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Raggedy Ann and Andy - Whitman Press

6. VG Last Gold Key issue. SOLD

Raggedyman - Cult Press

1. VF+ 8.5

inner cover

1992. Small press low print run Science Fiction / Detective Horror series in black and white from Cult Press. This 1st issue copy has the variant black outer cover AND is signed by BOTH creators - writer T.M. Lowe and artist Tony Hicks. Inside color cover is by Bryan Talbot. SOLD

Rangers Comics - Fiction House

25. VG+/F 1945 Firehair by Lee Elias, U.S. Rangers, Kazanda, and The Werewolf Hunter stories. SOLD

Raphael - Mirage Studios

1. NM/M The 1st Turtle to get his own one-shot. 1st printing. Signed by both creators!!  SOLD

Rare Book Portfolio - Sparkle City Comics

no#. 1979

This is the limited edition - Rare Book Portfolio - published by Sparkle City Comics from 1979. Only 500 made, this is #284. Included in this set are black and white reprint copies of four rare, esoteric books - Blood Is The Harvest, If The Devil Would Talk, Red Iceberg, and How Stalin Hopes We Will Destroy America. Also included is the unused, numbered certificate, and the original letter explaining the portfolio's contents. This is one of the ORIGINAL sets made by Jay and Paul, NOT the newer benefit reprint set that Paul put out a few years ago. Near Mint, like new condition.



Realistic Romances - I.W. Enterprises

9. VF Reprints Avon's Women To Love" #1. Full length story. Old price sticker on cover.  SOLD

Real Life Comics - Nedor/Standard Publ.

4. VG- 3.5 Strong copy. Nice Schomburg War cover. The story of Free France, and a story about "Old Glory". SOLD

Red Circle Comics - Rural Home Publications

4. VG/F Early Wally Wood art from Dorthy Lamour #2 or #3. Bondage, snakes, and GGA! Very esoteric. Back cover. SOLD

Red Circle Sorcery - Red Circle

6. VF- Great Gray Morrow cover and art. Early Howard Chaykin nice art. SOLD
7. VF-/VF Morrow cover and story. Beautiful story by Bruce Jones and friends (Wrightson, Kaluta, and Jeff Jones!). SOLD
8. VF-/VF Morrow "Green Hornet" cover/story. Alex Toth story. SOLD
9. F+/VF Another noce Morrow cover, plus a great Toth story. Where are these guys now? SOLD
10. F+/VF Morrow cover. Chaykin story, Al McWilliams, and Wally Wood stories. What an issue!! SOLD
11. F Morrow cover and story. Final issue. SOLD

Red Ryder Comics - Dell

47. F-/F 1947 Good western title by Fred Harman. First issue with all new stories. SOLD
51. F Fred Harman photo back cover. Nice copy. SOLD
55. VF This is a real sharp copy, and the best condition comic of the 60 Golden-age books I just picked up. SOLD

Reggie - Archie Comics

17. VF .Higher grade, clean, great art and fun stories.  SOLD

Reggie and Me - Archie Comics

48. VF- 6pg silent story. All Reggie all the time! SOLD

Reggie's Wise Guy Jokes - Archie Publications

1. VG- 3.5 1st issue - not too common. All one page gags starring Reggie and crew. SOLD

Reptisaurus - Charlton

1. F Special Edition 1963. Great Dinosaur cover and art by Charlton stables Montes and Bache. This is a tough one to find. SOLD

Richie Rich - Harvey

70. VG+ Richie Rich super-spy story. SOLD
74. VG Another RR spy story. SOLD
81. VG/VG+ Yet another super-spy story! SOLD
106. F+ Richie Rich/Casper cover! SOLD
111. F+/VF Little Dot, Little Lotta and Richie Rich! SOLD
167. F-/F 1978 Bronze-Age Richies in collectors shape getting harder to find.  SOLD
173. VF-/VF 1978. See above. Nice colors and gloss.  SOLD
174. VF- Corn cover!  SOLD

Richie Rich And Dollar The Dog - Harvey

1. F/F+ Richie's dog is spotlighted in the number one issue. SOLD

Richie Rich Cash - Harvey

21. F/F+ Nice, Bronze-Age Richie!  SOLD
25. F/VF Richie "Monster" story, plus meet Little Dot's Uncle Weirdo!  SOLD

Richie Rich Fortunes - Harvey

36. F 1977 Richie Bronze SOLD

Richie Rich Jackpots - Harvey

4. VG Stories with Richie, Reggie, and Casper. SOLD
34. F+/VF Richie's dog Dollar get glasses! Creepy happy clown cover!  SOLD
45. F+ Snow issue. 1980 Bronze.  SOLD

Richie Rich Millions - Harvey

84. VG/F Solid copy. 1977 Bronze  SOLD

Richie Rich Profits - Harvey

22. F-/F 1978 Bronze Richie  SOLD

Richie Rich Riches - Harvey

32. F Little Lotta story. 1977  SOLD

Richie Rich Success Stories - Harvey

39. VF- 25-cent giant issue. Richie meets President Nixon! SOLD
76. VG/F Giant issue. Little's Dot and Lotta stories.  SOLD

Rifleman - Dell

11. F+ 6.5 .Great photo cover. Classic TV western series.  SOLD

Ripley's Believe it or Not - Gold Key

9. VF- As always on these GK's - another nice painted cover. SOLD
14. VF+ 8.5 Spooky painted cover. Great story and art by Jose Delbo on the cover featured "The Demon of Beachy-Head." Other stories by Mike Roy and Sal Trapani. SOLD
80. F/F+ Giant size issue. Reprints #1 with art by George Evans, Al Williamson, and Wally Wood. SOLD

Rhubarb, The Millionaire Cat - Dell

FC466. VF- I wish my cat was worth this much! SOLD

Robin Hood - ME Enterprises

5. F-/F A very nice copy of a tough to find issue from a tough period (1957). Frank Bolle cover and art. SOLD

Robin Hood and his Merry Men - Charlton

30. VF A very scarce post-code title. Nice cover.  SOLD
31. VF- Also scarce. Good cover of Robin and the boys. Take the pair (#30 and #31) for $50.00, or just this one for...  SOLD

Rockmezz - Jzink Comics

1. VF/NM 9.0 1992. Small press low print run Science Fiction series in full color from Jzink Comics. This 1st issue is signed by ALL FOUR creators - Monty Reagan, Flynn Prejean, Jim Weyer, and John Peterson. SOLD

Rocky Lane's Black Jack - Charlton

23. F/VF A couple of black touch-ups on the spine o/w real nice copy with Williamson/Torres artwork. SOLD

Romantic Adventures

124. VG/F Nice cover. Average stories. Good art.  SOLD

Romantic Secrets - Charlton

45. F/VF Scarce British edition. Best part about this whole comic is the back cover ad for miniature dogs! Also, you could mail away for your own real live miniature monkey!! I kid you not. Wonder if the ads are still valid??  SOLD

Romantic Story - Charlton

61. VF+/NM Scarce British edition. Eiffel Tower Paris story. Sharp copy.  SOLD
69. F+/VF Scarce British edition. Great story about a wolf who drinks too much and goes into rehab....read "Weakling's Kisses".  SOLD
84. VF-/VF Nice Vince Colletta story "Heartbreak Street". @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  SOLD
85. F/F+ Hitler panel / Nazi love story. Two nice Vince Colletta stories.  SOLD
86. VF-/VF Taboo story in which a 35 year old single female high school teacher gets it on with her 17 year old male student! Should be some jail time here........@Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  $22.50
87. F- Bizarre srory....."If You Love Me, Fight For Me"  SOLD
88. VG-/VG Hey buddy - watch where your hand is on this cover! Vince Colletta story - quote of the book - "I've gained about six pounds...and ALL in the right places!" Hubba Hubba!!!  SOLD
89. F Nice Colletta srory with negligee panels.  SOLD
90. F Story of the issue...."Go Back to the Swamp Swamp Girl!"  SOLD
91. VG I was "Created For Love!"  SOLD
92. F+ Nice Colletta story with undies and negligee panels. Also chick saves her boyfriend by killing a shark with a overgrown screwdriver while swimming!! What a women!!  SOLD
93. VF- "Crippled Heart" story of the issue! Shower scene. Nice art by E.R.Garcia. @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  $15.00
94. VF-/VF Nice Jim Aparo story.  SOLD
95. F/F+ Beach Love Orgie cover. @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  SOLD
126. VF-/VF Dave Madden poster. Big deal! Quote of the issue...."Our cottage was paid for....our honeymoon was planned...oh Troy, why did you have to die??" Oh, brother.  SOLD

Roundup Western Crime - D.S. Publishing

1. 9.2 NM- Roundup Western Crime Stories #1 from D. S. Publishing Company dating 1948. Almost every story here has a damsel in distress with a Cowboy saving her! The 1st western comic book series to use the word "crime" in it's title! Violent stuff. This one's a keeper! This is a very high grade copy in the Near Mint 9.2 range. Only 2 copies of this issue are CGC graded, this one is as good if not better. No problems. Very light tan edges to cream to off-white pages. And no restoration. SOLD
4. VF "The Scarlet Sharpshooter" GGA story.Very scarce issue. Solid, clean copy. Back cover. $125.00