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Nancy and Sluggo - United Features Syndicate

17. F/VF Did you know this title was published by four different publishers? This is from the 1st one - 1950.  SOLD

Navy Combat - Atlas.

16. F-/F Nice art by Gene Colan, John Forte and Syd Shores.  SOLD

Naza Stone Age Warrior - Dell

1. F-/F 6.0 Nice painted cover, 1st issue - 1964 Sam Glazman art. SOLD

New Funnies - Dell

118. G/VG Andy Panda football cover. SOLD

New Romances - Standard Comics

21. F+ Last issue. Photo cover. Nice art throughout book - some Tothish styles seen.  SOLD

New Terrytoons - Gold Key

27. F/F+ Heckle and Jeckle. Wearhouse copy. SOLD
53. F+ 6.5 Mighty Mouse, Heckle & Jeckle. Wearhouse copy. SOLD

Nightmare - Skywald Publications

5. F- This title, along with its sister title - Psycho - was this companys jump into the then "hot" B&W magazine comics craze of the 70's/80's. These are not bad, and many contained work by now famous creators cutting their teeth on these early issues. This issue contains an early Boris Vallejo painted cover, and killer art by Ralph Reese. Also Carlos Garzon, Sean Todd w/ Dan Adkins, and Doug Wildey.  SOLD
6. F+ Great Jeff Jones painted cover. Outstanding Mike Kaluta art. Story and art by underground creator Larry S. Todd. Nudity!  SOLD
7. F+ Nice Pablo Marcos painted cover. Stories by Dennis Fujitake, Marcos, and Donald Brown.  SOLD
8. F+/VF Arrticle on EC comics and the Tales from the Crypt movie. Fantastic Bruce Jones story and art.  SOLD
9. F+/VF Nice painted bondage cover. Bernie Wrightson back cover art.  SOLD
10. F+ Great Ken Kelly painted cover. Marcos stories. Lots of gore and such.  SOLD
11. F+ Richard Nixon story! Heap ad. And a nice Wayne Howard art story.  SOLD
12. F/VF Edgar Allan Poe story. Excessive gore and many severed heads! (As many of these issues have).  SOLD
13. F/VF Very nice painted cover. Frankenstein 1973 story. H.P.Lovecraft.  SOLD
14 VF-/VF Nice cover. Creature from the Black Lagoon story. Outstanding Bruce Jones story with nudity panels.  SOLD
15. F+ Great Dracula painted cover, and a Dracula story. Lots of blood and gore!  SOLD
16. F/VF All original "Monster" special. Nice art andstories. Nudity panels.  SOLD
17. F+ Nice painted cover, and an exclusive interview/article on Christopher Lee.  SOLD
18. F+ Alice in Wonderland horror story. Good Werewolf story. Nice painted cover.  SOLD
1. F+ Annual. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story. Beautiful Bruce Jones story. Nudity panels. Nice, all new issue.  SOLD
1. F Winter Special Great Ken Kelly painted cover. Dennis Fujitake art. Mummy story.  SOLD

1984 / 1994 - Warren Publ.

Set #1-3. NM Color and B&W more adult themed S/F comic series. Rich Corben, Wally Wood, Alex Nino art, among others.  SOLD
1. NM Same as above, single issue only.  SOLD
5. VF/VF+ More Corben, Wood, Nino, and others  SOLD
8. VF- Same as above.  SOLD
22. NM Fine Peter Hsu art! Alex Nino and others.  SOLD

NoMan - Tower Comics

1. VG/F 5.0 Al Williamson with Wally Wood cover. Noman was one of the coolest Super-Heroes - an andriod who can move from body to body to body! Stories by Gil Kane, George Tuska, Ogden Whitney, John Giunta, and Chic Stone.  SOLD

Normalman - Aardvark-Vanaheim

1. NM Fun satire from 1984 and pre Image Jim Valentino. Signed by Jim.  SOLD

Nukla - Dell Comics

2. F Nice Dick Giordano with Sal Trapani art. Off-beat super-hero series. SOLD

Nurse Betsy Crane - Charlton

16. VF Scarce British edition. Nice cover, good nurse tales!  $25.00