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Garrison's Gorillas - Dell


1. VG/F 5.0 Photo cover of the TV show cast. Short lived series. Two full stories with art by Sam Glanzman. SOLD



1. VF+ 8.5 High grade, clean - WHITE pages. These three copies look like file copies. LSD teen-age drug story. Also a Satan devil story.  SOLD
2. VF+ 8.5 Nice painted cover, standard ACG stories and art. White and clean.  SOLD
3. F/F+ 6.5 As below. Nice, clean copy SOLD
3. VF/NM 9.0 Great painted cover, Civil War / WWII story. White and clean.  SOLD

Gene Autry - Dell Comics

6. F+ 6.5 Photo front and back covers. Weird Midget / Puppet story! Very solid copy. Back cover. SOLD

Gene Autry Adventure Comics and Play-Fun Book - Dell

NO#. VG/F Scarce 1947 32 page comic and game book put out as a premium by Pillsbury food company. This originally came folded in half and glued on boxes of Pillsbury pancakes and other products. Very rare in better than fine condition, this is as nice a copy as can be found. SOLD

Ghostly Haunts - Charlton

27. VF- Dr. Graves guest stars in a Steve Ditko story. Ditko cover. Real nice Wayne Howard story.  SOLD
34. F Cool Steve Ditko cover and story. Other art includes Warren Sattler, and Fred Himes. SOLD
35. VF/VF+ Great Wayne Howard cover and story. Excellent Joe Staton story.  SOLD
36. F Ditko cover and story. Great Joe Staton and Paiii stories also. SOLD
38. F Wild Tom Staton cover and story. Steve Ditko classic Devil Demon story. SOLD
40. VF/NM Great "EC" type cover by "Grisly". Excellent stories by Ditko, Howard, and Sutton. 2 pager by Don Newton. 2nd Destiny Fox.  SOLD
42. VF/NM Great Don Newton cover and story "The Man Who Hunted Satan". Another outstanding Wayne Howard story. One Ditko illo, and a nice story by S. Gumen round out this issue.  SOLD
43. VF/VF+ Really excellent Steve Ditko story. Nice Wayne Howard. 1 pager by Don Newton of Dr. Graves congratulating Baron Weirwulf on getting his own comic!  SOLD
45. VF/VF+ I've said it before but....another outstanding Steve Ditko story!! Paiii art also.  SOLD
48. F Wild Rich Larson cover and story. Ditko story, 1 pager by Howard. Nice lead story by Marti. SOLD
50. F Cool Larson cover and story. Steve Ditko one-pager plus a full story. W. Howard one-pager. Nice Carlos Vila art. SOLD
54. F Ditko cover and one nice story. Wayne Howard pencils w/ Pat Boyette inks story. SOLD
58. F Vietnam story by Fred Himes. Don Perlin art. Last regular issue - scarce. SOLD

Ghostly Tales - Charlton

56. F 6.0 2nd apperannce of Dr. Graves and the 2nd appearance of horror host Mr. L. Dedd. Rocco Mastroserio cover, story, and inks on the Steve Ditko story. Dr. Graves story again has art by Ernie Bache. 1 interior page has a 1/2" piece off margin edge. SOLD
60. VF- Great Satan cover with art by Rocke - along with a story. Two great Steve Ditko Stories! And a Dr. Graves story with art by Bache. I love these Bronze-Age Charltons!!!  SOLD
71. F Early Jim Aparo cover. Two Steve Ditko stories! One Don Perlin story.  SOLD
73. F An unusual combo cover with the three inside artists - Ditko, Boyette, and Sanho Kim.  SOLD
75. F/VF 7.0 Fine Jim Aparo cover. Classic Steve Ditko 8 page story "No Other Man." Sanho Kim and Pat Boyette stories. Last 12 cent issue. SOLD
82. VF 8.0 Wow! Two Fine Steve Ditko stories from the time when Steve was still Ditko! Pat Boyette cover and story. One page short Flying Saucer / Mars story. SOLD
86. F/VF 7.0 Classic Steve Ditko cover, and very nice story. Pat Boyette story. Another nice PAM (Pete Morisi) story. SOLD
88. VG/F Part Steve Ditko cover and Hippie story.  SOLD
89. VF 8.0 Great Steve Ditko "Evil Eyeball" cover and story. Pat Boyette story. WW II story by Nicholas and Alascia. SOLD
93. VG/F As below - still a very sharp copy, and worth the price for the wild cover alone!  SOLD
93. F/VF Great Steve Ditko cover. Nice Paiii art.  SOLD
95. F As below - not as sharp, but nice.  SOLD
95. VF/VF+ Great Ditko cover and story. Wayne Howard story "The Eye of Evil". Also a 3rd story w/ outstanding horror art.  SOLD
96. VG/F Super "The Devil's Bride" Steve Ditko cover and cover story by Fred Himes. SOLD
97. VG/F Another nice Ditko cover and story. Don Perlin too.  SOLD
98. F/VF As below. Nice. Great stuff!  SOLD
98. VF/NM Excellent Howard Cover and full 16 page story! SOLD
99. VG/F As below. Nice copy. Great cover!  SOLD
99. VF/VF+ Ditko cover and story. Howard story plus a 1-pager. Nice story by Don and Howard Perlin.  SOLD
106. VG/F SUPER "Fishing" Monster cover! - by Tom Sutton?? Super Ditko "Werewolf" story. Tom Sutton story.  SOLD
107. F As below, a few hairs less condition. A must have Charlton!  SOLD
107. VF/VF+ Excellent Wayne Howard S/F cover. Steve Ditko story. Wally Wood layouts and finished art by Tom Sutton on ''The Anywhere Machine". Nice Warren Sattler story.  SOLD
113. F WILD cover by Tom Sutton - story too! And Steve Ditko. SOLD
116. F/VF Sanho Kim painted cover and story. Steve Ditko story. Howard one-pager. Nice S/F story by good old Charlie Nicholas (I never knew his 1st name, as he always signed his stuff just "Nicholas"). SOLD
117. VG/F Joe Staton painted cover. Art by Ditko, early Rich Larson, and Nicholas w/ Wayne Howard. SOLD
120. VF- SUPER Steve Ditko Satan cover AND story!  SOLD

Ghost Manor - 1st series - Charlton


1. F/VF 7.0 1st series #1. 1st appearance of The Old Witch - the horror host for this title. Rocco Mastroserio cover, splash, inks on both stories. This was among his last artwork done - as he died in early 1968 at age 40. SOLD
2. F Cover pulling off bottom staple. Rocke cover and splash page. Shrunken Heads story. SOLD
3. F/VF Super Rocke cover and a wild, surreal story about a House of Wax owner. SOLD
11. VF/NM 9.0 Wild "The Old Witch" cat cover by Sanho Kim, and story. Three stories total - 100% Kim art.  SOLD
14. VF 8.0 2nd appearance of Horror Host Winnie The Witch. Cover from interior panels - Don Perlin and Sanho Kim art. Steve Ditko 2 page Winnie The Witch story. One Perlin and two Kim stories. SOLD
15. VG/F Nice Steve Ditko cover and two excellent stories. SOLD
15. VF+ 8.5 Super Steve Ditko cover AND two full stories - 16 pages of art! Nice Fred Himes art on one story also. SOLD
17. VG/F Pat Boyette cover! Nice Kachina Doll story by Paill. SOLD

Ghost Manor - 2nd series - Charlton


2. VF

Steve Ditko cover plustwo stories including "A Touch of Genius" with fantastic Ditko art!!

Just a side note: Have any of you Ditko collectors out there noticed how he drew in many of his stories panels with plants w/ five leafs??? I first noticed this in these late 60's - early 70's Charlton comics. I always speculated he was drawing pot plants in these panels. I never really noticed these in his Spider-Man and pre Spidey Atlas artwork. Does anyone out there know anything about Ditko's obsession w/ drawing "pot" plants? This issue, for example has nine panels w/ plants. I welcome your thoughts........

3. VF/NM Ditko cover and one story. One story by Paiii (who is this artist?)  SOLD
4. VF/NM Great Ditko cover and story. Wayne Howard story - great art!  SOLD
5. VF- Another classic Ditko cover. One story also. Joe Staton art.  SOLD
8. VG+ Tom Sutton cover. Wally Wood story! two nice one-pagers by Wayne Howard. Steve Ditko story. Warren Sattler story. Great issue! SOLD
13. F Nice Wayne Howard cover. Great stories by Ditko, Staton, and Paill. SOLD
17. F @ @A VF/NM copy w/ bottom cover staple pulled. Great Tom Sutton cover. Stories by Howard, Ditko (14 "pot" panels out of a possible 29 total panels!), and Sattler.  SOLD
19. VF/NM Pat Boyette "Frankenstein" cover. Nice stories by Howard and Sutton. 2 one-pagers by Don Newton. Nudity panels. SOLD
21. VF/VF+ Great, vivid black and red Sanho Kim cover. Stories by Kim, Howard, and Ditko. Charlton heroes cameos  SOLD
22. VF Don Newton cover and great 9 pg story. Steve Ditko and Wayne Howard also.  SOLD
25. F/VF Ditko cover and story. Nice one-pager by Howard. Wild Tom Sutton story! SOLD
31. F+ Cool surreal Steve Ditko cover and story. Howard and Sutton 1 pagers too. SOLD
33. F+ All new, good stories and staff art. SOLD
41. F/F+ Steve Ditko cover and Nazi German Prison War Camp story. Other nice stories by Jack Abel, and Wayne Howard. SOLD

Ghost Stories - Dell

29. F-/F Nice painted cover - typical Silver-Age Dell horror. SOLD

Giggle Comics - ACG

35. G/VG 1946 Spencer Spook, Super Katt, and other features to make you giggle! SOLD
73. F+ 1950 Sharp copy with nice pages. Try putting together a run of these! Hard to find in nice shape. SOLD

G.I. in Battle - Farrell Publications

1. F- 5.5 Scarce 1st issue. Great war cover and GGA war tales. From an original owner collection.  SOLD

Girl Fight Comics - The Print Mint

1. VG/F 1972 underground starring Fox and Speed Queen. Early Trina Robbins stuff.  SOLD
2. F/VF 1974. More Trina Robbins art. Complete your two issue set with this!  SOLD

Give Me Liberity! - Rip Off Press

no#. VF Deluxe $3.50 version from 1976 on white stock paper. This is a neat "Revised History of the American Revolution" by Gilbert Shelton and Ted Richards. This copy has an original drawing, and is signed and dated by Ted Richards.  SOLD

God Nose - Rip Off Press

no#. F+/VF 1971 - 4th edition. A Jaxon satire on God and the everyday follies of us mere humans!  SOLD

God's Smuggler

1. F/F+ 1st edition w/ 35 cent cover price. Based on the novel about Brother Andrew, and his expeditions behind the Iron Curtain. Commies cover.  SOLD

Golden Age of Comics - NMP

1. VF+ 8.5 Fanzine and comic book reprints issue. GOOD stuff. 1982

Golden Comics Digest - Gold Key

9. F/F+ Early Dell / Gold Key Tarzan and Korak reprints. Russ Manning art. 160 pages and scarce - only copy I've ever had. SOLD

Golden Legacy - Fitzgerald Publishing Co.

2. F/VF 7.0 THE SAGA OF HARRIET TUBMAN - 1967. Done in a Classics Illustrated type format - this follows the life story of this famous woman from her life as a slave to the end of The Civil War. Art by Tom Feelings. Scarce. SOLD
8. VG/F Similar to Classics Comics, but devoted to famous people in Black History. This issue is about Frederick Douglass.  SOLD

Gold Key Mini Comic Set - Gold Key

set #1-8. NM/M A complete set of eight mini full color 3" x 6" promotional comics published by Gold Key in 1974. These are 24 pages each, and include 2 Star Trek, Dark Shadows, Dagar, Dr. Spector, Ripley's Believe It or Not, Turok, and The Twlight Zone comics. Very scarce, in super high-grade shape!  $125.00

Gold Key Mini Comics - Gold Key

Donald Duck #1. NM 9.4 1976. Reprints DD #150. 16 page full cover giveaway.  SOLD
Grimm's Ghost Stories #1. VF 8.0 1976. Reprints early Ghost story. 16 page full color giveaway.  SOLD

Mckey Mouse #1.

VF/NM 9.0

1976. Reprints MM #158. 16 page full color giveaway.  SOLD

Ripley's Believe It or Not! #1.

NM 9.4

1977. Reprints early Ripley story. 16 page full color giveaway.  SOLD
Twilight Zone #1. VF+ 8.5 1977. Reprints early Zone story. 16 page full color giveaway.  SOLD

Uncle Scrooge #1.

NM- 9.2

1976. Reprints Carl Barks WDC&S #115. 16 page full color giveaway.  SOLD

Gorgo - Charlton

1. VG- 3.5 to VG

back cover

Very tough to find. Classic pre-Spider-Man Steve Ditko. NICE lower copy. Good SC/OW pages. GONE!
3. VG/F 100% pure, prime Steve Ditko pre Spider-Man artwork! SOLD
14. F Nice Ditko 20 pg story. SOLD

Greatest Hitters I've Known - by Mickey Mantle - Carvel Corporation

4. VF+ 1976. A full-color comic 3 1/4"x5" 32 page comic book. This is an undiscovered GEM - listed in the promonational section as an existing book - but contents NOT listed. Baseball greats profiled include Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Joe Dimaggio, Hank Arron, Willie Mays, and Stan Musial!! Only copy I've ever seen! GONE!

Green Hornet - Gold Key

1. F/F+ Bruce Lee photo covers. Nice 1st issue, clean and sharp. SOLD

Gunfighters - Super Comics, Inc.

16. VG 1950's western reprints. Billy the Kid cover/story. Don Heck art. SOLD

Gunmaster - Charlton

84. F Formally Six-Gun Heroes - becomes Judo Master. See Gunmaster and Bullet the Gun Boy in action against The Brain!  SOLD
86. F/F+ Cool customes, cool art, hokey stories!  SOLD