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L.B. Cole Cover Proofs

Back in the 1940s and 1950s (before the computer graphics age), publishers ran off a few proof copies of the exact cover of every comic. These were given to the editors to make sure the coloring and art was acceptable before the book was published. Cover proofs are quite rare from this time period, as they were usually discarded when approved.

These were bought off of L. B. Cole himself back in the early 1980s. In all likelyhood, these are the only existing copies left. Most are just the front cover. In some rare instances, the complete front and back proof survived. These will be noted as such. And finally, there are a few cover proofs below that I have left that were printed, and then the title was cancelled, and NEVER CAME OUT. These covers represent the only existing proof of comic titles that never materialized! In a few instances, the art WAS used for another title!

These are all very neat, very rare, and are probably one of a kind. There may be dozens to hundreds of any given comic of these proofs - but there is only ONE proof! These look like they were just printed yesterday, with vivid colors and high gloss (that is what a proof is!). Just about all of these made it into the fantastic Art of L.B. Cole book.

10. NM/M Criminals on the Run. $250.00
V4 #2. VF+ Criminals on the Run. Full cover. $200.00
V4 #3. NM/M Criminals on the Run. Full cover. $300.00
V4 #6. NM Criminals on the Run. Full cover. $250.00
V1 #3. NM/M Dick Cole. Incredible, like new, vivid cover! $225.00
V1 #4. NM/M Dick Cole. Full cover. $225.00
These five covers will only be sold as a set.

Guns Against Gangsters - set.

V1 #1 - VF/NM - Full cover, a great classic cover.

V1 #2 - NM/M - Full cover.

V1 #3 - NM - Full cover.

V1 #4 - NM/M - Full cover, fantastic!

V1 #5 - VF - Full cover.

12. VF Horrors of War. SOLD
4. NM/M Flaming Romances. This comic NEVER came out! ULTRA RARE.
2. VF Ship Ahoy. This is a cover of a book that NEVER came out! ULTRA RARE. SOLD
V9 #6. NM Target. Full cover, including the insides. (other full covers have blank insides) This is the only one that is printed like this that I have. SOLD
V9 #12. VF/NM Target. Full cover. One of the more famous L.B. Cole covers.
V10 #2. NM Target. Full cover. SOLD
4. NM/M True To Life Romances. SOLD


Lancer - Gold Key

1 . F+/VF Photo cover from the TV series of the 1960's.  SOLD

Lassie - Gold Key

70. VF- 7.5 Scarce last issue. Cool photo cover with Lassie's new owners.  SOLD

Legend of Jesse James - Gold Key

1. F/VF Nice photo cover - Chris Jones.  SOLD

Left-Field Funnies - Apex Novelities

1. VF-/VF 1972. Nice underground by Bobby London w/ "Trots and Bonnie", "Dopin' Dan", "Merton", and other strips.  SOLD

Life With Archie

46. F The origin of "Pureheart the Powerful!" This, along with the next half dozen or so issues, are scarce. SOLD
50. F First appearance of "The United Three!" Full length story classic. SOLD
51. F+ Full-length "The Man From R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E." story versus Dr. Nose and Dr. Demon. SOLD
53. VG. 4.0 As below. Two Archie Superhero tales - cover and 1st story by Bob White, 2nd by Bill Vigoda. The Man From R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E. series was a cross between superhero and secret agent stories. Kind of a "Get Smart" in comics. SOLD
53. F+/VF "The Man From R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E." full length story fighting the evil C.R.U.S.H. SOLD
54. F+ Betty in a solo "The Girl From R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E." story. Archie vs Crush. SOLD
56. F 1st appearance of the Flamethrower. Two spy stories with Archie and Betty. SOLD
58. F+ The Agents vs. Vaultman and Sandman with Dr. Doom! SOLD
59. F+ The Bowmen from C.R.U.S.H.! The P.O.P.Mobile! What more do you want? SOLD
62. VF- "The Archies" Band cover and story along with "The Man From R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E." story. SOLD
63. F+/VF "The Archies" Band cover and story along with "The Man From R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E." story. SOLD
70. VF "The Case Of The Forlorn Fiddlestick!" SOLD
71. VF- A stone-age Archie story. Plus voodoo black magic story. SOLD
72. VG/F 5.0 Fun Jughead gag cover by Bob White, and a GREAT 11 page The Archies story with Mod and Psychodelic themes. Plus a great Archie Gang Cavemen story - looks like Harry Lucey art. Plus another good story. Very Good issue! SOLD
77. VF The Archies Band story, plus three more tales. NICE sharp copy. SOLD
88. VF+ A great Archies Band cover, and story. SOLD
91. F+ Archie goes fishing and catches Veronica's bathing suit! SOLD
98. VF Great Archies Band cover. Also, an Archie jungle adventure. SOLD
100. VF/VF+ An all racing car issue with Archie's new dragster. Key one-hundredth issue. SOLD
101. VF- More racing cars, and Archie's band. SOLD
120. VG/F 5.0 Another great issue - I hate using that term so much - but these Archies are classics! Stan Goldberg cover. Two Bob Bolling stories as Betty thinks Archie has betrayed her, and Reggie wants to meet a talent scout. SOLD
125. VG/F 5.0 Betty Haunted House cover and story. Harry Lucey art on a "Love Fraud" story. SOLD
141. VF- "The Curse of The Blackmoor Emerald" Neat spooky story. SOLD
187. VF+ The 1st all-horror cover/story issue. Great cover - scarce issues. SOLD
188. VF 2nd horror cover/story issue. Loch Ness Monster story. SOLD
190. VF/NM 1st appearance Dr. Doom cover/story. Great issue! SOLD
269. VF-/VF 1988. Horror cover/story - not noted in the guide.  $7.50

Little Archie

159. VF/NM Very esoteric cover and story with little people living inside the center of Earth, coming to the surface and shrinking and kidnapping Veronica! Plus Little Sabrina solo story. SOLD

Little Eva - St. John Publishing

1. G 3-D Comics. Very clean and nice, but a shoe store giveaway comic with a large cover sticker. No glasses. Neat book!  SOLD

Little Lotta - Harvey

96. VG/F Clean book. Classic cover. Richie Rich too! SOLD
114. NM 9.4 These last 7 issues of the Little Lotta run are ALL VERY HIGH GRADE Harvey File copies. 1975. Richie Rich back-ups, and Little Dot guests in most. SOLD
115. NM 9.4 Lotta makes home movies. SOLD
116. NM+ 9.6 Lotta takes dance class. SOLD
117. VF+ 8.5 Speedboat racing cover. SOLD
118. NM- 9.2 Lotta "Supergirl" story. SOLD
119. NM- 9.2 Fun bowling cover and story. SOLD
120. NM+ 9.6 Last issue. And a great food cover that represents the character for the last time in the run! SOLD

Little Lulu - Gold Key

262. F/F+ Wearhouse copy. End of the run. SOLD
263. F/VF Wearhouse copy. John Stanley reprints. SOLD

Little Mary Mixup - United Featues Syndicate

26 (#2). VG- 3.5 Very Scarce - 1940 - strip reprints, and an early Golden-Age comic! SOLD

Li'l Abner - Toby Press

no#. VG Joins The Navy! 1950 premium comic. Neat book. OW to W pages. SOLD

Lone Ranger - Dell

59. VG+ 1953 Nice painted cover with Tonto. Subscription fold. SOLD
74. F/F+ Real nice painted cover.  SOLD
76. VF- Great painted cover with the American flag. 1-page "Indian Wampum" story.  SOLD
84. VF Nice Lone Ranger and Silver painted cover.  SOLD

Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies - Dell

45. G/VG 1945 Classic Bugs Bunny War Bonds cover. SOLD
85. VG/VG+ Bugs, Elmer, Henery Hawk and Sniffles with Mary Jane. SOLD
93. F+ 6.5 Bugs and Porky water surfing cover. Neat NYC Statue of Liberty panel. Elmer, Sniffles w/ Mary Jane, and Henery Hawk stories too. Nice copy.  SOLD
94. G/VG Bugs ends up on a magic carpet ride to Mars. SOLD
117. VG/F Classic Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd, and Sylvester. SOLD
130. VG/F Nice Bugs Bunny fishing cover.  SOLD
136. VG Bugs and Elmer play pool. Eggs anyone?  SOLD
138. 4.0 Golf cover. Original owner local collection. OW pages. Slight rusty staples. Tight and sound. SOLD
164. VG Bugs, Elmer, Porky, Sam, Daffy, Tweety, Sylvester, Mary Jane, Sniffles, and a cast of thousands!!  SOLD
179. F+ Bugs and crew in four stories. Nice copy.  SOLD

Looney Tunes - Gold Key / Whitman

8. VF-/VF 2nd series. All new stories. These GK/Whitman issues are tough to find.  SOLD

Lord Jim - Gold Key

no #. F- 5.5 One-shot movie comic. Peter O'Toole photo cover.  SOLD

Los Fantasticos - Mexican comic

126. F/F+ 1971 Mexican comic. Reprints a early Marvel FF Jack Kirby story. Neat item!  SOLD

Los Supermachos - Mexican comic

493. VG+ A long running Adult stire comic series. Full color - 1975. SOLD

Love and Romance - Charlton

14. VF-/VF Great one-pager called "Puppy Love!"  SOLD

Love Diary - Charlton

44. F-/F Very nice art by a "M. Waldinger". Anyone know who this surname is? Also Vince Colletta art. @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  SOLD
45. VF-/VF Cool cover / story..."Hootenanny Heel". Other nice art also.  $15.00
46. F+ Read "Insured Romance", and "Home With an Empty Heart". @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  SOLD
47. VF- You just gotta love this story called "Too Fat To Frug!" Also nice Vince Colletta cover / story "Don't Speak of Love!"  SOLD
48. VF Another classic love story ... "Love is a Mental Illness!" Nice art. Also, a spy love story.  $15.00
49. VF Real nice Vince Colletta cover and two stories. Also a story w/ nice art by. R. Garcia.  $15.00
50. F Two Colletta stories plus one by Ernesto R. Garcia - nice art.  SOLD
51. F+/VF Read about the under-age 17 year-old in "Stolen Ecstasy!"  SOLD
53. VF- Great Vince Colletta story ... "Hip But Not Happy!" Fine art on cover story "Unfaithful Heart". @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  SOLD
54. F/F+ Very wild Vince Colletta story - "This Gift of Love!" Fine art on cover story "A Few Lies, Many Tears." @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  SOLD
55. VF-/VF Negligee panels in "I Too Am In Love". Nice Vince Colletta story. @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  $15.00

Love Romances - Atlas

97. F+ Very scarce issue - this was the change over from 10 cents to 12 cents. This cover has both prices, with the 10 cents price blacked out. Unlisted Kirby cover and artwork.  SOLD

Ludwig Von Drake - Dell

1. VG/VG+ The Professor Drake in his own book at last. Quack quack!! Solid copy  SOLD

L'Uomo Ragno - Publicazione Autorizzata

39. F/F+ This is the Italian "Amazing Spider-man" comic. This issue from 1970 reprints a Johnny Romita classic, along w/ a Giant-man story and a Steve Ditko Doctor Strange story. Color and B&W. Neat item. SOLD
84. F/VF 1973. Spider-man. Hulk, and Doc Strange stories. All in full color, and full Italian! SOLD