popular Request Second Printing", very unusual - most likely reprints of the 1956 series. Last issue.  SOLD

Frontline Combat - E.C.Comics

8. VG/F Stain on back cover. Great Alex Toth and Wally Wood art!  SOLD

Fruitman Special - Harvey

1. VG/F Scarce 68 pg Harvey giant from 1969. 1st appearances and origin of Fruitman, Super Hippie, and Captain Flower. Only copy I've ever seen - very esoteric!  SOLD

Fugitoid - Mirage Studios

1. NM/M A TMNT tie-in comic. Signed by both creators!!  SOLD

Funnies Annual - Avon Publications

No #. VG A rare, 1959 tabloid sized 100pp newspaper strip comic. I've only seen three of these in over 40 years of collecting. This issue graded out overall as a VG/Fine, but the bottom inside cover has a one inch piece of tape with a rip, along with some color scuffing along the spine and black color touch-up, thus the VG grade.  $50.00

Funny Fables - Decker Publications/Red Top Comics

2. F/VF 1957 Scarce. Fable stories with some really nice artwork including a Dave Berg story. $20.00

Future Gold - NMP

Vol 2 #1. NM- 9.2 GREAT fanzine. New Jay Disbrow cover and full comic strip. Dr. Wertham "Seduction" article. 1981. $10.00

Future World - Warren

1. VF+ 1978 One shot. Good S/F stories with art by Rich Corben and Gray Morrow, among others. $10.00