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Ibis the Invincible - Funnies Publ. Co., Inc.

1. NM This is one of several Golden-Age reprints that Alan Light did in the early 1970s. This is Flashback #34. These, in themselves, are getting quite collectible. This is an EXACT reprint. The only difference between this copy and the original is that this one is in black-and-white and costs about $2500 less! Origin of Ibis. SOLD

I'incredible Devil - Italian comic

39. F/VF 1971 Italian comic book - 48 pages. Reprints Marvel Daredevil, Iron Man, and Nick Fury stories. Neat item.  SOLD

I Spy - Gold Key

2. F/F+ .Nice copy, classic photo cover.  SOLD

I Love You - Charlton

50. F+ Nice art on all three stories - Vince Colletta?? "Hold me close, Ed....Please!! I need someone strong....NOW!!"  SOLD
63. VG Elsie has "Too Many Loves" - that slut! Does she find true happiness with Jeff?? Only time will tell.  SOLD
64. F+ Read "Wanted" - a story so mushy that you'll want to throw-up! @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  SOLD
65. F+/VF "Teach Me Tonight". Slapping panel. Best quote this issue....."And I knew...How it felt to kiss a man who has a Beard! Devine, Absolutely Devine!!" How come my wife doesn't sat that?  SOLD
66. VG/VG+ "Be Happy Darling .... With Someone Else!"  SOLD
67. F/VF Very nice Jim Aparo cover and story. Other nice art throughout.  SOLD
68. VF-/VF Great cover .... "Wild Beauty" .... and story. Vince Colletta art.  SOLD
69. VF- Nice Vince Colletta cover and story.  SOLD
70.VF-/VF Nice art on ..."Too Many Kisses". Good trout fly fishing story.  SOLD
71. VF- Great cover - check out the dialogue!!! "Office Queen". @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  SOLD
72. VF- Don't miss ... "Love's Lustre Lost". Say that five times fast!  SOLD
73. VG-/VG Vince Colletta story with a Tony Stark dead-ringer look-alike. (This, at the he was inking Iron Man).  SOLD

Interstate Theatres Fun Club Comics - Interstate Theatures

no#. VG/F

back cover

This is listed in the Promo section of Overstreet. A very rare comic - this copy is the only one that I have EVER seen. The inside contents contains a issue of Yellowjacket Comics from the mid 1940's. Don't know the exact issue - but does contain a "Tales of Terror" story. Throw out the price guide on this one! SOLD

In The Days Of The Mob - Hampshire Distributors

1.VF- A very scarce Jack Kirby one shot from 1971. Comic magazine with poster. True crime stories. This is a DC comic.  SOLD

Intimate Confessions - I.W. Enterprises

9. VG/F "They Said We Were....Too Young To Love!" They were right!! Reprints from the original Avon series. Not common. 1958  SOLD

Invaders - Gold Key

2. VF

CGC 8.0

Photo cover. One of my favorite 60's S/F TV shows! Early Dan Spiegle art. A nice higher CGC graded copy. SOLD

Iron Horse - Dell

1. F/VF 7.0 Nice Dale Robertson photo cover - from the TV show. 1967.  SOLD