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Sabrina - Archie

1. F A nice copy of a very hard to find, scarce, and under-rated issue. 52-pp giant issue.  SOLD
17. F- 5.5 Very solid copy. Last Giant series issue. Dan DeCarlo art. SOLD

Sad Sack - Harvey

119. F+ Sad Sack, The Sarge, and The General. Loved by millions!  SOLD

Sad Sack and the Sarge - Harvey

89. F+/VF- Classic George Baker. SOLD

Sad Sack with Sarge and Sadie - Harvey

1. F+ Say that title five times fast! Giant 52 page first issue. SOLD

Sad Sack Lots - Harvey

A - B - C A lot of 15 various Sad Sack comics. Nice batch of books, none grade less than Fine, most are in the F+ to VF- range. You get Sad Sack #190,191,195,201,203,223(giant), Sad Sack's Muttsy #113, 119, Sad Sack's Funny Friends #70,71,72,73, Sad Sack's Army Life #26,27,29 (all three giants). Bargin priced at........................  SOLD
D - E - F A lot of 14 various Sad Sack comics. Nice batch of books, none grade less than Fine, most are in the F+ to VF- range. You get Sad Sack Laugh Special #49,63 (both giants), Sad Sack and the Sarge #65,78,80,82,87, Little Sad Sack #15,16,19, Sad Sad Sack World #22,27,28,33 (all four giants). Bargin priced at..........................  SOLD

Samurai - Aircel Studios

1. NM/M 1985. 1st printing. A well done comic series. This issue is signed by everyone involved - Guag Yap, Barry Blair, Eiwin Mark, and Patrick McEowin!!  SOLD
2. NM/M As above, signed by all four creators. Hitler story.  SOLD

Santa's Secret Cave - McCrory Story Giveaway

no#. VF 1967. Cool little sized 16 page scarce store giveaway. Listed in Overstreet from W.T. Grants - which might be an eariler version. Comic book story and some puzzle pages - NONE filled in. SOLD

Sarge Steel - Charlton

1. VF- 1st appearance and origin of Sarge Steel - Private Detective. Early Dick Giordiano artwork. 1964.  SOLD
6. VF- 2nd appearance Judomaster. Not common, nice sharp copy. Nice Montes/Bache art. SOLD

Scary Tales - Charlton

1. VF-/VF 1st appearance and origin Countess Von Bludd. Painted Joe Staton cover. Sanho Kim and Joe Staton art. SOLD
3. VF+ Great Mike Zeck and Steve Ditko stories. Cool Tom Sutton painted cover. SOLD
6. VF/NM Another nice Mike Zeck story. Early art by Rich Larson. UFO cover and story. SOLD
8. F Mike Zeck cover and story. Two Steve Ditko stories! SOLD
16. F Jack Abel cover and story. And one nice Ditko story. SOLD
37. F Super cover and art by Bill Reinhold. Also nice art by some other newbies Bud Perkins and David Roman. SOLD

Secret Story Romances - Atlas/Marvel Comics

6. VF Sharp copy. Great Atlas pre-code romance. Nice Vince Colletta and other art.  SOLD

Sergent Preston of The Yukon - Dell Comics

26. F/VF .Great photo cover.  SOLD

Shadow - Archie Comics

1. F Archie series 1964. Jerry Siegel scripts this title. The traditional Shadow character.  SOLD
4. F+ The Shadow has a super-hero costume, fighting the Nazis. 1-page Fly story.  SOLD
5. F Great cover. Shadow fights "the Menace of the Radiation Rogue!". 1-page Fly story.  SOLD

Shocking Tales Digest - Harvey

1. VG+ 1981. Scarce one-shot digest with 1950's reprints. Great art by Kirby, Bob Powell, and Howard Nostrand. Classic "Colorama" Bob Powell story reprinted.  SOLD

Silver Streak Comics - Special Editions Reprints

6. NM- This is one of several Golden-Age reprints that Alan Light did in the early 1970s. This is Flashback #27. These, in themselves, are getting quite collectible. This is an EXACT reprint. The only difference between this copy and the original is that this one is in black-and-white and costs about $18,000 less! 1st appearance and origin of Daredevil. Classic Jack Cole cover. SOLD

Sinister Tales - British Approved Comic


34. F/VF 7.0 68 page British B&W reprints from the Silver-Age. This one with a famous Charlton cover, and ACG story reprints - one with a Hitler panel. SOLD


Slam - Slam Magazine, Inc.

1. F/VF A National Lampoon "rip-off" that is boarderline "X" rated - both in content and taste. Honestly, I don't know how this ever hit the newsstand. Gotta be a scarce book - I never saw it before. SOLD

Smilin' Jack - Dell

5. VG/F Nice, sharp mid-grade copy. Looks like newspaper strips - nice art by ZackMosley. SOLD
no#. VF 1947 Popped Wheat Giveaway. Two 1938 strip reprints. SOLD

Smitty - Dell

7. VG From the newspapers. 1949.


Smokey Bear's Story of the Forest - Pa. Dept. Giveaway

no#. VG/F 1953 storybook put out by Penn. Dept. of Forests and Waters. Not listed in Overstreet. 2nd appearance of Smokey the Bear. (1st app 1951 in Forest Fire). Art by Harry Rossoll. Only copy I've ever seen. RARE. Nice vintage item! SOLD

Soap Opera Love - Charlton

1. VF/NM Low print run says Overstreet on this short three issue run. Taboo subject matter....."Should a Jewish boy and an Irish girl fall in love?" Very unique in that the story is told in all three of these issues. The very 1st mini-series???  SOLD
2. VF-/VF Low print run. See above, David and Eileen, part 2 of 3. Nice art.  SOLD
3. F/VF As above. Jewish David and Irish Eileen - part three. There was to be a part four to this, but the title was to ahead of its time, and was cancelled with this issue. Good girl art., hot cover!  SOLD

Soap Opera Romances - Charlton

1. F/VF Another scarce, lot print run Charlton issue. Nurse Betsy Crane reprints from the 1960's. Hypo-needle panels (polio shots) in full length story.  SOLD

Son of Vulcan - Charlton

50. F/VF Some browning on interior cover edges, otherwise higher grade. 1st professional Roy Thomas story!  SOLD

Soupy Sales Limited Edition Magazine - Teen Topics Magazine

no#. VG/VG+ A full sized 68 page magazine from 1965. Very scarce, only copy I've ever seen, this has articles and LOTS of photos - both published and unpublished - of Soupy , and The Soupy Sales Show! Cover to cover Soupy coverage with only 5 or 6 pages of ads - and three of these are for Beatles related items. A very neat item for you Soupy-heads out there. SOLD

Space Adventures - Charlton

20. CGC 8.5 VF+


Full cover

This is the HIGHEST graded copy of this issue with a total population of only TWO copies graded! Just a super S/F cover, this book reprints the classic "Destination Moon" comic. Cream to off-white pages. Own the best!  SOLD
31. F 6.0 SUPER Steve Ditko cover and story. Nice Robot with art by Charles Nicholas and Sal Trapani (very early Trapani art). Also Molno and Mastroserio. $60.00
32. VG/F 5.0 Top notch Steve Ditko cover and story. Nice Bill Montes Rocket Ship story. Also Molno with Mastroserio. Stories written by Joe Gill. A strong Very Good to Fine 5.0 copy with a light sub crease. SOLD
37. VG/F Two great Steve Ditko Captain Aton stories along with his cover art. Solid copy. SOLD
44. VG 1st appearance The Mercury Man. Small hole punched in the front cover otherwise a 6.5. SOLD
V3#2 VF Jim Aparo UFO cover / story. Also Flying Saucer stories by Steve Ditko and Pat Boyette. A late Silver-Age gem!  SOLD
V3#3 VF/VF+ UFO WW II story.  SOLD
V3#5 VF-/VF Ditko cover and 10 page story. Nice!  SOLD
V3#7 VF/VF+ Nice Aparo cover and 7 page story.  SOLD

Space Family Robinson

15. F- Great painted cover and nice art. 1st Lost in Space in title.  SOLD

Space Man - Dell

4. F- Our 1st "Space Family" attacket by Robot Men. Nice painted cover. Very strange comic series.  SOLD

Space:1999 - Charlton Publications

Set #1-8. NM A great run of black and white comic magazines based on the hit S/F series . Good stories, good art, and a very scarce set of books to find in one shot. Lots of beautiful Gray Morrow art (he was the art director for this series). This is the complete set!   SOLD
1. VF Regular color comic series. Joe Staton painted cover and full 22 page story. Origin of Moonbase Alpha. SOLD
2. VF/VF+ Great Staton painted cover and full length 22 pg story. SOLD

Space War - Charlton

3. VG-/VG Four S/F stories that wouldn't win any awards, but still cool stuff! SOLD

Sparkle - United Features Syndicate

2. VG+/F Nancy & Sluggo esoteric "Jack In The Box" cover. Li'l Abner, the Captain and the Kids and Ella Cinders. 1949.  SOLD
72. F/F+ Tarzan Dinosaur story by Hogarth. Nancy and Sluggo card cover. Clean and sharp.  SOLD

Sparkle City Comics - Original Newsletter Set

#1-#13. 1978-1980

This is the complete set of all 13 "Investors Newsletter" - published by Sparkle City Comics from 1978 to 1980. There are not many surviving original copies of these left - never mind the whole set! Jay and Paul of Sparkle City made some common sense predictions - but many more not so common sense predictions - on what comics to invest in. And if you did buy what they told you to - you would have a multi-million dollar collection now! Very Fine to Near Mint, like new condition. Very Rare, and a nice item for you esoteric comics history collectors out there.



Sparkler Comic Book Series - Published in England

6. F/VF There is no date on this English comic, and no price. Could be s promotional item, but no advertizing or product listed. Looks to be from the 1940's - 16 total pages in part color and black and white. Printed on high quality paper. Some American reprints, I believe. SCARCE. SOLD

Special Comics - DynaPubs Enterprises

1. VF-/VF As below. This is Flashback #4. Origin of The Hangman. Death of The Comet. Buy this one for $3300 less than current guide! SOLD

Special Edition Comics - DynaPubs Enterprises

1. VF/NM This is one of several Golden-Age reprints that Alan Light did in the early 1970s. This is Flashback #2. These, in themselves, are getting quite collectible. This is an EXACT reprint. The only difference between this copy and the original is that this one is in black-and-white and costs about $11,000 less! This issue predates Captain Marvel #1 SOLD

Speed Comics - Harvey Publishers

39. VG/F "Girl Commandos" girls bondage story. Captain Freedom battles The Hood. Nice Skull cover by Rudy Palais. SOLD

Spirit - Harvey

1. VF Origin issue. Nine new Will Einser pages. Giant 68 page issue. Great stuff! SOLD
2. VF-/VF Another great issue. You owe it to yourself to read The Spirit! Nine more new pages by Einser with the origin of The Octopus.  SOLD

Spirit - Kitchen Sink

1. VF New Einser cover and four pages. These Kitchen Sink issues are almost 30 years old now and under-valued. SOLD
2. VF New Einser cover and 4 pages new art. Classic stories.  SOLD

Spirit - Warren Publishing/Kitchen Sink

Set #1-38. avg VF/NM A nice near complete set of the Spirit comic magazines from Warren and Kitchen Sink, ALL high grade. Also in this set is the Spirit Special #1 This was a mail away only scarce comic. Get them ALL in one shot. ALSO in this set is the NOV '83 issue of Heavy Metal featuring The Spirit! 40 issues of some of the best comics EVER done!


or BO!

Spirit World - Hampshire Distributors

1. VF/VF+ A very scarce Jack Kirby one shot from 1971. Magazine sized comic stories. With poster. This should be under the "DC" comics section. SOLD

Spooky - Harvey

100. F/VF 7.0 Tough issue to find. Everyone likes those 100th issues. 1st appearances of  Mr. Dustman with Spooky, and of Therma - Mother Nature's niece - with Casper. Nice copy. SOLD
130. VG/VG+ 25 cent "giant" issue. Classic Spooky, Casper, and Wendy stories. SOLD

Sports Classics - Personality Comic

1. NM Babe Ruth. Limited edition from 1991. Signed and numbered by the artist John Tartaglione. This is a unauthorized biography of The Babe, and is #2025 0f 4000 sold out issues.  SOLD

Spy-Hunter - ACG

10. VG/F 5.0 Len Starr art. O. Whitney cover. Bondage panels. Neat, pre-code Spy comic.Some browning on inside cover edges. Back cover. SOLD

Spyman - Harvey

1. VG/F Origin and 1st appearance of Spyman. Jim Steranko's first pro work. 1-page Neal Adams ad. George Tuska cover and art, Reed Crandall inks. Neat issue. 1966. Slight pull at bottom centerfold staple. SOLD
2. F Joe Simon cover. Early Jim Steranko art. SOLD
3. VF- Joe Simon cover. "Death" of Spyman. SOLD

Spy Smasher - Alan Light Publ.

1. VF+ Flashback #24 1976. Another classic reprint for a fraction of an original. You can't go wrong on these!  SOLD

Star Stream - Whitman

1. VF/NM This title lasts only four issues, and was published by Witman in 1976. They were all 68-pp, with cardboard stock covers, and are tough to find. Science-fiction stories by authors, adapted to comic form. This issue: "Who Goes There?", John Campbell classic. Good stories and nice art.  SOLD
2. VF+ Larry Niven, Robert Silverberg, plus Dean Koontz -- Great story, "Night of the Storm". Beautiful Al McWilliams art.  SOLD
3. NM- Theodore Sturgeon, Annie McCaffrey, A. E. Van Vogt. Art by Al McWilliams, Frank Bolle, and Don Heck.  SOLD
4. VF+ Isaac Asimov, Poul Anderson, and Robert Bloch! Al McWilliams art, probably his best ever.  SOLD

Startling Comics - Nedor / Standard

35. F 6.0 Startling Comics #35 from Better (Nedor/Standard) dating 1945. Still WW II fare here. A wild, hypodermic needle drug Fighting Yank story and great splash page. Lots of bondage and violence. A pure classic! A solid no doubt Fine 6.0 copy. Off-white pages. Clean, fine, and with nice colors. No restoration. Real nice book.  SOLD

Star Trek - Gold Key

13. F/VF Very nice art. Full length story "Dark Traveler".  SOLD
16. F+ The team encounters a primitive Dark Ages planet.  SOLD

Steve Canyon - Harvey Comics

2. VF- Super nice copy. New Milt Caniff stories. Bob Powell art. Bondage panels. Back cover. SOLD

Steve Canyon Magazine - Kitchen Sink Press

Set #1-10. NM/M A set of the 1st ten Steve Canyon magazines by Milton Caniff. Great WW II comic adventure strips plus articles and interviews. Also in this set is #13 - a 100 page giant issue. SOLD

Straight Arrow - M. E. Enterprises

4. F Tape residue on back cover. Great Bob Powell artwork. One pagers on "Indian Tools" and "The Plains Indian". Secret Cave cover.  SOLD

Strange - French comic

123. VG/VG+ 1980 French comic. 80 pages. Reprints in color a Marvel Daredevil, Iron Man, and Spider-Man stories. Plus articles on Peanuts strip.  SOLD

Strange Suspense Stories - Charlton

76. F/F+ Ditko's Captain Atom reprints from Space Adventures title of a few years eariler. SOLD
77. F-/F As below, nice mid-grade copy. SOLD
77.VF-/VF Captain Atom by Steve Ditko. Four classic stories with some of the best Ditko art you will ever see.  $40.00
V3#6. F/VF 7.0 This series didn't know if it was Horror or S/F. So we got both! A great Don Perlin swamp monster story, along with Pat Boyette, and Vince Alascia stories.  SOLD
V3#7. VF/NM Jim Aparo cover. Cool Don Perlin story.  $17.50
V3#9 VF- Another nice, early vintage Aparo cover. Great Fred Himes art.  SOLD

Sue and Sally Smith Flying Nurses - Charlton

52. F/VF Scarce British edition. WILD TITLE! Two sisters on adventures all over the world. Middle east/communist/terrorist story. These can't be common! Never seen them.  SOLD
54. VF- Scarce British edition. The sisters deal with a deadly virus in South America.  SOLD

Sundance Kid - Skywald

1. VF/VF+ Blue inked. New original story plus Simon/Kirby "Bullseye" reprints. SOLD

Sunday News Herald Comic Book - News Herald

V1#1. VF-


A full 32 page comic sized book supplement of comic strips from The News Herald Newspaper of Ohio. Very good strips including Prince Valiant, Conan, Pinocchio, Henry, Howard the Duck, Tarzan, Phantom, Popeye, Steve Canyon, Superfriends, Nancy, Dick Tracy, Flash Gordon, Star Hawks, Mark Trail, and many more. SOLD

V1#2. NM-


As above, this is the second issue. Very neat! SOLD

Super Comics - Dell

46. VG/F 1942. Early strip reprints with Dick Tracey, Smitty, Winnie Winkle and others. Very solid book with a spine roll - tight and sound. Scarce. SOLD

Super Cops - Red Circle

1. VF/NM Gray Morrow one-shot. SOLD

Super Duck - Archie

18. VG 1948 A poor man's Donald Duck. Still good stuff. Classic Al Fagaly stories. SOLD

Super Goof - Gold Key

66. VF/VF+ Three brand new stories plus one reprint from issue #27. Pete Alvarado cover. Beagle Boys.  SOLD

Superhero Catalog - Heroes World

#1-3 set F/VF Remember those great toy and shirts from the Bronze-Age?? These are the "comic book" catalogues that we ordered thed from! Hundreds of items that we all wish we still had are pictured. All three from 1976. HARD to find and VERY esoteric!  $45.00

Super Magic - Street & Smith Publ.

1. G- 1.8 Super Magic Comics #1 from Street & Smith Publications dating 1941. A key Golden-Age gem - the 1st issue of long running Super Magician Comics. Blackstone the Magician cover and story, origin and 1st appearance of Rex King. A Good minus copy, 100% complete. Solid book with old time tape on cover spine, and on the back cover sealing a large tear. There is a 1" x 1/2" piece off the back top cover, and some upper front cover edge chipping. Real nice off-white pages. SCARCE.  SOLD

Super Magician - Street & Smith Publ.

V5#6 . F-/F 1946. Very nice copy with white pages and most cover gloss.Some cover indenting. Harry Houdini / Red Dragon cover and stories. Good girl bondage panels.  SOLD

Suspense - Atlas

8. F/F+ This is about as esoteric as you can get in a comic! Great story: "The Picture".  SOLD


Suspense - British Class Series


150. F/VF 7.0 48 page British B&W reprints from the Silver-Age. An all Atlas issue with Jack Kirby cover with two stories, and one Steve Ditko story. Scarce.. SOLD

Swee' Pea - Dell

FC219. VG- 1949 This is the first and only issue for Popeye's baby. Great stuff. SOLD

Sweethearts - Charlton

66. VF/NM Scarce British edition. "Poor Ruth! Sam doesen't deserve her love!"  $25.00
85. F+ Your typical classic "Knight in Shinning Armor" cover. Young lady suffers from dementra. @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  SOLD
88. F/VF Nice Corvette Sting-Ray cover for you "Vette" fans. Also read "No Nice Girl".  SOLD
89. F/VF Nice cover. Boy meets girl, girl has dog, boy has dog, dogs and boy and girl get together - see Spot run!! Also, read "I Married A Draft Dodger!"  SOLD
90. VF+/NM "Nick and I hung around with a pretty wild crowd....and I guess we were....The Wildest!" @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  SOLD
91. VF/VF+ Great story - you gotta read "The Green Grass of Home" - julted bride to be who gets dumped murders her ex and gets the chair! Also - one of the weirdest love stories I ever read - "My 1st Mate" @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  $22.50
92. F+/VF "Motorcycle Gang" love story. Real nice art on "Two Hearts Can Break" by R. Garcia.  SOLD
93. VG/VG+ Nice art by R. Garcia and Vince Colletta? HOT underwater kissing panels. Shower and lingerie panels in "A Mature Man's Kisses!"  SOLD
94. F+/VF Nice Vince Colletta story in "The Golden Heart"  SOLD
95. VF/VF+ Read "Tomorrow's Tears" in which Lisa starts posing for photographer Georgi, and thinks "Perversely, I posed again for Georgi..." @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  $20.00
96. F/VF Matt Murdock cover! Nice Colletta story. Great Charlton Comics house ad that pictures 6 comics on sale that month and says "Buy Charlton Comics! (We Need The Money!)" @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  SOLD
97. F/VF Great wild story by Lucho Olivera called "An Image To Love". Plus another classic Charlton house ad, as above, with 6 different comics that month pictured.  $15.00
98. F+/VF R.Garcia cover and story. Bathtub and Lingerie panels in "Miss Atwood and the Fountain of Youth" in which an old maid high school teacher goes to the school marquerade party as a "Catwomen" and makes it with fellow teacher Alan Moore. I kid you not!!!  SOLD
99. F+/VF Cool cover....she says "I...I guess its over, isn't it Sam" He says "Not really, Ellen! It...It never really existed for us!" That bastard!! @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  SOLD
134. VF/VF+ Movie star meets common farm boy, falls in love after he changes her flat tire, and gets married! Yea sure!  SOLD

Sweet Sixteen - Parents Magazine

11. VG/F 1947 Half comics and hald illustrated stories. Henry Fonda photo inside cover. Teen stuff. SOLD

Swiss Family Robinson - Gold Key

no # F 6.0 Movie Comics. Reprints the FC #1156 one-shot. Photo cover. SOLD