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Hal Hunter Among The Savages - 1930's Mini-comic

#7. front cover. 2.0

back cover

A very scarce hybrid 8 page comic book from the early 1930's Golden-Age.

Part of a series called "Thrilling Stories" - this is "Hal Hunter Among The Savages" in the story called "The Slaves In Revolt".

A very racial and esoteric piece. This measures about 2 inches by 2 1/2 inches. In strict unrestored Good condition, everything tight and sound with nice pages. Best copy of this issue that I've seen in my time. One is listed on ebay in lesser shape at $74.00. Ships in a mylar card snug.


Harvey 3-D Glasses - Harvey

no#. VF/NM unused
Two (2) pair of original 3-D glasses from Harvey Publishers from about 1952-1953. Newer used.  $12.50

Harvey Hits Magazine - Harvey

40. F+/VF "Funday Funnies". Early Baby Huey stories along with Herman and Katnip, Casper, and Buzzy. Great fishing cover!  SOLD

Haunted - Charlton

1. VF-/VF An all Steve Ditko issue with cover and three stories!  SOLD
6. VF-/VF Ditko cover. Nice Wayne Howard story.  SOLD
7. F Ditko classic cover "Along Came A Spider" and story, plus a 2nd Ditko story. SOLD
9. F/VF Excellent Howard story. Pat Boyette painted cover, and story. Sanho Kim art.  SOLD
18. VF- Wild Joe Staton cover! Great Staton story "Film Freak". Also a great Ditko and a Howard story. Excellent issue!  SOLD
21. F/VF 1st Baron Weirwulf. Real nice painted cover by Don Newton., also 2 one-pagers by Newton. Staton and Sutton stories.  SOLD
22. VG/F 2nd Baron Weirwulf. Beautiful Don Newton painted cover and 1 page art. Wayne Howard story, also Staton, also Sutton! SOLD
25. VF/VF+ Tom Sutton painted cover. Stories by Ditko, Howard, and Sutton.  SOLD
26. VG/F Painted Werewolf cover and story by Bob Hall. Frank Bolle story with a slapping panel. Nice Mike Zeck art. SOLD
27. F/F+ Tom Suttom painted Monster cover, and story. Two other nice art stories. SOLD
51. VG/F The 10th ann. issue that reprints Haunted #1 - a 100% Steve Ditko issue. Scarce! SOLD
66. VF Near the end of the run. These all had lower print runs - some mentioned as such in Overstreet. Stories by Steve Ditko, GA great Rudy Palais, and Tom Sutton.  SOLD
67. VF/VF+ Tom Sutton cover and story. Also Ditko and Paul Morisi.  SOLD
68. VF/VF+ Tom Sutton and Steve Ditko. (Many of these Ditko stories are not noted as such in guide).  SOLD
71. VF-/VF Steve Ditko cover and a older (1957) classic reprint story. Low print run and scarce.  SOLD
72. VF Joe Staton cover and great story. Low print run and scarce.  SOLD
73. VF/NM Tom Sutton cover. Art by Sutton and Kim. Low print run and scarce.  SOLD

Haunted Love - Charlton

2. VF-/VF Joe Staton story. Tales of Gothic Romance. @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  SOLD
6. F/VF Wild cover worth the price of the book alone!  SOLD

Headline - Prize Publications

29. VF/NM 9.0 Headline Comics #29 from Prize Publications dating 1948. Nice Simon and Kirby cover, and probably two full stories. Two stories by Bill Draut. Very nice stuff. This is a higher grade copy in at least the 9.0 range, going into the 9.2 range. Super clean, fine, great colors, no real problems. Light tan page edges (supple) to cream to off-white pages. No restoration. Super book and SCARCE.  $390.00

Heap - Skywald

1. F-/F 52 pg giant 25-cent issue. First appearance of The Heap in the Silver-Age. Also classic reprints with great art. SOLD

Heckle and Jeckle - St Johns Publ.

8. VG- 3.5 1952 early issue, nice pages. Fun gag watermelon cover. SOLD

Henry Aldrich - Dell

16. F- Bill Williams cover and 100% art. Fun teen stuff. 1953. SOLD

Herbie - ACG

7. F/F+ Nice clean copy with great cover colors. Off-beat title - to say the least! SOLD
8. F/F+ Origin and 1st appearance of The Fat Fury. This is one heck of a bizarre series! SOLD
15. F/F+ 100% pure, and always fine, Ogden Whitney art. SOLD
16. F/VF Very sharp and clean copy. Red China Mae Tse Tung story. SOLD

Hercules - Charlton

10. VG/F The original of below book - from 1969. SOLD

Hercules - Modern Comics (Charlton)

10. VF- A Charlton reprint book from 1978. Wild Sam Glanzman and Jim Aparo stories. SOLD

Heroes, Inc. Presents Cannon - Wally Wood Pub.

no#. 1969 VF/NM Full color fantastic Wally Wood production comic wioth 3 Wood stories, one each in conjunction with Steve Ditko, and Ralph Reese, and one pure Wood. Great issue!  SOLD
no#. 1969 NM- As above, just a super high grade copy.  $20.00

Historias Fantasticas

201. F+ 1968. A neat esoteric horror/sci-fi Mexican comic book with 1950s reprints. Nice art. SOLD

Hit Comics - Quality Comics

24. G/VG 3.0 Hit Comics #24 from Quality comics dating 1942. Drop dead beautiful art by Lou Fine and Reed Crandall, among others! Lots of GGA, bondage, and violence - and all for a dime! A Good to Very Good copy, the cover is loose at top staple with a 1/4" piece missing into the back cover. Also, cover loose at the front of the bottom staple, but still connected at the back. Cover sun shadow at edges. No restoration. Nice cream to off-white pages. SOLD
43. G/VG Kid Eternity cover and story. CC Beck art on "Big Brother". Blood panel splash on "Betty Bates" story. SOLD

Hollywood Romances - Charlton

46. F 1st issue. Rolling Stones cover and two page story with photos from 1966. Cool, full length story - "Three Roads to Stardom!"  SOLD
46. F+/VF As above, sharper copy.  SOLD
47. F+ Cover and all three stories by artist "Salvatore Gentile"  SOLD

Hollywood Secrets of Romance - I.W. Enterprises

9. VG/VG+ E.R. Kinstler cover. Reprints Hollywood Secrets #2 with a great Reed Crandall and a Bill Ward story. Great stuff - hard to find. 1958  SOLD

Horace and Dotty Pripple - Harvey Pub.

28. F+/VF This is as close as you can get to "Blondie and Dagwood without a lawsuit!


Hot Rod Racers - Charlton

8. VF- Cool cover. Three of the four stories end up with a couple kissing. I thought this was about cars!  SOLD
10. F You have to read the cover blurb - "Revenge Grand Prix!"....It's a riot!!  SOLD
11. F Fast cars, fast women, and fist fights. Far out! Jack Keller art.  SOLD

Hot Rods and Racing Cars - Charlton

67. VF- Clint Curtis in South America racing against a would-be dictator!  SOLD
87. VF/VF+ High speed boat racing in "Dragster Without Wheels" by Jack Keller. 'Vette racing story.  SOLD
89. VF- Jack Keller cover/story. Two stories on slot-car racing.  SOLD

Hot Stuff - Harvey

111. VG+/F 25 cent "giant" issue. Classic HS and Stumbo the Giant. SOLD

Hot Stuff Sizzlers - Harvey

56. VG 25 cent "giant" issue. HS and monsters - Stumbo too! SOLD

House of Yang - Charlton

1. VF Sanho Kim painted cover and full length 23 page story. SOLD
4. NM- Beautiful Sanho Kim painted cover and full length 22 pg. story. Good series and a very sharp copy.  SOLD
5. VF Nice Warren Sattler painted "Jaws" cover.  SOLD

Huey, Dewey and Louie Junior Woodchucks - Gold Key

71. VF-/VF Three new stories plus one reprint from issue #19.  SOLD