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Occult Files of Doctor Spektor - Gold Key

1. F/VF Nice Painted cover (as do most in this run). 1st appearances of the Doc and his squeeze Lakota. "Stories told by Dr. Spektor - from his files of the weird and the supernatural".  SOLD
2. F+ Two more tales as told by Doc and Lakota.  SOLD
3. F/VF The Mummy painted cover and story. Plus a back-up tale.  SOLD
5. F/VF Full length Jekyll and Hyde story with great painted cover.  SOLD
6. F Frankenstein painted cover / story. Lakota bondage cover with a mad doctor.  SOLD
7. F Cool painted skeleton cover. Lakota in bondage again.  SOLD
8. F/VF Nice Count Dracula painted cover and good story.  SOLD
9. VF/VF+ All the monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy, and Hyde) team-up to destroy Dr. Spektor.  SOLD
10. VF Nice Mummy painted cover and story - the Return of Ra-Ka-Tep! Hip-Hip-Herray!!  SOLD
11. VF- 1st appearance of Dr. Spektor as The Werewolf. Painted cover.  SOLD
13. F/VF Dr. Spektor, still a werewolf, battles another wolf-like monster.  SOLD

On the Scene Presents Super-Heroes - Warren

No#. VF/NM A one shot from 1965 with photos and articles on the 1940s to 1960s Super-Heroes. Batman, Superman, Captain's Marvel ans America, Flash Gordon, and The Phantom. Good magazine. SOLD

Oswald the Rabbit - Dell Comics

FC #183. NM- A REAL high rade copy with excellent pages of a book seldon seen. Classic Golden-Age with John Stanley as writer. An amazing copy!  $175.00

Outer Space - Charlton

V2#1. F+ Some black spine touch-ups. A wild, 10 pg Steve Ditko story. SOLD

Out Of This World - Charlton

16. F- 5.5 Last issue. Fantastic Steve Ditko cover and story. Flying Saucer story by Bill Molno and Rocco Mastroserio. Nice Robot story by Tony Tallarico. A strict Fine minus 5.5 copy. $70.00

Outlaws - D.S. Publishing Co.

2. VF- Outlaws Western Crime #2 from D. S. Publishing Company dating 1948. Great Matt Baker art story, and a super Graham Ingels GGA story. Violent stuff. This one's a keeper! This is a high grade copy in the Very Fine 7.5 range. Both staples show some discoloring on the outsides only, but cover and all pages are as tight as can be. Clean with cream to off-white pages. No restoration. $250.00

Overstreet Comic Book Price Update - Overstreet Publications

1. F+ 1982. 1st issue of this now scarce comic book price guide. Now 20 years old - check out how much comic prices have gone up. Need a Giant-Sized X-Men #1 in mint for $60.00? How about a mint Fantastic Four #1 for $1200.00? Give me a dozen of each please!!  SOLD

Owl - Gold Key

2. F/VF Jerry Siegel / Joe Gill - 1940's GA new stories. Owl Girl too! Esoteric wild cover / story!  $30.00

Pay-Off - D.S. Publishing Co.

1. NM- Pay-Off True Crime Cases #1 from D.S. Publishing Co. 1948. Nice "True" crime stories with some GGA and pre-code violence.
An AMAZING copy. There is ONLY one copy of this CGC graded, and it's a 8.0. This would be the best graded copy by far if you elect to send it in. Supple light tan edge to cream to off-white pages. Clean with full cover gloss.

Peanuts - Dell

7. VG+ All new classics w/ Schulz cover and ghost art by Anthony Pocrnich.  SOLD
11. VG/F Great stuff - try it, you'll like it!  SOLD

Pep - Archie

14. G Pep Comics #14 from MLJ / Archie Publications dating 1941. Irv Novick Shield cover with a bizarre torture scene featuring hot pokers and a jar of eyeballs! Also Comet and Fireball stories, among others. A Good copy, the cover was glued onto the spine, and there is a slight spine roll. The back cover has a 1" piece missing at the bottom edge, and the centerfold is loose at the bottom staple. Cream to off-white pages. SOLD
151. G/VG Scarce UFO cover and flying saucer cover. EARLY Fly super-hero back-up story. Nice low grader, but cover and 1st three pages are loose at bottom staple - thus the given grade. SOLD
186. VF-/VF Nice copy from that neat time period of Pep's. Archie fly-fishing cover.  SOLD
257. VG/F 5.0 The classic beach cover and one pager well worth price alone. Looks like Bob White art. "Solo" story issue with Pop, Moose, and Mr. Lodge. $5.00

Pep Comics - Special Editions Reprints

1. NM This is one of several Golden-Age reprints that Alan Light did in the early 1970s. This is Flashback #7. These, in themselves, are getting quite collectible. This is an EXACT reprint. The only difference between this copy and the original is that this one is in black-and-white and costs about $5,000 less. Great robot cover! 1st app The Shield. SOLD

Perfect Love - Ziff Davis

2. VG/F 1 1/2" lower cover spine split otherwise a F/VF copy. Photo cover. Nice girl art including Mort Lawrence.  $37.50

Peter Pan Treasure Chest - Dell Publications

1. VG-/VG

back cover

The full title on this one is Dell Giant Comics Peter Pan Treasure Chest #1. Check your Overstreet - this is the rarest and the most expensive of all the Dell Giant Comics series.

Almost impossible to find in any higher grade. This is a STRICT Very Good minus to Very Good copy. The spine shows its wear - being a black cover - and there is a 1" bottom front cover spine split. Front cover also has a couple of creases towards the bottom of the book and some cover "dents" or impressions. Back cover has a couple small creases and some bottom edge wear. That's it!

The insides are BEAUTIFUL - great off-white pages - not one pencil mark on any of the puzzle pages at all. Super solid, sound and tight all around other than the above mentiond defects. You will be pleased if you win this one!




Phantom - King / Charlton

18. F/VF Flash Gordon back-ups start by Wally Wood.  SOLD
19. VF- The Flash Gordon feature continues, with Gil Kane artwork. Nice cover.  SOLD
25. F/F+ Jeff Jones Civil War story with Lincoln panels.  SOLD
34. F- Nice Jim Aparo Gorilla cover and story. SOLD
35. F- Aparo cover and "The Ghost Tribe" story. SOLD
38. F- Aparo full length story w/ cover. Don Perlin S/F back-up story. SOLD
39. VF/NM 9.0 Pat Boyette cover and two stories. Great, new Steve Ditko story! Scarce in grade issue. SOLD
45. F-/F Pat Boyette cover and full length story. SOLD
49. F Very esoteric UFO / Aliens cover and story by Pat Boyette! $12.50
50. F+/VF Phantom gets lost in time and fights Caesar and the Roman Legion. SOLD
53. F/VF Beautiful painted "wash" cover by Boyette - only wash cover in the run (that I know of). SOLD
55. F/VF Three Phantom short stories. SOLD
56. VF- Phantom battles Nazi's and big blue gorilla's! Nice cover. SOLD
57. F/VF 100% cover to cover Boyette art. SOLD
58. F+/VF Phantom in "The Swamp of Death". SOLD
59. F+/VF More Boyette - "The Devil's Cauldrun!" SOLD
62. F+/VF Full length eariler reprint story. Nice Frank Bolle cover. SOLD
64. F/F+ Another full length reprint story. SOLD
67. F/VF 1st Don Newton art issue. Phantom origin retold. Beautiful cover and story. $17.50
68. VF/VF+ 2nd Newton issue. Good one! SOLD
69. F/VF Newton cover, but story is a older reprint. SOLD
70. NM- Great Newton painted cover and full 22 page story. SOLD
71. VF-/VF Painted Newton cover and 22 pg story. SOLD

Picture Progress - Gilberton Publishing

V2#7. F+ "Life in the Circus" 1955 - full color, full regular size comic. Nice cover.  $30.00

Pinocchio's Christmas Party - Gilmore Brothers Dept. Story

no#. G/VG 3.0 1939 RARE Oversized 16 page color and blue tone. Each page has story and a drawing. Last page has Pinocchio standing around a Christmas Tree with Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse!!! I've never seen this one before - have you?? Call or e-mail

Planet of Vampires - Atlas Comics

3. F 6.0 One of the very good, short lived Atlas titles. Russ Heath cover and all art - pencils and inks. SOLD


Plastic Man - Special Edition Publ. Co.

1. VF/NM This is one of several Golden-Age reprints that Alan Light did in the early 1970s. This is Flashback #11. These, in themselves, are getting quite collectible. This is an EXACT reprint. The only difference between this copy and the original is that this one is in black-and-white and costs about $5,000 less. GREAT skull cover by Jack Cole. SOLD
2. NM As above. This is Flashback #33. More great early Jack Cole genius! $20.00

Plastic Man - Super Comics, Inc.

16. F-/F Classic 1940's Jack Cole, with a new cover - to boot! GREAT issue. SOLD
18. VG Jack Cole and Will Eisner in one issue - sign me up! Plastic Man, Spirit, Manhunter, and Candy stories. SOLD

Plutonian Federation Play Money

front side

back side

A Mint complete set of four different play money bills from the 1950's. These
are from "The Plutonian Federation" and are in 1, 5, 10, and 20
"Astros" denominations.

Nice artwork on front and backs, these are probably from a S/F board
game back in the day. A neat item for your GA comic collection!


Police Comics - Quality Comics

98. G Spine roll. Great art by Jack Cole on Plastic Man and Will Eisner on The Spirit.  SOLD

Police Trap - Super Comics Inc.

11. VG-/VG 1950's crime reprints. Good sample of the time period. SOLD
16. VG 5 more 1950's crime reprints, another good sample with "Masher!", "The Grafter", and "Beer Party". SOLD

Popeye - Gold Key

77. F/F+ Classic Bud Sagendorf! SOLD

Popeye and... - King

no#. F Business and Office Careers. Giveaway Popeye comic from 1972. Full 32 pages - Popeye gives up the the good life and joins the workforce! SOLD
no#. VF/NM Consumer and Homemaking Careers. E-6. Giveaway Popeye comic from 1972. Full 32 pages.  $12.00
no#. VF+ Manufacturing Careers. E-7. Giveaway Popeye comic from 1972. Full 32 pages.  $10.00
no#. VF+ Hospitality and Recreation Careers. E-8. Giveaway Popeye comic from 1972. Full 32 pages.  $10.00

Popular Comics - Dell

126. VG Felix the Cat, Smilin' Jack, Terry and the Pirates, Smokey Stover, Gasoline Alley and the Gumps. 1946.  SOLD
138. F/VF Great Felix the Cat cover. Same features as above. Real nice copy. $37.50
139. G+ Same features as above. SOLD

Porky Pig - Gold Key

33. F All new Porky and Bugs stories. SOLD
103. VF-/VF One oldie plus 2 brand new stories. I always was a Porkey fan! Petunia and Cicero also.  SOLD

Pow Magazine - Humor-Vision,Inc.

2. VG/F A scarce humor Mad like magazine from the 1960s. This issue is VF, but a cover tear brings the grade down slightly. Art by Wally Wood and John Severin, among others. SOLD

Psycho - Skywald Publications

5. F/F+ This title, along with its sister title - Nightmare - was this companys jump into the then "hot" B&W magazine comics craze of the 70's/80's. These are not bad, and many contained work by now famous creators cutting their teeth on these early issues. This issue contains an early Boris Vallejo painted cover, stories by Jerry Siegal, Marv Wolfman, Douglas Moench, and others: and art by Ralph Reese, Rick Buckler, Sean Todd, Pablo Marcos, and others. Try one! SOLD
9. F Violence galore! Nudity panels. Art includes Jeff Jones, Pablo Marcos, and 1 page Wrightson. SOLD
10. F+ Pablo Marcos cover and art. Frankenstein article. Ultra torture and violence. SOLD
14. F- Nice Ken Kelly painted "Universal Monsters" cover. Special "Psycho Parania" issue.  SOLD
15. VF-/VF Special "All Ghoul" horror issue. Nice cover.  SOLD
16. F+/VF Neat painted cover. Edgar Allan Poe story.  SOLD
1. VF-/VF Annual. Nice painted cover and stories ant art by the likes of Carlos Garzon, Gardner Fox and Steve Hickman.  SOLD