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Mad - E.C. Comics

26. VG/F 3rd magazine format issue. Classic EC artists Wally Wood, Jack Davis, and Will Elder.  $100.00
30. F- 1st Alfred E. Newman cover by Mingo. Elvis and Disneyland spoofs. Key early Mad. A strict graded, excellent copy with fine pages - you will be pleased with this one! SOLD
60. VG/F JFK/Nixon flip-cover issue. 1st Spy vs Spy by Prohias. Early Silver-Age semi-key issue. Nice solid copy.  $35.00
65. VG Nice Kelly Freas painted cover. President Kennedy parody  $15.00
67. F- "Special" Fall issue. Cool Kelly Freas cover. Nice, solid copy with a bottom corner spine stain present.  $15.00
68. VG Christmas cover by Don Martin. Great Wally Wood art, as most of these earlier Mads do.  $15.00
69. VG/F Kelly Freas cover, Wally Wood art.  $15.00
70. VF/VF+ Great Kelly Freas cover. Nice, clean, sharp high grade copy.  $50.00
71. F Bullseye cover. Wally Wood art. Nice copy.  $17.50
72.F+ 10th anniversary issue. Kelly Freas cover. Superman strip by Wood. Nice, sharp cover.  $25.00
73. VG/F Black cover. Bonanza story by Mort Drucker. Solid book.  $12.50
77. F+/VF Nice cover! Comic strip parody story.  $20.00
78. F Wood art. Mad stamp cover.  $15.00
96. F The Man from U.N.C.L.E. feature.  $12.50
122. F-/F Reagan / Nixon / LBJ cover. Comic strip feature. Clean copy, nice pages.  $10.00
140. F 6.0 American Flag "Putton" issue. Clean.
141. F+ Hawaii 5-O and Catch-All-22. Nice!
143. F/VF "Good Girl" art cover. Sharp copy.
158. VG/F Columbo take-off. Cop cover.
166. VF/VF+ The "famous" finger cover. Nice, high grade copy.  $25.00

Mad Follies - E.C. Comics

7. VG/F "Nasty Cards" still intact and in high grade shape.  SOLD

Mad Special - E.C. Comics

1. F Name on cover o/w nice solid copy. 17 brand new pages. Voodoo Doll still intact in high grade shape.  $30.00
6. F/F+ Mad Mischief stickers all still intact and in excellent shape.  $20.00
7. F Cover not in the best of taste....but this IS Mad after all. Mini posters all still intact in nice shape.  $15.00
9. F+ 1972. Contains the 1st "Nostalgic Mad"#1, which started a series of bound in comic books reprinting early Mad comics. Superduperman by Wally Wood!  SOLD
12. VF Nostalgic Mad #2 with Ping Pong by Bill Elder.  $20.00
14. F/VF All 16 Don Martin posters still intact and in excellent condition.  $12.00
15. NM Nostalgic Mad #3 with Frank N. Stein. Wood and Elder art.  $30.00
18. NM+ Nostalgic Mad #4 with Lone Stranger. Wood, Elder, Jack Davis art.  SOLD
21. NM- Nostalgic Mad #5 with Woman Wonder. Wood, Elder, John Severin art.  $27.50
24. NM- Nostalgic Mad #6 with Flesh Garden. Wood, Elder, and Davis art.  $27.50
28. NM- Nostalgic Mad #7 with Prince Violent. Elder and Wood art.  $15.00
32. NM Nostalgic Mad #8 - last issue - with Poopeye. Usual great art.  SOLD
36. NM A great 100 page issue that collects "comic" comic strips done in Mad over the years. A barrel of laughs!  SOLD

Madhouse - Red Circle

95. VF 1st horror format issue. Gray Morrow cover. SOLD
96. VF Morrow cover and a Bruce Jones story that is worth twice the asking price by itself!! SOLD

Mad House Comics - Archie

100. F+/VF Try finding this one anywhere else - only one I've seen. Super-hero stories with Marvelous Marmaduke The Magician, and Captain Sprocket.  SOLD

Mad House Annual - Archie publications

9. F/F+ Giant issue. Captain Sprocket story. Other wacky stuff.  SOLD

Man from U.N.C.L.E. - Gold Key

6. F 6.0 .Clean and sharp. Great colors. Photo cover.  $17.50

Marvel Family - Fawcett Publications

74. F- .The Marvel Family #74 from Fawcett Publications, Inc. dating 1952. Great cover and full length story as the team battles "The Hissing Horror" - and check out Mary Marvel's new hairdo! Tight and sound, and no real problems to speak of. No restoration. Nice slight cream to off-white pages.  $60.00

MD - EC Publications

1-5 Set - VG

A complete set of MD comics from EC! Great art, underated stories, just good stuff before EC tossed in the towel! All will grade Very Good with excellent off-white to white pages.

#2 - #3 - #4 - #5


Mighty Comics Presents - Archie/Radio Comics

47. VF- 7.5 Sharp black cover. 1st Silver-Age appearance of Mr. Justice?? Black Hood. $27.50
50. VF- 7.5 Last issue. Last appearance of the Archie Super-Heroes in the Silver-Age?? $27.50

Mighty Ghost - Ajax

4. F Strong grade copy in the Fine range, clean, sharp, tight, and nice off-white pages. Try finding a better one! Very scarce Ajax comic from the very end of their comics days. This issue is a one shot, and a pure Casper the Friendly Ghost look alike!  $50.00

Magic Agent - ACG

3. F/F+ 1962. 3rd appearance. Paul Reinman art SOLD

Magic Comics - David McKay Publications

60. G+/VG 1944 Lone Ranger, Blondie, Mandrake, Secret Agent X-9 and more. SOLD
76. G+/VG Blondie, Dagwood and above gang. SOLD
81. VG+ 1946. A solid copy with stories of Popeye, Lone Ranger, Mandrake, Buz Sawyer, and Secret Agent X-9.  SOLD
84. VG More of above. Not common. $20.00
85. VG- Above, also Buz Sawyer. SOLD
87. VG- Dagwood with his pups cover. $20.00

Magic Sword - Dell

no#. F-/F 1962 one-shot movie comic. Photo cover. SOLD

Magilla Gorilla - Gold Key

8. F/VF Neat cover and stories.  SOLD

Magnus Robot Fighter - Dell/Gold Key

26. F/F+ Great painted cover (as usual) and nice Russ Manning art.  SOLD
27. F As above, good stuff!  SOLD

Mandrake The Magician - King / Charlton

5. VF Great esoteric flying saucer cover/UFO story. A classic!  SOLD
8. F/F+ Jeff Jones very early artwork.  SOLD

Manhunt! - The Print Mint

1. F/F+ 1973. A heart throbs romance anthology satire comic. Lots of the classic underground artists.  SOLD

The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves - Charlton

1. F- Tough to find this first issue. Art by Ditko, Boyette, and Golden-Age great horror artist Rudi Palais  SOLD
12. F+ As below. Nice copy still. SOLD
12. VF Steve Dikto cover and 11 page story. If I didn't know better, this could very well be a Dr. Strange story! Great art!  SOLD
12. VF 8.0 Great Steve Ditko cover and 11 page story. Just sub Strange for Graves - and you would have a Marvel story! Nice art by Don Perlin on the 2nd story. A hair nicer than above.  SOLD
24. F/VF 7.0 Another nice Steve Ditko cover and story "The $5.99 Special." Also a story by newcomer Jose Delbo.  SOLD
33. VG/F Ditko cover and story. Nice Don Perlin art. Sanho Kim Voodoo story. $8.00
34. F Ditko nice Haunted House cover and story. Satan story too! $9.00
35. F-/F Ditko cover and story. Nice Tom Sutton story.  SOLD
37. F-/F Steve Ditko story - usual great art. Joe Staton story.  SOLD
45. VF/VF+ 1st artwork by newcomer Don Newton. Great early Mike Vosburg story. Wayne Howard inks one story.  SOLD
48. VF Outstanding Wayne Howard cover. Good stories by Sutton, Boyette, and, of course - Steve Ditko!  SOLD
49. VF- Don Newton cover and Newton w/ Dan Adkins inks one story. Sutton story, also a very surreal story by a M. Postell.  SOLD
57. F/VF Rich Larson w/ Tom Boxell cover. Early Bob Hall art - nice! $8.00
65. VG Wild, surreal Steve Ditko cover and a SUPER story! Sutton, Howard art too. $10.00

The March To Market

NO#. F+ Scarce 16 page Swift and Company give away comic from 1948. Very nice art, not listed in Overstreet. $15.00

Marge's Tubby - Dell

8. F Tubby's the star in his own title by John Stanley. Where's Little Lulu?  SOLD

Marmaduke Monk - Super Comics, Inc.

14. VG Have you ever seen this comic? I never have! 1940's-1950's funny animal reprints. SOLD

M.A.R.S. Patrol - Gold Key

3. F- 100% pure Wood. Continues from the Total War title. SOLD
4. F Great painted cover, alien invasion continues at the Arctic Circle. SOLD
5. VF/VF+ Another outstanding painted cover and cool story. $30.00
6. F+ Great painted cover. Aliens invade the Capital. Issues 6-10 are not as common as eariler issues.  $15.00
6. F+ About same shape as above - you pick! SOLD
9. F-/F Another nice painted cover. The Aliens unleash Project Zero. SOLD

Masque of the Red Death - Dell

no#. F-/F 1964 - one shot movie comic. Vincent Price photo cover. SOLD

Master Comics - Alan Light Publ.

21. VF/VF+ Flashback #18 1975. 1st app Captain Nazi.  SOLD

Master Detective - Super Comics, Inc.

17. VG Young King Cole cover/story 1940's stuff - nice Al McWilliams art. SOLD

Meet Merton - IW Publishing

9. F+ Dave Berg cover and stories. 50's teen stuff w/ good girl art.  SOLD

Men's Adventures - Atlas

4. VG+ (#1). Nice pre-code Marvel issue from 1950. Gorilla cover.  SOLD

Miami Mice - Rip Off Press

1. NM/M 1985. 1st printing. Vaughn Bode's son Mark creates his first comic book series. Signed by Mark and also has an original mouse drawing done!  SOLD

Mickey Mouse - Dell/Gold Key

352. VG/F Four Color. "The Mystery of the Painted Valley" from 1951.  SOLD
68. VG/F Two classic Silver-Age Mickey stories. SOLD
214. VF Two classic Mickey stories, with Goofy, of course!  SOLD

Mighty Mouse Adventure Stories - St. John Publishing

No #. Fair

back cover

I don't use the term "Rare" or "Scarce" often on my website. But this comic is RARE! I've never seen one before, I've never had one before, and didn't even know this existed until getting this copy - and I've been involved in this hobby longer than I care to admit.

This is a Fair copy copy, 100% complete and very sound. Pages are cream to off-white and very supple. Everything is still tight, the covers show lots of tattering, creasing, tears, and a couple small pieces are missing. This comic is a real handful - 388 pages with the covers - 8 rebound 1940's - early 1950's Mighty Mouse books, and is almost a full inch THICK!

There is a small pencil arrival date on the cover that says "12/1", so I would guess this comic was released in December 1952, and cover dated the 1953 year. This is a very unique book. You will almost NEVER find this offered in nicer condition - just the size alone on this book lends itself to be in this type of condition.



Midnight Tales - Charlton

Set 1-12. avg VF/NM


This series was created by Wayne Howard - a Wally Wood protogee. One of my favorite series of comics, and a real undervalued sleeper! Comedy horror with an EC touch. Wayne Howard even surpassed his teacher at times! Issue #5 is signed on the splash page by Wayne - VERY RARE. He did not sign much at all. Piece meal this set together, or buy it one shot here - whatever you do - just get it! $295.00
5. F Great Howard centerfold and story, also art by Joe Staton and Tom Sutton. This is my cheapest example of this great run - what are you waiting for!!  SOLD
12. F+/VF Wayne Howard cover, one pagers, and full story. Also stories by Steve Ditko, and Don Newton w/ Dan Adkins!  SOLD
13. VF- Howard, Don Newton, and Staton stories with another knockout Howard cover!  SOLD
14. F+ Same three artist stories as above.  SOLD
16. VF/NM 100% cover to cover all Wayne Howard art including a Flying Saucer story.  $17.50
17. VF/VF+ Cute cover. Another 100% Howart art issue.  $12.50

Mighty Comics Presents - Archie

40. VF/NM The Web - 1st issue. Just plain cool! Nice copy.  $45.00

Mighty Midget Comics - Fawcett

11. VF+/NM Ibis the Invincible - 1942. This predates the regular series. Origin issue.  $100.00
11. F+/VF Spy Smasher - 1942.  $60.00

Mighty Samson - Gold Key

13. F- 5.5 Great painted cover by Mo Gollub of NYC in runs!  Three stories written by Otto Binder and art by Jack Sparling.  SOLD
15. VF 8.0 Nice painted cover. High grade copy. Weird 4pg back-up super-hero story - "Tom Morrow". SOLD
18. VF- 7.5 Another great painted NYC cover - Empire State Building - by George Wilson. Three stories written by Otto Binder and art by Jack Sparling. SOLD
20. VF- Great painted cover - "Attack of the Fishmen". SOLD

Military Comics - Quality Comics

12. VG- Military Comics #12 from Quality Comics Group dating 1942. Key 1st Reed Crandall art (beautiful) on Blackhawk! Other Quality art by Bob Powell, and Al McWilliams. Hitler Nazi sub story, and a giant robot story - both very bizarre. Pure Golden-Age here! A solid Very Good copy with a spine roll, the front cover is stressed at the bottom staple, but still connected, and there is a sun shadow on cover edges. Small 1/8" chip out bottom right cover edge. Everything else still solid and sound. No restoration. Nice slight cream to off-white pages. $195.00

Military Comics - Special Editions Reprints

1. VF/NM This is one of several Golden-Age reprints that Alan Light did in the early 1970s. This is Flashback #5. These, in themselves, are getting quite collectible. This is an EXACT reprint. The only difference between this copy and the original is that this one is in black-and-white and costs about $12,500 less. Origin and 1st app Blackhawk and other Quality Comic heroes  SOLD

Miracleman - Eclipse Comics

set 1 NM/M The 1st issue of this Alan Moore update of the great British Super-hero series. These are HOT - and this copy was pulled off the newstand the day it came out and put into a mylar mylite - very cherry book!!  $15.00
set 1-13. NM/M AS above, this is the 1st 13 issues, PLUS the 3-D annual special #1 - 14 total issues - all cherry copies as above. Many scarce issues in this set.  SOLD

Mirth of a Nation - WM H. Wise and Co., Inc / Harry A. Chesler Publ.
5. NM- early 1940's Incredible condition for this 7" by 5" WWII humor comic - never read with some of the pages still untrimmed. Gags and stories with some very nice good girl cheesecake panels. Neat item and scarce, not listed in Overstreet.  SOLD

Mod - Kitchen Sink Comix

1. NM/M 1981. 1st printing. Various shorts done in the underground style including Zippy the Pinhead! Early Bob Burden strips (Flaming Carrot creator) signed by Bob. Also comes with a small proof photocopy cover of Flaming Carrot #10.  SOLD

Monster Hunters - Charlton

1. VF+ Don Newton painted cover. Art by Howard, Paul Kirchner, Paiii, and Joe Staton.  SOLD
2. VF/NM Great 1970's Steve Ditko art. Tom Sutton painted cover. Scarey stuff! SOLD
3. VF/VF+ Nice painted "nude" cover by Tom Sutton. Wild stories by Howard, Sutton, and Marti.  SOLD
4. VF Early pre-Marvel Mike Zeck art. Steve Ditko illos. Sutton painted cover. SOLD
5. F/F+ Sutton painted cover. 1pg Ditko. Mike Zeck Werewolf story. $8.00
6. NM- Mike Zeck cover and great story! Also excellent Steve Ditko story.  $17.50

Motion Picture Comics - Fawcett Publications

113. VG/F "Walk East On Beacon" F.B.I. movie starring George Murphy. Photo cover. 1952 nice pages. $25.00

Mr. Ed, The Talking Horse - Gold Key

4. F+/VF Great photo cover of Mr. Ed.  SOLD

Ms. Tree's Thrilling Detective Adventures - Eclipse

1. NM+ 1983. A super high grade copy signed by co-creator Terry Beatty. Two page Frank Miller pin-up. One of the best "whodunit" comics series ever!  SOLD

Mutt and Jeff - Dell

111. VG+ Al Smith art on these classic comic strip characters.  SOLD
114. VG/F More classic stories and art of this Dynamic Duo.  SOLD

My Friend Irma - Atlas

33. VG+ Nice, cutesy cheesecake by Stan Lee and Dan DeCarlo. Pin-up and dolls $75.00

My Little Margie - Charlton

4. F/VF Photo cover. Scarce issue. 1954 Neat comic. $45.00

My Only Love - Charlton

1. VF- My favorite quote...."Please Curt...Not Here! Not while your Granfather is dying!!"... "He lived his life, Gina,...Now Lets Live Ours!!" Plus a shower panel. @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  $17.50

My Secret Marriage - I.W. Enterprises

9. F/VF L.B. Cole cover. Lots of headlight art. 1958  SOLD

Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds - Charlton

12. F 6.0 WOW! Three Steve Ditko stories. One by Matt Baker with help from Jon D'Aostino and inks by Vince Colletta. And one story by Ernie Hart. Cover by Maurice Whitman. All stories probably written by stable Joe Gill. Who said that Charlton only had second stringers?? $100.00
16. F 6.0 Early Dick Giordano cover. Newspaper writer encounters Alien Beings - but his editor doesn't believe him, so his story is published in a Charlton Comic Book! Fun stuff. Two stories by Rocco Mastroserio - decent art. Slight spine roll. SOLD
18. F Just the title alone would make me want to buy this one when I was a kid!! A Sci/Fi 10 cent issue. SOLD
28. VG/F Two Flying Saucer stories including one with the Red Commies trying to blow up the world! SOLD
46. F/F+ 1st appearance and origin of Son of Vulcan. "No Evil Shall Win While I Live!" Wow!!!  SOLD
46. F/F+ Another copy of above - about same shape. You chose. $20.00
47. VF- 2nd Son of Vulcan, who battles King Midas this issue.  SOLD

Mysterious Suspense - Charlton

1. VG 4.0 CGC slabbed. This book has slight restoration which includes a small piece of tape on the inside cover, and a couple of small color touch-ups. Still, a nice copy of a real scarce and very under-valued book with Steve Ditko art and the "Return of The Question"  SOLD